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    -a great cardio dance session. feels so good doing cardio in winter and after not having done it for so long
    -how sculpted my arms are looking
    -eye massage
    -getting my job confirmed for saturday
    -believing the cat will be fine
    -best friend's reassurances and help
    -best friend confiding in me more and even sending 10 texts explaining more when i wanted more info to understand. with how minimal he has been lately,that was amazing.
    -indian food
    -swimsuit tops
    -getting my ride confirmed for friday
    -having a knowing l will be contacting me soon
    -getting all these intense positive knowing feelings out of nowwhere about l
    -sleep and how good it feels
    -doing my speaking affirmations and how good it feels when i do feels like a facial even as it relaxes my face
    -talking to someone online on a loa forum as she coached me more on l situation and told me my situation isn't very bleak at all and gave me some tips and helped me spot a resistance i didnt notice.seeing me write it out to her again showed me my situation isn't as bad other's situations at all. she said i have all the power already which was helpful
    -doing some EFT to forgive another old situation from the past today and seeing how the situation from the past i did EFT on yesterday really is connected to right now.of course,they all are,that's why i'm working on them and why they came up but seeing how it all connected to bring me to the limiting beliefs i had is reallyy fascinating. everything is connected.
    -feeling sexy and beautiful
    -my beauty
    -the chance i've had to do all the clearing work i've done
    -seeing the best friend situation shift and how it's the best proof of my power with loa
    -the power of detachment and surrender and getting better at it.i think my favorite word for it right now is surrender. it just sounds so gentle and loving. the power of surrender is so utterly transformative and healing.
    -feeling abundant and happy
    -my heart's desires
    -slowing down and embracing quiet
    -seeing my affirmations work!
    -seeing compassion from my best friend when i was crying about an article online and him telling me not to read that because it'll make me worried about the cat since it's a sad thing and i've felt worried about the cat
    -my best friend knowing me better then anyone else and my capabilities,my beliefs on things,my anxieties,my desires,and so on. he knows me better then anyone. i am so grateful for him.
    -laptop charger
    -my phone
    -feeling comfortable
    -feeling present
    -realizing how simple things can be
    -letting go of resistances
    -getting excited for life
    -realizing january hasn't been too bad,actually.
    -how taken care of i am
    -realizing despite how optimistic i may have thought i was all these years,i can certaintly be a happier person,if i take an honest look at myself. working on freeing myself up from worries and old things i've held onto is something i'm looking forward to
    -feeling grateful
    -feeling peaceful
    -that the days are getting longer.
    -evolving and how good that feels for my energy to be renewing
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    -reassurances the cat will be ok
    -finding the perfect vegan chocolate for me that is inexpensive and cheap shipping too. after looking up chocolates for valentine's day and see they were mostly more then i'd like to pay and just becoming aware that i'd like to find some for a more inexpensive price,i barely even set the intention..just thought how nice that'd be,and that surely that should be possible,then found a company online perfect to my preferences and very,very affordable compared to other places i was seeing,
    -all the EFT clearing up my resistances on guys/relationships type issues and how different i feel from it. having another thing start to come to the surface to that i will tap on quick later on. i just know the future of my dating life from here on out is about to get a lot more gratifying and i'm so grateful that finally i've worked on really clearing these resistances. whereas before,i just whined and got obsessive,and last summer,only cleared a couple things but not much on relationships. i just know this is important work i'm doing and that i'm prepaving something amazing and a much brighter future.
    -my beauty
    -getting some affirmations started on l at the suggestion of the girl who coached me on the loa forum
    -my speaking affirmation sessions which always boost my mood
    -being able to do laundry today
    -my conviction
    -finally having an inner knowing not just on l but also on something with situation with best friend. it just came to me while tapping on something else. also,finally realizing i don't need some mental time deadline. all that does is try to reassure it'll come by controlling how and when but instead when you have a knowing,you just know it will come and feel relaxed about the when
    -being on my last panic attack subliminal session.
    -making a little chart on how i'm changing my life and what i'm bringing more of into my life
    -seeing that loa changes and personal development is becoming easy again and how motivating it is to know your growing and changing
    -getting confirmation about ride tomorrow
    -getting more info about another job coming up next month
    -business partner liking a bunch of my pics from one of our business pages. i love how she wants me to feel supported.
    -getting an apology tonight after best friend being a jerk again
    -being smart
    -seeing other online forums that aren't like this or loa and realizing wow,the average person's mindset is sooo negative. it shocks me the way the average person thinks and the limits in what they believe in their self and considering it to still be positive or normal thinking
    -realizing i have worry and anger in me more then i'd realized as i am continually training myself to be more positive in how i think and speak
    -how beautiful my body is
    -amazing ways to implement more positive change into my life via the power of my mind
    -knowing the cat will be ok
    -best friend being a little better about texting this morning
    -enjoying sleep more again,and how amazing that feels
    -neville goddard teachings
    -my amazing book and how it always seems i get to a page in reading that has to do EXACTLY with something that's been on my mind,giving me a very very high vibe relieving way to look at things that makes me feel amazed
    -being an interesting person
    -finding a way to make the dishsoap last a longer that i already knew about but hadn't thought of by adding water,and realizing i really should just do that no matter what as it's surely too much dishsoap when it's not diluted
    -being more beautiful then i even know
    -how gorgeous my face is
    -having some fantasizing and daydreams with l and relationship scenarios of me having posted a pic on social media saying something along the lines of i have the best boyfriend ever and the pic was of money he had given me to buy my passport book,a muffin and coffee,and flowers,with a note. Well,I logged online and see a girl posted online a pic saying she has the best boyfriend ever and a pic of cash he had given her and flowers and note. It wasn't the exact same as what I envisioned but too similar to just be a coincidence. Clearly,loa telling me what's on my mind. Inspired me to start dreaming more and playing with visulization
    -the power of time to heal
    -getting a submission for one of the projects/businesses i do and how nice that felt and actually feeling a moment of happiness about instead of apathy. trying to connect more to everything.
    -awesome ideas
    -vision board pics
    -feeling good
    -feeling calm

