1. #351


    -being in a really good mood today and having a good day today
    -another pic of me i like to post on social media
    -waking up to a text from business partner saying she bought the item we needed
    -delicious lentil soup dinner
    -getting my new year's resolutions met already
    -feeling more clarity and ease with new reality i am intending to create for myself and my world
    -a great speaking affirmations session before bed
    -walking down the block today and how great it felt to get some fresh air and sun. even though it was cold,it felt great
    -best friend spending a more normal amount of time at home today
    -all my little manifesting success lately i've been having which keeps me feeling inspired and powerful
    -being feminine and child-like
    -pretty clothes
    -being cute
    -finding my old accomplisment book and deciding to start using it again and remembering where i went wrong with it before
    -drinking a jar of water upon waking
    -my phone
    -my phone charger
    -getting bedroom cleaned
    -crackers to go with my soup
    -seeing how good i have been already with certain things i've wanted and want,and that i'm not as far away as i think from taking it farther
    -physical exercise and sticking to my goals
    -best friend calling me more normal seeming
    -rewiring my subconscious more and more and how much that has calmed me
    -balancing my solar plexus chakra
    -getting the towels out of the dryer by myself last night. that was a new little anxiety thing i overcame.
    -feeling in the vortex or almost there
    -focusing more on positive things
    -becoming more positive as a habit
    -my yoga mat
    -doing a nice yin yoga session last night
    -my lower body getting nice and toned
    -feeling more confident and excited
    -my beauty
    -law of attraction websites
    -this website
    -learning and applying helpful new ways of thinking
    -space from the worst of the negativity
    -my bed
    -my eyeglasses
    -getting a little work done today and finding perfect image for new project
    -seeing things move and get done
    -freaky,cool things that make you go hmm
    -best friend
    -my transitioned loved one
    -that things are always working out for me
    -the ability to create anything we want
    -my blue eyes
    -my beautiful brunette hair i'm really embracing lately
    -being slender
    -great little ideas to retrain my subconscious

  2. #352


    -vegan food
    -grounding foods
    -good feeling things
    -my eye glasses
    -being in a good mood that reminds me of the good moods i'd get back before my last apartment and all this drama
    -meeting my goals
    -my phone
    -my phone charger
    -my laptop
    -my laptop charger
    -getting a driving lesson in today and doing even better today. felt more confident turning the wheel a little
    -getting an amazing business graphic image done that is perfect
    -realizing the bio is perfect for social media page of new business
    -all the work business partner got done in the last two days. i love how after she is mia she will come back and end up doing major catch up to the point where i'm like whoa,practically overwhelmed
    -baileys alcohol. so tasty and fun
    -tibetan singing bowl audios and how they slow my mind down and seem to heal my soul
    -feeling very high vibe right now
    -all my little manifesting success stories lately and keeping track
    -realizing a differernt angle that maybe best friend is sending me psychic attack,not meaning to and clearing that
    -manifesting my internet back on and the interesting experience of it going off after i had the thought about best friend and his energy and me
    -l finally texting me back at least something
    -all the new year,new me things going on for me thus far and how much of a major comeback i'm already making. starting to drive,did a job where i'll get amazing new photos and new business project is being made public,feel ready to go out,etc,etc and i still feel a surge of wanting to get a lot done and major desires to make amazing things happen
    -getting new business launch fb page invites sent out
    -getting a meditation session in today. was harder to empty my mind this time as it was ovewhelmed but it did calm me down at least.
    -doing heart chakra balancing which also helped me a little today
    -getting dining room cleaned
    -best friend being home a little more today in the daytime to help me with things
    -mercy towards myself
    -getting out things i need to say in a way that wasn't too crazy when upset earlier at mom
    -being able to feel my feelings and express them somewhere even if it was just an anonymous online forum
    -my conviction
    -my higher self
    -a part in my book that all of a sudden called out to me and at the perfect time. it's been a difficult read and parts are boring but then all of a sudden i got that eerie,amazed feeling at what it was trying to say. perfect timing,too.
    -my bed
    -how when my vibe rises,i don't worry at all,i just know i'm fine and that's amazing
    -my knowing that the world is a mirror
    -how a lot of my phobic things have gone away from seeing them now from energy clearing i did and how things i do still see,i don't have as strong of an emotional reaction inside
    -being smart
    -my desires
    -my child-like side
    -having positive things to jump into again which will help me detach from negativity and dram
    -my speaking affirmations sessions which seem to be my favorite way to manifest now
    -knowing i was productive today
    -self forgiveness

  3. #353


    -knowing i create my reality and can choose anything i want
    -feeling relaxed
    -rent getting paid today
    -my throat and third eye chakra balancing music i'm doing right now
    -getting my panic subliminals done
    -my speaking affirmations sessions i do
    -getting some high end people liking new business social media page
    -getting a little bit of work done today
    -getting some buzz created for new business and some new things up,inquiries,likes,etc
    -washing and drying the clothes by myself today for the first time
    -going for a walk around the block while roommate is here today and seeing a cop which made me feel safe
    -my determination
    -knowing stability will come
    -being able to refrain from texting best friend's parents so far for about 3 days now and cutting back on needing my mom's help which has helped things i feel
    -the work possibilities i am excited for
    -getting myself excited for life again
    -being strong
    -my eyeglasses
    -feeling more powerful and how amazing it is to get my vibe high. it just makes the loa easier to apply
    -being in the vortex last night and how great it felt
    -being more open to change and creating new for myself now and having some direction
    -rewiring my subconscious and how much of old fears has drifted away thus far. it's been a process i've had to be patient about,but i am seeing a difference and things i feared two months ago,feel completely gone from my energy,and i am starting to feel more safer,just a little,and will increase that
    -warmer weather today
    -sweaters and hoodies
    -having a washer and dryer in the unit
    -balancing my perspective a little
    -my wisdom
    -how good i feel it can get
    -my bed
    -my conviction
    -knowing i always win
    -awesome little pretty affirmation pics i randomly found online that i saved to my phone
    -feeling clean and cleansed
    -using my hardships to become better
    -that the sun is now starting to come out for slightly longer
    -feeling in a new place and that things are starting to shift my way
    -being a caring person
    -realizing my feelings. my feelings of hurt. my feelings of what i desire. my feelings that i do seem have to feelings for l. my feelings that i want to win against these life hardships and will.
    -the snow having melted a little,the sun shining,and fresh air today
    -my inner knowings becoming stronger
    -being a positive person
    -knowing i have a beautiful soul
    -being talented
    -knowing high end people
    -my creativity

