1. #261


    -mason jar
    -vegan cake
    -getting my first workout in since being sick and how good it feels to move
    -having a great body
    -being very attractive
    -my face and how young it looks
    -my eyebrows
    -yoga pants
    -getting some work done
    -doing well with implementing new actions aligning with new limiting belief clearing
    -seeing someone beautiful and their imperfections that was reassuring and showed how hard we are on ourselves and how skewed our vision can be
    -feeling sexy
    -being asked out and always getting a lot of attention from the opposite sex
    -staying relatively calm during a hectic day with a lot going on
    -listening to some heart chakra musics while doing the work i got done today
    -being young and trendy
    -having a message
    -my cheekbones
    -finding out credit check fee can be returned since canceling the interest in apartment
    -hair clips
    -hair brush
    -slow movement
    -how peaceful outside feels and sounds
    -feeling really relaxed
    -gentle,honest reflection and acknowledgement
    -being a new me now
    -positive actions
    -how tiny and sculpted my arms have been looking
    -things making sense
    -being me
    -the spiritual side of things
    -relaxing and seeing how things make sense before going in beta and overanalyzing or being too concerned
    -the amazing vitamin c and enzymes vitamins i've been taking

  2. #262


    -feeling wellness
    -great weather today
    -chakra and theta music playlists to get me vibration cleansed
    -mason jars
    - coffee
    -going tanning today
    -no longer believing in regrets and seeing the effects of that change really being real now
    -getting a new party dress ordered that i love from a new boutique i've never shopped at that is in a print i love that always seems to be good luck for me when i wear it in the past out and about
    -loving my face with my brows growing out
    -my cheekbones
    -my face looking so young
    -my body being nice and toned
    -my venus dimples
    -vitamin c vitamins with enzymes
    -my outfit i'm wearing today
    -feeling comfortable and open and calm
    -realizing i was wrong about something last night,and how silly i've been about something and letting it block me a little bit and deciding no more and to change it. i'd been worrying irrationally about what other people think and am now over that but trusting all is well and as it should be
    -my porch
    -the sun
    -doing a year review of my life and setting intentions for the next year
    -my deadline to get this writing done by thursday and being about 83% there and getting more work on it,and deciding i'll likely just go back to it later to meet deadline. am so close to there!
    -the cat and how cute he is
    -how much more zen i'm becoming
    -today being a little less hectic
    -how quiet today feels
    -peaceful sounds
    -being motivated
    -looking within and being honest with myself
    -doing the positive actions that align with my new self
    -my life,and what i get to do and seeing it as a blessing
    -being a truly optimistic and positive person again
    -appreciating myself
    -my style
    -prepaving and priming myself for what i want to manifest more of
    -letting go of blocks and all ridiculous things
    -deep,cleansing breaths
    -being open
    -getting past being sick,muscle soreness,pms,the first stages of time of month,and now feeling relaxed.i've overcome another stage.june was personal development and inner change stage and now i'm somewhere else
    -enjoying the unfolding and being in that state of being where i just observe what's unfolding instead of trying to watch the pot and keep checking on it. it's like observing my garden grow.
    -feeling ok with the moment. like all is well and at any moment can change and bloom and slightly turn to this or that direction and how lovely that is. the path is continuously changing. life can change at any moment. a beautiful surprise can happen at any moment. feeling excited and curious for the future but also happy with the now as if it's all fine.

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    All this expectations are subjected to the hope that Earth will exist along our lifespan.

    But... ¿what if our lifespan (subjected to Earth's lifespan) is not more reliable beyond, let's say, two years from now?

    I think we must to develop this gratitude list in a top-down approach.

    First, to be grateful about galactic center behaviour is compatible with life at Earth, that's say in order to avoid scenaryos like those from Paul A. Laviolette (Phd. in Astrophysics) and his Galactic Superwave phenomenon.

    Second, to be grateful about Sun behaviour.

