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Thread: Breaking negatvie attachment

  1. Breaking negatvie attachment

    I was in a realationship about 3 years ago that lasted 2 years.

    THis was a very strange woman, she had lots of sex magic books, was like a hippie girl.

    I started having sex with her and something told me to never touch this girl. Every time I kept going to her house I almost got into fights with people in the parking lots of her appartments.

    Then one night after sleeping with her I ran over a black cat on my way home. It scared me.

    But she lived a rich lifestyle and lived in a fabulous home. That's why I kept sleeping with her.

    I felt like a attachment on my root chakra. She wouldn't let go. She often said its like we have a spiritual connection.

    After the relationship I felt drained. All my sexual energy was lost. I had a great sex drive, its like she drained me of all my sexual energy. I have no sexual energy now. I can't attract the women I use to attract. When I look at her pictures, I sense this dark presence around her. I remember one time when we were at a coffe shop its like her head tried to possess me. Like a hypnotic possession. I refused to be possed.

    Every time I think about her, I just get drained.

    How do I break this attachment, How do I get my energy back. My once charged root chakra is like drained.

    When I think of her now I sense this dark presence around me and its draining me, its like she is trying to stagnant me.

    I've bought your pychic protection books, but still I can't find a way to break this disease that she sent me.

    I want to just clear her from my aura.

    How do I do that?


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    Re: Breaking negatvie attachment

    The first thing I suggest is to go and see a medical doctor and tell him about your low libido and get some tests done to eliminate any physical issues that might be contributing.

    It is possible this woman is a psychic vampire. If so, a complete break in contact plus the countermeasures in my book, particularly the mega salt baths, should remedy this problem in time.

    This woman may also be just a normal woman, and you have developed a psychosomatic condition because of your suspicions. Taking your mind off this completely will help, and in time your body will return to normal.


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