1. #181


    -positive new month energy
    -how beautiful the moon looks
    -the amazing,beautiful weather today which was a very interesting way to start off the new month
    -mason jars
    -cinnamon french toast sticks with banana spread and how good that tastes together
    -how open my body feels lately
    -how open my heart and mind feel lately,the clarity of those energy centers,my chakras feel overall very open
    -the excitement i felt in the air that something amazing is coming
    -dental floss
    -coca cola
    -cool art and symbolisms
    -all the signs B is around the corner and getting a contact from another person from the past who actually blocked me which also seems very sign like and getting a tarot after that happened to symbolize what sudden contact can mean now. knight of swords. can also mean sudden leaving
    -dream like nature of reality
    -feeling energetically once i get this letter done,i'll feel much more moved forward in life,since this letter is very wintery and symbolically it's also a release for me to finish them. makes me want to speed up the letter too since i still feel less then half done
    -beautiful night skies and fresh air and how soothing and awakening that is
    -remembering how much i love my apartment because i can keep my door open when weather is nice and how invigorating that is,and my secluded balcony porch too. it reminds me of a bit of a vacation feel which is super soothing. i love the seclusion and that i can go out anytime i please and enjoy the nightskies.i will really remember this well
    -that i have incense picked up for me,my favorite one. that'll be nice to use with the full moon energy.
    -my essential oils. cedarwood and lavender.i was able to go without shoes today and used cedarwood for root chakra since it's so much warmer today
    -laughing at trolling back the friend who contacted me and the back and forth fun that was
    -learning amazing new makeup tips that work for my skintone
    -being a woman
    -accepting a little bit of craziness and moodiness
    -checking in with my feelings,today is that mixed feeling of seasons changing. on one hand,i feel ready to move forward,and on the other i miss winter,because of how lovely it actually was. i know finishing this letter,and this week,will propel to moving forward more,but i'll always hold this fall and winter as special in my heart.i feel things so strongly,the subtle shifts of energy and i loved so much the quiet,cozy feeling of life since the last cycle of things,september or so,and just feel i'm about to enter a new cycle and don't know what's to come,and also sad thinking about other life cycles that have begun and ended in the past. the seasons. they change.
    -taking a break from personal blogging until june
    -clarity and assurances,clear seeing.
    -feeling free and relaxed
    -being spiritual and wise but child-like
    -gratitude lists
    -quantum physics and fringe science videos and articles online

