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    That's my gratitude list

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    -for doing another social media boost
    -my eyeglasses
    -for laughing at life
    -for getting in the vortex again
    -for remembering how easy it is to gently just switch my thoughts and being able to see how all the things going on earlier were literally just exactly what i believed and how easy it is to see how every little external thing is based on a belief on the inside. it's so easy. just keep switching beliefs,little by little. it's magic! play. have fun. don't make it so hard. remembering the power of emotions and how adding emotions seems to make every desire turn into a knowing. remembering mental influence and how easy that is. how much easier the loa feels these days. remembering how much i've forgotten the power of feeling. the power of just remembering and enjoying the juicy good feelings of life and how vital that is. how i used last night's pain to remember more of what i need to tune up still.
    -l responding to my texts today and finally getting it out there that i was upset
    --re-reading my texts later and realizing i did kind of look like i overreacted to him if i read through the texts but oh well,it felt like i needed to get it out
    -l's voice and how sexy it is
    -how beautiful and sexy l has made me feel just as i am
    -online forums
    -getting photos back from a job tonight
    -getting a little work done
    -clearing up some more resistances after seeing exactly why some things were not happening easy. it is soooooo so easy. anything in your life that is difficult,is from your belief.
    -how beautiful my face is
    -these amazing solar plexus chakra musics that always seem to be an important chakra to work on and very helpful
    -that i'll be done with panic attack subliminals soon. only about two more weeks.
    -getting happy just for the sake of happiness but also feeling a knowingness that my desires are manifesting and just becoming a powerful manifestor
    -feeling feelings remembering my transitioned loved one today
    -money put on my bank card again
    -an article i read that was kind of negative about how more then half of americans have less then 1,000 to their name but that i found oddly reassuring perhaps,because that's where my vibration is at right now and needing to hear me and those i know aren't as bad as we think maybe?
    -realizing i know some very attractive,talented people and did well for myself compared to most of those i knew as a child and since high school
    -feeling good
    -feeling more relaxed about best friend
    -keeping things classy and relatively civil when people try to bring me down
    -the feeling i feel inside that i just KNOW all is going to be ok. it feels so freaking good and authentic and is keeping me in the vortex. ah!!!!
    -just KNOWING i will hear from l again soon and feeling like me and him are going to get into something good
    -attractive guys
    -fun life moments and memories
    -having things in my life to be proud of
    -being an ambitous and goal-oriented person
    -becoming more present today
    -my feminine sexy figure
    -having a great backside
    -yoga pants
    -enjoying coffee again
    -having a pepsi today
    -delicious vegan foods
    -my nails being nice and hard
    -how enjoyable the law of attraction and creating is becoming again
    -that the odor in my bedroom is finally gone after my mom took her clothes. think it was her dog that caused it
    -spontaneity and getting more in the groove of it and how beneficial that is too
    -my vitamins
    -my hair
    -for making my life have more ease
    -for little things to make my subconscious more positive.
    -for getting really into loa again and going back to the start with it and winning

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    -cereal to satisfy my sweet tooth
    -getting the bedroom sweeped and cleaned
    -finding a good pic for social media to update
    -crystal singing bowl audios
    -getting the cat here
    -clearing a major,obvious limiting belief last night
    -having an interesting,probably nothing manifestation that reminded me my heart is over E. Being physical with L seemed to do it. the power of letting go is eerily magical.
    -getting my mood boosted again before bed last night
    -getting work done today
    -best friend apologizing to brother
    -best friend getting me a soda and snack earlier
    -my phone
    -my phone charger
    -my vision
    -that best friend is safe
    -cool ideas i want to try
    -interesting things to ponder
    -my strength and patience
    -that i switched two fearful things from happening without trying too hard by the power of my mind
    -my slippers
    -getting the cat blanket in the washing machine
    -warm showers to soothe and energize me
    -my motivation
    -my attempts to try and be a more positive person
    -being honest with myself about my desires
    -being a little excited for life again and the joy of life
    -having a beautiful heart
    -knowing i will win
    -knowing things will get better
    -my eyeglasses
    -cute clothes
    -how great my backside has been looking. very feminine and curvy and toned.
    -how beautiful my eyes are
    -loving myself a little bit more

