1. #281


    -finally knowing how to make great tasting vegan pizzas
    -getting more stuff moved into new place and getting more grounded into the new place and letting go of the old place
    -inspiring people and inspiring vlogs that really help me and inspire me and resonate with me
    -my hair
    -my face
    -going for a nice little drive tonight and how beautiful the sky was
    -my body
    -feeling a shift in psychic energy from E which is odd and having a dream with him in it this odd. i feel reminded that perhaps,yes we should let go and not be obsessive,but that it's ok and maybe should even be encouraged to embrace the mysterious connections we have with one another and the unspoken aspects and to go ahead and ponder the odd things and tune in a little. it just seems natural.
    -and on the above note,a friends mom who has psychic dreams sometimes that come true told my friend she dreamt of me having hard times(inner struggles) and asked him if i was doing ok. and,i had been having hard times,so that was interesting and very i don't think of her at all. it showed me how connected we all are.
    -money now being even more secure instead of having to wait for security deposit,since it came early in a sense
    -being easy on myself
    -summertime style
    -how excited i am for trip later in the year
    -milder weather today
    -having time for a workout before bed
    -how nice and welcoming new neighbors seem and how much of a community the area seems,and safer
    -all the money that will saved from living in this new place
    -the feeling something amazing is near
    -style and fashion and cool clothes
    -the shift in psychic energy with E i feel. it's actually kind of interesting
    -being child like
    -all the dejavu lately
    -feeling that amazing feeling that of divine timing ,it's so weird things i said i'd do at so and so time,and now it's almost so and so time and i feel almost ready for it,for the first time and closer to it,and like it'd be easy whereas before it seemed like it'd take a lot to do. it's so bizarre and interesting.
    -my beauty
    -no longer believing in regret anymore
    -feeling the shift while moving that i'm moving through the hectic and that things are shifting into a new phase and out of the hectic
    -how amazingly surreal and storybook like life feels,i'm constantly in awe of moments that feel like i'm in a storybook on a daily basis
    -having a photographic eye
    -how healthy my teeth are
    -my book i gotand all the little cool drawings in it and profound statements i've taken pics of
    -how easier and easier it's feeling to live in pronoia and surrender.i used to do this,on a temporary basis but now it's becoming more like a natural and consistent way of being. i love it
    -getting a really cool picture of the cat today that is so funny looking and eerie with how his eyes look and the way he's posed hanging out behind a frame
    -how natural and great everything feels now. no more pining for this/that or being indecisive about this/that.
    -how hard my nails are
    -hearing best friend talk about crazy desires he wants to possibly do. it's unlike him to be that way so it makes me happy to hear him desire.