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    -meditation which lifted my mood from being emotional,sad,and anxiety ridden to more calm and clarity. so grateful
    -speaking affirmation sessions for boosting my mood
    -tuning into my feelings and just being aware. during class i had trouble being present.i was anxious and couldn't stop thinking. just becoming aware of that helped
    -writing out an email after i meditated and having amazing clarity and logic come to me that gave me more conviction and new perspective on it.
    -having an inner knowing about best friend situation that feels good
    -my inner knowings getting stronger in general lately
    -my hair and how sexy and stylish it is
    -being very attractive
    -my backside looking amazing and having transformed it with loa. it looks more toned and is the ideal of what men would want. toned,but still soft.very curvy and round. it makes me feel very confident knowing i have an amazing body.i was impressed looking in the mirror tonight.
    -my eyeglasses
    -reassurances cat is ok
    -a divine experience on the way to class. this girl was there before me and i went out to ask her if she was for the class,too and she actually doesn't have a liscense either and has had her dad drop her off or pick her up to classes before so that was reassuring like the universe making me feel it's ok. she brought up stories of her own on this,and then i told her wow,she just made me feel so much better and we bonded during class and she showed me how to get to the room and we walked out together. was very interesting.i love when things like that always makes me feel like God is watching out for me.i had been intending to feel more connected and that definitely made me feel more connected. how random is it finding another adult girl who doesn't have a liscense.
    -sitting in the backseat on the way to class
    -my ex A contacting me today. was very cool. i had messaged him a few days ago while depressed and he just said "ok." i had spoken in affirmations that he is thinking positive thoughts about me the last day or two and then as i walked in class he had texted me saying he will call me tomorrow and has been having a rough time lately and hopes i am ok. we then flirted with each other a bit after my class when i responded which was nice and will see each other soon.
    -how good it felt to be out and about in the city tonight. the air just felt an aliveness in it during the class. as if spring was near.despite my mind not being calm,and that friendly student who made me feel less weird about my situation,somehow there was just an air of it's all going to be ok,you are on the right path,it will be fine. one of the minor,semi-mundane moments. an anxious mind,me making a friend in class,just healing from L and ex A having just texted me,worrying about a cat and life dramas going on all while stretching it out in deep stretches in contortion class. a snapshot of my life in early 2016. me,as a beautiful young adult,determined and trying to stay positive and believe in an inherently friendly universe and the abundance of life and having dreams.
    -learning my knees aren't flexible. my ego could get hurt by that,but i like bettering myself so am glad to know now
    -all the new stretch ideas i have from class
    -how friendly all the students were in class
    -getting my tank top in the mail
    -best friend having an instinct to check upstairs hallway for package when i mentioned i hadn't gotten it yet,and sure enough it was there
    -having more and more moments of peace. despite getting antsy,angry,emotional,sad,and so on,i'm learning how to lift my moods with more ease and to just surrender and even embrace my feelings.
    -eye massage
    -kind of trolling on a forum i'm on. it's a negative place and i decided to sort of utilize the loa and make a post that i know will make other members mad that is a lie but telling a story of how i want something to be. besides being funny to me at the time,thought it might be fun to see if it'd maybe make it manifest!
    -being thin
    -how much more feminine my energy is now compared to this time last year. the work i did last summer really shifted it.last summer i started clearing things to shift in my life but it was soooo much more work and less benefit. i've now in the last few weeks have cleared way more with less work. way better!
    -how much more inner confidence i have about myself since the last few weeks. it's amazing. i cleared so much junk that now i have so much more ease with believing and knowing positive things about myself. it's in a way,like i went back to the start with loa. back to when i first learned of it and was less jaded. so grateful.i finally feel like i have so much going for me and just because a guy isn't contacting me this moment or is dating me,etc doesn't mean he doesn't think i'm great or amazing or doesn't want me. of course,traditional things would tell us the opposite and then we become loaded with resistances and less confident and jaded but when you unlearn society things and come back to your truth,you feel so much more at peace and life feels a breeze
    -my winter hat.i love it.
    -my style
    -getting the date and time of a job confirmed today
    -feeling peaceful right now
    -having cute/fun ideas of things i'd like to do