  4. #354


    -that l and i finally hung out again
    -that now i know what it's like to have a guy in my apartment and i handled it well.i got the house cleaned good before he came and put things away well and things didn't look too odd
    -things getting normal in some ways with things with best friend and getting a reassurance he didn't pay for a certain thing for R and he even said he swears on his grave and i tend to believe people when they say that. that he confided about his classes so now i know why money has been bad and why he's been stressed as money always really stresses him out
    -finding out i am attracted to l and that he looked more attractive when he got to my door. his hair was different and he just had a "cool" look plus he seemed more confident. finding out there is chemistry between me and l too.
    -finding out l is actually very dominant and take control. idk what it is,maybe it;s just what i attract,but he did all these little things for me like he was taking care of me.i caught him washing a dish to give me more whiskey even though there was a dish and he figured out how to turn the heat off then put it back on when i was cold.i didn't even know how to turn my heat off/on yet. plus,he just had very take control,dominant gestures. some maybe overly so. i don't how this happened. he was take control enough when we had last date but wouldn't have suspected him of being overly so.
    -l being so into my looks and staring at me a lot and saying im more beautiful in person and making me feel more attractive by staring so much at me and being so happy with how i look.
    -l bringing up early on in the night our relationship status asking if we are going to make it official and what i want to do.i got nervous saying right now and got shy and then subject kind of got changed. i brought up how what he does for a living and what i do we'd be a perfect couple and team and he said that's what he's been trying to say
    -makeup for making me feel beautiful
    -how proud i am of myself for managing to be able to have a guy over at my house and handling it
    -getting money sent to my paypal from my card all on my own when i had trouble figuring it out and thought i'd need best friend to help me figure it out
    -deciding this morning that,yes i would like to switch rooms which i was offered from roommate and that the living room would make things much easier for me and seems a overall more nicer fit
    -my style
    -being a woman
    -my desires and getting clarity about what do next with certain things
    -seeing pics from last job and seeing some i like
    -how nice it would be to have a high end industry boyfriend if l and i actually work out
    -feeling invigorated in ways
    -getting wall decal put up in living room today
    -physical exercise
    -that somehow the "princess" thing seems to work out for me and people seem to always help me out and do things for me. maybe because i'm not manipulative and i'm just authentically sort of feminine and slightly "helpless" in demeanor
    -how much l likes my teeth. he kept playing with them by running his fingers over them
    -being able to be social finally
    -that c called me last night to see if i was going to event.i feel bad i didn't go once i seen that,but it was nice she actually called to see
    -my understanding and empathy for others
    -how nice it is things have calmed down enough with best friend that i haven't had to contact his parents at all in almost a week.
    -my child like side
    -feeling better physically now. felt sick again in the afternoon and was scared. glad that's over with.
    -my contact from water job deciding to reschedule with conditions i told her i needed. was so glad she was able to work with that.
    -that things have really been moving now that the new year is here. so grateful
    -my conviction
    -seeing little things fix or get figured out quickly lately. it makes me feel empowered. sometimes it's after an affirmation
    -l being cute and saying we should go to a movie sometime while he was over after i brought up movies randomly and how cute it was how he asked me like he was asking me on a date and wanting to make me happy or coming up with ideas. ah,plus i love movie dates for some reason. they make me feel like a princess. they are just so classic and make me swoon for some reason. but only when the guy asks me,if he just takes me last minute that's not what i mean,but when guys ask me to a movie as in a date idea for us
    -all the little future things l suggested last night
    -that l actually seemed like he might be boyfriend material
    -my realizations the other night about moving forward and just finding something to dive into and about how it seems i've been getting ready to clear predestiny for awhile now and reflections on a very high vibe former crush
    -that plastic bins seem really cheap and like an easy thing to buy this weekend for storage
    -seeing little signs best friend cared about me today though it upset me and i told him to stop acting like he cares. he made my heart race. he asked certain questions about l and then i hesitated and it made him suspicious.
    -being considerate
    -being classy
    -being high end

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  5. #355


    -feeling happiness today for the first time in awhile
    -driving lesson today and doing a little turning and even parking
    -getting groceries today
    -a delicious,nourishing,vegan dinner just like i used to have back at my apartment before the last that always made me happy
    -feeling wanted
    -l seeming upset about me not replying last night and trying to get me to answer him
    -my winter hat
    -feeling very beautiful and sexy
    -yoga pants
    -my lower body getting nice and tight and sexy
    -dating a photographer
    -getting some plastic bins
    -getting my wall decal put up
    -having empathy and perspective
    -finding out a day i can get cat to come here
    -my nails being nice and hard
    -being attracted to l and how nice that feels to have someone again
    -feeling so moved forward compared to 6 weeks ago and i deserve it.i worked hard.
    -panic attack subliminals i've been doing
    -face massage
    -just feeling a nice sense of happiness that all is well,that i am abundant,and all is going to be fine
    -rose oil
    -my creativity and ideas
    -taking time off from things sometimes.
    -that the days have been getting slightly longer again and feeling spring is near
    -calming down about some things so i can do some things differently
    -giving up believing in astrology and how good that feels
    -feeling calmer about things i phobias about
    -understanding about my fears
    -just feeling a little more trusting again
    -little boosts of independence increasing
    -my skin looking great
    -thoughtful gesture that made me feel loved where best friend randomly gave me a backup phone charger to have that i guess he got for me or decided i should
    -knowing that this really nice feeling i have now,can keep coming back and get better,and better and to just keep up with the hard work i've been doing
    -speaking affirmations sessions
    -things i like
    -being considerate
    -having great taste in things
    -the amazing possibilities
    -sending links to best friend to help him
    -deciding to go higher in protein again

