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Thread: AD-pedia: In Alphabetical Order

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    AD-pedia: In Alphabetical Order

    Welcome to the AD Pedia in Alphabetical Order.
    It is in the process of being completely rewritten due to the length of the original document.
    It has been divided by letter(s), which should make searching a little easier.
    Due to the greatness of the task, most of the links have not been updated yet, but they are being worked on as you read this.

    Many if not all the links have been reestablished ATM. There are some links that are still connected to archived information, but they work. Some themes have added links, and some have been redirected.

    P.S. If you don't see the letter you're looking for, make sure the page is set to see posts that are older than one month. Scroll down the Subforum front page and look at the display options. It is set by default to 'posts that are one month'. Change it to 'beginning' and you will see all of them.

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    Note: From time to time, you will find broken links. This is due to the main site where most tutorials are being constantly changed, rewritten and updated. If you look for a term and find that the link is broken, please pm me the term and where is broken and I'll do my best to locate it in the new version of the site.
    Thanks, CFT.

    Addition: Instead of updating links, I will add them as I get them, so if there's more than one on the topic, try it, one will most probably work.-CF.

    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers by Robert:
    See forum 'Ask Robert' section.

    Akashic Records: ... &Itemid=70
    Akashic Records
    The akashic records (akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space" or "aether") is a term used in theosophy (and Anthroposophy) to describe a compendium of mystical knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. These records are described as containing all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos. They are metaphorically described as a library; other analogues commonly found in discourse on the subject include a "universal computer" and the "Mind of God". People who describe the records assert that they are constantly updated and that they can be accessed through astral projection. The concept originated in the theosophical movements of the 19th century.

    Alice in Wonderland Effect: ... &Itemid=70


    Originally Posted by Robert Bruce
    The angels that I have seen manifesting here in the real world, or close to the physical world in the real time astral, do not have wings. They have tight curly shoulder length white hair, wearing long creamy robes.
    However, during some of my visits to the heavens, I have seen cherubs and angels with wings and golden ♥♥♥♥♥ets; but I suspect that this is a more archtypical type of scenario and not actual.
    Given the fluid nature of the astral planes, and that a being can shift shape at will, the true appearance of any entity is difficult to ascertain.

    -Robert Bruce

    Anima, Animus
    The Anima and Animus are, in Carl Jung's school of analytical psychology, the unconscious or true inner self of an individual, as opposed to the persona or outer aspect of the personality. In the unconscious of the male, it finds expression as a feminine inner personality: anima; equivalently, in the unconscious of the female, it is expressed as a masculine inner personality: animus.

    Theoretically, we are whole beings (that is, our souls are neither female nor male) so when we are one gender, the opposite gender characteristics of the persona's soul become part of the unconscious.-CF's note.

    Anupdaka-See Monadic, Monad

    Archetypes A symbolic representation of primal forces that describe recurring figures in society. It is not culturally dependent, yet present in all observed cultures. For example: "Good mother"; everyone has an idea of what a good mother should be, but different cultures and individuals may have different standards for what they believe it is.-CF ... hetype.htm ... etypes.htm ... components And scroll down to 'Characters' -Although the AD staff may not agree wholeheartedly with the ideas presented in this website, it has nifty illustrations of archetypal dream symbology.-Admin.

    What is the Astral Dimension: ... &Itemid=70
    Astral Planes: Energetically generated reflection of universal consciousness. (RB, Astral Dynamics, Ch. 26, p. 365); "They have definite form, order and structure and are one of the true wonders of our incredible multidimensional universe." (ibid)
    Astral Noise see Noises

    Astral Sight Scroll down to 'Astral Vision' ... &Itemid=70

    Astral Simulation- See Simulation

    Astral Wildlife: and, see Spiders ... &Itemid=57

    Astral wind, Akashic wind, Akashic pulse, Astral pulse:

    Does Energy work Increase Neg Attacks?:

    Auras Aura: It is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object like the halo or aureola of religious art.[1] The depiction of such an aura in religious art usually connotes a person of particular power or holiness.

