I understand that my advice probably doesn't resonate with you at this point in your life or spiritual journey, but I do believe there will come a time when you realize that these superficial or mentally/emotionally fabricated pleasures that you have been appreciating do not provide you a lasting or satisfying happiness, as although you have compiled such a large list of things to be happy about, each one of these things is impermanent and you may find in a relatively short amount of time that many of these things no longer exist or no longer apply. You may find yourself endlessly making these lists, looking for more and more reasons to be happy in all the wrong places. Appreciation is great if it is used skillfully, otherwise it may lead to further attachment and delusion, and thus further stress and suffering of various degrees.

I believe that the key to discovering one's true spiritual nature and finding the source of a true unconditioned happiness is not to focus on the temporary pleasures of the material world, but rather to release one's attachment to them and see their true nature as impermanent and unsatisfactory. The more focus and importance is given to these temporary phenomena, the more one becomes reliant on them to provide happiness, a happiness which is unsatisfactory by nature, as it is superficial and/or temporary.

I would recommend contemplating the impermanent nature of these items on your list, and the fact that they are incapable of providing a lasting happiness. Also, contemplate the nature of your desires and the stress and craving they cause, even if it is subtle or superficially unrecognizable. Perhaps this will lead to a realization that deeper spiritual teachings and practices are needed to become liberated. Take care.