  6. #356


    -gratitude lists
    -making these potatoes perfectly
    -liking l now
    -being in the vortex again today for a few hours. wow. felt so good.
    -the power of positive music and how great it made me feel today
    -the things i like about l. how polite he always seemed. how on the first time we met when he booked me i was really late,and i think he even had to pay to rent the space and he didn't even seem the slightest bit mad or annoyed at me and just seemed like the polite,sweet guy who is very positive minded. i thought he was a cool guy back then. how by our first date,i thought he was an interesting guy and obviously chivalrous.i liked that he had culture and cool life experiences.i like that he unfollowed that girl and seen my side of a story i told him about things. and,now on our 2nd date,i like that i realized i AM attracted to him. I needed to know that and wasn't sure yet. I like how beautiful he made me feel and how take control he was and how he brought up going to the movies and us being in a relationship and a little picture i have of him in my head when he was being "bad." he was sitting on the floor playfully with a smile looking at me. idk why that is a snapshot in my head. well,actually,yeah, i do. i thought he looked really physically attractive in that moment. the hair,and the casual,playful way of sitting and the devious smile on his face. it is interesting the snapshots one will have in their head that they tend to turn to everytime they think of a certain day/night. i guess for me that date 2 will be that moment. the 2nd time time we met,will be him sitting at the table and seeming classy and cultured and feeling like this is ok,this is even kind of cool. and the first time will be of him standing seeming slightly shy,but polite and just like the nicest guy and very positive and very industry. he always seems very industry to me which i like. it was so nice talking to him and having like industry chat while watching movies. idk what'll happen.
    -having a feeling tomorrow will be a good day
    -finding out my blanket was not stolen like i freaked out and thought at 5 am
    -my eyesight seeming to get better
    -getting caught up on emails today after taking a bit of a break to withdraw
    -getting more progress and things done with new business
    -getting some sense of normalcy with best friend
    -roommate taking the trash out today
    -feeling very goal focused and like it's super in my reach to achieve my goals
    -doing my panic attack subliminals today
    -having coffee and a muffin today for breakfast
    -having a nice mason jar of water before breakfast which felt so good
    -a lot of subconscious fears calming down
    -doing some affirmation speaking sessions today and EFT
    -feeling beautiful
    -looking beautiful
    -my feminine energy
    -my face
    -my lower body getting nice and tight and perfectly shaped
    -my eyes
    -reminding myself that the most important thing for me right now is to just relax and stay stress free
    -getting clothes put away in bins and how much nicer it looks now
    -my conviction
    -my awesome wall decal in living room
    -being ok with giving myself a little time to do nothing
    -how healthy my teeth are
    -how healthy my nails are
    -odor in bedroom going away
    -all my manifesting success stories i've recently been garnering
    -feeling more and more like new goals i had wanted are achievable and more in my reach now. it's so weird.
    -the days getting longer
    -feeling more calmer about time now
    -getting excited about work things,and love life possibilities and feeling the possibilities more again
    -positive websites like these that help me get back on track when times are hard
    -feeling "over" certain things finally
    -my ear seeming to do fine today
    -being able to tell and show people i'm doing happy
    -decluttering and throwing out old sweater i wore a lot this fall that had a tear in the side
    -great ideas
    -seeing how certain things in the past i didn't feel ready for or blocked,can now more easily come into my life and how great that feels
    -the laptop i'm using
    -what i do for a living,my primary first career.

  7. #357


    -the power of adding emotions
    -using my sad,low,feelings to observe and reflect on what i'm doing wrong and to add fuel to my desires and motivation
    -remembering the juicyness of life again and the power of feeling those feelings of magic
    -remembering me and who i am and the things i love
    -remembering happiness
    -funny little things that seem to be really calling my attention. it was so odd. these google fairytale pictures kept grabbing my attention so i even saved them. it was so weird,the way it seemed to be grabbing my attention.
    -funny little hmm moments from law of attraction. i changed my picture on a website of law of attraction to the fairytale pic that kept grabbing my attention for some odd it was calling me and then i decided to go ahead and comment on this girl's thread about wanting a hero and then realized my pic was a pic of a princess and her hero. Was SO weird. Didn't even realize that until after i commented either. Sites like that are great at reminded me the world is a mirror and the law of attraction. I see often things that parallel what's on my mind.
    -perfectly cooked potatoes. i figured out adding two more minutes to the time and then not rushing to take them out makes them soo perfect
    -knowing despite it all,i am feeling less and less blocked. i can feel more of an unlimited feeling of what's possible for me again and am dreaming bigger and believing in more. maybe that's the first step for me was knocking those limiting beliefs down so i can have a clearer path of what's possible which also soothed fears and helped me feel a little less stuck again,and gave me some success stories with manifesting and maybe now today in my down,sad mood was to have me realize the power of adding emotions/and feelings and remembering things related to that.
    -sexy guys
    -going tanning today
    -feeling and looking more beautiful
    -my lower back getting tighter and more in shape
    -my lower back having a nice curvy shape guys like
    -cutting down on sodas that are brown colored for two days in a row so far
    -letting myself cry
    -EFT which has been helpful at clearing limiting beliefs
    -speaking affirmation sessions
    -feeling so energized and like tension has been released after EFT and speaking affirmation session which tells me it's really rewiring my subconscious
    -seeing all the things i've repressed over the years..the feeling of being connected,feeling the amazing feeling of feeling just because,etc
    -that my looks came back after the two months or so of extreme stress i had
    -great law of attraction videos
    -remembering that EVERYTHING is created from "nothing" and to not feel intimidated of how to manifest something out of thin air
    -plant based food and being mostly plant based again
    -my hair
    -laughing at life
    -getting in the vortex for at least a few moments tonight

  8. #358


    I am grateful that it makes me appreciate the divine more than ever.

