1. #111


    -a delicious vanilla muffin for first meal of the day with a delicious hot coffee from my favorite grocery store cafe
    -how good i feel today for some reason
    -that despite that it's been 6 and a half days,i still feel like D and I aren't done and will still work it out. it literally makes no logical sense now for me to believe this,but i feel a calm certainty within that doesn't even feel forced,like i can't just shake it. am i in denial? am i crazy? i don't know,because we've never gone this long without speaking yet my faith still strong.i also don't even feel that antsy,either.
    -weird sign i got that seemed like D possibly trying to get my attention with social check in app two days ago.he made a thing that sends a group message out saying dancing at so and so place this friday. why do that though? he's never done that before,why not just check into the app? why do something that will shoot a notification to my phone vs something that won't. in all my years of having the app,i don't think i've ever had that happen before,maybe besides like once. also,he claimed he doesn't like dancing and hates clubs so it seemed like something that he was doing that to get my attention. besides that,D seemed to have started moving on since mid last week if i were to judge by his social media things. he is posting more now based on the things i can see,but also he is posting more on the social check in app,one of the places we are friends on that he could use to get my attention without texting me,so i do wonder about that,too. can't forget after all,that that's how i first grabbed his attention was way back in august my phone accidentally liking a bunch of his posts,so that app is a part of our story,just an unspoken part.i also seen him posting on twitter about obsessive compulsion,it had to do with something technology but still i had post about ocd a week and half ago on my blog so it's like he's in me,and we are influencing each other from afar. i wonder if the little things that keep making me think of him,if he is having the same thing happen to him.
    -getting the feeling that he does want me back. also,slipped and started using tarot again,just not as much,and there is a shift in the readings. they now in the last few days are showing warmer feelings,more healed,and more wanting me back and positive outcome. so,i do literally wonder if he just wanted his space,and after reading my blog about him losing his chance,if it left him more unsure where we stand even though i said very intense positive things,too
    -the song B wrote me. he had been working on it all week. not well written and way fluffy. he sounds like he is in love with me and like i'm perfect. it's super sweet,though.i had thought it'd be more silly and sweet and flattering but instead it's like an intense love letter making me out to be beautiful in every way,virtuous,and he'll never stop fighting for me,and we should go somewhere together on vacation,and how unique i am,etc,etc i was very shocked and there was much giggling.
    -the picture last night i took before B gave me the song since he said he'd rather email it to me after so he let me take a pic of the document of it saying song for 'my name'
    -that I went out with B last night. It was freezing temps,and awful weather and i didn't feel anything with him. no spark.but, i think i needed to go. for my own healing and to just be out,and to experience someone else. B was kind of nerdy and not as smooth but he was sweet. i was able to differentiate things and ask myself questions from the experience such as,am i being too hard on guys as i get older/too picky? with D,after our first date,i realize i did feel something with him after,compared to with B. i wasn't sure if i felt spark with D after our first date,but now i realize i did.i think all the incompatibilties blocked out my radar on that and so i wasn't sure if D and i had chemistry until our 2nd date.
    -that after not liking the place we went to at first with B,something amazingly hilarious in my eyes happened,i looked at my social check in app to find a different place for us to go closeby,and seen that just a few blocks away,was the place D checked into on wednesday that made me slightly insecure wonder if he was on a date so i thought we should go there and how hilarious it would be for me to check in there now,as a way to get back at him for that notification that got sent to my phone the day previous about going dancing at so and so place. so,i did. and the place was nice.i liked it a lot. very trendy and hipster and reminded me so much of D and it made me miss him more. and think how much i'd enjoy being there with him.
    -how amazing and beautiful i looked last night. everytime i went to the bathrooms,i looked in the mirror and was very appreciative of wow,i'm the most attractive girl in here. losing the small amount of weight i have in the last month and half has made me look much more attractive. tall,thin,nice sexy curves,great style,and my face had a nice tanner look and makeup that i finally am really enjoying after experimenting made me feel even more certain that B really was on a date with a prize.
