1. #401


    -allowing myself to relax and be easy on myself
    -getting that time of the month finally so i can relax from the pms hormones
    -glazed donuts
    -orange juice
    -best friend calling me and reassurances which made me feel better since he didnt come at all
    -seeing best friend really isn't with R quite as much as I had thought back weeks ago
    -confidence subliminal audio im doing for the month
    -vision board pictures
    -making my face atomizer and loving it
    -getting an new social media pic i like
    -my eyeglasses
    -buying a neville goddard book today
    -essential oils
    -my mom coming by today
    -becoming less judgemental and staying relatively good with it even when today had several things making me upset
    -the internet
    -mountain dew
    -my mom doing EFT video taking pics of it and how amusing it was to see and to try and help her
    -my beauty
    -my haircut
    -my mom fixing the kitchen lightbulb for me
    -seeing best friend doesn't tell R everything
    -feeling a little less worried about money things
    -that things are fine and are getting better at least in some ways,even if it is slow
    -that i'm getting through the month of February and all is fine
    -warm water

  2. #402


    -getting my peanut butter cups today
    -being a woman
    -best friend being here a little longer today in comparison to last few days
    -seeing more signs of caring from best friend and being able to trace back little signs of caring from back the last few years
    -seeing another little sign today from best friend of being more normal/having an affect when i started making slight baby/whining sounds it sounded like from the other room i heard him responding back to me the way he sometimes did before as if i was a baby. this is good as he had cut off from seeming to care about me or do anything that showed anything the slightest bit of as if it could be perceived as romantic or anything even though just a few months ago we were sleeping in the same bed together cuddling.
    -feeling comfortable
    my confidence building subliminal
    -that roommate took out trash
    -being able to help people with loa with questions they ask me about online on a forum and give advice
    -my eyeglasses
    -still feeling an inner knowing of R being out of the picture soon,even if I am now taking away me blaming her for things now and seeing it's an issue with me and best friend
    -vision board pictures which make me feel happy
    -feeling more inspiration about my 2nd career
    -feeling a little more believing in myself about driving goal again
    -feeling inspired again about loa roots and surrounding myself with new people as a goal and to shed off influence from negative people and believing in myself no matter what
    -my beautiful bathroom
    -the east coast
    -that things are getting better

  3. #403


    -seeing my affirmations work
    -doing some EFT and before that having a subconscious block come to me on my anxiety condition which also happens to correlate to the panics I had back in fall which is amazing and how great it made me feel to do some clearing on that. I feel so much more free.
    -feeling good and like i have value
    -roommate coming by earlier and bringing food and change and telling me my earplugs have been picked up for my job coming up
    -getting laundry done
    -my confidence building subliminal
    -getting a good percentage of the bedroom clean
    -deciding to sleep in a different room last night and how good it felt for my energy to do so. i liked it a lot. i felt more calm.
    -the visualizations i did before bed and how great it made me feel and the surge of inner knowing it gives me and how spiritual it feels and natural do that work
    -doing some speaking affirmations today and how good it felt
    -essential oils
    -how smart i am
    -learning lots of cool things,like about essential oils and skincare and realizing i could save some money and have amazing skincare making some of my own products
    -frogs and how cute they are and how happy of a vibe they seem to have. they remind me of a good luck and spring time
    -getting through the month of February
    -ex A texting me back
    -getting offered a driving lesson today,though i was asleep when it was offered and needed the sleep
    -neville goddard material and how amazing it is
    -getting a tiny old debt paid off. it annoyed me seeing it and being reminded of it as i didn't agree with it but something told me paying it off would be good from an loa perspective and energy-wise in terms of feeling abundant so I did it,and did feel better
    -letting myself cry today,and then feeling better. it's amazing how much quicker we can feel happier if we just let ourselves feel our feels instead of repressing them
    -becoming more aware of the thoughts and things practically on autopilot i say that block me and make me more unhappy
    -my stomach looking nice and slim which makes me feel feminine
    -things that make me happy
    -best friend finding my card for me today when i thought he had it
    -feeling calmer about best friend because i've cleared core fears and also done other work and have a strong inner knowing about some things now
    -getting paranoid about something with best friend last night while cleaning and remembering it while he came by and telling him it,and he wanted me to even show it to him so he could explain it me,and finally when i sent a pic of it,i then sent it again,showing more of it since first copy didn't show it all the way,and what do you know...i had gotten the date wrong! I was wrong. Nothing odd happened. I had assumed and worried bad but it was nothing. love it. shows me things are getting better,and i am clearing things within,too.
    -that best friend said i can have laptop fixed whenever i am ready and to just get the parts ready so he can take it in
    -reflecting on a past loa success story last night that reminded me of a current desire i am manifesting
    -a girl on a loa forum being in the same city as me and saying we should be friends in real life maybe,too
    -feeling a little more organized in my mind and like i have more time now
    -this really great neville goddard site i check daily now
    -having faith
    -believing in myself more
    -having nice curves
    -a great dance cardio workout last night.i love cardio in winter
    -feeling safe
    -being healthy