  2. #182


    -mason jars
    -beautiful weather today
    -sitting on the porch today
    -my adorable,stylish shoes that i love and getting some good pics of them i like to post one on ig
    -acknowledging my feelings that i feel apathetic,bored,disconnected,and like everyone is living except me. i get that i had to slow down for march,and didn't regret declining things but now i feel like i'm left with nothing,and confused about life,impatient,etc.i feel ishouldn't humor thoughts of B anymore despite all the serendipity i keep getting almost daily,,i need to let go,which i thought i have,but i can feel he's still there a smidge,i need to let go more.i miss E and wish he would contact me. and,i'm really really wanting a night out of clubbing or a great concert,both really,and just want to have fun,exciting summer adventures.i guess a part of me has that fear i won't and i need to let go of that.
    -waking up earlier. finally! idk why but my body was just ready to be up.i also did go to a bed a little earlier.i just felt ready. that's actually great. it's been a big stressor holding me back.
    -getting super inspired before bed by this one woman i know and seeing how she lives so fully,and does so many amazing things,and to use that as inspiration for my own life,to do more and be fearless.i really do think i'm being held back by not meeting more people.i keep wanting to meet more ambitious people but have yet to. and,just remembering all the amazing people i've met who i admire and what they do which keeps them as admirable people,which is just living their dreams,and being fearless. I so envy her,and that crush on A,even though i know they have their problems too and people admire me as well,but i just want to feel more free,and do more. that's the frame of mind i'm in right now.
    -deciding yesterday I had to delete myself off the astrology forum as it's too distracting,and i want to focus more on my dreams. when you focus on your dreams,you just live a different life. you heal from your pain through it,and meet amazing people through it,and use your pain to go higher,and it's just amazing thing. success is the 2nd best "revenge." happiness is the first.
    -my cute gray knee high socks. so comfortable and stylish
    -delicious cinnamon french toast sticks and banana spread. i love satisfying my sugar tooth and being vegan
    -gratitude lists. i already feel lifted to a more hopeful frame of mind now.i keep asking tarot what's the theme for me this lunar eclipse and getting success as the theme for me. i've felt like i'm metaphorically birthing something a few days ago,and so i wonder if i'm on the verge of manifesting some desires. it fascinates me how in tune i get with my feelings and spiritual insights
    -how storybook like life is
    -coca cola. bad vice, i know.
    -my favorite incense
    -how long,thin,and tight my legs are. they make me feel so feminine
    -edm music . i love upbeat beats. and being in on what's hot
    -meditation.i know i need to do more of it. especially with how indecisive i've been feeling. it came to me to delete that profile off the forum because when i start spending more time on them,it does seem to block me from real life social interactions i've found,and so i knew it was time to go as in the past,once i cut out blocks like that,real life picks up. i also have had it come to me i need to finish business letter,which is more then half done,and will also be then propelled forward with life,as it seems energetic symbolic
    -sacral chakra work. getting in touch with my wants,and feelings,and femininity.
    -frog splits. such a powerfully deep opening stretch.i want to do this everyday.i find it so healing
    -knowing that i'm about to enter a new phase of more clearing,and vibration raising,and desires manifesting
    -my hair and how beautiful it is
    -allowing myself to day dream and dream and believe. from the high rise apartment i am wanting,to the social activities i am craving,it feels good to just want
    -reminding myself that i'm where i need to be,and with little things such as wishing i could go clubbing again,and what if i don't,that now is a time for exploring more of other things i've been doing like vegan foods,cocktails,and so on,and everything has it's time and place,and my desires are creating my future,but to appreciate where i'm at,because,as usual,i'll end up looking back on that,and thinking that was a nice time. things have a time gap. appreciate the moment,because everything you enjoy was at one time in the desire stage
    -all the new instagram followers and likes lately. crazy. have no idea how people are finding me lately
    -astrological appreciation and inspiration
    -delicious vegan protein powder i used for a drink last night,and had as my dinner and how good it made me feel
    -how slender my arms are
    -that no matter what,i have moving in august to look forward to and upcoming business trip in a few weeks
    -all the work offers coming in
    -being able to leave my door open
    -the birds chirping
    -remembering spiritual truths
    -realizing i'm not going with the flow again,since i'm feeling impatient for action in my life yet blocked on how to actually manifest that,besides deleting one site,and deciding to meditate more,and already with that first thing,i ended up waking up earlier and going to bed earlier which i also felt within was a step needed to help me raise my vibration and manifest the movement in my life i was seeking
    -the aliveness of life today with the spring colors and so on
    -feeling in the spring time mood
    -appreciating the winter and fall i had
    -being love
    -how cozy and quaint life can feel
    -being beautiful
    -feeling like i'm too attractive to do certain things,truth be told
    -how validating life has been lately,another aspect of coming back to myself
    -being honest with myself the last 2 days that i am kind of tired of second business career.i don't want to quite let it go though yet,but i'm obviously not quite enjoying it anymore as much. some parts,i am.
    -my style
    -things coming to me slightly about what i want to do and where i want to go career wise
    -truths coming to me,more and more
    -having it come to me more,maybe i do like E more then i think,and feel for him deeper then i realize
    -realizing more and more the law of attraction nature of things and how reality can ever-change
    -knowing happiness is power,and my religion

