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    Gratitude list. What are you grateful for today? Gratitude is the quickest way to raise your vibration and manifest and it feels SO good.

    this one may be long since my first written one in awhile
    -gratitude lists
    -being grateful
    -sound healing musics such as heart as heart chakra music and theta beats which clear my mind,and make me feel wonderfully relaxed
    -going to a tanning bed today for the first today and a nice place right in the neighborhood i liked. i was fearful this first time,but now that that i know what to expect,next time will be better
    -the protein i've been getting and how hard my nails and muscles feel from it
    -how pretty i looked today and realizing how pretty i really am
    -protein rich foods
    -sleeping wonderfully last night and realizing how important night sky is for sleep&peace levels is.
    -my beautiful blue eyes,and how stunning they really are i've been noticing. they're huge and look like doll eyes.
    -instagram and finally joining and realizing i had repressed joining for so long,but i actually quite enjoy the creativity it allows me and the resource it can be for me
    -getting more comfortable and seeing myself in new ways by taking selfies
    -realizing how thin i am, and how small my arms are
    -that mercury retrograde is almost over
    -being better then ithink i am
    -deciding to tell D how furious i was with him and the freakout i had at him,and how wonderful and present he was replying right away,and dealing with my craziness and asking if i'm ok and asking questions and talking with me,and talking with me the next morning too right away saying good morning and asking if i'm ok and about last night,trying to resolve it with me to find out what he did wrong. so super sweet considering i don't know him well yet at all and i think he tried making me feel better later that next night,too. i really like him. it goes back and forth so far our communication but he shows so many signs he likes me a lot and is someone for me.
    -thankful for a new romantic possibility in my life
    -thankful for D's dreamy eyes
    -thankful for the wonderful sweet feeling of release after freaking out at D the next morning,and how vulnerable and soft i felt and just relieved. it was nice.
    -realizing i need to get a hold on myself as well,and that it's all me,it's all within,my own resistances.
    -being able to work in a creative field
    -being crazy and interesting,and having an interesting life,and being me
    -being a girl
    -sweet things to think about
    -amazing music that speaks about what's exactly on your mind. amazing how that happens
    -great art
    -how great my chest looks
    -physical exercise
    -being inspired
    -my artist mindset
    -that D seems like a romantic,poetic type and a guy who would really be there,and a guy who likes unique beauties
    -my porch
    -knowing i need to just take actions in life,and not make it a big deal. ease and grace.
    -that i'm allowing my computer to go and get fixed
    -to stop worrying about things that are done,and to just clear the internal resistances. it'll all work out. it has worked out. it's done.
    -dejavu and that i had dejavu one of the first times me and D talked
    -feeling sexier,and more creative and in the flow lately and feminine. my 2nd chakra is open and healthy as i am feeling my feelings and it feels good. will keep working on this more
    -laughing at things
    -being silly
    -being beautiful as i am
    -the law of attraction and remembering it
    -relaxing,slowing down,and surrender
    -nighttime and daytime. melatonin and vitamin d. peaceful sleep&happiness
    -being vulnerable and allowing myself to be. surrender.
    -now that this month is coming to a close,seeing things in different eyes,and how it all is lining up and going perfectly,really despite how slow,halted,and blurred it seemed in the moment.
    -seeing how things connect and form a story
    -hindsight and seeing how it all makes sense
    -observing my mind
    -being skinny
    -being me
    -loving me
    -seeing how i wasnt surrendering enough at all this month.i was trying to control outcomes and fearful. sunday was so good with allowing me to be feminine and finally let go of that feeling of waiting
    -being admired
    -good men who make my heart happy
    -being a cool girl
    -my status in life
    -the seo work i've done and seeds i've planted and the pay off it will bring me
    -finally getting my check from june this week. finally. finally
    -space and solitude
    -understanding people and the power of love.
    -my kind heart
    -how funny the universe can be at times.i wanted to meet after mercury retrograde because it's bad luck starting things during them and look at all the delays we've had meeting.i could get insecure if i didn't realize it was on my part,too and from a metaphysical standpoint i had late october in my head since the beginning.
    -my awesome,chic,new winter coat
    -all the signs D has shown he does like me in a way that can be serious. even when every time,i think he may not because of my own projection he goes and does the things like no problem. how i asked him to call me randomly during next time he goes to work to leave a vm and thought he'd think i was being weird and just blow me off and act like he forgot and he just replied cute at first then that next day he worked,he replied again saying perfect and sure enough did call later on his break. i was surprised and impressed. every time,i think he'll let me down,he doesn't. it really,really impresses me. how when i freaked out on him and thought he'd ignore me or be mean to me or reply to one or two texts then go away,but instead he stayed there with me til i went to sleep arguing with me asking me whats wrong and what did he do and am i ok. we hardly know each other yet he does this. just maybe,he will be the universe's blessing to me after this hard year. what started out as some random guy i was familar with but didn't know being silly then talking to me and seeming kind of rude and hurting my feelings then telling me i'm beautiful and would i go on date with him,has turned into someone i really like and have a strong feeling about. just maybe,after all this slow&blurred mishaps going on since beginning of october,will turn into a really clear,and quick connection now as the month ends. a connection where will quickly become a couple or something.
    -my ideas
    -my desire to express
    -the internet

