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    -my lip injections
    -support from others
    -how my skin looks with my airbrush tan
    -deciding i want to become more eco-conscious
    -interesting environmental articles
    -cleaning and organizing my fridge
    -going for walks
    -trolling others and how funny it is and laughing
    -my beauty
    -being sexy
    -getting a check in my account yesterday that covers my rent for the month
    -having nice hair
    -getting a good amount of jobs from one of my regular agencies these days which will help for next month's finances
    -wearing my new cat bracelet i bought recently today
    -hanging out with m's husband today after he helped me run an errand and going with him to run an errand then we went to lunch
    -my bed
    -ice cold water
    -my fashion sense
    -my strawberry kitchen sponges
    -iced almond milk lattes
    -being easy on myself
    -my medications
    -my gucci slides
    -having cool companies to work for
    -having things to look forward to
    -letting myself recover even if it's just slightly
    -my creativity
    -entertainment to watch on youtube and hulu
    -unique tastes
    -remembering fun
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    -making headway with the cat breaking through the cat issue barrier. i may just have done it.
    -fasting today
    -being productive today
    -starting to heal
    -my balcony
    -ice cold water
    -nyc trip being around the corner
    -having an enjoyable conversation on the phone with J tonight
    -my bed
    -releasing my anger
    -burning my incense on the balcony this morning
    -M saying he will fix my bathroom this fall
    -having nice big chest
    -having a nice curvy bottom
    -being beautiful
    -having a very young look and voice and mannerisms
    -lip injections
    -having a nice body
    -having lived my dreams
    -being smart
    -handling some of the blows i've been dealt with well
    -doing some spiritual writing check-ins
    -physical exercise
    -going for walks
    -high current facials
    -being female
    -my femininity
    -having work
    -going to the pool
    -buying a concert ticket to one of my favorite music artist's
    -my authenticity
    -being happy for other people
    -my great taste in things
    -buying a new microwave
    -buying chic new ice cube trays
    -organizing and decluttering and cleaning the kitchen
    -my discover card
    -adding more purple to my hair color tonight
    -having great hair
    -my medications
    -clorox wipes
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    -money working out for me
    -my ny contact being like my fairy godfather
    -slowly healing
    -finally going on a date
    -getting an ipl facial and the lady doing a really good job
    -my medications
    -my creativity
    -having opportunities open up for me
    -ice cold water
    -slowly moving forward with life
    -breaking barriers
    -seeing my mom's cats today
    -having nice curves
    -my beauty
    -cleaning up my living room
    -my goals
    -m taking me to get my shoes repaired after the front got loose after my mom's dog was jumping on me a lot at her house
    -my kindness
    -physical exercise
    -my new microwave coming today
    -new clothes i ordered coming today
    -having beautiful healthy hair
    -lip injections
    -the internet
    -donating $10 to a planting trees organization

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    -physical exercise
    -getting things done
    -getting a check and realizing i have more then enough to cover my rent so can relax about finances
    -my neon green nails manicure i got at the spur of the moment the other day at the local salon
    -making progress with my apartment
    -my nyc contact who makes my life easier
    -buying some new plates in a black color to change aesthetics and merge with old aesthetic and throwing out some old things
    -sleep and rest
    -happy news in the animal welfare/animal activism world
    -animal lovers
    -lip moisturizer
    -my balcony and the beautiful view from the window in the living room
    -doing a spiritual check in writing after meditating
    -starting to feel better about myself again
    -mr.clean magic erasers
    -being able to see
    -being able to hear
    -being able to feel
    -having the new supplement client i enjoy working for
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    -having a lot of work booked with my healthy food agency for this month
    -getting my chic new black plates in the mail
    -vegan food
    -my medications
    -getting my chemical peel
    -getting my manicure and pedicure
    -getting my eyebrows threaded
    -getting my ipl photofacial
    -the amazing nyc opportunities have
    -my nyc contact M and how helpful and supportive he has been
    -my bully being gone
    -doing some spiritual reflective check in writing on the past year and how much that lifted my mood
    -laughing at life
    -making progress with packing and cleaning
    -trying new things
    -manifesting my heart's desires
    -my balcony and balcony view
    -my appetite shrinking
    -my accomplishments
    -my laptop
    -my apartment
    -my cats
    -my phone
    -my healing and recovery
    -beautiful things
    -beautiful moments
    -being kind-hearted
    -my authenticity
    -fashion and style
    -being smart
    -compliments on my personality
    -cute life moments
    -that my weight has slenderized compared to winter
    -touching up my hair color yesterday
    -having a young looking baby face
    -transforming who i am
    -mr.clean magic erasers
    -my creativity
    -having nice curves
    -the smell of rain
    -having a perfume that very closely resembles the smell of rain
    -my new kitchen stuff such as the black ice cube trays, strawberry sponges, mint green microwave, etc
    -my goals
    -believing in myself
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