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Thread: DYNAMO: ¿Real Magic or Standard Illusionist?

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    DYNAMO: ¿Real Magic or Standard Illusionist?

    May be you've seen a Discovery Channel's program titled "DYNAMO: Impossible Magic"

    ¿What do you think about it? ¿It's Real Magic (to extreme conceivable) or Standard Illusionist (resourceful)?


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    Re: DYNAMO: ¿Real Magic or Standard Illusionist?

    Some believe that magicians like Dynamo use the help of demons to achieve their otherwise impossible feats.
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    Re: DYNAMO: ¿Real Magic or Standard Illusionist?

    Looks like well done but ordinary stage magic (illusion) to me.
    I see NO sign of 'real magic'.
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    Re: DYNAMO: ¿Real Magic or Standard Illusionist?

    One would think that if someone could do "real magic" with this level of predictability and ease, they'd find better uses for it than a stage show.
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    Re: DYNAMO: ¿Real Magic or Standard Illusionist?

    I have never seen DYNAMO. However I have seen another person named Criss Angel. And I think, maybe they are similar?
    He uses a kind of dark theme and wears emo or clothes that you would see at a Rock music concert...maybe, never been to one.
    To the naked eye he could be easily linked to "dark magic" or "evil spirits" but truthfully he seems like a nice guy acting like a tough guy. And what is so bad about becoming famous and basically bringing a sense of wonder and happy excitement to everyone. And since you are famous by "everyone" I don't mean just you're neighborhood or even city...but truly to a large amount of people.

    If I personally had magic powers I would do :
    1. Pretty much become a hermit and live happily in isolation....probably will do that even without magic powers at some point I my life anyways.

    2. Become famous. You are basically giving a positive vibe to the world and making people wonder if there are more to this world that meets the eye (Transformers reference yay) in a way is that not what a spiritual leader does ? And....we''re gonna be famous...and probably a bit rich....and I mean no matter how "spiritual" you become you can't kill you're human part. So that will keep you're human self happy too.

    Im not saying to start a cult following these magicians....they probably already exist anyways. But in no way do I believe it is a waste.

    Anyways you cant approach every person with "spiritual talk". I mean from a "common" human perspective whenever somebody says "spiritual" there's this feel of boring and "old people stuff" kind of feel to it. Sometimes you got to decorate it with more "interesting" themes.

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