    Third, to be grateful about dynamics of asteroid population of our Solar System.

    Fourth, to be grateful about climatic dynamics.

    Fifth, to be grateful about economy stability.

    Sixth, all that remains.

    My best regards...

  4. #264


    -vegan baking fun
    -mason jars
    -all the facebook wallposts
    -being randomly drawn to write a poem last night and following it and coming up with something
    -finishing my writing by my deadline
    -my style
    -getting a workout in
    -life feeling calm and quiet
    -my kind heart
    -talking business ideas with business partner
    -enjoying the excitement of all the question marks and wondering where life will be in a month and in two months
    -being open to changing plans
    -trusting in life and surrendering
    -letting go
    -feeling physically better after an attack of allergies last night
    -all my accomplishments
    -my phone
    -mobile apps
    -creativity and being able to be creative on a continuous basis in my life
    -knowing i'm in a place of change,and that it's the quiet before the storm,whatever the storm may be. i just know i'm in that quiet space before a new life emerges for me.
    -awesome possibilities
    -honest acknlowedgement
    -checking in with myself and seeing where i want to be and where i want to go and how i want to change what i'm aligning with
    -lavender oil
    -appreciation for cats
    -my hair
    -being smart
    -being calm

  5. #265


    -all the facebook wallposts
    -a facebook wallpost from the one i wanted most of all. admittedly,it did boost my mood. ugh.
    -physical wellness
    -getting my poem done today and trusting in it's execution
    -my accomplishments in life,and all those who remember me and being considered someone glamourous and a someone in the industry i work
    -my toned body
    -the cat relaxing
    -funny jokes that make laugh so much
    -interesting timing with things
    -the sun
    -great weather today
    -meeting my deadlines
    -a thoughtful,personal email
    -all the texts today
    -being a woman
    -a personal text
    -my desires
    -my spirituality
    -fresh air
    -roommate rescheduling the realty company to come by today
    -delicious cake dough
    -my phone
    -pictures and mobile apps
    -my things i love and my personality and interests
    -my eyeglasses
    -my ambition
    -my sunglasses
    -how sky's the limit i've been feeling
    -going to look at an apartment today
    -my child-like spirit
    -fun things to do
    -allowing myself to feel
    -my couches
    -new friend requests
    -new likes
    -the sun being in cancer.i do so well during that time of the year.
    -being smart


  6. #266


    -how beautiful is out tonight and how alive it made me feel
    -the feeling that something good is about to come
    -plant based protein
    -allowing myself to eat junk food today while on a drive with a friend because i had such a sugar craving
    -meditating today
    -positive signs
    -doing my workout today and how good yoga made me feel
    -great music
    -cleaning the bedroom
    -how slim my body looks and how flat my stomach is
    -forgiving myself after a panic attack
    -keeping up with the action i recently started to counteract a negative effect from years ago and seeing results from it already. my lower body has become much tighter from it. it feels so good to improve upon myself even if sometimes it makes me sad thinking of the past because of perspectives
    -logical sense
    -going for a drive
    -flip flops
    -how toned my body is
    -that the one i wanted wrote a wallpost on my wall on facebook
    -vitamins i love
    -feeling peaceful despite a hectic time
    -job possibilities
    -seeing some things to approve coming in
    -knowing famous people
    -the memories
    -the experiences
    -appreciating where i'm at now,because soon,i'll look back on that,too. just like i've been looking back at memories while in my last apartment,this apartment had some good qualities to it and this neighborhood had some things i appreciated. first apartment was excitement about things like being a few blocks away from my own grocery store and being excited to grocery shop and going for walks. 2nd apartment was being excited about more unique food options and being walking distance to the train and being able to get mango smoothies. and this apartment was a beautiful porch and being walking distance to cafes and actually having a cool bar or two in the neighborhood and a park i fell in love with,and a mediterranean food place i fell in love with. there was some good memories here.
    -the positive changes i've made in my life over the last few years
    -the positive changes i will make in my life over the next few years
    -my ig followers jumping to a lot more somehow
    -feeling calm