    According to the literature of movements (such as Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Archeosophy, etc.) each color of the aura has a precise meaning, indicating a precise emotional state. A complete description of the Aura and its colors was provided by Charles Leadbeater, a theosophist of the 19th century.[2] The works of Leadbeater were later developed by Palamidessi[3] and others.

    All About and How to see Auras:
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    AD Pedia:

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    The Tibetan word Bardo means literally "intermediate state" - also translated as "transitional state" or "in-between state". In Sanskrit the concept has the name antarabhāva. Used somewhat loosely, the term "bardo" refers to the state of existence intermediate between two lives on earth... More on:

    Robert's "Catch Basket Concept" ... Itemid=106

    Beliefs and Faith
    Belief is the psychological state in which an individual is convinced of the truth of a proposition. Like the related concepts truth, knowledge, and wisdom, there is no precise definition of belief on which scholars agree, but rather numerous theories and continued debate about the nature of belief.

    Faith has two general implications which can be implied either exclusively or mutually:
    To trust:
    Believing a certain variable will act or has the potential to act a specific way despite the potential influence and probability of known or unknown change.
    To have faith in one's spouse that he/she will keep a promise of commitment
    To have faith that the world will someday be peaceful
    To have faith in a person to pay you back
    To believe without reason:
    Believing impulsively, or believing based upon personal hopes
    In either case, Faith is based upon the interpretation of the intangible (feelings, emotions, etc.) instead of the physically tangible and is primarily associated with religion in modern times.

    The Bible and OBE's: ... art-8.html
    & scroll down to Religion Instilled Worry/Fear

    Bilocation: Being in two places at once; in this instance it refers to the percipient's point of view receiving
    information from both the physical body and the energy body at the same time.
    See Mind Split effect.

    Binaural Beats-
    Binaural beats or binaural tones are auditory processing artifacts, or apparent sounds, the perception of which arises in the brain independent of physical stimuli. This effect was discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove.
    The brain produces a phenomenon resulting in low-frequency pulsations in the loudness of a perceived sound when two tones at slightly different frequencies are presented separately, one to each of a subject's ears, using stereo headphones. A beating tone will be perceived, as if the two tones mixed naturally, out of the brain. The frequency of the tones must be below about 1,000 to 1,500 hertz for the beating to be heard. The difference between the two frequencies must be small (below about 30 Hz) for the effect to occur; otherwise, the two tones will be heard separately and no beat will be perceived.
    Binaural beats are of interest to neurophysiologists investigating the sense of hearing. Second (and more controversially), binaural beats reportedly influence the brain in more subtle ways through the entrainment of brainwaves[1][2] and can be used to produce relaxation and other health benefits such as pain relief.[3]

    Info about frequencies:

    Black, 3D See Void Experience
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    All About Chakras: ... &Itemid=70

    Closing Chakras?:

    Spiritism and Channeling, Robert says:

    See my article 'Popular Model conundrum' on the following page
    This discusses some of Kardec's work, spiritism, and other things. Spiritism is based on the words of channelled spirits. It is what you
    make of it. Some of it is good, some (in my opinion) is a bit dubious. Take what works for you. Use personal experience where possible
    to link to the truth of what you read. Do not believe everything you read that comes from spirits. Just because its a spirit does not mean
    its authentic or that it is telling the entire truth. Personal experience is the best way to ascertain what is true and what is false.
    Robert Bruce

    Clairient abilities: Abilities that enable us to receive information that is not received through the physical senses, although it is processed as such:For example: Clairvoyance from late 17th century French [clair (clear) voyant (seeing)] (From Wikipedia) In other words, Clear-viewing- visual information
    Clairaudience: Clear hearing- auditory information, & Clairsentience: Clearfeeling, that is, getting sensations such as 'cobwebby feelings', brow chakra pressure, and sometimes sympathetic pain.
    The ability or art of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it.
    More involved answer:


    Core Images:

    Core Affirmations: Affirmations that speak to your core beliefs.
    Example of core affirmations:
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    What happens at death (R.B.): ... &Itemid=70

    Note: Also see forum PSD section for in-forum countermeasures.