  3. #183


    -mason jars
    -coca cola
    -vegan cookies
    -going to the little local trendy restaurant a few blocks from my house finally.
    -just getting out of the house and having fun
    -sangrias,cocktails,and alcohol in general. makes life more fun.
    -no longer liking the taste of cheese,and in fact,preferring pizza without. had roommates leftover pizza and took the cheese off and it was delicious.
    -my little idea to help with indecisiveness ocd,by posting two pics,and later deleting the less preferred when i want to post on social media and my mind goes overdrive
    -techno music
    -stylish music in general
    -my vibration being raised again.i went crazy the last two days feeling stuck and apathetic
    -feeling as crazy as it may sound and having no logical proof,that B is crazy for me,and wants me back. tarot keeps saying i should contact him,and that it'd reunite us. i'm not going to,but it's strange.
    -pisces friend revealing he has feelings to made me mad at first,but then it did something made me realize I do like my friend E. I do. and,dammit,if anyone had been reading anything i've written in the last 8 months anywhere,they'd be able to point it out,too. i do have feelings for E. He is more relevant then i realized. How could i have missed this? I even started to feel during this lunar eclipse that i love him. I feel crazy. I was tempted to contact him. I still feel these feelings. Someone had suggested am i repressing how much i like him,and then a few days later now,i am feeling like this. I had more signs then i realized of liking him,perhaps. and,even now i still feel myself repressing it. i can't logically see why i like him. or how he cares about me. and,i've assumed he'd not be able to satiate me. but,then that's the thing,i assumed. and,feelings aren't logical,they just are. you can't help how you feel. this is just all so weird. i used to have a very subtle cognizant feeling that someday we'd kiss. i just felt it,but repressed it,and we did. i'd have psychic dreams about it,and now he's kissed me. and,now i feel a claircogizant feeling lately,that someday we'll end up having sex. all the things i've been mad at him about,i now see either weren't a big deal,or had a reason for happening,too. it's just so weird,all of this,how much my perceptions keep altering
    -getting work letter almost done,so close,and it's such a release.i showed partner where i was at the other day and it was huge clunky mess and she said no wonder i've been going crazy. right away,i deleted a hugeeeeeee chunk of writing,and sort of started fresh. it was such an energetic release.i was taking the letter way too seriously,and going way too in depth and writing too much. so not needed. it's so much shorter,fresher,better now. and,i also feel ok with lettings things go dreamy,and abstract but still tying everything to be professional. it's probably pretty much done,but i'm going to say 80% just to make sure it's tip top before release
    -spiritual healing music. chakra music,thetas,and gammas,clear my chakras and help me write better. a great way to multi-task
    -nicer weather
    -finally feeling ready for spring
    -my style
    -my child-like energy
    -facial exercises
    -being someone who wants to look pretty and takes the time to look nice sometimes
    -faith in myself
    -my adorable new shoes,that look both like little girl shoes,and like ballerina shoes,and very summery,and in my favorite color,all at once
    -cozy feelings
    -being spiritually in tune
    -people reaching out to me
    -my creativity
    -being feminine
    -mixing things up
    -minimalism,secrets,and the sacred.
    -romantic comedy movies to watch

