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Thread: Higher Self vs. Soul vs Guardian Angel

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    Re: Higher Self vs. Soul vs Guardian Angel

    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    IMHO, it's just a terminology, and some of those may cover the others (they are not necesserily seperate "objects") - i.e.:

    Soul = your astral vehicle
    Higher self = your higher mental abilities (super-consciousness)
    Guardian angel = your protective abilities, possibly with help of the other being
    I would add: Oversoul = your interrelated experience of species

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    Do you think that Consciousness moves with physical or Astral or other bodies when the bodies move in their specific realms? or consciousness just moves Aura to Aura and getting fixed but bodies move? as castaneda says in his book " The Art of Dreaming": the consciousness should be fixed in the exact location in Auric field to experience other worlds...what do you think? which is true? I didn't find about this in Robert Bruce books.
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    Re: Higher Self vs. Soul vs Guardian Angel

    All I know is, you focus on the third eye and you get The Journey... any other experience seems to look for what it would call the center.

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