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    -black leggings
    -my sparkly socks from carbon 36
    -m's husband helping me today
    -people being nice to me
    -beautiful pictures of me
    -d being slightly more responsive in texts
    -clorox wipes
    -my tramadol pain med
    -deciding to switch to a new pharmacy
    -being productive
    -my pretty pink comforter
    -feeling good
    -my eyeglasses
    -snow being pretty
    my gucci shopping bags. they are pretty.
    -people appreciating me
    -working on marketing myself right now
    -having beautiful eyes
    -being considered attractive by others
    -my crown chakra englightenment spray
    -sweet flavors
    -having some purpose in my life
    -being a creative
    -my maturity
    -my child like side
    -having a brain with which to think
    -hyaluronic acid
    -my dreams coming true
    -people thinking i'm cute and innocent seeming
    -the internet
    -my acquaintances
    -my phone
    -work about to pick up again
    -my ambition
    -being a nice person
    -great design
    -having faith
    -setting intentions
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