  2. #282


    -checking my calender and finding out i'm almost due for monthly thing so am just pms-ing which is a relief as i was feeling sadness about leaving apartment because new place is such a downgrade,and i felt such a wonderful high vibe when i first moved here and new place is worst place i've lived in and hoping i didn't make a mistake with my decisions because of other's mistakes. also found myself feeling very jealous of a friend,and lately feeling like everyone is living cool experiences and all i did was discover an amazing book and eliminate a limiting belief and acknowledge other blocks. i am grateful because pms tells me this is normal. it's just annoying every time right before i tend to be more likely to manifest negative feelings and experiences. i'm not happy with my new place,i am not happy that it's because of someone else's mistakes i have this now and am just hoping the saved money from a cheaper place,and new blocks that are safer willl be of benefit along with train being a few blocks away. one relief is realizing as high vibe as this place is,it also is the one place i feel like hardly anything happened in my life,and i hardly went out in compared to other apartments. an apartment can rarely be that bad anyways,it just hurts to have goals and tell them out loud to others,and now this. it makes me feel foolish and on top of that all the energy put into looking just to only move a few minutes away and i still haven't gotten the apology i seeked.i feel so emotional with how much i'm going to miss my secluded porch but remind myself that after someone tried to break in,i didn't feel as safe anymore and that again,though i like the high vibe here,i had the least social life of any place i've ever lived. i'm even starting to feel like a "granny" these days. i drink tea a lot,i'm really into trying to detox and spiritually heal,and have not had a night out in forever,and spend my energies thinking about nutrition and things like getting a stationary bike and going for walks to be less sedentary. i just feel like such a "granny." I need to change my interests and have more fun again. i told myself i'd stop being so into vegan vlogs and such and still haven't cut back simply because of habit so i need to do that. i'm too young and not in alignment or ready to be so obsessed with things like nutrition and tea. It's like this meetup that seemed interesting to me that was a 4 mile walk from a vegan no oil group..well all the attendees looked much older then me! Nothing wrong with that,but it made me see that maybe my interests are too mature and i even my fitness interests some of them are too mature. since last year,i got so into vegan vlogs and vegan community and it's not made me happier but only more anxious and less fun. I need happier interests while still being vegan so that will be one thing once i move especially,i will focus more on. i just feel so sad,and then think about my interests lately on a daily basis and it's definitely something to alter a bit. my happy place and where i fit in,is my primary career and fashion industry. That's the place that's accepted me the most and I had most success with. Party people is also another area I've felt my happiest in and found people who met my vibe. Watching a vegan vlogger recently,he talked about finding someone who has your interests and it's like exactly..i want someone with my interests..but my interests lately are moreso tea,nutrition,books,and detoxing so yeah,time to change that.
    -starting the day off on a productive note and how it made my whole day feel more uplifted and more productive. definitely should try that more often
    -thinking thoughts before bed about happiness is a habit and to practice motivation all the time or i'm no different then the average person and will achieve no more then them.
    -my creativity
    -cool colors. for some reason in summer,i am so drawn to neons,particulary neon green. it is such a healing color.
    -delicious vegan food i love and how much joy and pride i have in food now
    -how active i was today naturally just from moving and things and how i am so tired from it and got a great workout
    -a great workout last night
    -my body
    -how tight and toned my body is
    -my body's flexibility,it's ability to move,physical movement and being able to move my limbs and how amazing that is just to be able to literally MOVE from being able to move my fingers to type this,to stretching my legs to walk,i am so grateful for the gift of movement
    -frankincense oil
    -the lemongrass incense.i get a really nice vibe from that one.
    -scalp massages
    -the universe being on my side.i had wanted to get a day at a sauna pass or go to a sauna at a gym but was still thinking about it and then came across on discount site they were selling passes to one of the ones i seen for almost half off and on top of that the site was having a beauty and spa deal for two days so it was another 20% off so got the pass for super cheap. it felt so loving of the universe to bring this to me. i remember in surrendered moments in life in the past,few years ago,i'd have things like this happen alot and manifest amazing miracles because of it,and felt this way of life was true nature of reality so i am so happy to have another name for this "pronoia" and to apply it to my life as a way of thinking and being. it's not that hard unlike other spiritual/self help concepts.i think the key to it's ease is also in it's ambiguity. you just believe continuously this is happening for the best and that the universe is in your favor and conspiring to show you with blessings instead of getting specific on certain things and using control and will. it's a more feminine way to master the universe as well. i really like the openness of this way of being.
    -the book i've been reading
    -that a new month is near and how exciting that will be and to finally let go of this month which has been hectic and a blur. I have not had a pleasurable month since February. I've had moments that felt good,of course,but not really fun,desire manifested type month. It's a shame because that as when me and E kissed and since then,life's been more dull. Other people who've liked me have not excited me very much at all and i've not manifested any new friends or any super fun social experiences. Perhaps August will be fun. Aspects of my life feel lost,and i'm sure from june and such parts of life are corroding to reconstruct and shift my life into something new.
    -finding out information for errands to get done
    -getting a little bit of work and errands done
    -my beauty
    -my hair
    -how great i'm looking lately or either that how much i'm appreciating my looks lately
    -to just tune into my feelings

