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    -iced coffee
    -coca cola
    -physical exercise
    -T kitten and how adorable he is
    -laying down
    -doing more studying and being almost done with the course i'm on
    -my ambition
    -going to therapy today and it going well
    -texting M and asking if she could take me anywhere soon. my lorazapam has me feeling bolder and according to M's husband more child-like and happier. She asked if i meant the mall and said she is going swimming on sunday and i can go also pilates and then yoga tomorrow so i'm going to try and do at least one of these things.i think it's key to healing.
    -B and I talking again today. We got into another fight again. We talked on the phone though for over an hour when he was done with work and it was nice but i wonder if we are compatible. He was feeling more feisty today and even made a couple sexual remarks and called his ex a bitch. We laugh a lot but i literally wondered a moment ago if we will end up just really good friends. There is chemistry there. I noticed that and then shortly after he brought it up that he thinks we have more chemistry then compatibility but we have some compatibility too. He called me beautiful today and says i'm adorable all the time and added me to facebook today. He thinks he may have met me before. I am not sure but that'd be really interesting if we have.
    -finding my old rollerblades in the basement. i had thought ex best friend stole them so what a happy relief to find them
    -spending some time laying in the sun today.i wore my shades and laid on my yoga mat. the cats tend to come by me when i do this which is interesting. I listened to some music from my phone while doing this. it felt very healthy and nice
    -feeling overall more confident and uplifted lately
    -TV episodes online
    -finding a music group to feature in 2nd business career thing i do
    -my dolce&gabbana sunglasses
    -biotene. i think it's already starting to reduce my dry mouth
    -feeling more confident about my teeth lately
    -my lips
    -having a kind heart
    -having a great personality
    -my phone
    -having money in my account
    -getting paid anyday now
    -feeling more energized
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -my self belief increasing a little bit
    -having nothing to do tomorrow
    -certain areas of my life kicking into gear a little bit
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