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Thread: Colonizing mars

  1. Colonizing mars

    Any thought on this subject?

    I can see a general propaganda that colonizing mars could be a "solution" to the current problems the society faces: from polution to lack of naturally gained food to feed enough people today.

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    Re: Colonizing mars

    I think these kinds of things are more difficult than they seem.
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    Re: Colonizing mars

    I think humans would look different, kinda like Star Trek... the place you live affects on how you move, which determines which attitudes suffice. Attitudes - beautiful people have, ugly people haven't... etc etc etc.
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  4. Re: Colonizing mars

    I havenít really looked into this idea about Mars but surely if we cannot get it right here then we would just do the same thing in centuries to come somewhere else. We have a responsibility to learn to live within our means and keep our home ( planet) clean and free of clutter.
    Just look out of a plane window and see how much land is out there unused. Farmers, landowners, the wealthy. How easy is it to grow from a seed to a fruit. Then there is of course the education needed on how not to increase the world population.
    A big big difficult job ahead but imagine we colonise Mars without learning how to put things right here first then we will just repeat the mistakes.
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