    It makes the divine feel like it's worth 10million dollars

    I get spiritual satisfaction from appreciating

    I express love freely when I am grateful

    It's a feel good topic being grateful

    Buttercup that is a very very big grateful list

  9. #359


    make sure you do all these exercises for life it’s pimping up your personality ;/
    Make sure you mean it when you are being greatful ;/;/;/
    524 to 534pm
    Thankyou for dad quitting smoking
    Thankyou for my whole family being spiritual
    Thankyou for the whole family raising their vibration %
    Thankyou for the blender and most healthiest selection
    Thankyou for the pleasure of being grateful
    Thankyou for the inner water purified water tea in my guts filled with light
    Thankyou for running every day of the week
    Thankyou for healthy food from mum it feels blessed
    Thankyou for medicine it saved my life better a ghost then to hearing voices;/
    Disconnection, safe mode
    Unconscious protection safe mode
    Protective Toxins
    Drug induced psychic protection

    Thankyou for the space that I can be and disconnect from my sufferings
    Thankyou non fluoridated water ;/
    Thankyou for the apple vingier ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for the visions
    Thankyou for the strong strong vibrations ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for the earthed mind water grounding me to the celestial reality
    Help, help, help me spiritually evolve = Makerie Daily
    = ???
    Thankyou for my future freedom
    Thankyou for vedgy boys for raw fruit and veg, really really good deals from boss ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for light in my fruit

    thankyou for angels showing themselves once every while

    Thankyou for accepting my new diet organic raw vegetarian blended meals ;/;/;/

    Thankyou for programming myself to be in the moment and positive ;/;/;/
    thankyou for the benefits of raising my vibration
    Thankyou for fighting against my old ways ;/
    Thankyou collecting light around my conscious and energy field

    Thankyou for raw fruit and veg helping me connect to nature X
    Thanking for moderating what I eat and drink ;/;/;/;/

    Thankyou for transforming my water molecular structure by positive practices
    Thank conquering voices from clozapine not much room for them to stagnate my progress
    Less room to manifest bad future the voices will

    Thankyou for the positives and focus on positive feel good subject
    Thank for earthing or grounding that connects me to nature

    thankyou for gardening X

    thankyou for dukes yoga exeresize - +%
    Thankyou for a living a godly life threw the now
    Thankyou for my ego turning into a shower of love and light

    Thankyou for really really raising my vibration by connecting to archangel oracle cards
    ^ feminine & compassion,,,now.. XX%
    Thankyou for the benefits of raising vibration

    Thankyou for the lighterian waters;/;/;/

    Thankyou for more then 10k healing angels clear threw my mental and emotional debree wow wow
    Thankyou for healing from the national healers list;/;/;/
    Thankyou for good mental health from white sage ;/;/;/

    Thankyou for vortex lady clearing away anxiousness
    and fear ;/;/;/
    Note I don’t have to feel like a tortured animal anymore

    Thankyou for the laughing fits ;/;/%
    Thankyou for the power of my throat
    Thankyou for the detox on medication threw absorbing light;/
    Thankyou going threw the only way to pilless state threw raising of vibration
    Thankyou for duke in my life helping me get into the moment ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for getting into the moment frequently without aids

    Thankyou for duke in my life ;/

    Thankyou for the detox of apple cider
    Thankyou for being higher vibrational earthed water based ;/
    Thankyou for all of debbies exercises

    Thankyou for the moon the stars being grounded in this fantastic reality grounded by water
    Thankyou for the desire to transform my ego to divine ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for my divine friends nonphysical and physical, friends as well
    Thankyou for the laughing yoga ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for the timeless state of the now ;/
    Thankyou for my frequency really really high
    Thankyou for 200 or more structures from vortex lady
    ^ she can send remote structures
    Thankyou for intense lucid dreams
    Dreams, dimensional aspects ;/
    Thankyou for very expressing my greatfulness
    Thankyou for daily light from drinking white tea
    Thankyou for coco colo burps some times without aids = regular phenomena
    -very Impressive ^ ;/;/;/;/ recently
    Thankyou for expressing my light, activating and sending out light to the world normally experienced on divine highs

    Thankyou for pushing me forward in life ;/

    Thankyou for working towards transforming my ego to divine aspect
    Thankyou for releasing my cellur pain memory ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for acknowledging ma-ker-ry as intense light
    Thankyou for purity peace relaxing massaging my mind
    Threw the gods light in my energy field

    Thankyou for awakening threw vortex healing X?X
    Thankyou for raising vibration threw vortex healing;/;/;/
    I feel my stagnancy and I am going to fight for my freedom.. the freedom to be free from stagnancy and ego 50% worked on %%;/;/
    Thankyou for the avacodo in brown bread %X%
    Thankyou white tea to make me have beautiful skin ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for green tea powder in moderation %X% need to buy at Asian shop

    Thankyou for money in the future
    Most of all thankyou for the light more valuable comparing to money

    Thanking for allowing me to fully love my body

    Thankyou for allowing me to love my dad, sister, mum
    Thankyou for my ego disolving threw vortex healing lady ;/
    Thankyou for knowing my ego is disolving
    Thankyou for slowly getting off my medication
    I love you lom because I’ve got a long abundance grateful list thankyou for everything I have it thanks to you, all thanks to you lom

    Help me be very very extremely grateful lom

    Thankyou for maximizing my light love vibration, quotient in this dose of medication
    Thankyou going beyond max amount of vibration that I can hold threw vortex therapy, structures

    Myself Healing my schizophrenia with angels
    Thankyou for angel business is my business

    Thankyou for integrating sub personalities voices and raising their vibration
    Thankyou for wanting to get a laughing yoga book…X
    Thankyou for practicing laughing yoga daily ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for practicing NEW ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for raising my vibration daily
    Thankyou for only high vibrational hullcinations

    Thankyou for a full recovery I wouldn’t be here today as I would be victimized for life
    In other words thankyou for braking free from victim consciousness ;/;/;/

    Thanks to Debbie’s execisers thanks to her

    Thankyou for my hs getting me into the moment ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for doing healing on Chrissy XX%
    Thankyou for homeopath herbs that can help connect me to nature X ask for other types of herbs.. to be added to the homeopath bottle %%%
    Thankyou for going to the beach to connect to the wind %%%
    Thankyou everyday fighting my stagnancy ;/
    Stagnancy disintegrating from raising vibration ;/
    Thankyou for feeling good from the love and light ;/
    Thankyou for positivity making me really really appricaite positive gains ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for positive music aligning me with the divine ;/