  3. #283


    -pronoia.i love it. it has changed my life without even having to say it,just having made it part of me has allowed it manifest on a more normal basis as it becomes more and more who i am. today,someone went to get me coffee and the brand was out of the mocha flavor i love and i was worried they'd end up just getting the brands almond milk not the coffee and instead they came back with their double espresso flavor which i didn't know they had and was PERFECT as it's such a busy week and i feel tired and weak and had been thinking i do love this coffee brand but just feel the coffee itself is weak caffeine so this was amazing and so pronoia to me. and,it tasted great and boosted my mood so much.i love coffee so much.
    -expressing my creativity with another cake that this time i considered a summer cleansing cake because i intuively decided to add watermelon which is great for spiritual cleansing and newness and used mountain dew to replace oil and eggs and will use mango frosting to frost it later. such a fun,summery cake perfect for late,last days of july
    -the computer im using
    -great clothes and fashion and style that are fun
    -feeling comfortable and in a peaceful mood
    -embracing the crazy,more bohemian aspects of my personality
    -a vision for how i want my beauty/style and interests to evolve
    -my phone
    -getting more stuff moved out
    -getting some work done
    -my beauty and feeling more physically confident and like i look more radiant and attractive
    -something coming in for new project that looks great and is a success so now can continue on with that for project 1 of new venture. very exciting this came in and am very grateful. as soon as am all moved in,will be ready to embrace my entrepreneur side more.
    -my meditation last night,and that the processes session i am doing is almost finished as it's so intense and time consuming. it took over an hour last night! but,i felt like a different person afterwards which joe dispenza says is key when you meditate. the sessions will get shorter again after august 1 as i will then only focus on 3 and 4 since the 2nd is completely gone and healed now.
    -all the ideas that come to me in my meditation and insights to help me along.
    -that all is well,that all is perfect
    -feeling better today,the sting of jealousy is still there if i think of one thing with old friend but for now am just going to not think about it.i will have more free time by the weekend.
    -my teeth and how healthy they are and how nice and hard and strong they are
    -how easy changing reality is when you don't make it so hard
    -laundry being done
    -how easy once being moved in,it will be easy to lop off certain areas of life i focus on,to then focus on other new things iwish to align with. perhaps certain things i wanted to do and thought about but didn't do,will come about once here,and that will be the right time.
    -how great it is to be in the beginning of moving away from those who didn't appreciate me
    -my late summer/autumn comeback. that will be my season.i can just feel it.
    -sportsbras for keeping me comfortable
    -the newness to come
    -the month of august and how great it will be
    -my vision
    -how looking back at things,they tend to look perfect
    -using this next year to really self improve and better myself in a faster way

