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    -being kind
    -saying sorry
    -my power
    -being productive
    -being considered sexy
    -being sore from my workout yesterday
    -being considered sexy
    -physical exercise
    -yoga pants
    -my new gucci purse
    -my carbon38 bag
    -staying in the moment
    -cleaning and decluttering
    -my lips
    -the holidays being over
    -my career
    -being smart
    -creative expression
    -my phone
    -hyaluronic acid
    -coming back to myself
    -having a nice body
    -having a coffee maker
    -going with the flow
    -letting things not go exactly according to the way it normally would..allowing unexpected
    -my new sparkly yoga socks
    -gin gins
    -feeling my feelings
    -taking life one day at a time
    -my careers
    -people reaching out to me to say hey, or apologize for past things
    -being kind
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