    Thankyou for me self-mothering myself ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for really appricate my greatfulness
    Thankyou for really really unlocking my throat gland
    Thankyou for the training and no tobacco to not shut down my throat function
    Thankyou for staying the hell away from quality beedies or quality cigars smoking (never ever will start up smoking ever again) I have control over my life, now..
    Acknowledging tobacco is good smelling gorce,,, Michael…

    Thankyou for cleaning my lungs so I can readily absorb wild dagga blue lotus extract and other shamanic substances
    Help me clean my lungs lom
    Long periods of no voices from medicine room for big spiritual growth
    Thankyou for trusting in debbie that has answered that I will be off medication in the future
    Thankyou for the healing process and medication process
    Thankyou for having a laughing fits in my dream state ;/
    Thankyou for stuffing me with strong laughing emotions ;/;/;/ keep practicing…
    The beach water vibration is as strong as the spieghts spring water so thankyou for abosbing this water
    Spieghts beer is healthy for your vibration

    Thankyou for raising my water qiotency molecular vibration which influence my negative synapses

    Being absolutely saterated in light strongly affecting my negative brain wiring
    Everyday tar synapses in lungs is braking down threw natural cellur, high frequency, spring water, replacement
    Everyday negativity and victim consciousness is getting weaker and weaker

    Thankyou for vivid dreams
    Thankyou for flushing alien or reptillion mind matter or negative programming appreciating it going down tolit, the negative programming + lung synapses
    Thankyou for working with water its cleansing properties is appricaited big time
    I love water
    Thankyou for worshiping divine purity
    Thankyou for fighting for the freedom to be in extreme godly paradise
    Help me fight threw laziness when it comes to running %X;/
    Lom help me in the pleasure of destroying my stagnancy ;/ and dissolving my ego ;/

    Thankyou for the abundant fruit and veg good deals;/

    I am talking about heaven on earth…
    Thankyou for ascending on earth…
    Thankyou for working on my long term silence base conditioning during walking meditation;/;/;/
    Thankyou for flushing psychic waste down the tolit
    Thankyou working towards to have a healthy Sound positive mind so i can enjoy shamanic substances

    Thankyou for taking the path of positivity. Filled with positive experiences on this path ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for going to receive mahekeri true light at bruces place weekly X;/;/
    Thankyou for being greatful helping me value the divine more then ever
    Greatful = freedom = strong spiritual satisfaction

    Thankyou for more consciousness from raising of vibration

    Thankyou for my dad’s strong bond aswell as my mums strong bond and my sister strong bond ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for recoverying my greatful desire
    Thankyou for being shaman appreciating shamanic beauty ;/
    Thankyou for being earthed and having visions

    Thankyou for in the future one foot in the divine dimension and one foot the in the physical dimension ! ! !

    Thankyou for being very grateful
    Thankyou for training in stronger gratefulness
    Thankyou for the beaty and natures high vibrational frequency

    Thankyou for being guided from lord prayer

    Thankyou for bombarding vibration ally my mental body, emotional body and with light tea ;/
    I love you lom because I get to love you
    Thankyou for the healing of my brain threw psychic surgery ;/
    Thankyou for the protection from my very own mind the protection of light in my energy field ;/

    Thankyou for the profound transformation lom of unwell Michael to mentally healthy Michael lom threw Debbie’s exercises given to me lom ;/ done
    Thankyou for buying ACID the full package from Harvey Norman acid internet homepage internet X
    Thankyou lom for praying to become stronger
    Thankyou for mastering speed reading …later in life;/
    Thankyou for spring water and salvia
    Thankyou for connecting to nature
    Thankyou for salvia afterglow similar to earthed mind water,

    thankyou for this similar pleasant feeling;/

    Thankyou for going to polytechnique to study music ..%
    Thankyou for training my musical skills by singing to positive love music.
    ^ raise vibration fully first then do music field ;/
    Thankyou for applying gratefulness I understand it’s an important Debbie exercise

    Thankyou for desiring to be extremely grateful
    Thankyou for not being a victim anymore
    Thankyou for successful attempts of getting into the now ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for Debbie in my life ;/;/;/

    Thankyou for a healthy organic chicken in my future saturated in quality olive oil kfc secret recipe

    thankyou for the olive oil in my food ;/

    Thankyou for mum teaching me how to cook yummy rice independently ;/
    Thankyou for avocado fixes
    Thankyou for chili fixes
    Thankyou for connecting to nature and absorbing vegaterain meals

    Thankyou lom for soul food tasty raw vegetarian meals
    Thankyou for being creative when it comes too food
    Thankyou for receiving and giving love

    Thankyou for flawless healthy diet better than nothing
    Thankyou for improving my diet in the long run, know how can do.
    Thankyou for knowing how to get into the now as a strategy ;/ ;/ ;/
    Thankyou for having vivid lucid dreams on medication ;/
    Thankyou for encouraging Michael to eat healthy threw encouraging Michael tapping and programming Michael
    Thankyou for Michael healthy lifestyle looking after my vechile

    Thankyou for the longevity fighting the ageing process from psychiatric medication long term consumption from white tea

    Thankyou for doing chores without being told in the new flat :/;/;/
    Thankyou for a detox on vegetables
    Thankyou for advancing with prayers
    Appreciating the max qiotency of light in my energy
    field where I am at, at this point while on medication
    Thankyou for the medication at this point of time
    Thankyou for being emotional when doing I love you in the mirror
    Thankyou for pure health life and purity
    Thankyou lom for simplicity
    Thankyou for doing thanks giving
    Threw exercise becoming very fit XXX
    1000 squats per day x barrier work on it
    Thankyou I love you lom because I have incense and essential oils such as lavender oil or rose oil %X%