  4. #284


    -everything almost being out of the apartment
    -feeling more accepting and ready for the new apartment
    -going with the flow and tuning into my body wanting to be more lazy and feeling nurturing and mushy type feelings because it's almost time for time of the month anyday now
    -going on my porch at 5 am last night because i realized not once did i watch the sunrise on that porch.i didn't watch the sunrise that time either,but i enjoyed the cerulean colors of the sky and being out there at that time of day having never done it and left before sun did actually come up.
    -in being way too hot to do anything last night,i ended up reflecting and feeling an insane wave of nostalgia for the early days of my primary career and having epiphanies about that's where my joy is but also knowing industry has changed so much since then. part of it makes me feel old as in that was a time,a time of innocence and youth. sometimes i feel like J .who was the root of some of the blocks i've been clearing since ,was the last time i felt truly young and like a ----- that was 2012. and that's been the bulk of what came to me to heal. and,so maybe it's perfect timing,all of this. i look at the other girls doing what i've done,and guys,and the path changed so much for us all. some don't do it anymore,some experienced a lot of success and now live elsewhere,some are living where i do,but the one thing in common is we all look just a little bit older,and like we grew up. admittedly,that's the part that makes me sad.i miss the rush of doing those jobs,and feeling glamorous. that's my happy place,even if it can't be exactly the way it was.i've said before i'll focus more on this,but then didn't really in the past,so what's different now? i think i knew there was blocks before with that. and i have a desire to break through those blocks and explore now. it's crazy this happens on a full moon,too. because i had this wave of E stuff on an full moon and had wondered if it made it truth or delusion but now that this comes up,i feel it's truth. full moons always sooth me and seem to tell me things like good things and that it'll be ok,but then some things don't come true so it's made me wonder. i can't help but feel to trust the wisdom that comes to me during the full moon even if it lets me down because it always feels so right
    -vegan pizzas and all the yummy vegan foods i get to eat
    -removing myself from several vegan meetup groups in the last few days
    -ideas about what i'm capable of and possible later future desires. the full moon is powerful!
    -night skies
    -the moon
    -my book i've been getting more and more into
    -feeling comfortable and calm and how relaxed i felt all day,and not at all in a rush
    -espresso coffee!
    -dandelion tea
    -the weather seeming not as hot today. was alot more comfortable today!
    -the quiet
    -getting some work done
    -laying down
    -my teeth and how healthy they are
    -being able to look in the mirror today and think i look really beautiful,and loving my features,my ears,and my teeth,and my eyes,hair,skin and all.i look beautiful. i am feeling so much more beautiful lately.
    -seeing how great cover of new project looked
    -waking up to seeing the cat sleeping with me and how cute that was.
    -calling bank back today
    -how great of a feeling i have about things and that once i'm moved in,and in august and september,things are going to get really good.
    -flip flops
    -time seeming to be on my side today
    -positive change
    -feeling like all is well in the moment,and going as it should which is so crazy considering..everything!
    -all the dejavu lately,particularly in the new place. it's very weird. why do i get that in some places,but not others..the place i'm in now,i didnt have much.
    -how in letting go in my heart of certain things such as L,A the ex ,A the ex crush,and E,and all the other things i've let go of that i focused my energy on,i finally can see my future a little,and clarity,and what i want,and makes so much sense but we forget can't give us new and what we desire if we keep holding onto things and trying to manage them in our minds to go the way we think we want,because our minds will try to do that via what is familiar and it's in the unexpected,something brilliant happens,and change occurs which is why letting go is so very powerful. also so grateful for joseph dispenza for explaining letting go in a new way that is easier to apply vs my old understanding of it
    -feeling determined to "create" magic in my life. and by create i mean allow. i feel such a feeling of aliveness right now and see that the key to magic and feeling young and invincible is to just let go and let yourself see something new. even if at first you can't,focus a little more,and you'll step forward. magic can't come,or is limited when you hold on and think/expect things to go this one certain way. it is truly in the letting go that creates the magic! it is truly in the letting go that virtually all miracles have manifested in my life,and feelings of aliveness and invincibility..and all that is,is surrendering to new,and things going the way you think they should go.i claim to love the magic and miracles so much,and yet have blocked it so much this year. and this year feels like it sped by and was a blur,and like i was just in a jar most of this time
    -trusting so much in divine timing
    -feeling last night like something is culminating.

