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    Kanda: Sanskrit.
    Kanda: A knot, the place where the three main nadis join (in sanskrit).

    Robert's views:

    Robert recommends this website:
    Robert says:
    The definition of what kundalini is should be discussed. Today, popularly, all energy body sensations are frequently attributed to kundalini. In a sense this is correct. Everyone experiencing energy body sensations can be said to have awakened Kundalini, as energy movement sensations and phenomena do relate to this.
    Most young people that aspire to kundalini, it seems, do so because they have heard that it is a cool thing to do. I think very few actually understand what this involves. They hear the poetic descriptions of what this is supposed to be and they want to do it.

    It must be kept in mind that pPsychic abilities have nothing to do with spiritual development. These can be a side effect, but they are not a yard stick. They certainly cannot be used to ascertain anyone's level of spiritual development. For example, a black mage or satanist can have a very high level of psychic ability. So these things should be put to one side when considering kundalini and spiritual development.

    Kundalini is a natural energy mechanism that exists within everyone. It can be triggered in various ways, accidentally, spontaneously, or deliberately. This can, however, have serious negative side effects if people are not stable enough to handle this level of consciousness and growth.

    Normal life, in the enormously complex hive that we call life, does not require a high level of consciousness. In fact, this would be detrimental to normal life, and would result in unhappiness and dysfunctionality in a normal life sense.

    The purpose of kundalini is to evolve persons to higher levels of consciousness, in response to need. This is triggered by intellectual, emotional and spiritual efforts, and experiences that go beyond the norm.

    So, in this sense, there would appear to be no age or health limitations to experiencing kundalini awakening.

    However, the heavier phenomenon related to the higher end of kundalini, like Uraeus Serpent of Fire, are not suitable for children or teens. This requires a high level of stability on all levels, or it will have destabilizing and destructive results, even causing serious mental and physical illnesses.

    Fortunately, in my experience, Uraeus is not something that can be easily or accidentally triggered. As I have suggested, mastering conscious astral projection and similar first, as this is childsplay in comparison.

    Robert Bruce

    Kundalini Circuit Activation- Quick How-to by Robert
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    Higher Levels/Realms of Existence: & Scroll down

    LBRP-Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

    Liminal- The in-between state
    In this forum, the state between awake and asleep.

    Lucid Dream: & scroll down
    Also see Dreams

    Robert's view on Positive Thinking:

    Tuning into your higher self and following your intuition, following the bees, is the best way to ensure your physical safety. This is also about creating your own reality, about positive thinking, and about common sense, and about developing your protective senses.

    There are also magical ways to improve your safety, eg, making protective talismans and etc.
    Robert Bruce

    The law of attraction, universal law, manifestation, magic, Bee Following, are all related.

    Where your attention goes, your energy flows. This is a principal law. It can be applied to manifestation.

    Ritual, visualization, and energy, all play a part in manifesting things and energies into the physical realm.

    To manifest an object into your life, get a picture of the object and put it up somewhere where you will see it frequently. Visualize this coming into your life, as if you already had it.

    For a more indepth explantion, get a copy of The Secret.

    Go to I highly recommend this DVD!!! (some of the people from 'What the Bleep' are in this doco)

    An example of using manifestation and energy:

    A friend approached me several months ago, wanting help to sell her house. It had been up for sale for a year or two.

    I suggested the following:

    1. Tape a 'Sold' sign over the for sale sign in front of your home. Stand in front of this, smiling, and have someone take a picture. Make sure your house is also shown in pic.
    2. Get a new metal picture frame, something fancy and expensive. On the back of the picture, write in bold the price you want for the house, eg, $550,000.00
    3. Place picture in frame and place it somewhere where you will see it frequently in the day.
    4. Every time you look at the pic, imagine the house as already being sold at the price you want. As you do this, raise energy to your heart on the in breath, and on the outbreath breathe out through your arms and hands and into the picture, mentally saying the words 'sold, sold, sold'
    5. Whenever you think of your home or see the pic, think of it as being already sold.
    6. Start getting ready to move, packing and etc, as if house is already sold.
    When my friend did this, her house sold in less than four weeks for a lot more than she expected.
    Robert Bruce

    Manifesting Forum

    Meditation is a discipline in which one attempts to get beyond the conditioned, "thinking" mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness.
    Different meditative disciplines encompass a wide range of spiritual and/or psychophysical practices which can emphasize different goals - from the achievement of a higher state of consciousness, to greater focus, creativity or self-awareness, or just simply a more relaxed and peaceful frame of mind.
    The various techniques of meditation can be classified according to their focus. Some focus on the field or background perception and experience, also called "mindfulness"; others focus on a preselected specific object, and are called "concentrative" meditation. There are also techniques that shift between the field and the object.
    More on:
    Transcendental Meditation:

    Medium-Someone who acts as an intermediary (middleman) or channel between two different states of being (CF's definition)
    "ability of a person (the medium) to experience and/or to tell others about their experiences of contact with spirits of the dead, spirits of non-corporeal entities, angels, and/or nature spirits. By experiencing these visions, the medium generally claims to allow communication between non-mediumistic people and spirits who may have messages to share."