  7. #267


    crazy day with anxiety attacks,new decisions,depression seeing e looks like he may have someone now. things have been so unpredictable and i feel foolish. did not expect all this to come about.
    -water and how great it tastes
    -fresh air
    -the amazing weather
    -getting a green smoothie today and how great it tastes
    -forgiveness and mercy
    -getting a toy for the cat
    -getting tangible after death communications from my lost loved which is interesting timing,it's happened starting right before the cat came to stay the day before and a few times since and every time i pick up one of these strange omens my logical mind can't think of where they came from,i now smile.i used to be able to think maybe it came from here or there,but lately cannot and just smile and think,well's like she is blessing the situation of the cat being here.
    -my eyeglasses
    -handling seeing the possibility of E with someone else so well. seen one pic then another that was ambiguous enough and harmless seeming but just gave me an odd feeling and it's of the girl i knew he liked the night he kissed me which didn't feel so good..the insecure thoughts are am i the second choice or is she...i'm pretty confident and even friend said he couldn't have liked her that much if he kissed me that night plus he invited me out while liking her that night and if he got it right with her,it was after we kissed and he tried talking me to everyday then i didn't show up so it'd seem she is like the 2nd choice,like he wanted me but let go of me,then that night invited me out and kissed me then when he thought i wasnt interested kept trying with her.However,i sensed and worried about him liking her back then even if it seemed he was willing to just 100% choose me if i was interested and quickly dismiss her.i definitely felt in power back then and now all this time later i see two pics that make me wonder. all that i have going for me and i question myself like this. but logically there's no excuse for a guy disappearing no matter how insecure he is. actions speak,at least a bit. and even if he did contact me in may and the other things,it's just not good. maybe she's the one girl,besides me,who finally gave him a chance.
    --in my pain deciding to make a business trip decision which will be very beneficial and how good that felt to just do it,and be spontaneous. haven't done something like that in so long!
    -getting my poem finished,a bare minimum thing i wanted to get done. adding in a line.
    -surrendering and compromising on moving decisions that were stressing me out so much to a point where i no longer knew what i was even wanting.i still question the decision i made,and hope it will work's been a painful,and confusing time and this year was supposed to be so different.i just don't understand why this E thing has transpired the way it has,it makes no sense,or why things with moving has panned out the way it has,but one thing i'm starting is to just surrender,trust,and accept. i no longer believe in regrets after energy work i've done so i know this is the way to healing and happiness and truth. now that i no longer believe in regret,it makes trusting life that much easier,and it makes letting go easier. i feel broken and foolish in ways,but i also feel that newness and reconstruction is now around the corner.i commend myself for also being willing to let plans be broken since i know that is an important key to peace.
    -knowing now that no matter what it's really over with me and e,and i can just focus on seeing him as a friend which also will likely clear a lot of resistances,too. my heart is now closed off to him and i'll wonder who's next for me. after a fight with the ex,and this,it's been very disheartening. i can now focus on really bettering myself without thinking of what others think but what my heart wants. once i see e again,i won't let him kiss me or try and be anyway,simply because he let us not hang out for all this time,and it's now longer then it's ever been,it's now been even longer then that gap of time last sad. journaling about this last week made me sad and shocked.i can't help but now feel like he used me whereas before i thought there was some real feelings of depth. all those things pieced together..i thought were so obvious..but this girl is in his inner circle it seems and me,i've been treated like he cant possibly like me very much. and it's just so weird,he felt like a real friend last feb,i felt more confident then,and now i feel strange and so utterly lost about him.i really hope i'm making right decisions. after my mother having the nerve to say i should buy a house when that is just so not me,and an old best friend has gotten married,and fight with ex,and E of all people,possibly has someone now and all i have is feeling like everybody is gone and failing on goals i'm not sure i want. but,the business decision was one thing i want.i also have a business ending. all these things going on,it feels like i'm losing and failing.and the E thing just had a very eerie familiar,almost dejavu feeling
    -going to the beach last night
    -all the cool art i seen and pictures i took
    -clothes fitting looser
    -thinking i can probably give up soda now easily from my diet
    -sticking to the actions i said i'd take for third limiting belief i worked on in july
    -eating less and feeling fine about
    -body looking very toned and sculpted
    -getting a nice picture of me i liked last night
    -deciding to shun everyone that's hurt me that's been in my mind this year or last and do what i want
    -my eyebrows being threaded and how it feels like it cleared energy getting them done
    -a sense of relaxation at the painful E being done,the moving surrender,and work being completed for business ending,and making other business trip decision. the calm after the storm
    -that tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start