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    I'm grateful for my family and friends
    and pets.
    I'm grateful for this list.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    I'm grateful for being grateful.
    This collector of useless clutter.

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    -that D texted me today though he seemed a little off still but that's ok,merc retrograde ends in 3 more days. he asked if i'd leave him a vm today even though he knew how much i hate vm before and was embarrassed at my last one since i'm so bad on the phone. friends said he wants to hear my voice. after i left my vm for him he said very cute and a+
    -that i've detached a little bit from D. this helps me to put things in perspective and have more peace and also attracts him to me easier.
    -remembering other guy i liked and that there's lots of guys and possibilities out there.i don't need to get attached to one nice,very possible possibility
    -hot tea and how good it makes me feel
    -chips because sometimes you just need food that is slightly junky
    -being me. my personality,my soul,my way of being
    -things that feel good
    -the divine feminine and surrendering to that more and more and being a feminine essence
    -the night skies and how healing it is and the melatonin it provides
    -how well i've been sleeping again. has made me feel so much more balanced and well
    -getting my computer tooken in to get fixed today. things are getting back on track and almost out of the confusion bubble
    -friend letting me use his computer and how much faster things get done on it which brings me more peace and breaks
    -that it was sunny today. how healing the wonderful sunlight was and brightened up my mood
    -having a little bit of that in a relationship feeling already with D which is nice,and i get the feeling he likes it too and is what he wants
    -tibetan singing bowls music
    -taking it easy and following what feels good
    -new instagram followers today
    -my beauty
    -my thinness
    -my cheekbones
    -my youthful look
    -facebook likes from old friend and work colleague i seen over the weekend
    -a text from an old friend asking how i am yesterday or today(i forgot already)
    -getting a little work done today
    -slowing down allowing me to actually get more done and feel like i got more done. amazing how that always works. truth in paradoxes
    -having empathy and understanding for others
    -getting my story out on an online forum just to see it all out again for reflection and expression purposes and appreciating things more that way and the insights that came from that and the calm
    -feelings that come to me
    -how hard my nails feel and how great they look
    -that the sun is now in scorpio.i do better when the sun is in water signs
    -working in a creative field
    -the lamp in this room that has dimmer lighting for late at night which is more relaxing and better ambience late at night
    -my eyeglasses
    -little things i'm looking forward to
    -a feeling of surrender today now
    -all the theta i listened to last night which i'm sure helped me detach and feel intuitive and let go
    -reconnecting to the law of attraction and trying a little harder
    -feeling at peace
    -the feeling of being beautiful and pretty and very feminine and sexy that comes when your life has some romance added to it.

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    I am greatful to have the opportunity to be around greatful people.
    Thank you ALL.