    -that B did something that is small but to me,was really sweet and I enjoyed,he offered to drive me home! he drives. living in a big city,most guys do not. so,i do not even expect to get a ride home or picked up anymore which is one of many hassles of modern dating so when at the end of the night,he sweetly said that he was thinking since he drove,he'd like to drive me home,if that was ok with me,i said yes and felt my heart swoon a little. so weird such a small gesture can make you so happy. that was probably the thing that made me happiest.i thought it was sweet the way he asked,too. B and I did kiss,i could tell he was too nervous to even try and kiss me during the night,and so he waited until we arrived in front of my house,i had tried giving subtle signs he could if he wanted earlier in the night,but it was obvious he didn't even know how to do the approach.
    -B also has shown signs he thinks of me a lot with things,which is cute,like he'll find out im into something and googles it,i think that is cute.on our date,he asked something about vegan sushi and said he tried googling it this week if there was vegan sushi in 'my city' but wasnt sure how accurate it was and was googling in front of me showing the results he got,i thought it was cute that he seemed to want to try and find a sushi place we could both eat at.
    -roommate wanting me to leave for awhile,so went shopping by myself today. felt good to do and was good for me.i had too much fun finding all kinds of fun,random things and cute, valentines day seasonal stuff coming up that got me excited and took pictures of it for my own amusement and for instagram. i love valentines day so much so always get so excited when the seasonal stuff for that comes out. it's one of the few holidays i don't despise.
    -finding the perfect clothing item for a job tomorrow,but it wasn't my size,so went a size up,but it still looked like it'd fit,so compromising on my ego and got it anyways.
    -finding at the grocery store my favorite indian food back in stock again
    -beautiful purple flowers and how lovely the intense color is,and loving them even though one was wilted,i decided to love it even more
    -lollipops i bought for my job tomorrow
    -positive looks i get from men that they find me attractive and charming
    -a curvy backside that i'm embracing
    -how beautiful my nails and hair have gotten in the last 6-8 months since changing my diet
    -best friend being in a good cheerful mood
    -business partner putting up with all my talking about D stuff
    -my job tomorrow and how well i know it is going to go
    -my list of things lightening a bit and handling all the things coming my way
    -mason jars and how great they even make flowers look.i think i prefer my flowers in mason jars versus traditional vases now!
    -the appreciation i have for some of D's traits now..even some of the ones that used to annoy me or i'd find weird. i miss being sent random pictures and maybe even him being a hipster isn't so negative,and i can be one,too.
    -how much D seems to be in me now and how interesting that is,finding out that place i went with B was a few blocks from D's house apparently(i randomly googled)and on the way home,B and I even drove past D's job. it was quite weird. being right in D's scene and even best friend and I make jokes today saying so and so looks like D
    -that I will just do the toning i didn't get to yesterday,and do it today in addition to my regular toning since i have a job tomorrow and want that to be my focus tonight
    -quotes i love
    -my personality traits,and tastes in things,my quirks and things that make me,me
    -feeling wanted and desirable
    -getting a start on new business venture yesterday and sending out emails
    -B hinting that our mutual friend E does like me(have/had a crush) and hinting at gossip E said about me when B asked him what my deal was when B was angry at me for running away from him the night of the party
    -the deep sleep i got
    -getting a little money yesterday from 2nd job
    -that it was warmer tonight
    -night skies
    -best friend and I being in silly moods tonight
    -feeling confident and content that several certain things in life will work out
    -feeling more detached from D. it's so weird. usually,i'd be more attached by now but telling myself it'll work out. a part of me does wonder if he wanted me to chase him after my wrongs. but,i sincerely felt the best way for us to have a chance at healing was to give him space.
    -not rushing some things and being ok with some things having to wait a little longer
    -lovely,thoughtful comments from mentors/early supporters that make me feel good
    -beautiful ideas
    -the wonderful newness coming to me