  5. #285


    -getting email and call from bank to find out the issue and what next step is
    -being nice and slim today
    -feeling cleansed and well today
    -having healthy,great looking teeth
    -buying a massage reflexology deal which i've been wanting for a bit
    -finding out who my mom's best friend was that transitioned. it was the dog she had hid from some people that she had because she thought some wouldn't approve. i broke into tears hearing the dog passed on. she was surprised i was so emotional,but animal stories always get me ever since last year.
    -my style
    -feeling free
    -almost everything being out of apartment
    -neighbor is going to help roommate with big couch being moved out
    -roommate making call to switch out things such as internet to new place
    -doing some reading of my book today and how enjoyable books are
    -the sun and how great it is and how great it looks streaking into house
    -feeling very positive and abundant and accepting of new place
    -that last night it cooled down so much,i actually almost wanted to put on a sweater
    -espresso coffee
    -remembering A,not the ex but someone else and esoteric and spiritual connections with others and profound spiritual serendipity and feeling rememberance and appreciation that,that story is definitely not finished in this lifetime,and that in my higher vibe and clearing out resistances that he does like me,and feels something towards me
    -my beauty
    -my ideas
    -my desires
    -feeling calm and not in a rush
    -the feelings of late summer and feeling very in the moment of life and things
    -newness and growth
    -feeling happy and inner happiness not dependent on others and like something good and amazing is just around the corner,that a miracle can happen at any moment,and like i want to dance,and being able to actually imagine and believe in things that felt fogged for awhile and being happy without needing it to happen,yet happy with a knowing it can and will. like this moment right here,i'm in the vortex. it just came unexpectedly. i feel very happy,i feel very in the moment,not needing anything else,and like i can be happy even if it never comes,,able to imagine many possibilities for the joy of it,and a knowing that certain things will manifest and can manifest with ease. that right there,the vortex. so good. the last time i felt in the vortex that i remember was early june. it was a mundane moment like this feeling happy like this,but different,because all moments are different,but not needing anything to be happy but just "knowing" and i manifested a mini manifestation of E texting me. Had i stayed in the vortex longer,more would've manifested i'm sure,but all is well and perfect as is,and i'm not needing or expecting E to text now,just am reflecting on a recent,short in the vortex moment. That happiness of life,just wanting to dance. Free heart. I am happy. I am knowing. It takes a higher consciousness to be at this level,that's one thing i'm starting to recognize now..that a lower vibe makes it harder to have this sort of intellect,it takes going higher to have this "sight."
    -great news articles i come across
    -getting my monthly time today,and how great that is
    -great insights that came to me before and after my meditation last night..such as it's time to stop focusing on an apartment so much for two years i've been focused on a perfect apartment as a measure of positive growth and the thoughts that i'm fine as i am,since new to being on my own,but i'm no longer new to being on my own,and i no longer wish to consider an apartment as a measure of my growth and the fact that this next apartment is such a minor move,and the biggest downgrade since being on my own i think is the perfect example,lesson of that..that it's time to let go of trying to move into better apartments each move,or otherwise i'm not growing and instead focus on other things and free up my energy to think about how am i becoming more independent,and better in other ways,improving my finances,etc,etc. I feel so good about this,it feels so right,and just watch..wouldn't be surprised if next apartment ends up being a super pricey high rise with a pool right downtown simply because i let go of using apartments as a measure of my growth. I just feel so grateful and accepting
    -being young
    -being me
    -the moon
    -finding out eclipse season is actually september this year coming up which is interesting
    -feeling ready for new

  6. #286


    -being all moved in
    -recuperating after a rough 24 hours
    -how beautiful,hard,and healthy my teeth are
    -that the cat is feeling better
    -reflecting on the surreality of life
    -feeling my feelings. tonight,felt like crying thinking about E and how he was to me. all i wanted was to still be friends and i told him that back then,and he does this to me. it feels like betrayal and i have to be honest and look at things logically. after i didn't go to his thing after we kissed,he disappeared. he seemed to come back in randomly finally in may,and i thought it'd be ok,but then disappeared. it just hurts,because looking at the facts,it's like he said well we can't be more,then we can't be friends.
    -good books and the amazing one i'm currently reading
    -remembering happiness is a habit to keep on cultivating. happy people don't just wait for happiness or have "luck." It's something they cultivate. They don't complain so much,and they do certain things that happy people do. Remembering that happiness is a habit is very helpful to me
    -getting front room settled and most of kitchen
    -that best friend is amazingly strong
    -how peaceful this place was in the daytime
    -seeing pronoia in the little things that makes life seem to flow more
    -reminding myself consistently about magic moments and that I create my reality
    -the internet
    -making a grocery list
    -deciding that i want to start doing green smoothies regularly and it's something i'm willing to do;to incorporate more greens into my diet.i hesitated before for various reasons and though i'm trying to stop being so "food obsessed" this feels like something i want to do and aligns with my desires and who i want to be. it's also funny because back when i first became vegan a year ago,it seemed there was a certain ideal of how to eat that seemed difficult to do,but at this point,i'm pretty much there just by following my own inner guidance and doing things in steps so it's kind of funny.
    -seeing nostalgia realistically. got hit with a feeling of almost wanting D from last fall back but then realized,it doesn't mean anything,i am just appreciating a time,the good aspects of it and that it was a time of newness and that I had things then I don't feel i have now. so,i think i miss having someone to focus on that makes me forget other things in a sense.
    -being in the mood for loving myself and doing spa things,good food,and healing,fitness and yoga,and meditation and beauty stuff
    -feeling ready for certain things now. like my cells are primed to let go of certain things and become new
    -cool mobile photo apps
    -feeling more beautiful
    -being able to tune in that certain things,i do feel lost about
    -all the abundance
    -my bed
    -being a woman
    -coming back to myself more and more
    -being different now