    Core Affirmation: I am loved and I am worthy,
    I am safe and I am free.
    I am powerfully protected.
    I am master of my body and ruler of my mind.
    By Robert Bruce

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    Today I'm so very grateful to feel relatively well and relatively pain free.
    May the light surround you, may you be blessed. May the light surround us, may we be blessed. May love and light surround us all, and may we all be healed and blessed. And so it is, and so it shall be, now and ever after.

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    -that i was in a relatively up mood today and felt a burst of energy
    -that i've been sleeping better
    -detaching from D since he is annoying me lately
    -figuring out what his deal is besides merc retrograde is that indeed i've been to dominant as i wasnt sure if i liked him even and so our issues have been competing for dominance because everytime i went into masculine energy he got more distant whereas everytime i was super feminine,even if i was crazy,he was fully present and there so it's pretty obvious,he is a very dominant guy when i look back and that i need to just let him dominate if i want this to work and there to be more flow. it's funny how i'm so into being feminine but have been going into control,masculine energy because of my own fears and uncertainties and wanting to put on a wall and preconcieved projections of how i seen him to be
    -that a and i seem to be distant with each other and energetically detached mutually now. it's clear our time isn't meant to be now still,i cant help but hope i'm in a relationship first because i deserve it and usually everyone is in a relationship before me.i have a feeling this time,i just may be,though..
    -being easy on myself about getting things done and allowing myself to be lazy
    -chill out and just hanging out time not doing anything serious
    -a computer to use until mine is fixed
    -great cardio workouts
    -how good it feels to be moved on from a otherwise his status update earlier would've made me insecure and annoyed
    -that a and i did have a talk recently that was like a hey,were ok and i'm still here chat. like,i didn't mess things up. that was super nice.
    -having a place to live
    -my friend going for a walk with me
    -that my computer is getting fixed
    -my desire to be creative
    -my desire for clean eating
    -hot tea
    -being considered cute and adorable
    -inspirations,desires,and dreams
    -the sun now being in scorpio and the burst of energy and shift it gave me
    -getting my skirt in the mail today
    -that things are changing
    -being a woman,my feelings,my femininity and attracting a dominant guy so i can feel beautiful in my vulnerability. it's actualy nice. he may seem arrogant and mean but to know if i'm crazy or vulnerable,he is there even more is deeply gratifying feeling
    -my love of beauty
    -that i attract really good looking men into my reality as lovers and potential lovers
    -my beauty and feeling beautiful and feeling feminine
    -my softness
    -the internet and the wealth of information available on it
    -deciding to start not taking things too seriously. if this guy wants to mess around and play games whether it's dominance,emotional issues,uncertainty,or all three,it's all good,because i'm not invested and have my own joy and pleasures i'm seeking and looking forward to.
    -understanding how i create my reality
    -the feeling i get of knowing all is in fact going the way it's supposed to..even the's a weird and interesting feeling..
    -working in a creative field
    -the cool people i know
    -all the opportunities in my life
    -knowing its ok to not know what i'm going to do and not have all my issues figured out
    -feeling physically well and knowing ever since becoming vegan,i always feel physically well. it's almost as if getting a cold is impossible on this lifestyle.
    -being strong and holding it together
    -my tastes,my personality,my character,my vision
    -men who are still dominant
    - my wonderful business partner
    -my best friend
    -the law of attraction
    -connection and interconnection
    -the month of november coming up
    -love in all it's forms
    -my sensitivity