    Thankyou for the efforts of becoming hard working slowly dissolving the rest of my stagnancy to a pulp to be fully hard working
    Good results with being non stagnant ;/ ;/ ;/
    ^ note I’ve feel I have come a long way
    Thankyou for running plus wind to day sustains will power levels and delivers discipline
    Thankyou for running = will power improving and mobile body awareness and rope pulling in body XX;/;/

    The wind is good to release pain suffering stagnant energies on a windy day ;/
    So thankyou for the devolvement of the rest of my stagnancy
    Thankyou for acknowledging where I am at, at this moment

    Thankyou for the will power exercise and good wind
    Thankyou for successfully practicing connecting to pavement using feet ;/;/;/ à earthing and botanical gardens

    Thankyou for green tea ice coffee X don’t support caffiene
    Thankyou for keeping up my fitness ;/X%
    Thankyou for lidea and Derk % currently in my life
    Thankyou for fighting my gambling addiction ;/
    >under control<
    Thankyou for microwaving second hand rose buds
    Thankyou for microwaving loose white sage and putting it into the spa ;/

    Thankyou for hot water to drink better than nothing
    Thankyou for presence found in discipline
    I love you lom I know all trips are positive on mind altering substances
    Thankyou for being programmed by angels to enjoy all salvia trips
    Thankyou for being programmed by angels to be immune to the influence of the dark side

    Thankyou lom for the salvia mother plant
    Therefore thankyou for being hard working
    I love the truth filling me
    hs threw my light body

    Thankyou for being grateful for the rest of my life
    Thankyou for the work done on making me sound
    Thankyou for a list of positive happenings
    Thankyou for my dream diary need prompting
    Thankyou for doing Debbie’s exercises for life
    Thankyou for practicing Toltec once every while
    Thankyou for being ultra-ultra grateful one day in my future
    actually fun doing the exercises
    Actually enjoyed Toltec exercise
    Do it once needed when beliefs come to the surface
    Sustained progress from long term practice
    thankyou learning to love lom
    thankyou for light in my white tea
    Thankyou for the health benefits of drinking tea
    Thankyou for the water brewy in stomach filled with light
    Thankyou for the mirror love work
    I love you because I get to be a divine ego
    lom help me be more grateful thankyou lom for myself being more grateful more everyday
    Thankyou for access to mastering my memory and my intelligence
    Thankyou for my believe system cleared by angels
    Thankyou for merlin linage clearing away false beliefs system threw my mental body %;/%

    Thankyou for Speights water mineral spring water without being fluoridated ;/;/;/
    I want to be grateful lom make me grateful lom
    Please help me be grateful please help me be loving
    Thankyou for absorbing nature threw white & green tea
    Thankyou for seeking balance 50% the physical & 50% the out of body world
    Thankyou for getting my ♥♥♥♥ stuff together

    Thankyou for letting me start my exercises again
    Thankyou for the progress I am making’
    Thankyou for fighting isolation or alienation ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for getting into the moment almost weekly X
    Thankyou for optimum mental health
    Thankyou for making me lom
    Thankyou for releasment of my mental emotional garbage
    Thankyou for good mental health from stop smoking
    Thankyou for my natural stimulant charged mind from meditation & brain charged with light
    Thankyou for the stimulant light in the long term future
    I love you lom god because you help me do my best
    Thankyou for the years devote of exercises given to me
    Thankyou for fighting my stagnancies including my ego
    Thankyou for abundant gratefulness’
    Thankyou for stretching my abundance
    Grateful for all debbies exercises all of them are very important
    Thankyou for the shamanic Toltec practice daily

  10. #360


    Thankyou for knowing how to change my beliefs
    ^ only when believes come to the surface^
    Thankyou for making sound b4 shamanic
    Thankyou for upping my praying skills
    Thankyou for practicing praying every day

    Thankyou for a positive future
    Please make me do all Debbie’s exercises
    Believe it or not your Debbie’s best student
    I know when my stagnancy dissolves are being very fully hard working
    Thankyou for the 4 well beings
    Sun light / Light in hot water/ healthy tea
    Running/ Gym Workout
    Spa ;/ sauna %
    Stem, temperature, duration, white sage smoke, lavender oil & essential oils %
    Ask her house for more information
    Thankyou for working towards home sauna goal
    Thankyou for taking a break from healthy drugs because of giving me the time for healing period
    I love you lom everyday become sounder everyday
    I love being in the moment because I enjoy thanksgiving
    Thankyou for being grateful for being in the moment
    Thankyou for the ego to dissolve the attachment of English language
    Thankyou for the conditioning of becoming silent during walking mediation exercises
    Thankyou for latest successful attempt getting with derk in the moment ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for lidea being my in the moment buddy from now

    Thankyou for getting rid of parasites

    I love you so much because I can heal myself threw walking meditation without being dependent on Debbie Pratt
    Thankyou for the Silence, silence is healing
    Thankyou for the jasmine tea

    Thanking connecting to the lux

    Thankyou for wanting to be author ???
    The state of mediational peaceful being
    Thankyou for myself self-mothering my inner child
    Thankyou for looking after my physical body threw running gym

    Thankyou for being more independent now without Debbie
    Thankyou for making me grateful very strong more I practice the stronger I am grateful

    It’s a pleasure to work for god even if there is no reward there is pleasure doing service

    Thankyou for the pleasure of being grateful
    Debbie is my master therefore all exercises are important life long

    Thankyou for being saturated in light the joy of this present energy
    I thankyou lom for who I really am as member of heaven
    Thankyou for getting into the now on weekly basis

    At this point thankyou for the medication it is a positive thing a tool to keep you well very useful very well appreciated it’s usage
    Thankyou lom for my grand plan

    I will love every moment because in each moment threw is love therefore I am grateful that I am in every moment plus beauty and being high
    Thankyou for the joy
    Thankyou the best drug of them all “being in the moment”
    Thankyou for soul expression a result of sustain practiced exercise
    Thanks for progress at this moment
    Thankyou how I have benefited from all these exercises practiced role play
    Thankyou for so much I have now thankyou so much – thankyou so much yours Michael