  2. #112


    -foods that require no cooking
    -doing my job today and it going well
    -new inspiration from job
    -really liking the makeup from job and getting new behind the scenes selfie i liked
    -feeling really pretty today
    -things that make me giggle
    -laughing at life
    -embracing my crazy side somewhat
    -sweets like lollipops
    -me,my personality,interests,and things that make me me
    -facing my fears today and doing things i haven't done in awhile that are liberating for me
    -my style
    -my beauty
    -my job and the glamour in my life
    -my power
    -a photographer i can work with consistently when i need to. had wanted that for so long back in the early days and now have that and have for a few years now and that we've worked together still after all these years
    -not taking life as serious these days after all i've been though
    -my knowledge
    -my job title
    -my beautiful purple flowers
    -that things are coming together with new years goals i set in motion
    -best friend looking attractive and being so calm and relaxed seeming today
    -getting a ride to my job today and home
    -people who are kind and chivalrous,make efforts to be polite and look after others
    -talking about guys at the job today
    -feminine energy
    -stomach getting flatter,though not yet where i want it to go
    -people who try and make others feel good and bring out their best
    -as faithful as i've been,which is so weird,but i still feel like it'll all workout
    -another hit of intuition that D will contact me either tomorrow or the day after. could be wrong since the last one was but i think the reason the last one didn't happen is because reality is everchanging and i did something to change that outcome,by deciding to make a check in at that bar saturday night he had went to on wednesday.
    -learning that everybody is crazy,weird,and embarrasses themselves and has drama. the more i talk to people,the more i realize everyone is a little f----- up,and that's why you should not worry so much,just be the best you can be,and be easy on yourself
    -that everyone seems to agree based on what i've said about D that i should let him go,he sounds really bad. i don't want to,but am glad others are on my side in seeing i'm not a villain
    -my hair and how thick and long and healthy it is
    --my desires
    -being in the moment,reflecting,and just trying to be ok with trusting life
    -being positive and enjoying the little things
    -trying to be more rational and logical and not overthinking things so much
    -being productive yet relaxed
    -being humble but confident
    -being real
    -understanding paradoxes and the abstract well

  3. #113


    -discovering new dreamy,moody music
    -supporting others
    -having an emotional breakdown and anxiety and allowing myself to so i could release and acknowledge feelings and acknowledging today was weird and off
    -poetry,metaphors and living life like it's a poem
    -cardio workouts
    -feeling clean
    -nourishing food
    -going for a nice,short walk today and how mind clearing it was and that i listened to my feeling to go for a walk
    -positive signs and dreams
    -when the souls i love,show up in my dreams
    -newness in my life,new work things,new photos,new hair coming up,new things i am doing and taking on,etc,etc
    -attractive men
    -getting work done
    -things that describe me so much and knowing myself,and learning more about myself and others
    -asking for what i want,even if it may annoy others
    -my style
    -the spiritual
    -deciding to focus inward and focus on healing emotionally,since i actually don't think i have since..the last 2 weeks..
    -my funny side and crazy side
    -things that amuses me and things that are cute
    -forgiving myself
    -appreciation for the logical and the abstract
    -new ideas
    -loving myself,my craziness,my feminine
    -things to focus on for this year for evolving
    -having model beauty
    -clothes fitting looser today
    -love,even in it's breakdown. and being love,love being the goal,and evolving to love
    -beautifying life
    -trying to see the positives
    -people to talk to
    -cleansing and rejuvenating
    -my positions in life

