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Thread: Higher Self vs. Soul vs Guardian Angel

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    Re: Higher Self vs. Soul vs Guardian Angel

    Yeah I've read tons to and had some pretty in your face experiences but with no Definite answers, some pretty good pointers but nothing exact. I've gathered that there is a very good reason why we are not provided with answers and that is that we are not yet grown enough to understand them, havent earned the right to know them anyway, and they would only serve to distract. My "spirit guide" has spoken to me twice and I think I can pretty well sum up his feelings...pretend the world is a garden and all the people of the world gods flowers and it is your job to help them to grow as big and beautiful as they can be by showering them with love, understanding and tenderness, there by growing best Im able. . He also remarked
    after I started thinking of all the selfless things they've done for people incarnate over the centuries unthanked and unnoticed. "You (meaning everyone) are loved and cherished by all the highest spirits (over there in spirit land) and all the great positions of leadership are open to anyone who is willing to make an effort and earn the right."

    Why the spirit guide label?....because he guides my spirit and he comes on like a ton of bricks, blasts right through mental chatter , and his vibe just has that feel. And I am by no means a clairvoyant not even close. Only see him visually ap-ing.....I guess thats
    My "higher self" is there constantly but always in the back ground quite but is more assailable and more vague. But again has a certain feel unique to it....more distant and more idealistic but more behind you...has your back if you know what I mean but expects a certain high level of character from me as well. Why "higher self" label?...books and because he/it is always there and wont hesitate to pounce if I slip out of line. I dont mean just like my conscious like feeling guilty or something no I mean getting criticized pretty heavily for acting out of line in a way entirely different from the way I personally think. I might say to myself well I shouldnt have done that ahhh... it was out of line. But the spook would elaborate (especially about ramifications for others) and really drive the point home. I get the feeling from both that they basically know Im an idiot but there trying to work with what they got lol. Sorry if i veered from topic.
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    Re: Higher Self vs. Soul vs Guardian Angel

    Osiris, Idk if you noticed this, but your post was #11, and you edited your post at 11:11. In a post about guidance, that's pretty cool.
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    Re: Higher Self vs. Soul vs Guardian Angel

    Nope I sure didnt notice CF but Im flattered you did... never thought much about numbers mabybe I should lol
    I sent my soul through the Invisible. Some letter of that After-life to spell: And by and by my Soul returned to me and answered. "I Myself am Heaven and Hell." - Omar Kayyam

  4. Re: Higher Self vs. Soul vs Guardian Angel

    i found what you wrote to be helpful. thank you for writing that

    Quote Originally Posted by ButterflyWoman View Post
    You know, the more I experience, the more I see that it's all extremely personal. What "works" for me may not work for you and vice versa. It's all a matter of perspective. It's not like, say, making a catalogue of species, where everything can be described and put into a category and compared and contrasted to other categories and so forth. It's all quite nebulous, and wobbly around the edges.

    I don't think there is any one size fits all system of beliefs, or any universal interpretation of any particular experience. In fact, I think most systems of belief are quite limiting after a certain point. They can provide structure for a while, and that's fine, but just like a cast on a broken or weak limb, eventually, it's more hindrance than help. That was my experience (and it was not intentional, by the way; beliefs just keep popping up to be released, and the more that happens, the more flexible and fluid my reality becomes).

    So, basically, it's whatever works for you, and know that it may not keep working for you indefinitely. Be prepared to constantly re-assess based on your own experience. It's cool and fine and interesting to get other people's views and experiences, but you really have to rely on your own interpretations of your own direct experience, IMHO.

    I hope this makes some sense. I'm not sure quite what compelled me to write it. But it's written now, and I'm going to post it, so for whomever this is intended, I hope it helps.

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    Re: Higher Self vs. Soul vs Guardian Angel

    Imho ;
    the Higher Self projects as a golden lion maned aspect from the chest; heart or sunstone.

    The Guardian Angel is a higher vibration aspect that projects from the supernal energy centre above the head.

    The Completion of the Great Work of the Sun or the Magnum Opus is the
    "Knowledge and Communication with the HGA"; the Angelic Genus called the HGA or HS/GA.

    The Holy Guardian Angel is the united Hermetic Fire yellow lion soul and Higher Self from the solar plexus or heart AND
    the Hermetic Water blue eagle Guardian Angel from the third eye.

    These blue and yellow centres combine to create the green HGA which projects from the supernal Heaven Stone above the head.

    The GA starts being a member of the group soul who watches over us and becomes over time with ascension of the consciousness/soul and vibration the highest past life incarnation and then becomes the ascendant self in this life.

    In a clairvoyant reading, the GA will appear in a hierarchy of represented aspects; like a faceless monochrome blue silhouette then as a eagle winged faced blue lunar angel then as a self faced blue lunar angel.

