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    -cuddles with H cat
    -how cute H cat is
    -how healthy H cat's eyes look
    -having my unemployment now
    -getting a response from my alderman today
    -taking my vitamins
    -going for a walk
    -after being called a "------- -----" and having "mental issues" the tenant who harassed me sent the cops over to apologize and said he said things he shouldn't have and will leave me alone and that he knows my family friend politely asked him to leave me alone and the police reassured saying no he didn't file a report he just wanted to apologize and doesn't want any trouble. it was weird, but at least it had him admitting he was wrong.
    -having a vet appt for H cat tommorow
    -drinking more water
    -going for my walk that's aiming for miles now
    -feeling my lower body getting more toned
    -cleaning products
    -having healthy hair
    -my retinol serum with argan oil. it feels so luxe using it.
    -a rainbow appearing on my wall over my decal that says dreams do come true from the sun shining in my house
    -being nice
    -transforming into a new person
    -all the funds i have available for fillers and botox
    -my rose water face mist
    -being smart
    -cleaning the walls some
    -having nice lips
    -having nice eyes
    -being consistent with doing things for weight loss
    -the internet
    -being realistic with myself
    -being strong
    -getting my power back
    -looking like a baby doll
    -being unique
    -being open minded
    -having done some cool things in my life
    -feeling my feelings
    -my balcony
    -baby wipes
    -finding enjoyment in the little things
    -being productive
    -my sense of style
    -my creativity
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    -vegan food
    -beauty products
    -getting a lot done today
    -having my unemployment money now
    -H cat gaining 4 lbs. Made my day
    -a rainbow showing up on my wall over one of my inspirational wall decals from the sun and taking a photo of it
    -being creative
    -appreciating the little things
    -sleeping masks
    -inspirational videos
    -getting laundry done
    -H cat looking more relaxed today
    -iced lattes
    -going to whole foods today
    -getting more flexible
    -a new way to take my detoxing a step further
    -drinking more water
    -air conditioning
    -being able to think independently
    -fashion and style
    -feeling more energized and positive
    -self nourishment
    -m's husbands help
    -my endurance increasing
    -cuddles with H cat
    -my face seeming like it looked slightly thinner today
    -having great bone structure
    -looking so young
    -being a nonconformist
    -meditative thoughts
    -taking my vitamins
    -being a nice person
    -heartwarming animal stories
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    -feeling good
    -the weather cooling down
    -my walks making my mindset feeling better
    -buying a neon heart light
    -H cat looking better and his fur regrowing and knowing we will heal his skin
    -drinking more water
    -washing my hair
    -my track pants with the leopard print side panel
    -losing the slightest bit of weight and feeling my clothes fit just the slightest bit better
    -vegan food
    -mike's hard lemonade tangerine flavor
    -cleaning products
    -paying off a bill i had deferred the last few months
    -mailing my rent check today
    -being smart
    -being able to think independently
    -going down now to no more then 3/4 of my normal dose of my ativan compared to the full dose every third day which i feel really good about
    -the internet
    -being friendly
    -fashion and style
    -finding an adorable cat family pop-up card and including H cat's picture to send to the vet as a thank you
    -my beauty
    -pulling my hair back in a ponytail
    -the breeze from the balcony
    -buying a cooling cat bowl for the feral cats
    -light and lighting
    -my holographic galaxy rose
    -the country opening up little by little
    -my unemployment funds
    -being creative
    -utilizing my resources
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    -going for my walk by miles even though i felt a little anxiety this time. my walk by miles has so far made my clothes fit very slightly better, brought me more endurance, more energy, and increased mood, and a little increase in flexibility.
    -being kind
    -being smart
    -tissue salts. wow. i had bad allergies yesterday and a little bit today, and that helped the most with making them go away. impressed.
    -enjoying the blonding process of my hair and how much younger it makes me look
    -all the cute and funny things H cat does
    -fashion and style
    -my unemployment funds
    -how great my hair looks and feels
    -gift boxes
    -getting my burberry hoodie i ordered in the mail
    -vegan food
    -feeling my feelings
    -my moschino so fresh perfume
    -setting intentions

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    -the guy who moved in below me and i finally having a moment, two actually that brought us together and had us exchange numbers and hang out, get drunk and hook up. He also revealed he was watching me before he came in the 2nd time yesterday and seen me get my vegan burgers by asking how are they and then telling me he was watching me and was actually going to stop at the gas station before he came home, but seen me and changed his mind because he wanted to try and run into me in the hallway. it was perfect how we ended up running into each other that 2nd time. Definitely seemed the universe brought it together! And, we have been getting along really well since.
    -being able to think for myself
    -rational-minded people speaking up about the craziness going on
    -the neighbor across the street being so sweet and coming to my door in tears saying she heard about what my neighbor who harassed me did to me, calling me a little girl and telling me she misjudged me in the past,and wants to be my friend and will be there for me. I hung out with her last night, and she revealed that the neighbor harassing me did it because he wants to sleep with me which once i've told people that she said that, everyone has told me well that's obvious.
    -having beautiful hair
    -D the guy below me making me feel attractive yesterday and sharing kisses
    -kindness of others
    -H cat looking great and thriving
    -my new burberry hoodie and how beautiful it is
    -that my city is moving into the next phase of reopening
    -air conditioning
    -having a caring heart
    -deciding to buy a fitbit to motivate myself more for losing weight and moving more
    -skinny pictures of me
    -cuddles with H cat
    -being smart
    -being confident my looks can only get better now from here with the way i'm doing fitness, getting a fitbit, the blondifying process looking better and going to the next stage of it in a week or two, being able to go get my eyebrows threaded this week, having my lips, filler, and botox appt next week, detoxing from my anxiety meds, etc, etc
    -being easy on myself
    -my phone
    -paying off bills and catching up on rent
    -being considered cute
    -clean clothes
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    -being sweet
    -having someone to talk to that i have things in common with
    -sleeping masks
    -my sense of fashion
    -going on an empowered walk today
    -iced almond milk lattes
    -my burberry hoodie
    -things chilling out
    -finding out the nail salon i like by my house is open tomorrow
    -the vet saying H cat can now have visitors
    -getting my eyebrows threaded the other day
    -talking to my most recent ex J tonight
    -drinking more water
    -M's husband taking me to get out of the house yesterday and see how things are and having some normality after tense times of very unnormality
    -how my hair looks
    -people being kind
    -trying to save a kitten yesterday with M's husband yesterday
    -bath salt bombs to detox
    -unique beauty
    -being asked out by a guy who is chivalrous and will send a lyft to get me and said we could go to the ♥♥♥♥♥ tower balcony for dinner and watch the sunset at his place and he can show me his artwork and he also offered to hire me for something
    -having beautiful eyes
    -self nourishment
    -beautiful things
    -my femininiy
    -my child-like side
    -laughing at life
    -tissue salts
    -indian food
    -peaceful sounds
    -being smart
    -being of help
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