1. #391


    -finding a new subliminal i love for february
    -my strength
    -getting my visualizations done early and trying a new method for better focus of shorter sessions
    -inner knowings getting stronger
    -subliminal audios that intrigue to buy
    -my laptop
    -being safe
    -my book i'm still reading. it's taking longer to read because i've been reading less each day compared to usual when i have a book but it is really good and helpful to me
    -clean towels
    -enjoying creating again,which is something i've lacked for the last few years
    -doing a nice 10 minute cardio session tonight
    -my heart's conviction
    -feeling waves of love from best friend as if telepathically
    -more limiting thoughts coming to me and how it's been easier and easier nowadays to spot them since i'm more into affirmations and simple believing and such which has helped me become more aware
    -being easy on myself
    -reassurances on picture insecurity from noticing something by looking again
    -clarity about travel decision to make
    -feeling hopeful and positive

  2. #392


    -getting my chocolates today
    -getting peanut butter cups and ear plugs requested and ride confirmed today
    -skipping brown soda despite being tempted since i was depressed
    -letting myself lay down then fall asleep for a few hours without feeling guilty about it. maybe once in awhile this is good for felt like it helped me. And,i had a strange dream. It was strange because I had set an intention but so little energy was put into it,that it's just weird to me that I now dreamed of it.
    -i don't look for signs anymore but also possibly got a sign on something else i had been visualizing.
    -lower body exercises
    -enjoying the law of attraction again.
    -ex A calling me beautiful. the little things feel good.
    - an amazing tip to apply for manifesting that is very relevant to me and how i had been too much of a complainer before
    -reassurances from best friend
    -believing in myself more and having a love again for my first feels so good to be going back to my roots in a sense
    -inspirations by looking back on my past about re-imagining others
    -the positive surreal feeling aspects that life sometimes has
    -awesome ideas
    -how things feel easier and a little less stressed
    -the internet
    -my haircut.i love the way it is cut.
    -best friend texting me after I texted R asking her to have him to
    -getting better at visualization
    -inspiration from others that encourages me
    -my beauty
    -things i'd been conflicted about for awhile having gotten more and more straightened out in my mind

  3. #393


    -fun picture options
    -conversation hearts candy. so good.
    -beautiful pink flowers
    -ex A saying we will go out next weekend which is valentines weekend and that i get to pick out our activity
    -beautiful weather today that is invigorating and made spring feel so near
    -reassurances from best friend including him saying R buys him things sometimes too like his energy drinks,etc
    -getting my free dance class scheduled
    -being able to reflect on past things that hurt me and how i created them with my thoughts
    -being safe
    -speaking affirmations session
    -skipping brown soda again today
    -clorox wipes
    -going grocery shopping today
    -calming down more in some ways
    -being able to see best friends side of things of how i really hurt him
    -the ability to move
    -getting a nice cardio dance workout in which always boosts my mood