  8. #268


    -getting my meditation done today,and feeling much better from it. it made me physically worse,but i think that means it was helping and just that i even got sick in the first place i think was from the limiting belief work i started in june clearing me to a new place
    -the chakra and theta combo playlist i use when meditating nowadays. the throat and third eye i chose for today was just what i needed
    -new positive action i now have as part of my habit i started from limiting belief three i did and the benefits i've experienced from it!
    -today feeling much calmer
    -new decisions that feel so right and make much more sense and feel better then all the indecison and confusion of before
    -how excited i am to go to -----for business trip this fall
    -the beautiful flowers in my home and how artful they look
    -my lovely lavender oil and how much i love it
    -allowing the cat to spend a few minutes with me on the porch and how nice that was
    -my face looking younger and brighter somehow from the moisturizer i'm guessing i've been using
    -how toned and flexible my body is
    -positive change
    -feeling like my lost loved one has been communicating and around the last few weeks and how amazing that makes me feel! have not heard from her in soooo long,and the timing is so interesting! the last time i heard from her was right when i first moved here as if she was saying hey,i'm still here and checking on you,and your going to be ok now. makes me so emotional thinking about it. and calm! i had started to wonder if i was going crazy last year with the after death communications as if it was in my head. but the things that occured were so strong and eerie! but as soon as i was better,and healed,i stopped getting them until now. well,i may have gotten them but so much more subtle
    -deciding to stop spending so much energy in the vegan community of things as it's not brought me much happiness or aligned me much where i want to go. i can be vegan without needing vegan friends or watching tons of vegan vlogs. i prefer to stand out anyways and am making decisons like this to align me more what with what makes me happy and where my heart wants to go. so much happiness! so much new change! it's exciting. some things are not exactly where i thought i'd go,but feel right.
    -great weather today
    -deciding to get rid of TV once i move in living room that is never even used anyways
    -being able to see
    -best friend feeling better too
    -something to focus on from my pain
    -the fascinating process of becoming more and more myself!
    -accepting imperfection
    -little flickers of being included more which i know is manifestatoin of my energy changing more from inner work i've done
    -feeling empowered
    -light and growth that comes from breakdowns
    -last project coming out either tonight or tomorrow and being pretty much done