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    -for my phone
    -that i had a date last night and had fun and went out. my first time even going out since i moved. much needed and soothed the pain of D blowing me off oh so mysteriously
    -finding out D was only with friends the other night i got worried he was having a hookup
    -deciding to let go of D because i have no choice after how he's being now. wanting to hear my voice wednesday then acting weird and disappearing and blowing off meeting me this week.i can't do anything but let go. hurts a little but i know he is doing this because he's insecure and feels i'm out of his league
    -deciding to text R after thinking D was with a hookup and how quickly plans became made
    -my sense of style
    -my beautiful big blue eyes that look like doll eyes yet also smoky and smoldering,too
    -having experiences
    -for R
    -hanging out at R's house after we went out,and him offering me certain things and how he said he seriously would just have to make a call and would had i wanted one of the less tame things and got some and how funny it was to know someone so open-minded and rebellious and deciding to have one of the tamer things that he already had and just listening to rock music and feeling giggly and sleepy.he didn't have any himself,just i had some because he said it makes him too sleepy,but said now if i ever want any,i can get it from him and obviously wouldn't ever have to pay. so funny the edge in my life for a night.
    -making out last night and being physical with someone. the chill vibes. and feeling like i'm in high school
    -attractive men
    -men who accept me as i am
    -people who don't take things too seriously and can laugh at life and have a shot and just be happy and make things happen
    -sexy,attractive men
    -taking risks and expanding myself which allows me to feel more free and more confident
    -taxi cabs
    -living in a big city
    -good music.
    -walking to get a pepsi soda this morning
    -how quick i found a cab after a friend affirmed for me...2 seconds later..found a cab
    -how quick i got my key in the door after iwas frustrated and again,my friend affirmed for me,and then 2 seconds later,i got it open
    -feeling so good
    -how unusually warm and sunny it is today
    -things i'm looking forward to and working on
    -another business idea me and business partner are planting the seeds to
    -learning new things
    -my heart and soul
    -eye makeup
    -flipping coins to get answers..and how damn accurate it's been lately...very in tune with synchronicity,stichomancy,and tarot lately it seems..
    -how easily i am able to read in tune i almost feel rude and wonder should i try to turn it off.
    -being a woman
    -when people agree with me and common ground
    -when people are just nice and caring
    -how for some reason when ever i see people i haven't seen in awhile,they think i had been living in nyc or l.a
    -lip balm. because my lips have been so dry lately for some reason
    -things that make me feel good
    -pictures i take
    -my chest size and having some on top there and how good it looks and makes me feel
    -having a life that seems glamourous
    -another friend wanting to meet for coffee
    -new inspiration
    -people telling me ishould go out last night after the D business of him blowing me off and also possibly when i had thought he hooked up with a girl though that part wasnt true.i made the right decison and with all the synchroncity it seemed meant for me to go.
    -mercury being direct now
    -being slightly more casual with clothes and still feeling super cute and stylish
    -my hair and how sexy men seem to find it.i have great hair,lots of it,lot of style,and tend to wear it slightly messy
    -sunny weather making it easier for me to surrender and change my thoughts
    -being able to laugh at the weirdness of life and the confusion and how much of a loop i feel thrown for and just enjoy not knowing what in the world will happen now and what could happen
    -being young
    -seeing were all growing and changing and that i'm in fact right on track
    -learning that if a guy likes me,he is reading and lurking all my social medias. i used to think maybe he was but with last night and the weirdness of D and then other things in august and just thinking of the past,i will just have to confirm this as true. at least 90% of the time,if a guy likes you,he will be reading/lurking any social media/network he can find you on
    -all the time sitting on my porch today
    -being able to be feminine,independent and not desperate all at once
    -R agreeing it's pretty messed up if a guy corrects your grammar.
    -potential and possibilties of the beautiful surprises that can come
    -dating and being flirted with and sexy men in general and just having fun. in the moment,we think too much with our emotions and don't appreciate the fun and spontanaeity of what's transpired someday,years later,you'll look back differently and realize how silly and fun it all was. it was just life and being young.
    -finding creative ways to do all the things that are summery that i can enjoy in winter if i wanted. sun by tanning bed. water by indoor pools.
    -sticking to my guns yet having honest empathy and understanding of other's views and perspective
    -appreciation for different things,view and experiences
    -stories to tell
    -gratitude lists
    -being an adult