  4. #404


    -my eyes
    -my healthy ears
    -getting my hair colored
    -being healthy
    -my eyeglasses
    -mountain dew
    -clean towels
    -being able to tune in and sense psychic energy from others
    -sleeping in living room again
    -all the limiting beliefs i've cleared and new,fresh ways of looking at things now
    -neville goddard material
    -getting through February
    -finding a song that had come to me when I think of A and using it to sort of trigger a hypnotic state
    -mental influence
    -being interesting in hypnosis
    -feeling some of cleansed and clear on desires in a way i haven't for years now and being able to stay in a state of not looking for the how or wondering the details or comparing to others but instead just feeling the soul desire
    -color therapy
    -that i can get my computer fixed whenever im ready now
    -my job on sunday
    -my conviction
    -that i havent checked tarot in about a month(havent kept track of exact length) and ever since I finally have inner knowing again
    -the bed i'm on
    -getting natural at no longer trying to work out the how or when of things
    -motivational pics on my phone
    -feeling more bursts of happiness and less worry
    -EFT since it still does work for me
    -following what feels good

  5. #405


    -confidence building subliminal audio that i love,and was one of the first subliminals i ever used,back in the early knowing about loa days
    -jelly donut
    -best friend suggesting maybe he'll start coming here more often in mornings when i'm asleep. so exciting. i've been visualizing this.
    -doing an EFT to calm any fear about psychic attack
    -feeling faithful and calm that all will be fine
    -feeling feelings of aliveness and calm that i realized is better then in the's what i used to feel a lot in the early days of loa before i even read Abraham Hicks,etc and realizing i'm finally back to the start with loa which is where i wanted to be for so long. enjoying the joy of creating,the loa being made simpler. feeling really good feelings that are far more pleasant then the in the vortex's calmer,yet juicier..exciting in a way that's quieter. i finally feel feelings like i did back when i first learned of loa. ifeel younger again,i'm back to even focusing on some things from back then,too which is interesting..some of my desires and what i'm working on are from that time period. i feel younger again. it's easier to stop being critical now and having negative mental chatter now that i realized what i have about judgement. everything's just become easier. i have strong inner knowings. this is way better then drawn out spiritual exercises and aiming for being in the vortex. this isnt about being spiritual,it's just a natural,enjoyable way of life. I no longer even want to identify with being spiritual simply because it reminds me of arduous spiritual exercises,karma,crystals and so on. I am feeling so many similar feelings to that time frame of when i first discovered loa.i've cleared so much limiting junk i've accumulated in my mind over the last few years and it's great.
    -getting my book in the mail today. so amazingly quick.
    -ordering some color therapy glasses
    -seeing my affirmations work
    -chatting with some loa forum members in a chat last was very unexpected,but nice
    -the middle of the night
    -the feelings of spring
    -roommate bringing toothpaste
    -re-reading old journal entries and texts i wrote from the time frame of before i learned of loa with ex A. It reminded me of what I want. The sweetness of being with him. Everything was so much sweeter with romance until I got more jaded over the years and I'm so grateful to have cleared all that
    -my eyeglasses
    -the hypnosis induction i found which got me into deep visualization last night. so deep i ended up almost falling asleep after. going to make a playlist of hypnosis inductions!
    -feeling so alive! This is way better then in the vortex. I finally know this now.
    -the feelings of springtime being here
    -best friend being alive,and how amazing he is
    -visualization and seeing now after practice how powerful and important it is
    -a great dance cardio workout last night which made me feel amazing
    -getting my hair colored last night and how much better it makes me feel now
    -feeling a sense of ..eagerness and aliveness and juicy craving for the details of that which i desire now. this is soooooooooooooo much better then being in the vortex. I am now a Neville Goddard and visualization convert. For so long,I thought the vortex was the best thing to aim for and wanted feelings of aliveness I would have i realize the feelings of aliveness is what I really want,it feels so much better,and more magical and authentic and longer lasting.
    -the hotspot on my phone for internet i now know how to hook up
    -that i can get my computer fixed next week if i want and just need to find the charger
    -being healthy
    -feeling safe
    -how much younger and more feminine i feel again
    -doing speaking affirmations before bed which made me go to bed feeling nice
    -that i've changed. i feel it. i've really changed and broke through barriers i've had for years now and that feels amazing. so grateful
    -enjoying life,enjoying the moment
    -feeling connected to life

