hey there robert. i had a question on negs and sea salt and different ways to apply it. i'll keep this short and simple for ya.

i have been having typical neg symptoms forever now. nightmares, body aches and pains, sudden anxiety attacks, waking up from a dream where i was attacked and felt a presence in my room and really bad pressure on my sacral chakra. i have also astral projected before and was super happy to go do what i was going to do and a shadow figure grabbed me and threw me up against my wall and i woke up gasping for air. i could go on and on. im getting tired of it. i was feeling some symptoms and i decided to try a sea salt bath. the brand i use is just morton 100% natural. no caking agents etc. i felt incredibly lifted after the bath... i literally felt 100x better. i have also been told by a clairvoyant lady she saw a spirit "inside me" and a recent medium saying i have had several try and take over. that was a long time ago... now it just seems like energy vampire issues a lot. i have also been having thoughts that i dont want to have. when i was asking for my help all of a sudden i would think "screw you" to my guides. this would upset me so bad... but it doesn't feel like me. it's super confusing... and not many people get it. i have been scratched really bad too. feeling burning on my back and watching the scratch marks appear around a huge red area on my skin. this doesn't happen too often... maybe 4-5 times last year.

i sprinkled sea salt in my rooms wwhere entry points are. i put bags of sea salt in my pillows. i just pour neatly some sea salt on tops of some desks... i probably have 8 piles of sea salt very neatly around my house. maybe just an inch high. nobody would notice unless they really observed. is this a good tactic? that sea salt bath was sure uplifting.

how do sea salts work? does it only effect negative energies? i dont want to have sea salt in my house if it hurts loving beings or like i know my grandpa who passed in 09 comes and visits me a lot... would it effect him? or just negs? i also had a lady tell me to be careful because i may make more enemies doing this because sea salt is compared to "napalm" to negs. (how is this?) and i may get attacked more. i dont know if thats true or not so i thought i would ask you. also should i replace the piles of sea salt every now and then? do they "expire"?

cheers robert... im also buying your psychic self defense book i think it will help me greatly.