  7. #287


    -burning sage to cleanse the apartment of negative energy
    -carrot juice
    -going shopping today
    -getting new fans and a full length mirror
    -my book to inspire me i've been reading
    -looking skinny today and how seeing that at the store in the bathroom mirror instantly made me smile and put me in a better mood. i looked young,and beautiful,and thin and sexy. amazing what looking just slightly thinner does for me.
    -my workout capri pants
    -my style
    -the apartment finally looking like home. interesting how once all stuff is moved out of a place it no longer looks like yours and once stuff is moved in,it quickly starts to. all it takes for a place to look like home is a couple of your items,truly. and your energy
    -focusing on how i am changing and will change when getting pangs of emotional sadness and hurt
    -how healthy and beautiful and hard my teeth are
    -my bed
    -having internet to use
    -laughing at life
    -a snack waiting for me when i awoke
    -how beautiful it was outside at night today
    -kitchen being settled now
    -focusing on feeling good and loving myself and the things i want to do to feel better such as go to the spa,drink green smoothies,get back on a workout schedule again,get a stationary bike
    -reminding myself what i am even if i don't always feel like it
    -showers and how great it felt last night to shower before bed
    -reminding myself i create my reality,and i can rewrite my stories at any time,and alter the parts i'm not liking.
    -taking things one thing at a time and going with the flow
    -that i have a new notebook and think i will do some affirmation writing tonight before bed as spiritual exercise since it's been days since i've done one,and it feels like it'd be helpful
    -that i am changing my life
    -that i am better then i think i am

  8. #288


    -a good day
    -this wonderful green shake i started making yesterday which is like magic.i can feel it includes almond milk,kale,parsley,cayenne pepper,and banana. as i drink it,i feel my body craving what's inside of it and healing me
    -how amazing i looked today. i looked like i dropped years off my face.i looked thinner,my cheekbones higher,my eyes brighter,my skin glowy
    -getting the air conditioner today and that it was a gift and works fantastically
    -finally feeling settled today
    -going to my favorite park today and how good it felt to move and walk,it was like my body craved that
    -internet to use right now
    -new ideas
    -cleaning more and getting things more settled and finding my razor so can finally shave since it's been two days which will make me feel more better and back to normal
    -getting a facial off discount coupon site for last day of their sale which seemed the perfect deal for me as it includes skin extraction which is what i want. i've been wanting spa and indulgence time.
    -finally feeling like this apartment is safe and seeing how next door neighbor even leaves their door open all the time,and someone else always has their motorcycle out,right on the street
    -the view of the train passing by in my home through the window
    -laughing at the cat and how hilarious and amusing he is
    -getting another knot the cat had out of his fur
    -the sound of the cars and trains(railroad and public transporation) since being right by the expwy and by the train station and the railroad and how peaceful that is
    -finding the spiritual purpose for E,i believe. To break through past barriers i've had for years and inspire me to start traveling more since i've now decided to get my passport in the next month or so.
    -how amazing the weather felt today. it was sunny and warm,yet the air felt moist making the weather feel somewhat cool and very pleasant
    -the great sleep i had,though i did have bad dreams which i did not like. E gave birthday flowers in a beautiful hot pink color to a girl named E. it was shortly after i realized that's the last name on facebook of the girl he liked before he kissed me. what is my subconscious/psychic self trying to tell me? however,i slept great and woke up feeling nice and cool and going to bed the same way.
    -how great it looked outside today,the rain,and the later on after the rain part of the day
    -remembering things before bed last night that made me feel great,and gave me direction and calm
    -how great and healthy and hard my teeth are
    -how amazing the book i'm reading is