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    -my black tank top and how cute it is
    -getting my job done today despite having another bogus thing happen to me
    -the person i think at job kind of flirting with me? maybe? they were being really goofy. just being out and about in a cool neighborhood working with industry people again and seeing what's out there
    -realizing i am still disconnected based on how i am percieving other things and realizing it's all me
    -feeling more sexual feelings lately. sounds weird,but i find this is a good energy to have. it boosts confidence and seems to strengthen my will more
    -feeling in a good mood when friend's parents picked me up. it felt like family picking me up and they were very nice to me so that was good
    -getting feelings of inspiration and wanting to do more and how great life is and can be
    -best friend being ok with me buying myself chocolate with his card and just telling him after since it was very inexpensive
    -friend's parent's buying me chocolate and giving it to me
    -feeling optimistic and determined
    -calling father and finding out cat is doing better
    -getting a little work done for other business
    -having a beautiful heart
    -living life and the joys of it
    -the weather getting nicer
    -my body being really sore from class
    -finding out another possible caring for me sign from best friend but need to find out still again since am not sure if it's another lie
    -feeling abundance
    -getting a lot done this month
    -how strong my inner knowings have gotten since stopping tarot,and doing clearing work,and repetition
    -seeming to get some great stuff from job today
    -working in a creative industry and being able to work with different types of people
    -my ex A wanting to see me and that we are now getting along again
    -that my confidence in myself has just raised so much in the last weeks. i feel back to me.
    -feeling cared for