    Defense Links (site- we are adding working links to it- most are active, some are inactive.)
    Psychic & Spiritual Defense Contents:
    Psychic Defense/Belief System Cleanse: ... eanse.html ... elete.html (See Attitude)
    Psychic Defense/Water Crossing Method: ... ethod.html
    Psychic Defense/Core Image Removal: ... moval.html
    Psychic Defense/Mega Salt Baths: ... Itemid=118 ... baths.html

    Energy Work and Attacks, Robert says:

    OBE, energy work, etc, does not make you more vulnerable to or more likely to experience negative experiences and or attacks. These things do, however, make you more aware of negative interference. Energy work, for example, will make your energy body more sensitive. If you are experiencing negative interference, then this sensitivity will make you more aware of what is happening.
    Energy work does not in itself attract or make you more vulnerable to these things. This is like crawling under your house and finding it riddled with termites, rats and mould. These things where not created nor attracted by the act of crawling under your house. They were always there, but you were not aware of them until you were able to see them. The bright side of the above is that once you know about the true state of the underside of your house, you can call in an exterminator, or have this fixed in some way. Your house will be healthier and live longer. The bad side of this analogy is that it can be a shock, and it can be expensive and take a lot of time and effort to fix things.
    Robert Bruce

    Doctrinal compliance when people who read Jung will have Jungian dreams and people who read Freud have Freudian dreams, that is, they have joined a particular belief system from particular books or websites and when their dreams begin to reflect the impact of this reading they feel it confirms the truth of the system.


    What are Dreams:

    Hypnagogic state
    The state between being awake and falling asleep in which visual and auditory hallucinations may be experienced.

    Hypnopompic state
    This state is the transition from semiconsciousness to waking. For some people, this is a time of visual and auditory hallucinations.

    Lessons: Dreamstate Lessons:

    Lucid Dream:

    RB's opinion: (See the thread in Forum "Why Talk of Drugs is Discouraged in AD")

    "The only cases I have come across where projectors have had seriously bad experiences with lower subplanes involved

    hallucinogenic drugs being used to precipitate out-of-body experiences. Drugs, while capable of causing out-of-body experiences,

    sidestep the required skills and abilities necessary for safe conscious-exit projection. This breaks many natural laws concerning

    projection while artificially overcoming many natural safeguards and barriers. Natural barriers are there to protect the novice

    from operating in dimensional areas they are not equipped to experience. "
    -Robert Bruce

    Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2007 9:15 pm


    This is a bit of a conundrum.

    I don't think it would be wise to ban all threads that discuss drugs and OBE, and shamanistic drugs, etc.

    There are reasons for this.

    First, I noted in that thread some statements that smoking pot and etc is totally safe with no side effects. This is total bull<3<3<3<3. I have dealt

    with a string of people over the past fifteen years or so who have mixed drug use and spiritual work and gone into drug-induced

    psychosis. I am currently helping a young man with horrendous problems that stem from mixing drugs with magic and energy work,

    etc. he went into full blown psychosis for three months. Then he went into psychosis for a month just by smoking some pot and drinking

    beer. He recently caused a two week long psychosis just through alcohol. He is obviously becoming more and more sensitive, and

    could slip into full schizophrenia for the rest of his life if he does not live a clean life, which I am recommending to him.

    Medically speaking (I have discussed this with several doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc) this is well known, that drugs cause

    psychosis and mental illness. Hospitals here in Aus are full of patients with drug induced psychosis, etc. It is difficult for a genuinely

    mentally ill person, suicidal depression, or someone having a breakdown, to get into a mental hospital these days, because they are

    choked with people suffering from drug induced psychosis type problems, or detoxing, etc.

    I have also helped people who have developed serious addictions to mushrooms and pot, etc. They are not supposed to be addictive,

    but they are. And the effects of such hallucinogenics are not what they seem. They may appear to reveal the greater reality, and I'm sure

    they do to some extent (the lower astral mainly), but this most definitely does not provide access to the 'source'. I have talked at length

    to such people and what they have brought back with them from such experiences is usually worthless. And for what insight they do

    get into life, the harmful side effects badly outweigh.

    So, back to the point, if we ban all such discussions, we do not get to give an opinion. And a healthy opinion would help those people

    who are considering using such drugs to induce altered states, OBE, etc.