  9. #289


    -getting internet hooked up today in new place
    -getting asked out today by guy who installed internet. it was very awkward and made me feel a little weird. I was groggy-faced,messy hair,and in oversized 80's videogame t-shirt and workout capris and didn't expect it all but it was flattering that even like that to get hit on and asked out. my looks have really been improving since the healing work i started in june. and,it was also interesting because before bed i said to the universe to align me with either someone in the past,or someone new that is just right for me as a interest,and then this happens randomly. i don't have an interest in this person,it just made me wonder if that was the universe getting to work.
    -randomly just now seeing J in my recommended people to connect with on linked in list. very weird as we've never emailed so it couldn't be because of email contacts. though,i do have two of his linkedin friends in my list so perhaps that is why,or he viewed my profile. not sure. just seemed an odd little serendipity,perhaps.
    -how cute the cat is. how he comes up to me when someone is over as if to ask if everything is ok,and other cute things he does
    -how beautiful i have become lately
    -how amazing my body is becoming. the body flaws are disappearing. the inner work and then being led to my special green shake concoction has been working wonders...and i even haven't worked out much at all in the last two days besides and had a spoonful of cake frosting last night which is usually a food i need to monitor i have.
    -my creativity
    -feeling feminine and attractive
    -getting more cleared out in the place and a path starting to show in the room that is a mess
    -how amazingly hard and strong and beautiful my teeth are
    -inspiration and ideas
    -an amazing journaling session last night before bed that ended up taking about 10 pages! I can be quite the writer.
    -feeling clean
    -vegan food and a clean diet
    -meditating today for the first time since moving. felt so good to "exercise" my spirit.
    -weather being more mild today
    -feeling in relatively good mood today
    -ideas and a bit of a path for what's to come for me
    -finding more stuff to feel more settled in place such as my headphones,and the shampoo and conditioner.
    -positive knowing
    -feeling empowered in my reality
    -feeling feminine
    -slowing down and staying in the moment
    -feeling trusting of life
    -positive news articles i came across today
    -feeling powerful
    -remembering miracles
    -knowing who i want to be and becoming more and more in alignment and trust in who i want to become,and that i am it,and becoming it more

  10. #290


    -green smoothies
    -my amazing healing green smoothie recipe
    -more things getting done
    -calming down
    -meditating today
    -showers and how relaxing and good they feel
    -the amazing benefits i'm seeing from green smoothies
    -feeling in my cells i changed and shifted with block number 3 today. it's amazing timing. everytime i finish with one block,shortly after the other feels ready to be completed,like it's done,it's cleared now.i've been doing several blocks at once so am very happy that even altering it that way is having things work with feeling ready to move on from each block after the time spent on it,one at a time.
    -feeling very feminine
    -feeling very inspired and beautiful and ready for newness
    -the room being emptied out now and only having the bikes in there and dresser now. it makes me feel more settled and better
    -feeling i really need to throw more things out and that it's time and will help me grow
    -focusing more on beauty again.
    -stretches and how good they feel
    -feeling more confident about future things getting done that i was nervous about
    -getting that feeling that it's going to be an amazing autumn filled with fun.
    -how amazing and healthy and strong my teeth are
    -how beautiful my hair is
    -how much softer my energy is becoming
    -ice cold water and how amazing it tastes,ice cold water is my new favorite beverage right now
    -having a place to live
    -finding the things that work for me
    -great books
    -the sound of the trains going by
    -feeling more relaxed about things and confident
    -starting to feel more caught up with life and like things are as they should be and feeling in the moment of life and the month of august

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