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Thread: Cutting Ties to the Past

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    Palehorse Redivivus Guest
    Update: whoa, I think I can vouch for the premise that there really seems to be something to this "cutting cords" stuff after all. You all knew that already I'm sure, but I've never done it quite like this before, and I feel like I've discovered a new toy.

    A while back, someone told me I had a tendency to attract people who "pull on" me, and that makes sense on a lot of levels. Won't bore anybody with the specifics, but lately there's been a lot of internal rearranging of myself with the aim of attracting people and situations that operate more on the basis of balance and reciprocity, than I have in the past.

    *throws shuriken at Palehorse*
    \\\clamors in Japanese\\\
    *ninja vanishes*

    A lot of ideas have come up, of tendencies that I've had toward "giving up my personal power" without realizing it in various ways large and small over the years... long story short, I probably had cords up the wazoo, possibly going back years. I get the impression that they're a bit like the crapware that infects your computer -- no one little program does much damage, but once you've got a ton of them each taking up a small trickle of your resources 24/7, the effect is cumulative and it lags your entire system.

    Anyway, the other night I did the one where you gather all the cords into a bundle, slice through and burn them. I wasn't by the puter at the time so I don't know if I was very "by the book" about it, but I tend to think this kinda thing is more about intent than form anyway. There were very strong sensations going on in my solar plexus chakra from start to finish. Since then I seem to be a lot more clear-headed in general, and more than one person has remarked that my mood has been better and more like myself than I have been in weeks. Very cool!

    Now if I could only figure out how to stop attracting the occasional random ninja ambush...

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    Rayson Guest
    Without a ton of experience in this arena, I'd too say that intent is much more powerful and significant here than form. The Solar plexis (or so I've read...) is frequently the "organizer" chakra in terms of energy. It would make sense for that to be an exploitation point.

    Just cutting off the ties will likely be huge. Without any experience here, I'll merely speculate that directing such healing energies towards the past parts of you, towards the parts of you that relate to and connect with others, and towards the part of you that was connected and now is potentially severed and singed could be additionally helpful.

    I don't have ANY suggestiions for how to deal with ninja ambuses. That's mostly assuredly beyond my field of study...

    By the way, moderators don't ever use red to indicate their text, mods, or edits... I swear.

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    Susie Guest
    would severing a cord make it more difficult to explore a connection that was possibly from a past life? any ideas?

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    Rayson Guest
    Here's a variation on the same idea, which Violetsky sent to me....

    Hoponopono healing ritual:

    Ho'oponopono means 'to make things right'. Haleakala Hew Len Ph.D. is famous for using ho'oponopono to heal and entire ward of criminally insane patients. You can Google harpooning to learn more about it.

    Here is the guided meditation:
    1. See your self filled with infinite love and light.
    2. Create a stage in your mind in front of and below you.
    3. Invite the person or thought to the stage that you are not in
    alignment with.
    4. Say, "I forgive you please forgive me."
    5. See the infinite light of love pour over the person onto the stage.
    6. Cut the aka.....Release with love and light.

    Aka- sticky stuff,shadow. Think of Aka as all the negative things you have thought towards this person. Everything you touch or think about makes an aka connection. Negative thoughts or emotions keep you from seeing the divine within and without you. Cutting the aka allows you to release the person you are healing from your own perceptions. If you chose to create a new connection, it will be healthier because you have left them filled with love and light.

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    Rayson Guest
    Cutting cords vs closing cords...

    While I think we can all agree that 99% of the time, if there's anything bad flowing between two people, that should be stopped, there's a question of methodology, especially if the relationship isn't always a negative one. As a sidenote- one can flow too much good energy through a cord too- wasting one's own personal resources, while potentially playing enabler to someone who needs to hit a new low in order to realize their problems (as opposed to always being bandaged just enough by someone's energy that they are able to muster on in their same unhealthy patterns).

    So- sever or close? Severing, in my opinion, is attempting to fully terminate an energy bond with another person (we're going to skip issues of time and quantem theory here, for this post), while closing a bond limits energy flow, but allows the cord to be reopened later on, if the need should arise. Severing should perhaps be done with decidedly negative forces, particularly people you never intended to form a bond with anyhow. Closing the bond may work better when someone close to you has got to take care of their own negative problems, without spilling out onto you, but you do wish to remain friends, and will more actively participate with them (and thusly their energy) down the road, when it can be done in a healthy manner.

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    Wrong Eye Guest
    This is, exactly what I need.

    Years and years of ick between me and literally hundreds of people spanning kindergarten to now need to be cleared out, cut, and in my opinion, evaporated.

    I can see where cutting a bundle of cords would be helpful, but I don't want to cut ALL of them- some are draining, yes, but like in the case of my abusive mother, I do not want to cut, I want to heal the bond. Some bonds I want to keep and heal, not cut and close, for they seem to be on a soul-level, like with my mom and my friends.

    So, how to do this without specifically going through one-by-one with people I sometimes don't even remember?

    I know this would solve a lot of problems, but... heck, it seems overwhelming.

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    Disclaimer: understand first I am shy on visualisation. ie. I'm not sure how doable this will be.

    It seems to me you should be able to make 2 groups of connections - one set that are negative & the other that are positive. Maybe you could go through some of those you really want to cut contact with & gather them together, then reach into memory & find all relationships that have a similar 'feel' to them
    Gather them all to either side of you, or maybe feel the negative ones pulling you from the front (draining you) & the positive connections pushing you from behind (supporting you) & then cut all the ones in front.

    Now a point I found when I used the Ninja style - it didn't actually prevent me relating to the person but it DID remove the emotion that was twisting my guts whenever there was contact. So in the case of your mother, you could cut the connections to the past & then work to build a new relationship not soured by the events of the past. It would allow you to deal with her in present time rather than constantly fighting off the web of the past that keeps sucking you back into the old stances.
    Never doubt there is Truth, just doubt that you have it!

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    Wrong Eye Guest
    Thanks I'll try that and see if it works- it should work.

    Is it possible that the astrals of some of these icky people would respond to a tie being cut? I know in the physical, they loved the power, so would they respond on an astral level if an astral tie was cut?

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    It's possible, but without the hooks into you established over time, your shielding & energy work should be more than enough to send them packing. Mirror shields are good value - whatever they send at you gets reflected straight back at them.
    Never doubt there is Truth, just doubt that you have it!

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    Wrong Eye Guest
    Another one about my mother though, I got the mental image of a silver cord connecting me to her from below my navel. What does this mean? I couldn't see where it connected to her, but my guess is it's the same place. I know that's a chakra place but which one?

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