  4. #394


    -my eyeglasses
    -knowing bad moods are temporary and i can be patient and pull out of them and that a bad mood isn't reality
    -these beautiful pink flowers with green stems.i am so drawn to them.i love the beautiful colors which are heart chakra colors. i love how eyecatching they look and remind me of spring time.i love how i swear it felt like looking at them boosted my mood and even caused heart chakra sensations to occur in my chest.
    -food tasting better and really savoring it
    -roses. my favorite flower and finding out somewhere i think they are one of the most high vibration flowers..perhaps this is why i am so drawn to them. pink roses,i'd say,are my favorite!
    -the delicious indian food sauce made with cumin and other ingredients that is so good
    -coffee and having two cups of it and being fine. so glad i can have coffee again
    -getting money added to my card today
    -all these love feelings i keep feeling lately.i don't know what's going on but i just feel so much love!
    -a good,normal laugh and being goofy at the store with best friend the other day. that was so was the first time we had laughed and had a normal moment in what felt like reminded me that we are more then our fights lately,and our pains with each other,but also we have a connection,and we DO get along with each other. It was such a normal,authentic moment. I have no doubt he is my soulmate. The moment reminded me of goofy moments we'd have like that months ago,and how I seen him with R back in late Nov. They had been laughing and looked very in tune with each other for a moment,and it made me feel a slightly odd,but that moment we had at the store,was actually the same,really.
    -sending another email with more on my perspective of things to best friend. he may not be reading them all,but i feel compelled to send them. it helps me heal and sort it all out,to see his side,and to see mine.
    -my apartment
    -getting best friend to open sauce jar before he left
    -avoiding brown soda again today. this time my mom came by and brought her two liter of RC over and i kept looking at it,almost wanting to ask for a cup,but i resisted. i believe spending a lot of time with brother and mom during the fall and winter made me crave and drink more of that stuff since they drink a lot of it,and it's a habit i took from them. it's funny the things i get addicted to that i have to avoid are brown sodas and tarot. Other people are cigarettes or other things,but for me those things i get addicted to easily and i believe are not good for me.
    -my mom organizing the garbage for me and putting it in two bags instead of all the little bags it was in which made it look much better.i insisted she didn't have to clean but how nice that she did do that
    -my confidence subliminal i am listening to right now that i love. it's actually one of the very first subliminals i ever discovered years ago and that i loved so much back then. it's so feel good and practically addictive and now here i am listening to it again. i never used it regularly back then though,so am going for a full month now with this. hmm,on a side note,maybe this is why i've been so full of love.
    -enjoying the law of attraction and creating again
    -creating new shifts in my reality by all the new tweaks i am doing on old limiting beliefs. it is amazing,all the clearing i am doing
    -my book i've been reading that i'm still not finished with. it's so good.i love it.i love how i feel i am nerding out about something most people probably can't see what's so exciting about it,but to me,i find it amazing. i definitely want to read more books like this again in the future.
    -feeling so filled with possibility again and excitement and even able to reconnect with old desires again which is huge. for so long,i felt apathy and disconnect from that,but now that i've cleared some things,i feel amazing. i feel part of something important to me is to connect,and reconnect with things,as it makes everything feel like love and so connected and optimistic.
    -colors. so amazing the way colors make my eyes feel! such a delight
    -that i'm getting through february
    -valentines day. my favorite holiday. how can i not love a day devoted to love.
    -no longer believing in predestiny and how freeing it is
    -feeling good again
    -knowing how to hook up a wifi connection from phone to laptop now
    -my strong inner knowing all will be well,and i will win and feeling more able to relax
    -how delicious springtime is already starting to feel to me
    -deep cleansing breaths which relax me and slow me down
    -this interesting moment earlier where i kept having lyrics to songs come to my mind that were by me and they were in song format,complete with a trendy dance beat and all. it fascinated me and made me wonder perhaps i am meant to be a song writer!

  5. #395


    -orange chocolate
    -my acupuncturist being a nice person
    -getting my acupuncture today and how good it felt
    -being downtown again
    -getting new pics from playing around taking photos
    -my eyeglasses
    -magnesium vitamins.i always feel these doing something to me
    -happiness and openeness
    -the color pink
    -how feminine my energy is
    -realizing more limiting blocks last night that were profound and helpful
    -my confidence subliminal i love which makes me feel so good
    -embracing the month of february and late winter
    -relaxing more
    -yoga pants
    -the natural,holistic lifestyle of things
    -getting cardio workout in despite being sleep deprived
    -giving my mom a table she had been wanting for two months now that landlord had said we could have
    -buying my best friend a cheesecake slice from a bakery in the neighborhood as a little thoughtful,valentines day gesture
    -best friend's dad insisting on paying for the gesture which was fine,since he said it was my thought still and i know to best friend if he knew,that wouldn't take away from it for him.
    -creating more peace with my "enemies" lately as i have
    -delicious food. delicious cherry strudel pastry with mocha coffee for breakfast and then later tonight fantastic potatoes in the cumin sauce i love which was so good.i had made them perfectly
    -my inner knowings haven gotten so strong and more ease
    -my favorite sunglasses
    -best friend seeming more relaxed about things today
    -best friend seeming to like the cheesecake
    -getting best friend to say he loves me today. he's been stubborn about it for awhile but i asked to say it in order to prove he was alone since i know he won't say it if she is around
    -best friend's reassurances
    -being safe
    -beautiful things
    -the feeling as if blood was flowing to my heart when i had an acupuncture needle in my heart meridian
    -acceptance of self which actually leads to a deeper self love and ease,and also able to look in the mirror and take responsibility for some of my more negatives
    -humor,my child-like side,and my creativity.I decided to stop mentally calling someone an a-hole in my angry moments,to be playful and call them cotton candy instead so i made a digital phone pic inspiration with their pic,and a pic of cotton candy saying so and so is cotton candy to remind. I sent it to them,since they know my humor and our issues and that i've had angry thoughts like that about them.
    -my stomach and arms looking more sculpted today
    -having a nice shaped lower backside
    -vision board pics because they are fun and inspire me
    -all my desires. today,i told best friend that i want to be a song writer,food maker,and go-go dancer. lol,but i know first for me,is getting a driver's liscense.
    -being more mature and wise then i was a few years ago
    -remembering my transitioned loved one today and sending her pics to a few family members and best friend
    -that my mom is getting her dog spayed tomorrow. hopefully it will calm her down
    -garbage getting taken out today
    -getting key figured out while leaving with no help,finally. and that was in my speaking affirmations too so i'm glad it worked