  4. #114


    -delicious new foods i tried cooking for dinner today that i've never made before and it turning it out well. baked potatoes and vegan sloppy joes. and lots of sloppy joes left since the box makes quite a bit. will be making more of both of these things again,definitely!
    -looking at B's song he wrote for me and thinking about it when i feel like feeling good,it's so awfully written but flattering regardless as it sounds like he'd do anything for me and that i'm the perfect package and will spoil me. it makes me feel good.
    -not giving up on my goals
    -feeling really inspired for my first career to really focus on it this year and enjoy it
    -my desire to travel more
    -chakra healing music helping bring me to a new place of healing from D stuff
    -feeling detached from D now.i look at his picture,and it's just a picture now. it's quite weird. and,realizing as great as passion was and the feeling of possibility,i did complain about him so much,and could do better.
    -cracking up laughing at drafts business partner sent to me and the jokes that came from it with me and her and us both giggling about it
    -deciding to try and give B more of a shot,and try and see if maybe he can be someone i like. he is clingy,though.i liked how D wasn't so clingy,in ways,at least. B had brought up seeing me about 3 times in the last few days,and i felt he was hinting at me trying to tell him when but didn't know how yet,then today asked when can we hang out so i asked about next week and he responded saying damn,am i that busy and so i said we could squeeze in this week and now we have plans for that.i had wanted to focus on other things,and possibly take a class but,idk i caved and said yes. we are going to go to a cocktail bar i've been wanting to try known for great mixology drinks.
    -a follow up from a business contact from first career about doing work together
    -going tanning today
    -feeling very loving and spiritual,and detached in the last 24+ hours and observing life and how other's lives are changing and how it can be sad when things don't go the way they seem meant to,but that it really is all ok in the end and things never end and always come back around
    -the amazing theta intention setting exercise i did last night before bed
    -getting more confident asking for things
    -my amazing best friend
    -ideas coming to me
    -making decisons
    -getting work done,and when work piles up on me three times as much,deciding to just accept i'll do what i can,and the rest can wait until tomorrow
    -learning new things
    -being easy and accepting of myself
    -my beauty
    -how wanted men make me feel
    -focusing on good moments that make me feel good such as B implying E(our mutual friend and how we met) has a crush on me. it just feels good to be wanted
    -deciding to focus on goals and healing and just feeling good and that it'll all be ok,and things in life just aren't that serious. after all i've been through,i know this too shall pass and to keep flowing with life and staying detached because seperation is really just an illusion
    -beautiful songs
    -feeling my feelings
    -how great it is when dishes are already clean when i want to make a meal
    -lollipops and how great it is to have a sweet treat reminding me of childhood
    -amazing creations and all the cool things people/souls create
    -perspective and hope that maybe i'm not doing as bad as i think i am in the love department. maybe it's ok that another guy didn't make it past the 3 month mark and maybe this year will be a lot of dating for me,and more learning and experiencing and that,that's ok,too and maybe what i need more of. and,maybe i am really close to a relationship,who knows,but that i need to perhaps try a little less hard. maybe internally,i'm pushing too hard against it,and just need to completely let go and just be. and,to stop comparing myself to other's paths that i imagine theirs to be like. everyone is on their own unique path.
    -to be able to smile. and to smile on the inside.
    -seeing the positive sides of things
    -feeling motivated
    -the love in my heart
    -my desire to read/watch more metaphysics/quantum physics/spirituality things to raise my vibration and immerse in the spiritual side of things more again
    -my kind heart
    -getting work done today
    -doing some cleaning today
    -appreciation and love for myself
    -trust that i'll be ok and am where i need to be
    -how loving i feel and ok
    -the new additions to my wardrobe as i improve upon it

  5. #115


    -feeling good.even when it seems why would i,but genuinely feeling good
    -my desires
    -lovely music that is healing,dreamy and takes you away
    -my taste
    -a nice dinner
    -a nice short walk today
    -my relaxed motivation
    -allowing myself to change without trying too hard to do so as if out of spite to feel better,be better
    -getting a work task done tonight that i've been putting off
    -beautiful flowers
    -that my beautiful business partner asked me to pick some vegan purses out i like and that she is sending them to me .i feel inadequate to her kindness
    -feeling beautiful
    -being feminine
    -all the wonderful things out there,creations,things to do,explore,etc,etc
    -waking up earlier today,though i felt dead tired,i also couldn't sleep no longer
    -spiritual kind of love
    -the love i feel in my heart
    -smiling,and the inner smile i feel
    -re-realizing and perspective
    -the cute aqua colored sports bra i am wearing,and the bright little burst of color it is giving me winter wardrobe which brightens my mood
    -colors and color therapy. wearing aquas and purples,purple flowers,desire to add more pink into my life
    -wonderful ideas and potential things to come
    -things i'm excited for in the future

  6. #116


    -how hard my teeth and nails feel and how shiny and soft and strong my hair feels
    -water and drinking a lot of it today
    -mason jars
    -inspiring videos
    -the ability to taste
    -beautiful pictures and art
    -how good i feel,it's like someone put a feel good spell on me or gave my drugs
    -me,and who i am and what i can offer
    -crystal singing bowls music to slow my mind down
    -the things i am learning to better and evolve myself
    -getting some things done today and today not being as busy and not rushing myself
    -starting strength training earlier today
    -a nice short walk outside
    -rest and laying down
    -sleeping later then usual i don't know why but maybe it was needed
    -not needing to get more food during the week because there was plenty at home
    -best friend saying B looks attractive and like someone girls would like,he never says this about any guys i date,so that means something. he usually thinks guys i date are ugly and what do i see in them. he also said B doesn't look like he'd have any trouble getting girls. so,that was all interesting and made me think
    -feeling determined,but softly so,not in a harsh exhausting to achieve kind of way,but a calm,i've got this way
    -ideas and decisons that come to me to focus in on how to get what i want done and when and how
    -feeling like love
    -clothes fitting looser today
    -healing and wellness
    -physical activities
    -things to look forward to
    -confidence growing
    -my 2nd career and the great,stylish,hot talent i curate
    -being in the buzz of what's cool
    -learning things about what i like and what i want
    -detachment and not taking things so seriously
    -my first career and the glamour in it,my achievements and prestige,and taking it further this year compared to the last 2-3 years. my intention is to get back to a new peak,perhaps 2011 at least. after 2011,it went down a little. 2012 was still excellent and new peaks,but by 2013 i focused more on 2nd career and 2014 this year was so hard with pain
    -how early it still is
    -my desire to be liberated and face my fears and do more liberating things,such as more of one certain thing with first career