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    -remembering the joy of this list
    -discovering more new amazing inspiring soul stirring,uplifting music
    -letting go when i get obsessive
    -my childish side
    -caramel tea
    -knowing when i awake ill get another new start to be better
    -my positivity
    -vegan food
    -flirtations and someone new to think about not new technically,he's of the past but he gets my mind off D and maybe it's partially because we were physical with each other this weekend and merged energies from that but i feel lovely feelings towards him now and appreciation and a gravitation towards him
    -that ill have my computer back tomorrow
    -being able to reconnect with people from my past
    -being an adult
    -my eyes and how big and doll like they look
    -seeing through others
    -my hair and how thick and amazing it is
    -physical exercise
    -the blissful feeling of surrender today and release of worries and feeling so much more clear minded
    -more sunshine today and a warmer day for this time of year
    -seeing myself in a mirror i thought made me look very thin
    -being young and being beautiful
    -living in a big city
    -deciding to be myself
    -getting perspective
    -new instagram followers
    -boosting seo on business's page
    -my unique beauty
    -my sensitivity and feeling my feelings
    -finding things out that's interesting
    -all the signs and omens
    -getting groceries today
    -the color orange
    -curiosity for my future
    -how on stichomancy,coins,and tarot have been
    -paying attention to energy
    -face yoga
    -my softness and vulnerability
    -compliments i receive
    -sticking to what i want
    -accepting and loving my neuroticism and being accepted by other's despite it too
    -being unique
    -desires and motivation and inspiration
    -being ok with my issues and learning them and observing them
    -comfortable clothes
    -using my wounds in positive ways
    -how relaxed the coins allowed me to feel
    -my porch
    -meeting and knowing a lot of people
    -humor and people who get to know parts of you
    -people who are real
    -observing how interesting and funny it is the way life seems to move in cycles
    -my accomplishments
    -being mysterious,enigmity
    -people who remember details about you
    -everyone going through changes,too. from one person going from a super fancy apartment to a more modest but still upscale one since he had the experience of that and now wants to downsize for economical reasons to another person finally get their apartment in the city and living in a trendy neighborhood too,everyone is moving at different paces but moving to achieve their goals. me,next ill be in a new neighborhood too next august and am pre-paving that but trying to enjoy the path since we all get so caught up in where we want to go that we think less of ourselves until were there and then by the time we get there,we lose important things shortly the point is,desire things but try to appreciate where your at,since sometimes because of our own resistances and issues,things may take time.we all got our issues,too.

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    -beautiful music that speaks to my soul
    -that D texted me today and i played it cool
    -the blissful,intoxicating weather today. so good.
    -beauty ideas
    -my beauty
    -my hair
    -my eyes
    -my cheekbones
    -a more colorful diet these days
    -that i get to go to a tanning bed tomorrow
    -that iget my computer back tomorrow. had to wait another day. no big deal
    -my instagram
    -the mind clarity that has come in the last few days and feeling released and back to normal and out of the fog
    -my appreciation for R
    -having a sexy life
    -having a unique,stunning,feminine look that is that of a nyc model
    -being a cool girl and knowing cool people. being part of the in crowd.
    -being considered hot and desirable by cool and interesting people that are in crowd
    -having a very young,doll like look
    -the omens
    -the coins being right.
    -caramel tea. so good.
    -essential oils
    -the sun
    -the nightsky
    -being a woman
    -letting things go
    -getting perspective
    -cleaning today and getting more cleaning done
    -business partner coming through
    -how smooth,in shape,and tight my legs look and feel
    -feeling sexy
    -being in a fashion and trends field of work
    -my love for physical exercise
    -people to text
    -getting things a little more organized today
    -invite offer from work for music thing
    -my taste and vision
    -having a childish sexy look
    -seeing how hard i am on myself and that i'm better then i think
    -not taking things so seriously
    -finding out and feeling like D has tooken my wishes about what i was insecure about seriously when iflipped out on him that one night and been respecting them
    -interesting articles that got my personality figured out!
    -men and masculine energy
    -my kindness and empathy for others
    -having an artist mindset
    -support from others
    -having lived a full life filled with adventures,craziness and meaning
    -release of tension
    -being me
    -my sensitivity
    -beautiful things
    -stories and understanding we live our lives as stories
    -darkness and edge
    -how patient my best friend has been with me

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