    Melting Hands: ... t-1.html#7

    OBE Memory/Remembering your OBE's: ... t-7.html#9 ... -5.html#13

    Mind-Split Effect ... split.html
    Astral Projection Question regarding Rawn Clark's vs. RB's theories: viewtopic.php?t=6764

    Monadic Plane, Monad
    Monadic=Anupdaka ... ciples.htm


    A Monad is an individualized expression of the Absolute, "Divine Spark", that exists or is expressed on the Anupadaka Plane of Existence. -Reworded by CF.

    The Monad has three aspects, the Atman, Buddhi, and Manas. These three make up the Ego. From the Ego appear the causal body, mental body, and astral body, which 'ensoul'ť the physical body.

    "Man's inner being has three aspects, according to occultism, analogous to [Saint] Paul's divisions of spirit, soul and body. Essentially man is a point of consciousness in the divine ground from which all emerges. This One Reality remains forever an undivided unity. Yet it emanates rays creating the immortal, indestructible Atman, as it is termed in Sanskrit. This ray is destined to become involved with denser and denser matter in order to obtain definiteness in the worlds of material expression. Clothed in a film of rarest matter it becomes the monad. Further encased in material from the higher mental realm, it becomes what Leadbeater calls the ego. His use of the word is far different from any modern usage. He means Atma-Buddhi-Manas, the spiritual triad or soul of man, which has a stable locus on the higher mental plane. This is the reincarnating entity which unfolds its powers by generating personalities over and over in the various cultures of man." (Charles Leadbeater, The Inner Life, page xxiii online or hardcopy)

    Myoclonic Jerk

    Mysticism, definitions:
    Wikipedia definition:
    Jewish Mysticism:
    Mystical experiences, definition:
    Defining Mysticism:

    M Band.
    Term used by Robert Monroe to describe a part of the energy spectrum surrounding the Earth that is commonly used for thought. M Band noise is caused by uncontrolled thought. Monroe perceived this as a sort of chaotic cacophony.
    -Far Journeys, RA Monroe.

    Although most sources indicate he did not think it was electromagnetic, I'm also going to include the scientific definition. The reason is that Monroe was a sound engineer, and his technical knowledge could have had some influence in his choice of term.

    In electronics it's a range of radio frequencies:
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    Energy Body Development Using NEW: ... &Itemid=72

    Astral Noises, Hypnagogia:

    In Astral Dynamics, p.512-513, Robert Bruce writes:
    I believe there are two possible causes for astral noises:
    Accidental: It is possible that natural sounds and voices are picked up by the heightened senses of the projecting double, as it tunes into
    parts of the local real-time or astral environment during the prelude to an exit.
    Deliberate: Another possibility is that some astral noises are deliberately produced and telepathically aimed at projectors by low order astral wildlife. Robert Bruce

    Dealing with Astral Noises: Any and all astral noises must be totally ignored during the exit stage of an OBE. Robert Bruce

    What an OBE (Out of Body Experience) is: ... &Itemid=70 & scroll down to the OOBE

    Oneironaut one who travels through dream worlds and/or explores alternate realities. Oneirology is the scientific study of dreams.
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    Waking/Sleep Paralysis: ... &Itemid=70


    Projection Training/Relaxing/Concentrating/Energy/Separate:

    The ability or art of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it.
    More involved answer:



    Reality Fluctuations- Please see RTZ/Real Time Zone

    Reiki Symbols: ... mbols.html

    Remote Viewing
    Remote viewing is the purported ability for a viewer to gather information on a remote target consisting of an object, place,
    or person, etc., that is hidden from the physical perception of the viewer and typically separated from the viewer at some distance.
    - From:
    Also see:

    "Rope" Technique for Astral Projection: ... &Itemid=70

    A term created by Robert Monroe that means "Thought Balls". R.O.T.E. stands for Related Organized Thought Energy

    which is transferred from one soul to another.

    RTZ/Real Time Zone
    Thought Forms/Why RTZ Unlike Reality:
    Alice in Wonderland Effect:
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    Elementals in theosophy
    and continue to parts 2,3,& 4 from there.