  4. #184


    -feeling clean
    -getting a delicious iced coffee on the way to the store
    -my beautiful orange roses. so goregous. i love them. the perfect flowers for right now.i love orange flowers. so vivid
    -these delicious vegan burgers i bought that just looked so interesting to try
    -having a really good face day for some reason. my skin has a goregous glow and my facial features looked more in alignment. i wonder if it's the eclipse realizations that came to me,that cleared some blockages that caused this. even with a hat on,and sneakers,and unbrushed hair,i looked BEAUTIFUL today
    -stopping at a store that's not the usual store and how much beauty products they had. so bountiful and fun. i seen so many ideas..
    -picking up the lipliner on my list to play and work with that
    -all the business trip work offers! still coming in
    -place to stay for business trip confirmed.
    -the intense lunar eclipse feelings that came to me about E making me realize he is more relevant to me then i realize,i do have feelings for him,and i had assumed so much about him without even knowing,and that all these things i had been annoyed at by him,was also i had done same things. honestly,it was mind blowing,i had so much more perception changing happen,it's like a light was shown on it and it all happened from friend S revealing he had feelings for me and a girl on a forum asking if i'm repressing feelings for E with all this mental noise. it was like the universe speaking to me,i just all of a sudden got hit with realizing i do like e,and have repressed it. just looking at everything now,and retracing it,it's like a different story,and it is mind blowing to me how i see me and E now. all the people who used to ask if i liked him,or said we looked like we were together or friend A getting jealous and not wanting to be around if E would be there generally,was him sensing something too. i'm just amazed at how much has changed,yet at the same time,realize,it had to be now,it wouldn't have made sense to for it to be back then,now is the time. the only question is,what will happen next since he's seemed to withdraw from me.
    -deciding to back off from tarot again.i got fascinated by the illustrations,and the positive aspects of it,and do love signs,but this is no good for me and a block. i'm glad i'm observing blocks,and getting rid of them,so i can raise my vibration more,and have things manifest quicker
    -that i get to finish up my writing tonight. am sooo close to done,and finally see where it will go now. and realize now in the future,when i'm that stressed,i need to just chop a bunch off or start from scratch because clearly im taking it too seriously then.i am now more detached from it,and have a sweet,much shorter,fresher piece,that's pretty much done,but i just want to sculpt more and perfect,and make sure i really am ok with it,and that's it's quality.
    -facial exercises
    -getting my workout done yesterday
    -my favorite incense
    -remembering my sweet loved one who left this physical reality,and memories of her
    -how beautiful the weather is today
    -just realizing how much E has been affected by me,and likes me more then i realized this whole time
    -how much time i feel have now tonight
    -healed perceptions
    -my desire for fun
    -the beautiful peaceful sounds of the outside,including trains,birds,cars,etc, very peaceful
    -feeling more relaxed about life now
    -beautiful green flower stems
    -me,my personality interests,and quirks
    -my child-like side
    -how in shape i am getting
    -mixing things up
    -my power
    -deciding to speak more positive about my writing,too since i had been complaining too much about it,making it harder
    -spiritual healing music
    -paying attention to feelings
    -signs,including dream again
    -feeling good
    -spring time
    -getting back on track again
    -sleeping somewhere else,and getting better sleep because of it. back felt wonderful!

  5. #185


    -feeling clean
    -feeling relaxed
    -the feeling of release and movement now that project 21 is released. such an energetic release,i realize every time 2nd career projects complete
    -high protein vegan food
    -altering my workouts slightly because i've been getting bored with them,and how great that feels now to more motivated again
    -D contacting me today.
    -warm,soothing,mood boosting coffee
    -these beautiful orange roses. love the color so much. roses are my favorite flower
    -loving myself
    -all the new instagram activity later with people somehow noticing me and starting to follow me that know me and offer me things,very odd how i'm being found lately
    -an artist i've worked with being featured in my city really close to where i live,a few blocks away,actually. perhaps,i'll check it out.
    -positive tarot readings on E and his feelings for me and what he wants,and what he wants to give me. super,super positive. just also,realizing,he's maybe been more caring then irealized this whole time,and maybe could be better for me,and give me more then some of these other guys,and i just brushed it off and assumed he couldn't. realizing and remembering all the little details about me he's always remembered,too which is super sweet and makes me feel special. i adore his sentimental side. being able to picture more then just kissing with him now,but relationship things too
    -remembering my loved one who left this physical reality,and making sure she is remembered. i miss her so much.
    -my perceptions changing in positive ways that are healing,naturally which is really nice
    -enjoying food more then ever since becoming vegan since i now have more pride in what i eat
    -business partner being more chatty today
    -feeling motivated about 2nd business again and like i do want to keep doing it
    -all my accomplishments and cool things i do
    -being able to see how E sees me more,and thinking it's cute. he seems to see me as child-like and innocent
    -upcoming business trip
    -my interests and personality
    -water,and drinking lots of it
    -allowing and accepting imperfection
    -being kind
    -my eyeglasses
    -that it's spring time,and i've felt ready for it,and moved forward
    -that i'm over B ,and also have been for some time,D
    -that i seem like someone who is quite a looker in the perceptions of others and based on interest i recieve
    -the lunar eclipse,and what S and online forum person said to me making me realize the truth about E and unlocking all my feelings,actually i've been burning my favorite incense which is unlock so that,too could be playing a part
    -sleep getting a little bit better
    -being thought of
    -knowing i have a lot going for me
    -seeing other famous people with my features which me feel better about some of my insecurities
    -the industry i work in
    -how different my mindset,and moods are and happiness compared to this time last year. i've found so many amazing tools to boost happiness and things i've changed that i never thought of before,that i can just be for hours upon a time daily,in a way that is different from before. just so much more mind clarity and ease of getting to happiness. i almost want to write an article or something about it.
    -literature and how storybook life is seeming to me lately,more and more
    -all the spiritual truths that have expanded themselves to me in the last 9 months or so