  6. #396


    -having a protein drink for the first time in awhile. made it with almond milk,and added maca powder and ginger. was very good and sweet tasting.
    -feeling pretty calm today and focused
    -seeing best friend came home even when i didn't respond to texts and was asleep
    -mountain dew
    -some great ideas for saving money,and trying new things,and being creative.
    -realizing progress and that it's been about a week or so,maybe longer since best friend has threatened to walk out on me in the middle of talking and that there is a sense of more calmnness then before
    -my inner knowings being stronger
    -feeling calm in my apartment
    -my great taste
    -my femininity
    -my phone
    -the hotspot on my phone i'm able to use took up the internet when regular connection is out
    -my creativity
    -that despite it all,i am still getting a lot done
    -best friend eating the cheesecake i got him today
    -best friend being a little better about texting me today
    -new pics for my vision board
    -enjoying daydreaming again and envisioning my desires
    -feeling more abundant and like all will be well and is well
    -fears being more soothed
    -feeling less rushed
    -tea tree oil for keeping my skin more clear then any chemical product and for longer,too. can easily skip days with little to no issue
    -the internet
    -my hair,and how great my cut is. i love it.
    -all the lovely things in my life
    -being able to see more and more,how it's my beliefs that created my reality the last years,and how it's not as hard as i think to change things
    -really great loa tips i like such as from a neville site about how it's not that you don't want limitations,it's that you want new ones. i get what he means by that. it's basically a different way of re-wording patterns we tend to create that we want to overcome. i used to think i wanted no limits and to free of patterns,it makes sense that what i really wanted was to break free of patterns i felt so stuck in for so long that it literally felt like a funhouse joke.

  7. #397


    -great video about how everything happening to you is actually inside you
    -mountain dew
    -really freaky subjective reality experience about how everyone is just my imagination of them inspired by weird things from L and even manifestations from best friend today that were freaky. I had fear questions in my mind recently and the two things at sepearate times literally manifested as they could go either way just like the questions had been in my mind. And,then the L thing has been gltiches in the matrix type stuff and how does he look so cool and sexy now? And,looks like my exes? And,just seems so different in just weeks? All,because of beliefs. It got me reflecting deep on subjective reality and how everything is imagination. It was disorienting then peaceful having me feel a sense of ease at how it can all be..
    -this confidence subliminal i've been listening to that's been filling me up good with love feelings lately
    -that I don't feel like i'm walking on eggshells so much with best friend anymore at least not quite so much i should say. another improvement i noticed.
    -buying a top in a color i don't usually wear that draw my attention
    -feeling a sense of peace and calm now and presence from that deep eerie reflecting
    -living in a beautiful city
    -seeing more proofs L and V are not dating in the last few days. I had assumed wrongly. My inner knowing knew it and all that brought lessons for me
    -life feeling more clear,and free,and peaceful
    -not being too upset really that it seems like ex A is flaking on me. I may just do something nice for myself instead this weekend.
    -that i have a driving lesson tomorrow so i can work on overcoming knowing how to drive side streets. of course,i already feel there,but just want to keep doing it a little longer before i make busy streets my goal. that's the part i worry if i can actually pull off.
    -best friend reassuring me i'd be able to go out soon which was a top thing i felt still stuck on with him and it came somewhat easy too hearing that
    -having a job next week coming up i'm excited about
    -that i've been going about my life
    -A who inspires me so much and having nice reflection on him last night
    -how much i feel like i've gone back to my loa roots lately and how alive and invincible life's been starting to feel again,just a little bit.
    -my visualization sessions i've been doing and how beneficial they've been
    -finding out travel funds are good for longer then i thought so no rush to travel now since it's not a good time and i honestly just want to work on myself and get a liscense right now and have things with best friend heal more. if i really focus at it,i may even go and get my liscense come march which would be nice so i can move onto other things,but i am also trying not to rush and just enjoy the process.
    -being healthy.i think acupuncture helped. they put a needle in my chest and it felt as if it increased blood flow to my heart. was really cool and i have felt a sense that my ear and heart feel healthier and healed ever since.
    -warm,soothing showers
    -feeling more relaxed. that's how life should be.
    -being an attractive person,moreso then i even realize most times