    I have, btw, never used pot. Its never appealed to me. I have, however, had my pipe spiked a few times, and accidentally eaten mull

    cookies. Pot has a nasty effect on me and I generally vomit a lot; not a nice time. I learned this in my teens and have avoided it since.

    I do agree that pot has medicinal side to it, and I have seen it do wonders for people with neck injuries, cancer, etc. But, the pot today is

    not what pot used to be, re its been bred to be so strong its more like hard drugs.

    I have friends who smoke pot regularly and it seems to do them no harm, but I know it has the potential to do harm to some people in

    some situations. This is particularly so when it comes to mixing spiritual practices with drugs and alcohol. This is not a good mix.

    Note: I do not comment here on shamanistic substance use as taking substances, herbs, etc, under expert guidance is a bit different

    from experimenting with no controls or wisdom as guidance.

    Take care, Robert"

    Dweller on the Threshold:

    Also "treatise on astral projection" and scroll to "Mental/Visual Feedback".
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    Egregore (also "egregor") is an occult concept representing a "thought form" or "collective group mind", an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. The symbiotic relationship between an egregore and its group has been compared to the more recent, non-occult concepts of the corporation (as a legal entity) and the meme. See also: Thought-form, as the term is employed by Janet and Stewart Farrar.

    meme: theoretical unit of cultural information, the building block of cultural evolution or diffusion that propagates from one mind to another analogously to the way in which a gene propagates from one organism to another as a unit of genetic information and of biological evolution.

    In The Magician, his training and his work, by W. E. Butler, Aquarian Paperback, 1982 (1959), p.155, ... Butler writes that:

    "A clear idea of the nature of the magical Egregore, or group form, should be built up in the mind in order that the aspirant may understand what part he plays in the whole complex scheme, and thereby may know how closely he is guided and aided in his chosen work."


    "An elemental is a mythological being first appearing in the alchemical works of Paracelsus. Traditionally, there are four types:[1]
    gnomes, earth elementals
    undines, water elementals
    sylphs, air elementals
    salamanders, fire elementals.

    In mysticism, magic and alchemy, an elemental is a creature (usually a spirit) that is attuned with, or composed of, one of the classical elements: air, earth, fire and water. The elements balance each other out through opposites: water quenches fire, fire boils water, earth contains air, air erodes earth. The concept of elementals seems to have been conceived by Paracelsus in the 16th century, though he did not in fact use the term "elemental" or a German equivalent.[3] Paracelsus gave common names for the elemental types, as well as alternate names, which he seems to have considered somewhat more proper. He also referred to them by purely German terms which are roughly equivalent to "water people," "mountain people," and so on, using all the different forms interchangeably. The Paracelsian elementals were:"

    Energy work and spirits

    Originally Posted by Robert Bruce
    The practice of energy work will not of itself attract spirit entities to you. It may, however, make you more aware

    of spirits.

    Body awareness energy work will put you in touch with your energy body, and with your physical body.

    Your higher self exists inside you and around you. It is nowhere apart from you. The way to connect with your higher self is through your

    own body and mind. Become more aware of your body, get to know yourself, and learn to love yourself, and you will encourage your

    higher self to engage more fully in your life.

    Robert Bruce

    (from "Ask Robert": )

    Energy Body Loosening Methods:

    Entrainment- A physics phenomenon of resonance, first observed in the 17th century, has an effect on all of us. Entrainment is defined as the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. ... inment.htm

    Etheric Matter:

    Also go to Part 6

    Exit techniques for OBE:

    Eye movements

    Originally Posted by CFTraveler
    When I started I had the same problem [about involuntary, REM-like eye movements]. Brian [Mercer] gave me

    some sage advice, and I shall pass it along: When you do OBE practice (all the energy work, meditation, etc.) do it in complete darkness

    with your eyes open. Try to keep them open as long as you can. Enough times of doing this will train you to go into trance without the

    annoying eye movements, and at some point you will give up and close your eyes, without the unpleasant side effects. At first I didn't

    believe this could work, but it did.
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    False Awakening
    When you wake up and then find out you were dreaming, dreaming you are awake, and/or a very short OBE. To illustrate:


    OBE Fear, Exit Sensations: ... &Itemid=70


    Neg fear ... dlife.html

    Five Tibetan Rites-

    Flaming (to flame)

