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    -mango fruit spread
    -aloe juice
    -going to sleep early last night
    -working today
    -confirming 2 jobs today
    -feeling calmer and more grounded again
    -my adidas hoodie
    -my style
    -my dolce&gabbana sunglasses
    -my rag&bone t-shirt
    -iced almond milk lattes
    -my miu miu clutch
    -finding my lip balm
    -my prada bag
    -my beauty
    -unconventional great ideas
    -yoga stretches
    -growing as a person
    -getting a ride to and from work today
    -my buddha rose quartz and maroon bracelet
    -doing some more reading of my new book and elle magazine
    -doing some more organizing and cleaning
    -spending time with T cat
    -cuddling with L kitten
    -all the cute things my outdoor cats do
    -M putting money in my account for starbucks
    -M's husbands reassurances
    -M's husband saying he talked to a friend about a possible free condo i may be able to stay in when i move in
    -listening to some of my hypnosis audios today
    -doing some coloring today
    -face massage
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