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I know. My last post here has been deleted. Thanks. I thought this is a serious forum.
With "buttercups" and this sort of posts...it is NOT.
Delete me again, please.
If this forum is about "nails", "imaginary boyfriends", "make-up"...etc....I choose to be BANNED forever.

It was about OBE, mister Bruce, not about some...ohhh...some "stupid gratidute".
This thread explains why so few people (worldwide) sign posts here.

If you keep on allowing these stupidities...I will just...walk away.

What happened? This is a gratitude list. I'm a human being and allowed to post all that my heart feels grateful for whether it's the little petty things or the deeper things. You come off quite superficial. I'm single right now and dealing with a court case with a difficult abusive ex. I also have a lot of trauma in my life. Nothing in my life imaginary though. I have ptsd and panic disorder. I wonder how old you are or how shallow/dull your life is if you feel so moved to comment on this post being so aggravated. Perhaps, try filling your life with more and growing as a person and you won't feel moved by something that seems quite petty and unevolved of you. Your probably a teen i'm guessing from how you come off in your post.