    Flaming is the act of sending or posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting, usually in the social context of a discussion board on the Internet. Such messages are called flames, and are sometimes posted in response to flamebait.
    Flaming is said by some to be one of a class of economic problems known as The Tragedy of the Commons, when a group holds a resource (in this case, communal attention), but each of the individual members has an incentive to overuse it. Flamers usually call their flames justified attacks.
    Although the trading of insults is as old as human speech, flaming on the Internet, like many other online 'actions,' started in the Usenet hierarchies (although it was known to occur in the WWIVnet and FidoNet computer networks as well). A flame may have elements of a normal message, but is distinguished by its intent. A flame is typically not intended to be constructive, to further clarify a discussion, or to persuade other people. The motive for flaming is often not dialectic, but rather social or psychological. Sometimes, flamers are attempting to assert their authority, or establish a position of superiority. Other times, the flamer is simply a closed-minded or biased individual whose conviction that his is the only valid opinion leads him to personally attack any "dissenters." Occasionally, flamers wish to upset and offend other members of the forum, in which case they are trolls. Most often however, flames are angry or insulting messages transmitted by people who have strong feelings about a subject. Finally, some consider flaming to be a great way to let off steam, though the receiving party may be less than pleased.
    Similarly, a normal, non-flame message may have elements of a flame -- it may be hostile, for example -- but it is not a flame if it is seriously intended to advance the discussion.

    Focus Levels-See Phasing
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    Theism, atheism, etc.:

    Ways to ground yourself:
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    Hag: See 'Dweller'

    Brow chakra headaches, Robert says:

    The headaches are normal for beginners. These have been discussed in my work, under 'brow and crown pressure sensations'

    with various wordings. A first time OBE, or near OBE can most definitely cause primary energy center (chakra) growing pains. These will

    reduce soon, if not overnight then in one week. The golden rule must be adhered to here, and all energy work, OBE practice, anything,

    should be stopped until everything is back to normal again. Pressure pains are a good sign, in that they indicate dormant energy

    centers are waking up, etc.
    Robert Bruce

    AD Thread on Headaches:

    Robert's Healing Techniques: ... &Itemid=72
    Heart Chakra, OBE Sensations:

    Higher Self
    Meditation to form Higher Self Connection:

    Hypnagogic state
    The state between being awake and falling asleep in which visual and auditory hallucinations may be experienced.

    Hypnopompic state
    This state is the transition from semiconsciousness to waking. For some people, this is a time of visual and auditory hallucinations.
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    Robert's view:

    First off, please get a copy of my book, Practical Psychic Self-Defense', or borrow it from the library. Also read my online works on these matters.
    This could be a succubus/incubus entity, but it could also be a projection from a living person, or from some other type of entity or earthbound xhuman.
    An incubus/sucubus is a fairly powerful entity. They can be quite overwhelming, although they vary in strength and experience and
    their method of approach. If one was attacking you, it would force you to orgasm by manipulating your energy body. It is very difficult to stop this happening, once they connect at close range - it can happen in seconds. This type of entity could still be involved, but it would be best to cover all bases.
    This could interfere with OBE exits, if it were attached to or integrated with you, eg, if it is present inside you or is near you at the time
    you try to OBE. But this would involve a sexual stimulation episode coninciding with an OBE exit. If this has not happened, then I would
    not worry about it, eg, think positive.
    Robert Bruce

    Post in the forum with information:

    The diff. between a succubus and a dweller:

    Indigo- A shade of blue, and:

    INSPEC- Acronym for "Intelligent Species", one presumed greater than the human version'-coined by Robert A. Monroe and cited in his book Ultimate Journey. (Glossary).
    'Throughout Ultimate Journey, my father's growing understanding of his true multidimensional nature was evidenced by his realization that his Inspec guides were really himself. ' L.A. Monroe: ... onroe.html

    I-There: Term coined by Robert Monroe, comprising of all of an individual's prior and present (parallel) incarnations. Also known as the 'Total Self', as the Oversoul, sometimes considered the Higher Self matrix, and in some places considered the Monad, although the Monad has a bit of a more monistic implication.
    Places to read more:

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