    Elementals and Elementaries

    When Negatives are elementals:

    Metaphysical Schools, Robert says:

    Its like everything else. Some online courses are good, some are not. Be discerning. Ask for references, check everything, etc. I

    know some people who have done college degrees in metaphysics and etc. These seem to be a mixture of philosophy and religion and

    occult beliefs. But I don't think these would be much help in getting employment. They might help to get a publisher, if you plan to

    write in the newage field. All learning is beneficial in some way. But knowledge of metaphysics and etc that is learned from books and

    courses is not very useful in a real sense, not unless one has the wisdom to 'practice' these things, to not only study but to practice and

    do the training. Then you will have knowlege and experience. To write effectively in this field, you cannot beat personal hands on

    Robert Bruce

    On Esoteric Schools, Robert says:

    Most Western schools use versions of Hermetics and other ancient schools of practice. These methods are generally more

    difficult than most newage type practices, but they are also generally more effective. Long term effort and energy = results.
    Robert Bruce

    Self-Healing with NEW
    How NEW can help improve your health

    Energy movement sensations

    Unwanted exit sensations

    Chakra sensations
    & scroll down to Chakra Sensations

    Astral Sensations, Hypnoagogia, Wikipedia Definition:

    Astral Sex:

    Shadow Self

    Silly Little Finger Exercise- Possibly created by Bruce Moen.
    "If I take in Three Deep Relaxing Breaths and Three Energy Gathering Breaths ... then close my eyes and focus all my attention on any feelings that occur the instant before my index finger bends, I’ll experience that “certain feeling” for Placing Intent for my finger to bend." ... ng-intent/

    Simulation- An area of the astral, or an area between one plane and the next, dedicated to learning, designed to help the projector get used to the next level of experience. Dreamstate lessons, for example, are an example of simulations. Projections that happen in one plane but have characteristics of the next plane can be considered 'simulations'. Term coined or made popular by Kurt Leland.

    (Simulations) "are like exercise machines designed to isolate and work out a particular muscle. But there’s no hard and fast rule about the order in which you do the machines in the circuit, so to speak."

    From Meta-Astral and Meta-Mental Bodies by Kurt Leland, here

    Soul fragmentation viewtopic.php?t=1973&highlight=

    Spiders: ... dlife.html & Scroll down to 'Lower Subplane Wildlife'

    RB on New Age, channeled information & Spiritism: ... ndrum.html

    Mind Split Effect:


    A stone is an energy structure that includes the chakra and storage center. When chakras and storage centers are stimulated and energy is raised/stored, the energy develops around the area and forms a stone. There are three stones born to a human, and a fourth can be developed over the moon (head) stone.

    The red male tan tien also called the earth stone is at the base of the spine and surrounds the red and orange chakral areas . It stores sexual and generative energy called ching .

    The yellow sun dan tien also called the sun stone is at the solar plexus surrounding the yellow and green chakral areas . It stores vital essence called chi .

    The Blue female tan tien or moon stone is at the head and surrounds the blue and indigo chakral areas. It stores psyhic energy called shen .
    Read more:

    Robert recommends this link:

    You may also like to try the sungazing method, which is reported to have strong self healing aspects
    Robert Bruce
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    Tactile imaging is a perception or FEELING of localised bodily awareness. ... &Itemid=58 ... &Itemid=72

    Tactile visualization: The ability to recall a sensation in your mind.-CF

    Technical Terms- On psi and other terminology

    Thought Forms:

    Third eye strobe or brow center strobe:
    & Scroll down to "Chris" Update 2/ Strobe Effect Note:

    Trance State/How to Enter a Trance: ... t-3.html#5 ... &Itemid=70

    Treatise on Astral Projection ... index.html ... &Itemid=70

    Triune Brain

    "The triune brain is a model proposed by Paul D. MacLean to explain the function of traces of evolution existing in the structure of the human brain. In this model, the brain is broken down into three separate brains that have their own special intelligence, subjectivity, sense of time and space, and memory[1]. The triune brain consists of the R-complex, the limbic system, and the neocortex."

    R-complex: "Reptilian Brain", includes the brain stem and cerebellum; Survival instincts.
    Limbic System:"Old Mammalian Brain": Amygdala, the hypothalamus, and the hippocampus. More complex emotions. It can't function entirely on its own. It needs to interact with the neocortex to process emotions.
    Neocortex: "New Mammal Brain": Controls higher-order thinking skills, reason and speech.
    -CF's outline

    Two Tubes Method in Energy Work:

    Unwanted Projection Symptoms: See Vibrations, Noises (Astral Noise)

    Vampire, Psychic
    Removing a Psychic Vampire:

    Exit Sensations/Vibrations: ... art-8.html

    Vigil Method:

    Astral Vision, Astral Sight, Hypnagogia, Hypnopompia:
    See Dreaming section
    Spherical or Directional Vision: ... &Itemid=70

    Void Experience:

    Walk-In: A walk-in is thought to be a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and been replaced with a new soul.

    Yoga: Definitions & Information:

    Robert says:

    I really don't know what to say. Predicted dates come and go and we are still here. It is important to think positive about the
    future. We create our own reality. If enough people believe in doom and gloom, then that will be our future. If enough believe in a
    bright happy future, then we will have that for our future.
    Spread the word.... The future will be brilliant!!!!!!!!
    Robert Bruce

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