  9. #269


    -going tanning today
    -great weather today
    -consistent things that are to ponder
    -all the wonderful ADC's i keep getting from my transitioned loved one. so cool she's around lately for some reason
    -doing some writing to check in with myself
    -final project being released and what a release that is!
    -feeling calmness today
    -seeing the two new apartments of which i'll move into one or the other and finally having direction with where i'm moving. it's not exactly where i thought i'd go but it's so inexpensive and it's following what i want and not what ex's or ex crush's would want or keeping up with the jones's and it's just a couple blocks from public transit,and area feels safe and super walkable compared to where i'm at now,and is slightly closer to downtown and blocks away from where i thought i'd go anyways which is where ex people live
    -having more time today
    -deciding certain things to move away from to bring me more happiness and align me more with new things and what i desire while still being me and what i want to be but peeling away layers to emerge into newness
    -deciding to just throw myself out there and around new people because some are bringing me down so much from how much of a hermit i've been that the few peoplei talk to and some that i don't want to be like have really been affecting me negatively and they say you become like the 5 people you are closest to so i'm in a hurry to throw myself into new people,anything just to get away,and change.and afterall it's been when i met new people i loved,that i go through the most profound positive changes
    -frankincense essential oil
    -deciding to do another home ritual right before i move like i did last year not because i need to but just because
    -getting a little more decisive
    -potatoes. my favorite food and chock full of vitamin c
    -feeling more abundant,and fearless
    -feeling ready to delve into exploring and newness
    -the sun
    -my body thinning out
    -my body being nice and toned
    -my cheekbones
    -all the ways and opportunities i have to express myself creatively
    -my style
    -positive change and evolution
    -brava from successful others in work
    -slow deep breathing
    -trusting in myself and my kindness despite attempts from others to manipulate
    -how good it's going to get
    -things to learn and incorporate
    -that i am growing as a person even if i don't always realize it,and feel like that's not true.
    -how great it feels to be unstuck and to have tools now to get myself unstuck in the future

  10. #270


    -brushed hair
    -hair clips
    -how much i've transformed in the past few years and the transformation in this year and last month and what's to come
    -that i can be sure i'm not one of those people who never changes
    -having a new apartment confirmed
    -realty company coming by to look at apartment i'm living in and roommate taking care of talking to them
    -deciding about a day or so ago before bed that it's time to let go of E and that I feel ready to. My interest in him feels lost and though i feel sad at how it's gone this year,i know analyzing why isn't going to do anything and i just need to break free and immerse in new people and i finally am at a point now where within i feel ready to meet new people and can even find myself starting to imagine new romantic potential interests. At this point,i will only think of E as a friend since the biggest block anyways was how awkward i felt after that kiss in winter. after how all this year has been,i commented to a friend that i miss the winter love life and the days of D as awful as he was,at least I felt I could draw E back to me at any moment as my friend and have my friend life back and things were just so very different then.i remember feeling sad that a chapter was really closing in winter and now i see why even more,it really was. and,i miss that time. the dating the douchebag D,and finding B and having E as my friend.This year has been utterly confusing with regards to E and how my perceptions changed but I'm taking my power back by letting him go and focusing on finding new friends and big career moves I've not seen him in so long,he no longer is what he is and that makes me sad how i used to have him as a friend and i can't think about it,i just can't. I just have to move fast in a new direction.
    -after all that i've cleared and new changes,feeling like it's time to be fearless and work on being more independent again. i stopped after scary things 2 years ago,and in me,i blocked myself by telling myself certain things,but it's time to put myself out there again and be growth focused. it's funny how i told myself i wasn't going go to out much living here but that's ok,and then that's what happened.i have a feeling new place will produce more external change and activity. maybe it's nostalgia but in 2012,ad 2013,i had so many great things to fall back on,that i'd never have been worried about seeing someone like E again and worrying how i'd make friends to do things. my energy has become desperate. and i've been ungrateful. there's always so much,so much it is hard to take it all in,yet we limit our scope and blur our vision and often see lack,it's crazy. and,again with the E thing,i was able to attract him into my life with ease before,it's all energy. we can create anything and it's all just a game of energy.
    -upcoming travels and feeling full of wanderlust and how great it'll be for me and realizing past recent travel did propel me forward with growth
    -my style
    -spiritually cleansing
    -my beautiful transitioned loved one
    -how tan my skin looks
    -how attractive my best friend looks
    -a great workout last night and how amazing the yoga was
    -scheduling another dance class and how beneficial that is for me in so many ways
    -lavender oil
    -frankincense oil
    -fortified with vitamins food products such as coffee
    -positive actions i've been taking as part of my transformation
    -doing a little research on upcoming trip

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