  6. #406


    -given a little money today
    -going to my class today
    -getting in a little bit of a driving lesson today,and it does feel like i'm getting better.i still believe i can master side streets before the month is over
    -beautiful,amazing weather today. so uplifting!
    -knowing how to do a pole fitness trick
    -the instructor remembering me and how nice it felt to be remembered and how nice everyone there is
    -the dance studio following me on instagram
    -great music
    -things that made me wonder about A today,if i am on his mind. the start of the posts getting strange again for the first time since back right before he got into a gf. even though i feel an inner knowing,i like seeing hope. and,the neville material is really inspiring me that as long as i'm keeping that string of doubt that what if i'm crazy..that i'm staying in an objective reality and staying IN that reality,and that I need to take the leap and fully assume the reality i desire is real. i'm getting closer and closer to that with more and more ease but it's like i feel i have to question things that slight 1% so i don't feel crazy for some reason.
    -acknowledging my blocks earlier today now that i feel it real and have a strong inner knowing on some of my desires and feel so close
    -the feelings of aliveness i am now getting on an almost daily basis
    -my eyeglasses
    -feeling so much calmer these days by feeling it real
    -my neville goddard book i've been reading
    -my hair and how amazing it looks. i look younger and more beautiful when my color is touched up for sure
    -sleep and naps
    -yoga pants
    -my wisdom
    -having more empathy and maturity then i did years ago
    -kindness from others
    -finding out info about my account after finding out something annoying that happened
    -seeing life seem to work out for me more
    -an inner knowing that money is getting better with best friend. i just feel it now and assume it and this makes me feel calm
    -my beauty
    -getting better at imagining
    -doing little things that makes my confidence grow
    -deciding it's time to start posting on social media more and that i'll start looking for inspiration
    -my black tank top i recently got. i love how efficient and stylish it is
    -surrendering and feeling calmer about things
    -getting the earplugs
    -seeing my cheap eating ideas did work as i have leftover food from buying some of the things i did last week
    -the living room

  7. #407


    -deciding to connect myself more
    -my confidence building subliminal
    -mercy for sleeping late today and being very off schedule
    -my eyeglasses
    -getting wine glasses which i've wanted for awhile but put off
    -getting a green tea face scrub
    -getting groceries today and bill being nice and average/low
    -great quotes that remind me the only reason i'm not getting what i want yet is i'm not fully buying the pearl of great price
    -noticing in my affirmations a lot of calmness on some issues
    -realizing i can easily squeeze in two driving lessons this week and with focus master side streets no matter what non-believers say
    -finding some concentration exercises i will start doing
    -all the wonderful transformation i've gone through and being new now
    -that job that got postponed will be rescheduled
    -best friend texting my mom and then she apologized which proved a lesson to him and affirmed for me the power of surrender and being the better person
    -feeling my feelings and seeing that i have anger,and why and having resistances come to me so i can see where to clear them instead of being stuck
    -becoming a more calm person
    -trading vortex feelings and worshipping happiness for instead feelings of aliveness and the magic of life which feels much better,natural,and able to be had consistently. This is early loa days feelings for me whereas overtime I got more into lots of loa gurus and Abraham Hicks type terminology which i believe complicates loa..and no wonder..they are trying to make money on loa.almost makes me think it's a scam.
    -unfollowing some things that don't resonate with me anymore like Abraham Hicks
    -being sore from my workout yesterday
    -getting through the month of February
    -feeling overall more and more positive everyday,i am truly retraining my mind I believe
    -that I get to blog soon in a little over a week
    -that computer may not need to get fixed as it was charging earlier when we plugged it in after finding the charger
    -my hair
    -believing again
    -crush A for he inspires me so
    -feeling so much more back to myself and feeling the magic of life again
    -being healthy
    -feeling sane
    -that best friend has been listening to better music lately when i'm around
    -that today best friend said he has been thoughts feeling bad for me lately
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  8. #408


