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Thread: dreaming90's Dream Journal

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    dreaming90's Dream Journal

    Keeping a dream journal has always been of benefit to me, but I haven't kept one for well over a year due to the stresses of daily life. I've decided to start one up right here. Let's dive in...


    We are at E's school. My wife, a friend (D), and me. I find myself under some kind of primitive structure, it looks like a wigwam or tent of some kind, made of salvaged materials. It's raining and it doesn't provide enough shelter. We seem to be talking about something. I go inside the school to use the bathroom. It's empty except for a woman who used to work there, her back is turned towards me and I think she is picking up toys. She's facing a wall. I use the bathroom and start to head back out when My wife and D come in, also wanting to use the bathroom.


    My wife and I are in the car, she's asking where I want to go to eat. I want to go explore some of the more remote parts of the area, but she insists on eating at Taco Bell. Well, okay I guess... We go to Taco Bell, I'm not happy about it. I am served a "taco burger" that actually looked pretty good. I was still complaining, when my friend, B, tells me to just eat it. B lives in the apartment above Taco Bell?? I take a bite of my burger. It's actually pretty good-- two large patties, sour cream, taco seasoning. I didn't realize Taco Bell served this sort of thing.


    Not my most exciting dreams, but you have to start somewhere.

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    Re: dreaming90's Dream Journal


    I am at work (SAL). It's a busy day. I work on some kind of big display, and then get carts at some point. C is being nice to me, which is weird considering how she's been treating me in "real life." Someone else is there, her sister I think? They are talking and being nice to me. I'm sent home, but am allowed to stay a little late and clean up. C and her sister(?) are talking and laughing.

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    Re: dreaming90's Dream Journal


    I'm at a theater watching some kind of play. I think I'm involved with the production somehow, as though it's a school play. An old high school friend, J, needs a ride home every night. He is involved in the play. I give him a ride but am very upset, because it's a long drive and now I'm gone from 8-5 every day because of the commute. I yell and complain about it to my wife.


    Maybe a continuation of the previous dream...? I'm giving a friend, D, a ride. She's crying and complaining about her marriage I think? Oddly, she seems to be in the driver's seat, even though I'm the one giving her a ride.


    Maybe a continuation of the previous dream... I'm working at a prison or county jail. Another officer comes to me and says something is wrong with her patrol car. The top is slightly dented like a trashcan lid, but it looks okay otherwise. There's a tornado warning, we go inside and down into the empty jail cell for safety. A girl's swim team comes back to the station. I tell them about the tornado warning and that they need to come down. They object, looking at the sunshine outside. But soon enough, the sky darkens and we hear sirens, so they come down.

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    Re: dreaming90's Dream Journal


    I don't quite remember what I dreamed about last night, but I remember seeing C. It was related to finding a new job and I felt very stressed and uncertain. I think I was in a big department store like K-mart or Toys R Us.

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    Re: dreaming90's Dream Journal


    Had minor surgery today, was given lorazepam... Been in the twilight zone most of the day, going straight from waking to dreaming. Dreams mostly to do with work or with the Inuit, who I've been reading about lately. Got into the vibrational state once, but wife came down and interrupted. Still sore and groggy...

    One I remember-- going to backroom of work to throw out some cardboard, but the bailer was gone. CD was standing where it used to be and I jokingly asked where he put it.

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    Re: dreaming90's Dream Journal


    Clunky vibrations moving from head down before I fell asleep last night, fearful images and feelings of being abducted by aliens. Possible A&P. Dreams were freaky-- children mauled to death by dogs, then I had dreams of stealing money out of a drawer at work, and another dream of stealing out of the drawer of a bank while doing a transaction. I would never normally steal, and was caught the second time. I became despondent because I knew i would never get a job now with a charge like this on my record.

    I also dreamt about parking incorrectly and causing minor damage to another vehicle, which has always been a little fear of mine.

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    Re: dreaming90's Dream Journal


    I dreamt that my brother, R, and I moved to a city I have been thinking bout (Iq). I couldn't afford rent inside city limits so I just tried to put a house on the ground outside the city.

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    Re: dreaming90's Dream Journal


    I dreamt that A and I were flying on a commercial jet to, uh, France I guess? We are going to see an acquaintance, D. I remember seeing a blond, older woman on the flight who conversed with me about something, she had very short hair. I went in to use the bathroom at one point, very claustrophobic like most airplane bathrooms. It was well-lit, almost golden, but I was worried about turbulence while I took care of my business.

    I remember seeing D and a crowded, poorly lit restaurant after all this.

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