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    -being beautiful
    -the cat being here and how happy he makes me
    -manifesting a miracle last night. A liked my new pic i posted. he never does that and it was definitely something my mind would've considered a miracle. i felt so excited and that said so much to me.i set the intention for a miracle and got it. miracles are always an individual thing,one thing to someone else may not be the same to another but this was definitely a weird and interesting occurence and seems to have also came about from major limiting belief clearing i did two days ago.i felt a surge of heart chakra healing from the excitemnt of it. my heart felt physically better then it had in months.
    -my amazing new pic i posted on social media of myself and how chic and young and unique and model-like i look
    -my dedication to mastering the loa after all the little success stories i've had in the last few weeks and how much it's helped me pick things up
    -best friend being nicer today. not a single argument or rudeness and he didn't seem rushed.
    -how great my teeth are
    -getting a job offer today
    -amazing proof from project that M did that looks amazing and makes me look amazing
    -L's voice.
    -how much more feminine my energy is these days without me even noticing it,in comparison to months ago. one of many natural shifts that's come about and it's made me attracting guys i find more masculine and me feeling more sexual attraction again. as they say,everything you desire is within you,all the change is within you. i worked on this back in summer,and forgot about it,and now it's just something naturally there that i don't have to try with
    -a delicious frozen pizza i treated myself to tonight
    -realizing how much i want l and how great it'd be if we were to flow back into each other,and how much i now feel he has changed me. i really did just need a guy this whole time to move me forward but i didn't.i obsessed over someone from the past. finally,i give l a chance and like him and feel moved forward in a different way,and like me and my personality and who i am and want to become is different now. I now find bikes cool and interesting.i kind of think i might want to become more hipster.i want to become more fashion again and make a major comeback with my career and think dating someone in my exact industry of what he does would be so amazing and the pinnacle of cool now. it could really benefit me.i just feel like who i am and what i want and my interests have changed a lot suddenly from him,and also from my own life in the last weeks and i really love it.i feel over preppy now. even A has seemed less preppy over the last year or two. i just feel like such a shift in who i am now. it's interesting what dating and liking someone a lot will do to you.i had a block to moving forward for so long now,and now,no matter what it's been cleared. The changes feel both new,and yet back to myself at the same time...which how you know it's true. Whether L is being a jerk to me,or is legit and just hurt,he's given me some gifts
    -EFT and how powerful it is for working to clear things now
    -how amazing it was to have a guy over at my place. now i know if done right of course,it can be really fun and expand things for me a little.
    -amazing parts in my book i read today that made me practically want to scream,that's how good they were
    -l inspiring me to clear the major limiting belief i didn't know i had despite it seeming conscious and on auto-pilot. Something major is happening right now,that's going to affect my dating life and how i am with guys forever in a really positive way. This inner shift.
    -realizing i am now becoming more in alignment with having a relationship because of various reasons whereas before it actually seemed like i didn't want one,despite how i claimed i did.
    -soda pop
    -best friend bringing home food from the store
    -feeling more excited about life again
    -having in the vortex moments today just because and from feeling the high of last night
    -trying the mirror technique of affirmations and succeeding with it and finding it not so bad. it literally feels like this stuff is spiritual exercise that cleanses
    -my laptop
    -my laptop charger
    -my phone
    -my phone charger
    -how much more good it is about to get
    -how great it is to have laundry in the unit
    -understanding loa things more simply again
    -being young and feeling young
    -feeling attractive
    -my goals
    -physical exercise
    -being able to feel
    -positive emotions
    -self forgiveness
    -that i get to do another driving lesson tomorrow and that it'll be a little longer
    -seeing best friend smile at the cat and concerned for him at one moment when something happened
    -staying relatively positive and feeling like i am becoming more positive more and more
    -feeling connected

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    You have absolutely no idea. How profoundly profoundly grateful I am. I feel like the luckiest man on the planet from being grateful. Gratefulness has really appreciate life to extremes. Absolute royal spiritual satisfaction comes from thanksgiving.

    Grateful is the highlight of my life and I just simply want to take it to a whole new level of gratefulness. To the extremes

    I have practicing 10mins of gratefulness each day for more than 7years

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    I basically feel in some way like I have won the lottery

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    Buttercup you have really really really have lovely energy resonating from your account

    It is a good feel to me

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    • my dog
    • my adopted ferret
    • my daughter
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    • my ex.
    • new friends
    • grass
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    • our rope swing
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    " the core of spirituality is to optimize your personal evolution" ~ Robert Bruce

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Buttercup you have really really really have lovely energy resonating from your account

    It is a good feel to me
    Thank you. I'm glad, I've been trying to change my energy.

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    -listening to crystal singing bowl audios instead of heartbreak sad songs
    -getting dishes done even though i feel like crying
    -best friend's dad coming over to fix the lightbulb
    -the cat and how sweet he is
    -my book and how amazing it is
    -being an interesting person
    -that at least now that i am letting go of L,being able to appreciate him as a more interesting,cool person then i even knew and how much he inspired me.i am really,really,sad. i wanted him to be my hero and he really liked meand it's just so crazy to me that right when i decide i like him,too he gets mad and lets me go.
    -see the errors i made this week with l. posting on forum for advice for example.
    -how sexy l's voice is
    -l's height
    -that l inspired me to clear a limiting belief that was major the other day
    -that it finally hit me tonight to start bike riding,as inspired by l and appreciating the romance and cuteness that he biked to see me late at night on a winter evening when he's not really close to me.
    -that i met my goal of having a guy i like romantically in my apartment for the first time
    -that i've now tested out what happens if i tell a guy a little bit about my ex and anxiety issues situation and seen it can be ok
    -the barriers l inspired me to break
    -my conviction
    -deciding to let go of the blame towards l and the blame towards myself
    -being inspired to do all sorts of amazing things from this pain
    -that A liked my pic the other day. still so amazed by that. feels surreal.
    -how meditative and mind clearing it is to do the dishes and the feeling of accomplishment it gives me
    -my slippers
    -doing my lunges today
    -how beautiful my eyes are
    -letting myself cry
    -doing my panic subliminals
    -getting a driving lesson today
    -while doing dishes and sad,my will feeling strengthened and seeing that as another key to manifestation. it came to me that will=belief and i think over the years i learned from loa teachers and forums that will is bad and surrender is better which i now disagree with and feel blocked me,too. both are useful and should dance with each other
    -that L has inspired me to live more. his quote on tumblr i lurked was so poignant and fitting for him asking what do you say no to or something like that,basically about say yes to more to things.
    -that at least the guys who break my heart are high end guys
    -having new clarity and direction in my life
    -focusing on the progress despite all the pain
    -feeling very creative and resourceful to getting what i want
    -having another job confirmed for end of month im excited for
    -excellent high vibraton concepts about reality not being static and how i've observed everything into my reality hitting me very easily lately
    -clearing and calming fears about emotional drama situation from past weeks
    -i just found emojis on my phone. literally this second. something i wanted and was confused why my phone didn't have. very cool!
    -project completed today looking great and getting a lot of likes
    -realizing there's definitely something going on with the l situation.i feel binded to him. it must be because he's the first new guy ive been sexual with in almost 3 years. going to try a detach experiment to see what happens since it seems there could be an energy play going on,too since i feel like i've been feeling a burst of all he felt for me over the months

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