    -driving subliminal i started listening to that sounds weird but seems to be working
    -green tea face scrub i tried last night. so good,very rejuvenating and reminds me of spring or summer time. i love it.
    -my eyeglasses
    -finding the perfect pretty quote picture of my favorite quote
    -keeping up with my social media goal i made the other day
    -visualization tips and ideas i've been starting to implement
    -deciding to trying to do multiple things at once when best friends dad gives me a ride so i can get more done quicker
    -feeling more good moods lately
    -my hair and how beautiful it is lately
    -my beauty
    -feeling a surge of inspiration as if i'm being reborn and going back in time to when i first learned of loa and deciding to reexamine all the things i didn't get right back then,and the limiting thoughts i had and making affirmations and intentions from that. doing this feels healing,and right,and makes me feel younger,and a sense of aliveness.
    -feeling younger nowadays and more alive
    -being smart
    -ben&jerry's vegan ice cream flavor i tried. super good.
    -best friend coming here earlier and staying slightly longer
    -neville goddard and this neville goddard site i go to a lot
    -a great dance cardio workout last night
    -the confidence paraliminal i've been doing which also makes me feel amazing
    -the speaking affirmations sessions i do. they still help me at this point,i admit
    -how thin and sculpted my arms look
    -how sculpted my abs look
    -all the barriers i've broken through these past weeks from the past years and how new it makes me feel
    -the bed i've been sleeping on
    -all the ways i can reimagine new
    -becoming a more calmer person
    -being feminine and girly
    -spring being near
    -connecting to life and my desires again
    -my body starting to look more tighter and toned and attractive and in shape looking
    -having more work inspiration and direction coming to me
    -the ability to see and hear

  9. #409


    -getting a little work done and putting together a story with it
    -being about 1/3 of the way done with curation for debut for new business
    -that old computer seems to be working
    -my eyeglasses
    -changing my sleep schedule to try and get back on schedule
    -amazing music that fits my exact mood
    -new inspirations
    -best friend opening sauce jar for me and doing everything else on my list i asked that I needed today. i was surprised it was as if he memorized it!
    -being offered to start doing my driving lessons at night. that's perfect since the timing i've been doing them has always felt more difficult for various reasons
    -driving subliminals i've been doing
    -confidence subliminal i've been doing
    -2nd chakra solfeggios i'm listening to right now
    -sound therapies in general. i love sound therapies.
    -deciding maybe i should let go of crush A a little simply because maybe i have been taking my desires a little too seriously since visualizing them. i know 100% that I want,and will manifest him talking to me again and more to happen but maybe i should loosen up on wanting to manifest a relationship with him. i may decide i might not want that so maybe loosening up is better. my intended aim has been for him to reveal his feelings for me,more to unfold,more talking and getting to know each other,and a kiss. That's what I really want.
    -talking to best friend on phone this morning.i love hearing his voice
    -setting up bill pay thing in my bank account today
    -finding out an old credit i've been paying off has more credit then i thought.
    -getting more likes on a social media post when i didn't think so much about it.i realized my energy has been way too much with thinking too much that from an energy standpoint,it could be perfect but it'd repel and that I need to exude a certain energy in all that i do. it's not just words or presentation,it's energy
    -yoga. did some this morning and it was so needed.i've been so stiff
    -feeling excitement and motivation to really make things happen and get into things
    -understanding sex energy is creative energy and is will and excitement for life and is really a very good and important thing
    -my hair
    -my bill getting paid today
    -being healthy
    -warm showers
    -quarters to wash towels
    -getting my shirt and sunglasses in the mail today
    -my beauty
    -a toned lower body
    -yoga pants
    -dance cardio workouts

  10. #410


    -my eyeglasses
    -great music
    -inspiring article on low-budget travel
    -my nails feeling nice and hard and healthy
    -best friend calling me after last class which made me feel better and was reassuring.i love hearing his voice
    -my confidence building subliminal i'm listening to right now
    -doing a speaking affirmations session which always feels very cleansing
    -oatmeal.i always feel good when i eat this for breakfast
    -potatoes. love clean eating simple foods!
    -getting driving lesson scheduled for tomorrow
    -reassurance from best friend about living situation and how often he is gone telling me not to tell his dad something which proved he wasn't lying
    -doing a nice visualization and ri sessions before bed which put me in a really good mood and very relaxed
    -getting kitchen clean finally. such a mood boost
    -sticking to my social media goal and changing up my energy
    -my beauty
    -tips im giving myself to aim for to improve on my driving lesson next to meet my goals when i want to
    -my energy being overall more relaxed lately
    -being able to easily see more core fears and why i fear how i do such as ptsd,trauma,past pains,etc which can be calming
    -feeling good
    -being able to read
    -being safe
    -feeling so new lately
    -getting new understandings and insights into myself lately
    -feeling more beautiful lately
    -feeling younger lately
    -eye massage
    -cardio dance workouts
    -feeling more loving towards best friend again
    -that i get to blog soon
    -feeling feelings
    -that old computer seems to be working.
    -my phone
    -mobile phone apps
    -being able to see
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