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Thread: Does Gateway Experience Help to Awaken Kundalini?

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    Does Gateway Experience Help to Awaken Kundalini?

    I am planning to purchase Monroe's Gateway Experience Waves. I am interested to know this:

    If I would follow the exercises, step-by-step and practice for a few months or years, gradually moving up my awareness, is there a possibility that the kundalini is awakened? Have anyone experienced/ awakened the kundalini?

    Just curious to know, I have no doubt that this is possible.

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    Re: Does Gateway Experience Help to Awaken Kundalini?

    The Gateway Experience help you to go deeper in different states of awareness and also expands your awareness in various ways. You can experience various phenomenon with the aid of it, for example OOBE's etc, but they do not work in the way that they help you develop/awaken/experience kundalini. I can imagine that they, perhaps, help you evolve in such a way that kundalini related phenomenon may be experienced, but not awaken in the way that it might do if you followed Robert's kundalini program for example, which is directly focused on doing just that. I understand that to awaken kundalini you need to do very specific energy exercises etc. which is not covered in the gateway material.
    That is my take on it. Having said that, I definitely recommend the gateway material as a tool for expanding consciousness and to evolve. I have had very interesting things happen to me when I have used it.

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