Hi Robert

I have been thinking about buying a massage chair as it would help with relaxing which is of course important for the aspiring projector.

Anyway today I went to a showroom and tested one out for about 30 minutes.

Straight afterwards I got in my car and drove about 30 minutes and it felt like I was still in the massage chair!
It was such a weird feeling , it lasted a good 20 minutes quite strongly.

I'm not sure what's happening here , I have noticed this phenomenon when wearing a hat for instance , even after you've removed the hat it still feels like you're still wearing the hat.

Is this an energy thing or a mind thing?

If it is an energy thing i'm wondering if there are negative side effects to the electrical energy being so close to your body , or if you could pick up someone else's energy that had sat in the chair before you?

Now a couple of hours later it feels normal again but i'm wondering if there's a subtle effect or a build up effect possible if you do it everyday? and how this could affect A.P.?