  7. #117


    -stress release and releasing of resistances
    -hot tea
    -pictures of B to look at to remind myself he is attractive. though,i'm still confused about some things,such as why he's so nervous and seemingly inexperienced if he is,i am curious to figure out more. giving it one more chance to see how attractive he is and interesting,otherwise,i'm going to let this go. all the pics i took of him from the party,he is very photogenic and in his candid and tagged pics on facebook that are super recent he is very attractive looking so am wondering what the deal is as to why he seemed less attractive in person. hoping it was his nerves and the weather,and also as friend said,my radar perhaps blurred from D stuff. it is weird,though,as ever since J from my past and I ended,i feel i am much pickier towards men and finding them not as attractive and my radar is blurred as to what's even attractive anymore. like,i know,but am more eh a little bit,likewise,i've also been more critical on my own looks,and others in general since the same year J and I ended,so it's interesting and something that makes me wonder. surely,even i look less attractive in extreme weather and last time we went out weather was extreme,combine that with his nerves and seeming lack of experience,it's not a wonder that i saw him as less physically attractive.
    -bubblegum flavored lipbalm
    -new inspirations
    -how dreamy and imaginative i feel lately
    -a protein rich dinner
    -my body starting to sculpt and slim again
    -the release that came from crying and letting it all out after fight with best friend that triggered other feelings including D things
    -the amazing loud couldn't be controlled it was too hilarious laughter with best friend about jokes I had come up with about D and everyone at the store turning to look at us because our laughing was so loud. that good laughter felt so good
    -getting a little work done for 2nd career today
    -getting my eyebrows threaded today
    -delicious muffins i couldn't help but eat more then i should have of
    -trusting my beauty more and seeing my beauty as just like a model's beauty
    -doing errand for best friend and how nice that felt to get it done and help out
    -alternative healing methods using meditation and quantum healing
    -my desire to focus on my first career again and how happy it makes me to go back to that more
    -music and being a music person. someone who gets into music moreso then cinema
    -all the different types of guys i've dated,and my dating experiences. realizing i've had quite the adventures through my dating and some amazing thrilling things manifest. i hate to say it,but,i think i am opening up more to dating now and the joy of it.
    -how wonderfully detached i feel
    -honoring my pain
    -my artist mindset
    -my varied interests and unique personality
    -laughing at life
    -that i've been back on track with my fitness again
    -rest,naps,and sleeping in later lately.
    -my maturity
    -my self-awareness
    -that the weather will be warmer tomorrow
    -learning more about my wants and who i am as a person
    -positive psychology
    -that even though my industry makes me very insecure,it makes me focus more on beauty then the average person and have a lot of beauty improving tools and things to keep myself attractive and helps keep me being above average in apperance
    -an inner smile,and faith
    -all the amazing things there are to do and explore

  8. #118


    -mason jars
    -focusing on beauty and improving my beauty more and more,and how good that makes me feel
    -how dreamy and imaginative i am feeling lately
    -being a passionate person
    -how good i feel today and the genuine smiling and inner smile
    -sleeping great and how well rested i look and feel today
    -a protein rich breakfast with coffee
    -the heart chakra sensations and feeling of bliss i was feeling today that was almost euphoric
    -music and beautiful sounds
    -the ability to taste and pleasures of tasting
    -visuals and beautiful things to look at,and the ability to see
    -how sexy my body looks. small,curvy,thin,and hourglass
    -feelings and emotions
    -understanding more in hindsight D had so many dealbreakers and that all is well right now.i'd still love to hear from him,but i'm ok and understand as a couple maybe it wouldn't have worked
    -sexual energy,lust,and attraction,and love in a sexual sense
    -things to look forward to
    -enjoyment of the dramas of life
    -all the inspiratons
    -liberation and freeing myself from my fears and allowing myself to further in goals,and career ventures and be sexier
    -my desires,and my desire to create
    -how creative i feel lately. i am guessing my 2nd and 4rth chakras are very open with how i've been feeling
    -positive questions to ask myself
    -a girl i worked with long ago chatting with me a bit online
    -how loving i feel and kind