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    -nice reflections in the last days
    -the month of january being a lot of blessings and growth for me
    -realizing i must be about to detach from l or have
    -being given vegan chocolate cupcakes and protein powder today
    -getting groceries today
    -getting new yoga pants today
    -the weather getting warmer and having a nice aliveness in the air
    -vegan burgers
    -having a nice sleep
    -having strong inner knowings
    -my conviction
    -my loa success stories this month and all the clearing work i did showing me how easy it is to change my reality
    -that the month of feb will be all about visualization for me
    -best friend texting me now after feeling discouraged about things with him
    -finding out detail that shows best friend cared more then i thought this whole time
    -feeling more attractive
    -sexual feelings and how positive that seems to be since it seems to increase connection and will
    -my face
    -all the new inspiration from this month
    -feeling excited for life again
    -having $20 in my purse to keep
    -getting a few more dollars addedto my card
    -seeing oneness and how the world is a example seeing how everyone is seeming to have money problems. i have no doubt in my mind the universe is within me..way too many freaky things to prove otherwise to me.
    -inspiring neville teachings.
    -how fun it will be to dedicate this next month coming up to visualization,probably starting tonight with my first session!
    -how much i've overcome. i feel so proud. this month was a journey. also completed my panic subliminals so happy about that
    -living in big city with lots of inspiring things to do
    -finally getting the protein powder i've been wanting
    -newness. new energy and how exciting that is
    -tuning into me and realizing that what really feels right for me now is to sort of empty myself,meditate,surrender,and maybe a little writing
    -feeling more faithful and trusting in life again
    -realizing my job the other day did something to me. it feels i'm being taken back to my roots again.i feel like i'm being told by life to keep doing first career,to connect to life,and others and myself,be present,and enjoy the energy of being wanted and let myself come back to me more and more.i had such a natural way with loa that overtime got jaded because of outside reasons thinking i shouldn't want certain things which just made me apathetic and obsessive instead of believing and detaching. Want is healthy. Presence is the way to be. Flowing with life,having desires.and pursuing and connecting with our passions and life and writing out the story of your dreams with your life,who cares if it makes other jealous or they think it's crazy.

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    -the laptop i'm using
    -getting my vibe really high
    -a successful first day of visualization february. the last one got me really in the vortex. and,after the first one before bed,i slept easily and seemed to have trained my mind to naturally imagine better and had some more peace with a situation on another topic from it
    -realizing some errors i made from an loa perspective of being on a forum that wasn't loa or anything close to it related and how it actually got me to attract at least 3 negative incidents since i had been on and the learning lesson i took from this and deleting my account on there. tv and online forums can be bad news unless they're like this one. the good thing is,after attracting the last incident and how it brought me down,i was able to take responsibility for my having created it,which got me to move on pretty quickly knowing i can create better now.
    -realizing errors such as saying someone is a compulsive liar and yet wanting to shift that and realizing i need to stop saying that
    -getting people commenting on other's pics of me saying they love me and how great it feels to be remembered and people to be a fan of me
    - a cool new avant garde very high end looking photo of me from job the other day
    -new inspiration about first career that started ever since hanging out with L last time realizing this is where i am meant to be,and that i am now getting more into it again finally
    -the peanut butter cups i was given and eating some today and how good they were
    -best friend texting me more
    -best friend reassuring me
    -best friend being at house a little longer
    -being at least half way to getting one of the barriers broken between best friend and me that's stressing me out after talking to him
    -amazing deals
    -again with perfect timing,amazing part of my book that i read today that shot me straight into an amazing mood and wanting to practically hug the book. it was so good and reassuring and just what i needed after my mind wandering a bit shortly before. there was an amazing quote from author on how there is no predestiny. it was perfect.i am no longer the girl i was 8 months ago,and it feels amazing.i feel so new.
    -A for how he's always inspired me from afar and i feel is an inspiration for my more high vibe ways of thinking and changing of beliefs. i know one day we will kiss
    -hearing from two people today that the cat is better
    -my eyeglasses
    -getting front room cleaned a little
    -how much more aware i'm becoming and tweaking things as i observe and learn
    -my beauty and how much more enjoyable it is to look in the mirror now when i do mirror technique affirmations.
    -being cute and having my child-like side
    -letting myself be a little lazier for parts of the day instead of rushing to cram things in
    -things feeling lighter and that feeling spring is near
    -root chakra and thetas playlist on youtube i'm listening to right now
    -self forgiveness
    -feeling more connected again
    -feeling sexy and confident
    -unfollowing things like crystal pages on social media as they come up since that no longer resonates with me.i also went ahead and looked for all astrology pages on facebook and in my email and unfollowed them.i am changing and it feels good. as much as i like some of the "hippie" type things,quantum mindset resonates with me that much more and i'm always about aligning with that which gives me the most love and freedom in my life.
    -empathy for others