    Thankyou for my muscles
    Thankyou for the goody good pride from tengs light thankyou for the healing of my brain
    Thankyou for getting my stuff together today threw the vibration lom

    Thankyou for my new strategy project connecting to pavement done ;/;/;/ keep trying
    Thankyou lom to hang out with light workers
    Where every I go I can have contact with Debbie’s
    higher self in my physical body
    Thankyou for the health
    Thankyou for the strong healthy ego
    Thankyou for Skype at and seeing Debbie
    Thankyou for the answers I have been given from the light body on this one
    Thankyou for the goody good transformation of my personality
    Thankyou for growing a strong heart
    I love you because you made me a lover I love you because I am grateful
    Seeing Debbie’s higher self or going to Australia
    Thankyou for the shamanic path
    The shamanic path is my way of life
    Thankyou for positive gain from the Debbie’s exercises

    Thankyou where I am at in this moment
    Thankyou for devotion of life long positivity
    Thankyou for staying away from violent movies
    Thankyou so much to work towards my goals
    Thankyou for the progress I am doing
    Thankyou so much lom from not suffering anymore
    Sour stomach lom and sedative attacks lom
    I thought I will have that illness for the rest of my life
    I can’t believe I am free from it
    I love you lom because I have the right to eat organic cooked vegetables I love you because I am grateful that you gave me ;/;/;/
    Thankyou for no voices most of the time when on meds
    Thankyou for the soul food of vegetables and nourishment is stronger comparing it to junk food
    Thankyou for my taste buds transforming vegetarian taste buds ;/
    Thankyou for devotion to healthiness
    Thankyou for dosing me with light threw the cups of white tea
    In other words thankyou- for the clozapine lom
    Thankyou for my birthday present from iraine raising vibration
    Thankyou for the vibration dissolving my stagnancy
    Thankyou that my higher self is an angel what I desire to be...
    Thankyou for the love I get from Debbie

    Thankyou for how I feel in my body by the healthy
    choices I make to eat. Thankyou for being in control of what I eat. When I eat
    Thankyou for taking my diet to a whole new level of healthiest

    Thankyou for the ritual of gratefulness
    Thankyou for the spiritual lifestyle

    Thankyou for progress lom in my life lom
    Thankyou for relaxing in bed when muscles have been
    Used up and feel good in my body
    I love you because I love to love to love you

    In other words thankyou for the endorphins they are meditational and protective
    Thankyou for the protective toxins from medication
    Thankyou for the prayers lom
    Thankyou for the celebration funding
    Thankyou for angels appearing sometime soon
    Thankyou for friends

    Thankyou for working with a chosen tree

    I won’t give up on laughing yoga so easily keeping the faith ;/;/ ;/

    Thankyou for not giving up on laughing yoga ;/;/;/

    Thankyou for Debbie my master

    Thankyou for being in the now at home
    “You need to practice”.. when doing chores..

    Thankyou lom for blessing my throat from prayers

    Thankyou for trying to master my life
    Thankyou for the opportunity the opportunity of mastering my life lom

    The attempt to master my life

    Thankyou for encouraging myself to try be lucid or in the moment during daily chores
    I love you because it’s the encouragement, the lovingly encouragement of michael the mastery of my life;/;/

    Thankyou for my dad and his knowledge and thankyou for Debbie and her knowledge
    Thankyou for working with Michael Debbie and my Dad

    Thankyou for Debbie being in my life ;/

    Thankyou for fighting my stagnation towards spirituality and freedom
    The war on stagnation toward working towards progressive spiritual freedom
    Thankyou for enjoying being grateful

    Thankyou for dissolving thoughts threw my in and out breath power of the now conditioning threw out my life during walking mediation periods ;/;/
    Long term in the moment conditioning ;/

    Thankyou for working towards my most important ability the moment

    Thankyou for defeating my ego
    Thankyou for the divine transformation of the ego
    It’s a pleasure lom to dissolve stagnant anchors lom by bombarding them with a higher vibration threw in the moment or laughing yoga

    Thankyou so much for being connected to the light and body and the pink body
    Thankyou for giving Debbie money the love I get in return really is worth the money

    Thankyou so much for the programming
    I love to be grateful because in love to worship you lom

    It’s a pleasure to do work lom

    I am counting it
    It a real pleasure thanks to you lom

    Thankyou for being really really grateful sometimes while doing the being grateful list

    Thankyou for tofu and soya sauce on bread

    Thankyou for the vegetarian dumplings and garlic

    Thankyou for getting divine highs

    Thankyou lom for hash brown
    Thankyou for every Debbie exercise all important
    Thankyou progressive development to all muscles

    Thankyou for thanksgiving and listening to holy music

    Thankyou for borning children lom thanks to you lom I now have angel family in spirit
    Thankyou lom for the cheese toasties
    Thankyou lom for making me want to love you
    Thankyou for singing dancing and laughing and smiling
    Thankyou for nurturing my inner child threw singing and dancing

    Thankyou for all that I love

    Thankyou for the stemmed vegetables
    Thankyou lom for homemade kebabs

    Thankyou for chill

    Thankyou for the divine nature of me
    Thankyou for not giving my power away and raising my vibration

    God bless you my throat is so blessed thankyou, thankyou..

    Thankyou for a positive future
    Thankyou for the iPod and becoming programmed by the positive subliminal

    Thankyou for making me devoted to being grateful
    Praise lom thankyou I lom I love you
    Thankyou for the qi gong
    Thankyou for the natural stimulant CHI energy
    Thankyou for mixing chi with light therefore for this combination
    Thankyou for listening to my prayers lom
    Thankyou for being a busy worker
    Thankyou for the in the moment future
    Thank you for staying away from negativity from TV
    Thankyou for being devoted to positivity for the rest of my life

    Thankyou lom for the squid salad
    Thankyou for my dream salad I want to make
    I love you lom beach organic vegetables taste so so good
    Garlic, Flower, Seeds, Avocado, lemon juice real foods mayonnaise, vinegar. Grated cheese, tomato, grated purple onion, mushrooms, fresh alive herbs

    Cook flounder squid and random fish

    Thankyou so much for all these sea foods thanks to you lom

    Thankyou for Christian orchestra

    Thankyou for the love I get from remote healers

    Thankyou for the 10,000 angels healing me

    Thankyou for the swim suit
    It’s not cold anymore lom I can now enjoy the sea lom

    Thankyou for being reincarnated I like it so much because of eating healthy food.

