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    ugh. one of the things besides the heartbreak and losses of 2018 that gets to me a lot is ever since the end of that year, my weight has had trouble going down. it starts to go down a little bit, but then up again and it's just made me so ashamed and lose any pep in my step i had. being thin makes me feel more confident and able to take on the world. i never thought i'd be someone with a weight this high and it's embarrassing. it keeps me from wanting to do things and go out. i am starting to be more active again and some days my clothes even feel a little slightly loose. I just think getting to my thin self is a key to getting me back. its going to happen. i know it. i just have to stay focused yet let go at the same time and do the right things.
    -the sexy new guy i've been talking to
    -M's husband coming by unexpectedly to finish fixing the carpet
    -using bleach to clean up some stains on the counter
    -my blue vive hoodie
    -being cool
    -the little heater in my house
    -getting my reimbursement a day early
    -buying another vintage chanel piece last night
    -pleasant memories
    -M's husband bringing me over some sponges which i just happened to need
    -my lips
    -having a baby face
    -my cleavage
    -brushing my hair
    -my feral cats having their own house and that it's heated
    -not taking myself too seriously
    -doing positive activities
    -being a nice person
    -that i should be getting another check tomorrow
    -clean clothes
    -submitting to a new agency today
    -tuning into my desires
    -reflecting on my manifestations
    -organizing, decluttering and rearranging
    -my alexander wang bag
    -feeling my feelings
    -being smart
    -my talents
    -finding out what's going on with some other payments i'm owed
    -updating things
    -having nice hair
    -having great cheekbones
    -all the amazing past photos i have from my career
    -my phone
    -my laptop
    -my beauty
    -my eyeglasses
    -being positive
    -things with my bank starting to go more in my favor
    -apricot oil
    -having a caring heart
    -learning to become better with my interactions with others in regards to socially and dating, getting better at filtering and being patient and letting and so on.
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    -buying some new lingerie and getting a great deal on some really cute stuff
    -feeling like i'm being flirted with more often again
    -my white rose bear and galaxy rose which is so pretty i got from dose of roses
    -being talented
    -the little heater in my apartment
    -drinking water
    -clean clothes
    -brushing and blow-drying my hair
    -using rose bubbles to set intentions in the morning
    -having nice curves
    -getting paid the other day and it unexpectedly being a much bigger check then i expected
    -hoodies and sweaters
    -iced almond milk lattes
    -vegan food
    -R from bumble app
    -physical exercise
    -staying strong
    -paying off a balanace yesterday
    -the ability to see/eyesight
    -getting my lip mask in the mail today
    -the ferulic acid and reserveratrol serum i've been using
    -being kind
    -being self-aware
    -how great my botox has been looking
    -having great taste in things
    -buying a new kitchen garbage can
    -taking some actions
    -my authenticity
    -having character and integrity
    -my lips
    -laughing at life
    -my femininity
    -being unique
    -M's husband giving me a ride to jobs


    me and the guy i was talking to are done, before it even began. i was sad and off crying all day about it and took two extra ativans. he wanted to meet up and i said maybe then tried confiding in him about my past to overcompensate for the fact that he seemed like he felt rejected or something and i wanted to let him know it's not him and i did agree to meet up or next week then he said im not ready for dating basically. later in the evening,i gave him a piece of my mind telling him i think part of him is saying that because of his ego and that we are all works in progress and i just go with the flow and i feel like im ready to date i will and that he needs to do some growing himself, etc, etc. Very sad. I thought i liked this one. A rotten day. I was literally having anxiety all morning and thought honesty would be the best thing. Yeah,i should've filtered more that was a mistake but him and how he was is also a mistake and i can do better.
    -giving R a piece of my mind later in the evening after he rejected me.
    -being strong
    -feeling my feelings
    -beautiful things
    -being authentic to myself
    -the breeze by my window
    -physical exercise
    -standing up for myself
    -ferulic acid and reservertrol serum
    -having money
    -being productive
    -my talents
    -my confidence starting to go up a little more
    -cute animal stories
    -staying motivated
    -having empathy for others
    -having nice eyes
    -pleasant memories
    -having nice lips

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