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Thread: Anyone have advice for anxiety?

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    Re: Anyone have advice for anxiety?

    Hi Dreaming,

    Long time no talk. Hope you're well. In my experience, life, all life literally fell apart like a train run out of track by the time I was 43. This whole existence business became unworkable, and anxiety and fear were the core. I call this the horizontal avalanche, or landslide, if you will. Causes and conditions rolled up to the present moment. Oddly, it mirrored my mental state pretty well. Outside and inside were dovetailing into a single, solid conclusion: "I" was the real source of all pain and suffering.

    Turmoil is the teacher. Pain is the lesson. Suffering is a room with a backdoor, so compassion and love are necessary as you tread lightly through the landscape that summons the pain on your way out.

    We all get our hands taken off the wheel in life whether we agree to go along or not. A firm grip ensures our suffering. I have zero to teach here, no need to share this, and no position other than your own. You are the answer. The peace you seek is what's experiencing pain through you because it doesn't know its real face. It thinks it's you, but this is the plan as well. All life is pain. All reality is painless.

    The role of a man trying to pull all ends together is only that. All is well. You are free to breath and love and be and realize Consciousness is playing the role and experiencing it, but not you. What's looking out your eyes is the Source of all. Go ahead and look in the mirror to your soul, you may even see into the Great Void--into yourself. This is the womb of all creation, and anything contained within it cannot be greater than it.


    Know Thyself

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    Re: Anyone have advice for anxiety?

    Hey Soul, good to hear from you. Its been a couple years, yes? How are you doing these days?

    External life matching my mental state, there's an interesting and scary thought. But I guess that's how change happens. I'm certainly up for a change.

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    Re: Anyone have advice for anxiety?

    Rather than change, perhaps look for what's constant in the change and determine what that is.
    Know Thyself

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    Re: Anyone have advice for anxiety?

    dreaming90, how have things been going on in your life? The new year is coming up in a month!

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    Re: Anyone have advice for anxiety?

    I'm giving myself tough love at the moment of forcing myself to face that which gives me anxiety. For some people,for some things,you just have to get out there,and do it. Pre-pave a vibe of feeling empowered and pronoiac energy beforehand when doing things you consider "risks" or more fearful. The feeling after accomplishing what you fear will make you feel so alive. Also,strengthen your will while doing things that scare you even if it gives you a little anger type feeling. Fire is good thing. Sometimes we need that to get us out there and get over our timidity. Anxiety is feeling unempowered. Affirm to yourself "I deserve to be here." i've found that affirm covers a lot of areas of fears,because really anxiety does seem to root in a feeling of feeling one doesn't deserve to here in some way whether feeling you aren't good enough by others or feeling someone can physically harm you.

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    Re: Anyone have advice for anxiety?

    Hello Dreaming,

    i am am hopeful you have happily secured the position at the call center.

    I concur 100% with obtaining professional assistance, talk thearpy, self reflection, and when you are ready meditation.

    But for those moments when your breath is stolen away...a very helpful mantra I have utilized for years:

    I breathe in, and trust the flow and process of life.

    Also a calming thought....for those moments of anger and anguish.

    Will this transgression matter in 5 years?

    May love and laughter surround you and your family.

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    Re: Anyone have advice for anxiety?

    My personal "calm down and focus" phrase is from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It is:

    Don't Panic

    It helps if you imagine it in big, friendly letters, as it appears on the back of the Guide, itself.

    Point being, you can make anything a "loaded" phrase that can work to just get you focussed and help you avoid losing your balance (that's always what it feels like to me, by the way; I sometimes describe it as "falling off my perch"). I like that one because it's funny and a little silly and has positive associations for me, but, really, whatever you like and intend can and will work.

    I didn't think I had much more to say on this topic, but I guess I did.
    May the light surround you, may you be blessed. May the light surround us, may we be blessed. May love and light surround us all, and may we all be healed and blessed. And so it is, and so it shall be, now and ever after.

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    Re: Anyone have advice for anxiety?

    Take the ugly times one second at a time. And remember they are on a time clock. Its just a matter of passing the time away as peacefully and rationally as possible until it passes. In another few months or so you will be in a new position somewhere else and have put it all behind you. Until then just dont roll around in it so much, getting doom and gloomy dosnt do anyone any good and just clouds your mind from active positive solutions. And dont run from it with meds and bawling to friends, Hit it in the face as hard as you can, lie, bite, kick and claw yourself into another job asap. A Take no prisoners attitude is the one you need at the moment, its the one your new management has, guarantee you that. You have strengths...exploit them to the breaking point. Weakness you have NONE.
    I sent my soul through the Invisible. Some letter of that After-life to spell: And by and by my Soul returned to me and answered. "I Myself am Heaven and Hell." - Omar Kayyam

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