  8. #398


    -doing a driving lesson today and driving around my neighborhood for an hour. scared me quite a bit and has made me have doubts on believing in myself. there's just so much to focus on at once but i'm still doing it,and this is the most i've done in years with driving so that's something
    -uncovering a powerful limiting belief i've had in relation to forgivness that i found while tapping
    -my confidence subliminal i've been loving.i actually put this one on for sometimes even 3-5 times a day because this one just feels that good,i get addiced
    -mountain dew
    -the sun
    -reassurances and promises from best friend after the negative manifestation last night that made me question something
    -that roommate came home this afternoon
    -being honest about my mistakes and flaws too and having perspective
    -seeing i still had breakfast when i got home after thinking i didn't
    -finding my eyeglasses just now
    -my dad coming by to see my apartment finally
    -conversations hearts candy
    -how freeing it is to get rid of limiting beliefs. it makes life feel better,even during the more mundane or difficult times,simply because,really all the distress in our life is within us,so when we clear out even just a little of that,then everything gets better
    -A. I adore him and he is now at the forefront of my desires.
    -my hair
    -my beauty
    -having a class next week
    -having a job next week i'm excited for
    -my taste in things
    -testing out subliminals to see if i could listen on my phone,and finding out yes i can
    -warm soothing showers
    -february feeling more relaxed then january has
    -reassurances from best friend on many things today
    -my beautiful pink flowers
    -believing in myself more
    -that i'm getting through the month of February,one of my months i feared a little bit
    -my winter hat
    -that best friend is in my life

  9. #399


    -my eyeglasses
    -making sure i get the dishes done if nothing else
    -conversation hearts
    -mountain dew
    -trying to see the good in what happened with R getting worried about me and coming by with best friend and seeing how i attracted it
    -feeling strong knowing crush A and I will get together
    -ex A texting me today. better late then never
    -seeing some reassurances about R situation
    -trusting most important things will remain the same with me and best friend
    -loa forums
    -that spring is near
    -seeing maybe things aren't as much R but are best friend
    -picture of transitioned loved one on phone
    -being able to be honest with myself that low mood is because i havent worked out much,done affirmations much,or cleaned much the last few days.
    -my confidence subliminal audio
    -that tomorrow will be a new day and can be better
    -an amazing business partner getting it all done.

  10. #400


    -feeling attraction towards ex A again
    -feeling love
    -this awesome confidence subliminal which i'm pretty sure is a large reason i keep feeling love feelings
    -my eyeglasses
    -manifesting the two extra quarters in the way i did and the funny way of it happening being because L dropped a bunch of change by the side of the bed and on it last time he was here and remembering that funny story back then and seeing exactly two quarters right there when i needed them after affirming life always provides for me. it's stories like this that tend to inspire me the most with loa and that anything is possible
    -feeling clean
    -manifesting the perfect spray bottle i had been wanting in a similar way to the quarters.i just kept saying it has to be here even though this store didn't have it before,and it was perfect to my requirements and in a lovely color.
    -deciding to change my perception of R for the better and see the weird experience of yesterday as a good thing
    -emojis and more people using them to me too and me using them as well
    -getting a massage certificate which put me in a good mood today
    -sleep. i really needed it for some reason today!
    -feeling in a good mood all day today
    -trying speaking affirmations sessions yesterday spontaneously and how good of a mood it put me in.i think spontaneous is more powerful for me,and scripted is good to help me remember new things i'm trying to anchor.
    -getting to do laundry
    -buying some cheap whole foods ideas today to work on my goal more i've had of eating more cheaply but still deliciously
    -getting a box of hairdye to touch up my color
    -my phone
    -my stomach looking nice and sculpted
    -mountain dew
    -rationalizing guilts in my mind i get about things and realizing where they stem from.
    -laughing at life
    -getting ride confirmed for my class on tuesday
    -manifesting things that reassure with best friend like him telling me on his own R bought him this sweater which eased my fears of if he is buying her things and her not buying him anything
    -seeing best friend doesn't tell R everything
    -me trying to explain core fears to best friend and seeing how i've possibly just been projecting my fears onto R and all getting better with R ever since i stopped thinking of her as a snake and chose instead an animal less fearful to me
    -a lower grocery bill today
    -the panic EFT on youtube by brad yates. it's one of my favorites.
    -inspiring articles in my email. i've been dreaming about a sunny vacation but have no way to take one right now and then see an email about a girl who manifested a free sunny vacation. was very cool.
    -being easy on myself
    -embracing the snowy winter weather
    -observing life without feeling bad,but instead amusement such as a guy on vday yelling and sounding so angry on the phone to someone that seemed like a lover or wife. it just seemed so cinematic
    -surrendering to the situation more and balancing my perspective with best friend
    -seeing R actually really does want me to be ok with her and seeing she does get insecure. little things like that just by reading her energy yesterday.
    -getting dishes and kitchen clean before bed and how much it boosted my really had been making me feel more negative
    -people from the past reaching out to me
    -my amazing landlords and that the landlords husband always shovels the snow to my steps. what a nice little perk!

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