    Similarly, the HS appears as a yellow lion maned faceless auric flame silhouette. Then this has a past life face and finally wears the face of the magickian today on a pale yellow solar angel with wings.

    The HS/GA is HGA has four pairs of swan wings like an archangel and appears white, chartreuse green, silver , golden and then emerald green. It is the union of the sun and moon and a higher consciousness than either the GA or HS.

    The HGA teaches the magickian in meditation and in dreamstate and in other altered states of mind. It attunes and leads and protects the magickian to the best of its own ability. It learns while we work and sleep and does not rest. The angelic vibration sacrifices a bit of human powers to become united with Godhead for a time and to bring this divine effulgence back to the mystic who may recieve the lessons through meditative trance and dreamstate lessons or may not be able to accept these lessons until after death and subsequent incarnations have a higher vibration of subtle energy .

    The purpose of the HGA is Henios or reunion with source and ascension and to serve humanity; inspiration,healing, protection, attunement,exorcism, ascension and divination et cetera.

    Imho and ime ascending the angelic genus is the Raison D'Etre; the purpose of life in general and the goal of Hermetic Magick; in order to serve humanity, God and us all to become in the image of Godhead and to attain unio mystica.
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    Re: Higher Self vs. Soul vs Guardian Angel

    Just to add another perspective to this old thread -
    This weekend I've had a real game changer of an exprience.
    My housemate is a talented hypnotherapist, and we did a session to try to find the root cause of the low self esteem that has plagued me all of my life.
    I won't go into all the details here, but it's a super interesting experience so I will in another thread... anyway, after having gone back to multiple points on my timeline, and re-wiring my matrix, so to speak, a new timeline was under construction.
    My entire energy system was alight! Every energy centre had been beaming it's colour from one version of myself to the next younger one, and finally the old experiences were beamed across a rainbow bridge to be returned to the Universe.
    After the job was done, I was left with a fully activated energy system, and a hollow space in my chest, where the low self esteem had resided, in a dark pink blob.
    Rising from this hollow space, I saw dark vapours, like mist, floating upwards, and dissolving..
    Asking if there was any residue left to get rid of, a small Sun began to burn in the middle of my chest. It was burning away the residue of the dark vapours, when a strong masculine sounding/feeling voice clearly spoke in my left ear saying "Don't worry. I'll take care of this Neil!"
    I quickly grabbed my pendulum and started questioning this presence.
    When asked if it was my higher self, the response was no.
    I then asked if it was my holy guardian angel. Yes.
    I asked about the names holy guardian angel, highest guardian angel, and highest aspect.
    Apparently this presence is happy to be referred to as any of these, but I was advised to be careful about which one I used, depending on whom I'm talking to about it.
    I then asked if the higher self is a real thing.
    It responded that no, the higher self is not a real thing, but a misunderstanding made by someone in the past.
    Earlier today, I was texting a dear friend and describing this experience, and when I texted, saying that the concept was inaccurate, my phone auto-corrected the word concept, to say conceit, but I didn't notice this at the time. Only noticing some time later.
    When I checked in with my HGA, it confirmed that this was a deliberate auto-correct, and the word conceit was appropriate to use in regards to the idea of a higher self.

    It has been a most interesting few days.
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    Higher self is the higher aspect of yourself...for example when your consciousness moves from phisycal body to Etheric body this Etheric body is your higher self when again your consciousness moves from Eheric to Astral body now this Astral body is your Higher self and so on..
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    Re: Higher Self vs. Soul vs Guardian Angel

    Ultimately, I think that if you do not see or hear yourself in others, unconsciously it is requisite to actualise this "feeling ability" all by yourself. This is what I perceive to be the Higher Self, really. Correctly defined: Omniscient presence.

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    Re: Higher Self vs. Soul vs Guardian Angel

    Quote Originally Posted by Tooraj2008 View Post
    Higher self is the higher aspect of yourself...for example when your consciousness moves from phisycal body to Etheric body this Etheric body is your higher self when again your consciousness moves from Eheric to Astral body now this Astral body is your Higher self and so on..

    Guardian Angel is nothing but a delusion or deception from ancient history like devil or satan and etc...
    I don't see a body as a 'self' (higher or not) but rather as a shell for the 'self'. Like the physical body is not your 'self' but a vessel you occupy in the physical just like you have an astral 'body' in the astral 'plane' for your consciousness.

    Consciousness is not body itself, it might form or build it or use it. I would rather talk of 'higher bodies' in this case.
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    Re: Higher Self vs. Soul vs Guardian Angel

    IMHO, it's just a terminology, and some of those may cover the others (they are not necesserily seperate "objects") - i.e.:

    Soul = your astral vehicle
    Higher self = your higher mental abilities (super-consciousness)
    Guardian angel = your protective abilities, possibly with help of the other being

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