  6. #186


    -the rain and how beautiful it is. rained all day. i love rain.i love how i can watch the rain on my porch balcony and not get wet. so soothing,and makes me feel very spring-time.
    -that it's spring-time.
    -my hourglass curvature
    -getting a lot of work done today and putting out work together with business partner and how great it looks. got done pretty easily and looks great and enjoyed chatting with her,too
    -getting another person i admire from an organization i admire to agree to work on something with me. so excited. it feels so good to live my dreams
    -pulling a cool photo from the fall that i want to post on my instagram in a bit to show more of my industry and accomplishments
    -my animal soulmate and making her a symbol and legend of so much and her reawakening me to animal advocacy and all that she has taught me,it's amazing. she is so important and i'm so glad i can make her famous and an important symbol to me.i love how i've honored her.
    -feeling relaxed,and in good spirits
    -feeling clean
    -the abundance of things to explore
    -a work offer from primary career that looked interesting
    -the amazing journaling session last night that purged a lot of feelings and brought me more clarity on myself
    -how much i've matured and evolved and all the resistances i've cleared over the years
    -loyal supporters
    -feeling attractive
    -the amazing webinar i watched from a spiritual guru type i like and how inspiring her energy was and the good mood it put me in
    -movies to watch. sometimes a good movie is so nice to entertain and distract for awhile
    -how literary life feels lately and inspires me lately
    -roommate coming by for a bit to nap earlier
    -changing my workouts to be shorter,since before was a lot,and i know i can get a lot done in less time anyways and this will help with motivation since i had been starting to get slightly bored
    -amys' kitchen texas burgers with mustard. so super good. i'm so glad i can enjoy things without cheese more then i used to. seasonings or hummus is a great,more satisfying cheese replacement really
    -how forward moved i feel in life now. it's amazing. jan,feb,march each had their place,and now i'm in a blank canvas new space to create with. so exciting.
    -becoming more confident,and forgiving of myself and authentic
    -that business trip is around the corner and how exciting that is.
    -how much fresher my hair looks ever since cutting it shorter
    -how fresh and alive life feels!
    -the power of happiness
    -that i cleaned the bathroom last night
    -embracing new aspects of myself and becoming stronger and stronger
    -having an interesting life
    -that it's so beautiful out,i can keep my door open
    -my energy and soul
    -echinacea tea and how wonderfully soothing it is