    Thankyou for training my gratefulness

    Thankyou lom for the soul food lom raw vegetables

    Thankyou for Being starving vegetarian foods so yummy from deprived of a heavy calories

    Thankyou for the sea food salad

    I love you lom because Michael loves you
    I love myself lom because Michael loves you lom
    Thankyou for being grateful together with the divine like music thankyou

    Healthy food taste like KFC

    Thankyou for the sea lord hoki fillets truly taste like kfc

    Thankyou lom thankyou thankyou thankyou

    Thankyou for vegetarian Indian food mixed with chilli
    Thankyou for strong chilli fixes when eating Indian or Asian foods

    Thankyou for starving myself so my food tastes so good when deprived of food

    Thankyou lom for vegetarian diet lom it is low in calories and I can eat so much of the stuff without gaining weight. Bless you lom for my raw vegetable salad

    Thankyou for the mistakes I have acknowledged when eating food that is bad for my highest good
    Thankyou lom for the mistakes I don’t repeat thankyou, thankyou

    Thankyou lom for no psychic attacks at a higher vibration

    Thankyou for the niacin lom

    Thankyou for dissolving smokers deprived emptiness
    Emptiness while raising my vibration

    Thankyou for being smoke free

    Thankyou for the recovery of Michael

    Thankyou for creating my soul lom
    I can’t believe I am conscious and alive thankyou for making me alive soul I can’t belief my soul has a I am witness and that I have life

    Thankyou lom for making my soul alive

    Thankyou for allowing me to purify my lungs from tar

    Thankyou lom for the lung detox

    Thanking you for listening to me

    Thankyou for the dragon magick books
    Thankyou for wanting to be a shaman and magician
    Thankyou for being a light worker
    Thankyou for being feed light

    Thankyou for the computer lom to do all my work with

    Thankyou for remote Healing
    Thankyou for being grateful more everyday
    Bless you lom for blessing me

    Feeding my light body thankyou for solar sun light

    Thankyou for the healing of Michael on the mental emotional and spiritual level

    Thankyou for the love I am after

    Thankyou for drowning my thoughts lom by drowning using in and out breath lom

    Thankyou for every vibration every smallest amount counts

    Thankyou for music lom

    Thankyou for new white tea

    Thankyou for everything I have

    Thankyou for my raw food diet

    Thankyou for the wellbeing of being a smoke free

    Thankyou for the now
    Thankyou for being programmed in the now subliminal
    Thankyou for all subliminal

    Thankyou for the craft lom that manifests the now lom
    Thankyou for the journey to find the in the moment attunement
    Thankyou for the vortex awakening to get me out of my head easier

    Thanks too you lom, I make good use of water by making apple blend using water. Thanks, Thankyou so much yours Michael

    Thankyou for the purification of Michael nawrocki from raising my vibration

    Thankyou for being grateful more than the light
    Thankyou for going forward in life not backwards

    Thankyou for the soul food for gratefulness
    Thankful for being grateful
    Thankyou for allowing me to be thankful

    Thankyou for the chores lom

    Thankyou for doing chores in the name of love

    Thankyou for garlic

    Thanyou for the white tea

    Thankyou for experiencing blue lotus

    Thankyou for the resin pipe that gives good flavor in my imagination lom

    Thankyou for resining my imagine pipe with the highest quality cigar tobacco to bring out the flavor from my pipe

    Thankyou for the apple diet
    Thankyou for new blender parts
    Thankyou for Debbie Pratt being here for another
    Thankyou in the future being sound positive all soul fragments come home
    Thanking for forgiving Michael for wasting some of my abundance

    Thankyou for the passion of being light
    Thankyou for being a light seeker
    Thankyou for feeding my cells light
    Thankyou for feeding my cells love
    Thankyou for connecting to the nonphysical elements threw the now
    Thankyou for the natures energy including the celestial energy of this dimension
    Thankyou work being done on improving my throat gland
    Thankyou for raising my vibration
    Thankyou being smoke free
    Thankyou for tar being removed from my lungs
    Thankyou lom for removing all my Tabaco brainwashing
    Thankyou lom for my lungs everyday getting healthier
    Thankyou for makerie true light in my lifetime
    Thankyou for saving me into the light

    Thankyou my future stash
    Thankyou for transforming all
    animals in zoo keepers in the zoo
    Thankyou for the home I live in
    Thankyou for enjoying my journey
    thankyou for soul retrieval and my soul retrieval opening affirmation
    Thankyou lom for feeding me love
    Thankyou for looking after my vehicle by the healthy choices and love and light
    Thankyou lom for being on the light side
    Thankyou for successful power of now attempts
    Thankyou fighting my food addiction
    Thankyou for being hungry and eating avocado
    Thankyou for fighting my food pangs
    Thankyou for my high frequency
    thankyou for clearing traumatic debree and raising and the raising of my frequency

    Thankyou for my long term praying skills lom blessing my throat chakra for more than a year and a half now I release how powerful my chanting can be

    Thankyou for the blessing of Michael throat chakra long term
    Thankyou for unlocking Michaels throat function long term
    Thankyou for my new power of the now dreams

    Lom I love you so much you gave me the best reincarnation in this lifetime

    I have a very good brain probably the best brain of all the lifetimes

    Thankyou for a few awakenings that will help me very much to connect to nature
    Vortex healing

    I am grateful for all true angels love hearts
    I respect am grateful and very lucky and very privileged

    Lom help me be more grateful thankyou lom for your help

    I am happy because I am grateful that I am grateful
    Lom thankyou for the light body all answers

    Thankyou for the goal towards become very healthy by being saturated in light from the now both physically and non-physically. Healthy by fully saturating my light on a cellar level
    Charging my mind with energy from long term mediation
    Goal to maximize light love and vibration

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