  8. #388


    -noticing that what i'm really wanting is to be emptied,to get organized again
    -having a new vision of who i am becoming and what i want,more minimal,more chic,more fashion,less "spiritual" as in less crystals and astrology and more quantum mindset
    -drinking two glasses of orange juice upon waking and having a donut
    -deciding to skip my lesson since i didn't feel well and catching up on sleep
    -reassurances from best friend
    -taking responsibility for my being the creator of my reality,and how freeing that actually is
    -taking it easy
    -those awesome peanut butter cups
    -sticking with my visualizations
    -feeling more positive about some things
    -my beauty
    -how much more driven i feel towards first career lately and how it's my calling
    -seeing more and more "flaws" on others who are in what i do,and seeing i really am too hard on myself
    -new energy i've been feeling.i was so incredibly stagnant last year,and it's so good to be experiencing forward movement again
    -mustard. so good.
    -my calcium magnesium vitamins with zinc and vitamin d. they make me feel so good right when i take them
    -interesting books i want to read sometime
    -interesting ways people write things that are inspiring
    -EFT tapping for always helping to relieve some anxiety these days
    -cotton balls
    -being able to become more and more aware of the limiting thoughts/negative thoughts i keep saying and thinking so i can stop
    -awesome ideas
    -interesting creations
    -getting quarters for laundry
    -knowing all is well and safe
    -deciding i might finally try biphasic sleep tonight or tomorrow.

  9. #389


    -that best friend is not dead
    -that cat is doing better
    -surrendering in a sense even to panic mode knowing that in the 3 months i'll see how false the leftover twinge of fear was
    -using another upsetting thing today as inspiration pointing me to what i want and seeing how i've still had some repressed desires and how if you can't beat them,join them and wouldn't that pretty take away all that insecurity feeling
    -clean towels
    -orange juice and how great it tasted with the pastry i had when i woke up
    -weird little things that seem like "reality shifts" that make no sense but are so subtle i'd sound crazy to even bring them up
    -skipping brown soda and switching to clear which makes me feel better
    -doing some yoga before bed last night
    -a clean bedroom
    -journaling last night finally and getting some resistances/limiting beliefs brought up
    -being easy on myself as i've been feeling a little low and overwhelmed
    -gratitude with where i'm at with some things as that's what i wanted even if now there's other things i want. it's so key to be present.
    -relaxed vibes that inspire me
    -that feeling of spring being near
    -emailing about appointment

  10. #390


    -beauty ideas
    -getting a driving lesson in and crossing busy street a few times during. very scary,but i did it.
    -nice weather today
    -having a landlord who seems kind and laidback
    -feeling a feeling of unconditional love today that made me feel so good and like all is well
    -awesome writings that make me smile
    -soothing bad feelings
    -getting clarity and direction and some work done on 2nd business thing i do and the side part i started last summer. that really felt good to release that resistance and the ideas that came to me when my mind naturally quieted a bit
    -my beauty
    -doing some visualization and changing it up how i do it and feeling in a good mood started off not being as focused but by by session two was more focused and then mood felt really boosted and i felt a sense of meaning and excitement for my goal. visualization seems to have a lot of benefits and i'm determined to keep it up and get better at it.
    -doing my speaking affirmations session. it boosted my mood quite a bit when i felt awful and then i had a manifestation so that showed me to keep up the speaking affirmation sessions. they so work for me
    -manifesting a job offer for 1st thing i do and how good it feels to be getting noticed again
    -yoga pants
    -skipping brown sodas for two days in a row
    -realizing ok the tight money maybe does add up to class loss after calculating again about best friend
    -feeling more loving in general and like love and seeing best friend's dad annoying perspective from new eyes today. instead of taking it personally,i realized it'd because of HIM and his experience and how it's hurt him that he sees things the way he does,and that he doesn't really know. this made me feel a lot more relaxed,and understanding and just..comforted.
    -getting acupuncture appointment made
    -feeling like life loves me
    -rent getting paid today
    -how good it's going to feel to have my driver's liscense
    -feeling so confident,moreso then i have in awhile about things
    -having stronger,natural knowings about things that feel softer,and not so forced
    -feeling sexy
    -my strength
    -how much stronger i feel by surrendering
    -finding out the one model was actually 34 which was reassuring
    -orange juice and how good it is
    -feeling more excitement and connection for life
    -feeling more ease

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