  7. #187


    -feeling good
    -vegan burritos
    -helping out my mom today and doing a small kind gesture,with it as well
    -getting a bottle of wine today,because it felt like a loving myself thing to do
    -getting this sexy swim cover up that i've coveted for a long time but could never find at a shop that i finally found at a really good price. felt good to get an item i've wanted for a long time,that is sexy,and from a sexy boutique since i don't usually shop at boutiques like that. felt like a very loving myself thing to get. it's very sports illustrated looking.
    -finding out a popular cosmetics company i've been hearing so much about and trying doesn't test on animals which made me happy so now i have two main cosmetics brands to turn to that do not test on animals
    -my ex,A contacting me ,which makes twice in two days.i felt bad saying no,and it made my mind wander,also feeling like i don't want to in ways,but that maybe i should go out,and then i'd attract more going out activities to me but alas i didn't
    -feeling like E feels very very deep for me,in ways that may even be surprising,but ever since i realized i have feelings for him,too,i've been having fear and obsessing type thoughts,almost like waiting to hear from him now,and so it's time to let him go. i know where i stand now. the moon and other things highlighted things for me which was good,and it was good i even let myself feel head in the clouds about E for a week but i'm glad i came down from the clouds and am now thinking of other people to try and make plans with and not waiting around wondering about E.
    -that i'm ok with letting business trip pass by before realy going out again since its been on my mind so much and just almost want to get that done,though also,it seems like i'm making excuses to put things off. it's definitely a balance.
    -spring-time weather today
    -the sun
    -color of the night sky
    -face starting to look younger with makeup techniques i've been doing,and advancing with the makeup learning. i think i'm progressing.
    -the shape of my backside and how round it is,and small,and curvy
    -feeling feminine
    -feeling more motivated,and organized about things to do,and getting them done
    -feeling child-like
    -a great article on how to love someone with anxiety i came across online.
    -feeling overall and relaxed about life.
    -iron vitamins. i'm sure they've played a part in my sleep being a little more normal and my energy levels a little higher
    -peaceful sounds of the outside such as the trains and cars driving by. it's so soothing to me.
    -my favorite incense,unlock.
    -working on continuing to better myself,more and more.
    -feeling beautiful
    -being love
    -business partner being chatty lately,and seeming super reasonable about when we can hang out when i'm in her city
    -best friend actually seeming to try new things a little bit more lately,which makes me happy.
    -the joys of being a woman
    -healing different things,more and more
    -my eyeglasses

  8. #188


    -feeling clean
    -releasing restrictions and repressions more and more
    -getting more trip planning completed. what a release!
    -after anxiety attack in the morning,making decision that is law of least effort(don't like that name of that law) for work and business partner quickly accomodating.
    -after feeling annoyed and stressed at social things with people and feeling not appreciated and like i'm being shut out by people being how i deem in my eyes as shady,deciding to use that as motivation to get pumped up again to be better. i really want to feel more appreciated again,but feel people are being sexist and that i'm dealt things because of being an attractive female that aren't fair and not given things because i won't sleep with certain people or other people take me as rejecting them. it's really not fair,but this spring and summer is all about redesign,recarving,and blooming like a flower.
    -freeing myself from E. deciding to make my own fun and focusing on what will make me feel good
    -after feeling emotional again this afternoon(i am pms-ing,i think) realizing i struggle consistently with not feeling heard,and i think that's why i do certain things.
    -feeling more clarity on my path by taking away certain things,and focusing on others. excited for upcoming work thing with animal advocate guy,and upcoming business trip.i do not care to even plan out anything else until i'm back. this is the path,the tune,the pace that is right for me
    -vegan food
    -getting a coffee out today
    -my blase at people being weird asking questions that are odd today(a neighbor) because,honestly,i am the same way with being weird and random. i'm a very accepting and nonchalant person
    -getting the black fabric dye today finally so i can try and restore favorite lucky going out top!
    -allowing myself to feel my feelings and be feminine
    -a really nice theta intention setting session before bed. worked on almost 30 different things!. and,the music really relaxed me and helped me shift to having more insights
    -being able to do another kind gesture
    -waking up to a lot of texts today
    -my ex calling me in the middle of the night for some reason;i enjoy the fun guys give me,it amuses me which is nice otherwise life would be more boring
    -having my eyes on the prize and more motivation again
    -dishes being done
    -cute animals
    -an email from K last night
    -all my accomplishments
    -realizing i can surpass certain people with certain things if i really wanted to
    -being easy on imperfection
    -using anger for positivity. sometimes you have to say if people want to be like this to you,then ♥♥♥♥ them and you will go off and make even better things happen then. and,then watch,all good when you come back around you'll see how much they missed you and were talking about you. That's what always happens.
    -that love life still seems mysteriously more active since around august or so,i swear it's the loving myself gestures i've done. it's just insane. i'm such a different person compared to before then.
    -hot tea
    -feeling better now physically.i had gotten physicall sick from the anxiety this morning but i feel so much more well now
    -my stomach being nice and flat today
    -my hair length and how much fresher it looks since cutting it
    -jelly donuts
    -finding an adorable place i'd love to try that i can possibly meet business partner at on trip

