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Thread: Playground reality sphere - Kind of experimenting

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    Playground reality sphere - Kind of experimenting

    Hey, so I have been wanting to try some things out. Namely creating a body or space, like a chat room. A playground chat room lol.

    Everyone has their own body full of attached-to experiences that is their personal reality. Then we all are in a bigger reality known as earth. Usually see them as spheres with colorful shapes, images, movies. I'm sure many of you have been out of the body and entered other realities, whether they be of a single being or shared, moving through the door consciously or unconsciously. If you haven't then this might be that much funner!

    The door way is below. Getting in is like looking within yourself. Feel the door way and look within it. Like going inside out then being on the inside of this new place. The more you can leave your physical and be in the room the clearer it will be. Laying down is always nice, but don't take this too seriously. :p

    Maybe you guys could note your experiences in this thread? Did you get in? Did you see anything? Did you create anything? Was anyone there? How did it make you feel?

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    Re: Playground reality sphere - Kind of experimenting

    I posted this on two other sites, so idk who's creations. But I went in there today and could see lots of stuff left by people who have entered! Didn't make out to much. Just colors. Still awesome! It acted like a film for a camera. People left their impressions of consciousness inside!

    You can erase the impressions you make, but im glad they didn't. Successful experiment! Now to improve so I can better understand the stuff people leave behind / create.

    I was thinking of making another and only show the door to one person. Then that person goes inside, or I go inside and create a object or something that can be recognized. Then the other person interprets. Is anyone looking to try this with me? Get some good practice in


    Went in again. Seems crammed lol, and I thought it was a big place. Lots of energy in there. I was relaxing and listening. I could hear a bunch of impressions, each with their own voice. Some saying hello? Is anyone there? That type of thing. I almost felt like I could see faces of these people. Some blue some green.

    Moved more of myself in, defiantly packed. Seen more colors. Reached out and connected to about 20 different orbs, people. Lots of energy.. Good energy too, I like that c: Tonight if it doesn't rain im going to go in connect to everyone, if you let me c; then love, now moment, and im going to try to clear out all the impressions. Part of me thinks that may not be possible because you have defined this place so even if I change the definition you hold your definition making it unclearable unless we all clear it out. Like trying to change the definition of a word, we all have to be in concordance.

    Im excited to see this happening! I am having some ideas. So you know when your trying to get someones IP address you can make a site send them to it and it logs their IP? Well what if you make an image attach an empty space then when you want to capture someones feelings or thought you just show them the image in that moment. Then later you can go in and see what you captured! Hahah
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