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Thread: Living your own reality (the reality created by yourself)

  1. Living your own reality (the reality created by yourself)

    Some philosophy to share.

    There are two actually essential elements in the universe - these are the absolute extremes: the light (called in religions "good") and the darkness (called "evil"); or yang and yin.

    All the other elements are just a certain combinations of these two. This means no-one is completely "dark" or "light", nor "good" or "evil", nor "yang" or "yin". It's impossible.

    Unconsciousness means darkness. It is dispelled by the light (i.e. consciousness). Don't think of light and dark in physical sense; they are actually rather metaphoric in a sense.

    People, the society, is generally very unconscious. They only think they know something. They do not affect their reality in a conscious way (except for some direct physical actions). The life just "happens" to them. They are of "yin" type of people.

    The opposite philosophy is responsibility - the conscious creation. The more you create, the more you need to take responsiblity for your intents.

    Creativity (being an active creator of your life and yourself) is yang in nature. Reception (being a passive observer and participant in others' show) is yin in nature.

    What is interesting to me in this nature of our universe - is how would it look like, when we really get more "yang" in nature? When we were real, responsible, self-aware creators of everything that happens to us in the reality? I.e. we were writing scenarios for our lives just by the act of mental creation - completely?
    Partly the idea of such approach to life was inherent in the ancient believes. Ancient people used magic on a regular, daily basis, for almost everything, from trade success to love. They were more - much more - creators of their reality than we are today. They were dealing with spirits frequently; they were in close touch with the true reality, not just the physical surface ot it. Now magic is believed to be a non-sense today, and people consider themselves victims of circumstances. They don't believe they have power over what may happen to them. This creation (or creative power I like to call it, as you may sense it as a specific type of energy, and feels really powerful) - just takes learning and developing such skills, as with everything else.

    Interestingly, this ancient philosophy of yang and yin is applied to everything - including matter and physical body. Chinese taoists were obsessed with gaining balance between yin and yang qualities. They rejuvenated their bodies, energies etc. by process of balancing these two extremes within. They were literally creating their own bodies, just like everything. The most interesting thing about taoists is the idea of wu-wei - getting the results without actual action, which seems to be closely related to the modern idea of creation I wrote about above.

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    When comparing philosophy of creation to philosophy of law of attraction, I think it's really hard to truly understand the former - without actually trying it out in a practical sense. This is the same with trying to understand sounds despite of being deaf, or colors despite of being blind.

    When considering it honestly, creation-orientation, I'd say, requires a totally different set (not just a single one) of skills and abilities to be developed and used in favour of creation. They are very different - actually opposite (as they are yang, and not yin) - to the typical skills we develop when living in the society. They are actually humanistic - from my point of view; or intuitively-oriented. Possibly people who have them developed to the highest degree (from those living on the Earth) are the artists type of people.

    One of these is imagination - and is of course a requirement; the same is with a proper mental attitude: it has to be yang-attitude (which is sort of feeling of being in control), and not typical yin-attitude to life (which, on the other hand, is a conviction that something "just happens"). Also, the whole perspective on the world changes with every successful creation you make; with every single practice of creativity you take.

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    Re: Living your own reality (the reality created by yourself)

    Yang: To create, create yourself for yourself.
    Yin: To receive, allow the truth to affirm the truth.

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