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Thread: No limits

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    No limits

    There are no limits for the creation.

    Only your thinking of the universe may limit what you can achieve, how far you can go to and how much you can get from it.

    And everything starts with a single change in thought.
    Reclaim your right to astral dimension

    and question everything

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    Re: No limits

    Gained super-high clarity in my mind. The 'lockdown' period locked-un my mental abilities. I wonder how possible in that short time? Really, you need to try to focus on your mind, you can gain much, much more than what is considered of what human being is capable of achieving, it is a matter o belief...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lao Tzy
    The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
    Reclaim your right to astral dimension

    and question everything

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    Re: No limits

    This is why I keep coming back to (spirituality), despite my so-called ability to live prosperously without that. It's a good thing, money, yes, but without white light and unconditional love I always find it appeals to the wrong side of me...

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