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    -b cat being healthy again
    -singing affirmations while b cat was sick to get him better
    -trying to do the right thing
    -my ex getting me red roses
    -my ex making me ginger tea when my stomach hurt and making us dinner the other night
    -my venmo-ing me money for cat food and transportation funds for the next 5 or so days i was to be working
    -being able to work a really cool event that's kimc of been on my bucket list and is a really good experience
    -trying so many delicious foods and drink at my event the first day and the cool culinary experience of all the different tastes
    -a work acquaintance I hadn't seen in awhile walking up to me with a friend and saying hello beautiful. It caught me off guard and I almost blushed I think. I don't think he's ever talked to me like that before. My friend said it must be my glow up. My weight is down a good amount since I last seen him. It was flattering
    -learning new things about being a business
    -clean clothes
    -getting free things to take home from the event
    -my other client I have a lot of work for coming up
    -my skin being much healthier and hydrated looking and tracking back when some of this dryness must've started and even looking at pale lips when it may have started as well and being on a mission to get my skin very glowy and my lips having some color
    -red light therapy
    -how glowy my skin looks after spending time im the sun and how good the sun is for mood, bones, weight loss and so much is so healing
    -all the walking I've been doing lately and getting a lot of steps on my step meter
    -having big beautiful baby doll eyes
    -my body being more toned
    -capri pants
    -self compassion and forgiveness for self
    -being half way or more to M's house
    -air conditioning
    -humidifiers for making the air feel better
    -learning something new from water and absorption from the person who works for a hydration supplement company
    -ordering sunblock because I've been spending enough time outside its time. I chose a cica one to soothe my skin as well
    -ordering more gin gins
    -baby wipes
    -cleaning wipes
    -cozy socks
    -my gray cover up spray and how much it's increased my confidence using it
    -earning money
    -the zinc supplement I ordered because it's so important
    -vitamin waters
    -my silver boots
    -my sense of style
    -appreciation for my cats and learning increased patience
    -remembering how much water I used to drunk and that it should be easy to do it again.
    -my happy things I've had before
    -talking to storage unit manager about my next payment
    -becoming more back to myself
    -trying to let go of J neighbor as hard as it is with processing what all that meant and how much of a twin he seems like to me. It feels so painful being left out of knowing so much when you feel such a connection to someone. To feel a connection and like you should be more connected yet not know so many things. It makes me feel crazy too like it's just a crazy crush and what if I'm insane thinking he must feel it too. It's been over a week now since I've heard from him and I'm still feeding his cat or someone is eating the food. After we started talking again he wanted to see me and I thought we might return to normal then that didn't happen, ever since the cat thing I guess
    -physical exercise
    -my beauty
    -getting a lot more attention and asked out again lately
    -getting ubered to work because I had all the stuff and a ride home because I was ended early after one of the other people on the team drove me to check if I forgot something for the display
    -going for a nice long walk after my shift ended early and buying myself starbucks so I could try the lavender Frappuccino and I got a cake pop too and just chilled in the hotel lounge and relaxed for a bit since that Starbucks is in a hotel
    -my dad cash-apping me money the other day
    -somehow making everything work with all the insane hurdles thrown at me and lack of security. I'm becoming better, faster, stronger for sure
    -getting ubered to work the 2nd day because I had more stuff sent to me and then surprised by my boss saying she'll call me an uber after my shift on day 2.
    -my boss saying she'll reimburse $30 for lunch and I didn't but lunch so that's an extra hour tacked on my check
    -having a caring and empathetic heart that's considerate
    -my arms being slimmer
    -my stomach getting flatter
    -knowing my plan is to fix the foundation of my life and my ideas on how ill do that
    -drinking water
    -spending some time with my cats on the porch to give them some outside time
    -adderall since it really seems to have some positive effect on me
    -fixing the issue with my bank so I can use it now
    -having great cheekbones
    -my shingles pain being mostly gone as well as the itchiness
    -listening to really great positivity audios
    -looking much younger than my age
    -my ambition increasing
    -ideas I have
    -coming into realizing I have something to offer the world
    -acceptance for myself
    -having nice lips
    -Peaceful sounds such as birds chirping, crickets, etc
    -bringing my cats over to my exs house which was s new experience and kind of interesting
    -my cats having fun
    -my times when i sit on my front stoop for some peaceful contemplation and meditativeness
    -having goals
    -becoming better at asserting myself
    -knowing I'm a star and that im divinely protected
    -asserting myself and communicating
    -free movies on YouTube
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    -listening to heart chakra music to balance my heart chakra
    -getting paid one day after the restaurant show
    -having my rent
    -paying my storage unit
    -being able to experience the restaurant show which has been on my list of things I wanted for awhile
    ordering pizza last night
    -getting my eyebrows threaded
    -my wisdom
    -that maybe it wasn't personal my boss cut half my shift and then my jobs for the rest of the month. The other girl that wasn't scheduled wasn't there and the booth was small
    -seeing my teddy bear hair brush I bought twice before being sold again and for less than 3 dollars so ordering one
    -all the amazing foods and drinks and varieties of them I got to try at the show. Being sble to check out all the cool vendors I did.
    -drinking water
    -that im prescribed adderall, something I was working on for awhile
    -getting paid for my full time even though I only worked half of it at the show
    -summer dresses on sale last night at the boutique I seen the hairbrush at and ordering one I liked that looked like my style
    -all the freebies I got from the restaurant show like samples and product and keychains etc
    -getting a ride to and from the restaurant show the first 2 days covered by the client so I didn't have to take public transportation
    -standing up for and asserting myself when the client started cutting me even more which then ensured I still got paid fully
    -running into work people I know and exchanging hellos at the restaurant show
    -mobile photo editing apps
    -realizing yesterday neighbor J must know I said I love him which really changes things. There's nothing I need do now really to reassure him
    -doing some writing the other day to get clarity
    -knowing what I want
    -not seeing J's cat for over a week now or food eaten for over 3 days which makes me think the cat is back in his hands and good now and I don't need to worry
    -my sense of style
    -my therapist and nami both telling me it sounds like I really jumped to conclusions about his cat and that it sounds like the food was out just to get the cat back or if the cat came back and I just happened to see the cat
    -doing therapy the other day
    -wearing my Givenchy sneakers the other day to work to feel kind of fancy and more confident
    -the weight I lost and how much slimmer my arms look and better my clothes are fitting
    -walking with just a tank top and pants twice or so the last week and feeling confident enough to do do
    -gently shifting my mindset to a more abundant & prosperous one
    -cleaning wipes and cleaning parts of the floors
    -starting to organize and clear some of the stuff around my bed
    -remembering random things that cost kind of a bit and how did I do that then when I was so broke that I can manifest certain things now with more ease than I think, its all literally manifesting and belief
    -baby wipes
    -free movies on YouTube
    -my cats feeling relaxed now that they're kibble arrived
    -how cute my cats are
    -touching base with one of my work people for upcoming jobs I have which made me feel better
    -air conditioning but also not needing it that much so far this year
    -kind people
    -being a kind person
    -trying new things
    -having natural beauty
    -all the navigating I've learned in the last few weeks
    -moisturizers and humidifiers
    -my empathy
    -utilizing creativity and being a creative person
    -fun and magical life moments that make being alive worth it
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