  9. #119


    -crystal singing bowls music to slow my mind down
    -a delicious dinner and all the new foods i try
    -how open and balanced my 2nd and 4rth chakra are and how good that feels
    -how high vibration i've been
    -being completely healed and moved on from D
    -getting a coffee and muffin today
    -picking up a hair kit at the beauty store and going somewhere different today and how nice i enjoyed the place
    -all the inspirations
    -date with B last night. and..........yep,i do like him! i knew yesterday would be deciding time,and as soon as i seen him i was like,ok he is attractive and he was less nervous this time and we had more of a mental connection. honestly,as mean as it sounds i even felt more attracted to him then i did to D in person. he's just less creepy,and makes me feel better about myself,and is physically strong,which is actually pretty hot.i love that he's more open and trustful seeming,like how he opens his phone to search things in front of me and opening his facebook in front of me.i like his funny stories like he did pushups in a bar when drunk once. it flatters me when he genuinely seems to keep thinking guys are checking me out and wanting to approach me and even when he looks surprised when i get insecure about things,he seems genuinely surprised like why would i be insecure and says something along the lines of me being perfect(don't remember exact words). i do still find his height kind of awkward with him being so tall but i am definitely attracted to him and can't possibly see what could go wrong.i feel like i caught a hidden gem. like,he's the guy who acts slightly nerdy and slightly awkward but is really hot like someone playing the part of a nerd but isn't a nerd.i also found out why he's only had 3 sex partners so feel better about,that too. he was a late bloomer and was really insecure and didn't have sex until he was 25 so that makes sense and is more normal then and even explains things about him. he is not perfect,but is someone i can very much consider boyfriend material.and,this may sound bad,but guys have thought the same of me in the past,so it just balances out,but his innocence makes me think he is someone i can mold,and teach(not in a manipulative way) which could be fun and interesting,too.i love how he says he acted crazy when i ran away from him the night we met because he "couldn't let it end like this." he also has a sense of humor that resonates with mine and we have similar tastes in music. he also has an honesty to him which i like.again,i can't possibly see what can wrong with this. he was also more dominant a little and take control this time which was nice.
    -an amazing cocktail last night that was so good. a chocolate raspberry martini
    -going to nice places and people watching and the nightlife and fun
    -doing some of the extra toning i didn't get to last night and doing it today
    -my eyes and how large they are
    -new things to try and new ideas
    -getting vacuuming done
    -using tonight to get organized and centered
    -how wonderful and nice my best friend is and how giving
    -that my presents are on the way from other friend
    -getting a picture tooken of me and B from a photographer while out last night. funny in the short time together me and B now have more pics then with D as D i only have selfies he sent me and i've now kissed B as many times as D if not more. still,D knows a lot more about me.all signs point to me and B being meant to be a relationship,and D being meant to be a distraction. just weird,as i felt a strong soul thing with D before.
    -being a woman
    -forgiving myself
    -feeling young again and having fun. D said once i should embrace the winter love life. and,well now,i am,but with B. funny thing is,me and D were technically fall and ended right as winter started..
    -releasing of resistances

  10. #120


    -solfeggio music for the chakras to help keep me grounded,centered and healed
    -a nice dinner
    -acknowledging my feelings so i don't let them go crazy
    -how over D i am,and into B i now am
    -the story of me and B and how cute and funny it is
    -using setbacks with work to provide solutions to do it better next time
    -accepting a loss
    -feeling healed and moved forward and in a new place now compared to december. it's crazy how much has changed.
    -that i will have new hair color this week
    -a class to register for
    -giving myself a deadline to finish up project
    -my hourglass body shape
    -getting back to slim finally today and how good that feels and how it makes me feel younger and more feminine
    -my model beauty
    -knowing i am a great catch
    -ideas to feel better,and improve my vibration since today was overall frustrating and my heart chakra is blocked from feelings of fear that now that i like b,what if something goes wrong
    -my cheekbones and bone structure
    -my face
    -observation and awareness
    -expression and release of feelings through blogging or writing

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