  9. #189


    -positive energy sent to me
    -water and drinking lots of it
    -my face looking more glowy and young today
    -my body being nice and thin today
    -going over 24 hours without tarot and knowing this time i will stick to staying away from it. i also found some info about tarot&psychic addiction to help me see how illogical and limiting,and not accurate,and so on it is. one day without it,and already i had more time in my day,and felt a little better of a mood lift
    -getting follw up information on one of my bookings out of town,and how excited that made me
    -facial exercises
    -scalp massages
    -stress release
    -vegan food
    -fashion inspiration and finally changing up boutiques i shop at after a few years,so my style can evolve a little's been a year of evolving my fashion,diet,fitness,spirituality,and dating and it really is amazing
    -my lips seeming to become a little bigger and making my teeth and mouth a little more attractive
    -finding fitness motivation again;i am now doing two videos per day on body part of the day and then my yoga,and also adding tibetan rites as yoga to my playlist again since that's a yoga i find very beneficial. yoga and strength training are my passions
    -the beautfiul weather today
    -that my business trip is right around the corner,and that not much seems to be needed left to be done,and how excited and healing i know this trip will be for me
    -getting the living room cleaned up
    -organizing life a smidge and getting things done so things feel easier
    -all the awesome and inspiring videos on youtube i enjoy
    -feeling confident
    -the great journaling session last night i did
    -cute adorable animal videos that really show you animals are intelligent and have lives of their own
    -my animal soulmate
    -simplifying and things becoming easier
    -seeing more and more women who look much younger then their age,and how reassuring that is for when iget older
    -feeling comfortable
    -the trippy spiritual thoughts i was having last night while i just laid down and did nothing for a bit. i've been on such a spiritual high lately for months now of new things being pieced together for me,theories,and things sticking

  10. #190


    -getting things done,even if it's not exactly fun or comfortable,just to get it over with
    -laughing at life and how funny it is
    -how much more time i have now,the boost in mood i noticed,AS WELL AS,and increase in intuition and clarity ever since i gave up the tarot.i feel no actual desire to go back to it. it's been almost 48 hours,and i see now it's absurd. it had caused things such as me assuming the worst and manifesting little bits of that causing me to think even more it must be true then,and influencing me to push things away more. can't help but wonder if it wasn't for tarot,would B and i have had certain fights,would D and I went exactly as we went.....and would i have skipped E's party last march. it's amazing what decluttering the little things from your life can do. i keep feeling little urges that the old me would've turned to tarot for,too. like when ifeel slight wondering what someone is thinking or what will happen, worried type feelings but then i stop,and realize i create my reality.i feel firm the universe wants me to nix this.
    -my ex A calling me again. This is SO unlike him. idk what is going on with him. he is chasing me quite a bit lately and i don't know why.
    -sweet feelings,memories of E
    -allowing myself to be angry about guys,sexism,some things from one of the work fields i work in that is unfair and sexist and just letting myself feel that stuff,and knowing that all will be righted. feeling so much more patient with life that all will unfold in the right time.
    -lavender oil. so good. idk what it is about this oil but it just does something to me unlike the other oils i've used. i'm so drawn to it,and find it so soothing
    -banana fruit spread
    -cinnamon french toast sticks
    -vegan food
    -my dark vegan chocolate and how stress releasing it is
    -going tanning today
    -nourishing my femininity
    -how sculpted my body feels
    -the inspiring videos on youtube i watched yesterday,and inspiration to expand some things for myself.
    -my accomplishments
    -my eyeglasses
    -deciding to apply to something that i got rejected for last year,because things change and you never know,and i am much more high vibration this year so maybe it'll work out this time
    -getting dishes done
    -that i'll have a nice glass of wine tonight
    -that i've been offered so many jobs for out of town trip,more then enough i could accept,which is very inspiring. universe is very much on my side for this trip. also,that i'm getting my times sorted out now for my exact schedule which is nice. things have come together quite nicely and easily.
    -being myself and authenticity
    -how curvy and round my backside is. it looks like ideal backside of what guys like.
    -nice weather today
    -just all the wisdom and clarity today and lately
    -allowing desires and dreams to rise to the surface

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