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Thread: best way to use hemi-sync (ordered journeys out of the body support cds)

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    best way to use hemi-sync (ordered journeys out of the body support cds)

    As was suggested by Robert in the Kundalini program I started, I ordered this CD set to help with meditation, and perhaps even become more consistent and confident with having OBEs.

    I have read through some other posts where folks have discussed using this set with varied success, as well as the Gateway CDs.

    For those that use consistently, or have had some success with it, how do you suggest using a set of Hemi-Sync CDs like this?

    I practice meditation usually in the typical cross legged position sitting on a cushion or my couch. When doing energy work I usually sit with on a couch with my feet on a pillow.

    I noticed people use these often before sleep but is this the ideal way? Have folks tried using them while in a sitting meditation position or is laying down better?

    At some point in my life I'd like to try one of their live programs, but for now thats way too cost prohibitive for me.

    Forgive this newbie question! I'm a bit OCD before I started something. I like to be clear in my mind before diving in. Maybe I should be more experimental with it, but I like tapping into everyone's collective knowledge and experience.

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    Re: best way to use hemi-sync (ordered journeys out of the body support cds)

    I have used both Journeys Out Of The Body and Gateways CD's and what I've had most success with is the Gateways. I just never spend as much time with Journeys as with gateways, so thats why. Never the less, Journeys have yielded some results to and its good you ask about listening to them in a sitting position because I have some feedback on that.
    Most of the time when I have laid down in bed and listened to Journeys or Gateways I have fallen asleep. I know that its the worst possible place to be when meditating or trying to induce trance states since we are programmed to sleep in our bed. But I also sit up meditating in my bed, and this works perfectly good for me. When I use the CD's sitting I get good results, and when I use them when in a half sitting/half lying (with head support) I tend to get the best results. I can imagine the Journeys CD's to suit you since you already meditate and are used to do so without guidance (the Gateways is guided, whilst the Journeys are mostly not (just sound)).
    I would also recommend starting from track A on the CD and going forward. The times I've started with D I've fallen asleep pretty quickly as I'm not used to going so fast down to Theta/Delta.
    I feel that they really do help. I've gotten deep in to trance states much more easy and fast than when only meditating. I understand its individual in how you respond to the signals but no other binaurals or sound technology have done anything for me. For me Hemi-Sync is the real deal.

    Good luck!

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    Re: best way to use hemi-sync (ordered journeys out of the body support cds)

    I only have used Gateways (one of them) once while at TMI and loved it, and own HSS for JOOB. I usually don't do the first CDs (although I did at first, went in order until I got to Condition D) but just do Condition D whenever I want to meditate in isolation during the day. I usually meditate with no help but every once in a while, when I'm not getting any results (either fall asleep or just can't relax) I'll bring out either the Condition D or Robert's last MAP CD and meditate with those. It seems to 'break the dry spell' in that even though it might not produce results on that session (or very brief results), it sets me up for future experiences- seems to help take the edge off life, so to speak. But truthfully, I don't use them often, maybe once or twice a year.
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