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    -my beauty
    -having a new look
    -positive people supporting others
    -the day having a positive feel in the air
    -my neighbor across the street calling me to come down and including me today
    -having a caring heart
    -pills to calm down
    -air conditioning
    -good skincare products
    -my dad cash-apping me some money
    -self forgiveness
    -my new gucci purse
    -physical exercise
    -the weather feeling nicer outside
    -my lip beauty products
    -my new birthday baby pink roses
    -my neon heart lamp
    -my balcony
    -becoming more creative again little by little
    -my intelligence
    -my style
    -figuring out how to make the apartment cooler with the a.c
    -my arms slimming out
    -having a unique model look
    -being a creative

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    -m's husband being back from the hospital and being ok
    -H cat looking not too bad at all last time i seen him
    -hyaluronic acid
    -being blonde now and how good it's been looking
    -my sense of style
    -m being there for me once her husband got sick the last days and being nice and reasonable
    -m giving me money the other day and taking me with her to class
    -the decision i made to get undereye filler earlier in the month
    -how vibrant colors and visually everything looks on xanax
    -getting back to my fitbit walks
    -air conditioning
    -doing all my dishes tonight
    -vegan sausage breakfast sandwiches
    -that it seems like the disaster unemployment will be extended
    -the starbucks frappucino drink i like made vegan with vanilla flavoring and a touch of raspberry and espresso shots
    -my balcony
    -friendly people
    -looking good without makeup
    -things that make smile
    -appreciating the little things
    -lip sleeping masks
    -my beauty
    -having a nice body
    -feeling confident enough to wear a tank top outside the house today
    -face rollers and eye massage
    -my face looking very youthful today
    -being proactive and taking activism causes for things i care about
    -my burberry hoodie
    -the sky
    -holistic wellness and treatments
    -getting some bills deferred
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    -body acceptance
    -doing a fitbit walk today
    -talking to M's husband today on the phone
    -reading a few pages of my new book
    -people finding me attractive
    -working on forgiveness
    -the undereye filler i got earlier this month
    -speaking up for myself in heated voicemails and email to building manager after getting a shady notice on my door
    -being smart
    -my hair color
    -my abs starting to look more sculpted
    -bug repellant spray
    -air conditioning working better
    -getting the chair i didnt want refunded
    -my wit
    -botox and filler
    -being smart
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    -making somewhat amends with D, the guy i was hooking up with last month
    -handwashing clothes
    -getting that time of the month
    -M's husband doing better and talking to him on the phone today
    -standing up for myself
    -H cat doing better
    -yin yoga
    -great deals
    -listening to some solar plexus and theta beats music
    -clothes being slightly looser today
    -air conditioning
    -being smart
    -thinking for myself
    -fillers and botox
    -doing a smidge of dance cardio today
    -my large rose quartz heart crystal
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    -trying to be objective
    -coffee at home
    -the weather being cooler
    -having my a.c off
    -injections, fillers, and cosmetic procedures
    -my new joggers
    -weight going down and fasting getting easier
    -vitamin c and zinc
    -my balcony
    -knowing i have resources to better myself, and my healing
    -my retinol hand serum
    -talking to M's husband on the phone
    -deciding to turn to God and surrender
    -getting groceries last night
    -my endurance picking up and getting back on track with fitness again
    -going for a walk with M last night and her friend
    -focusing on my self-nourishment
    -trying to trust God and let go
    -deciding after some last reflection later tonight i'm going no contact with D, because he plays too many games and is trying to do things to make me feel jealous
    -the sale i made on poshmark recently
    -the last hookup i had with D last week when i turned to him. I told i wanted to be alliances and was ready to be friends. I was stressed about drama from neighbor across the street and he invited me over and i said as friends and we ended up hooking up and it was mostly really good.
    -D's kisses. He's one of the best kissers.
    -feeling a little better today
    -having nice curves
    -my confidence going up little by little and empowerment
    -clean clothes
    -cleaning products
    -self compassion
    -thinking for myself
    -having nice hair
    -being smart
    -being a giving person
    -being kind
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