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    -not sure if this is a good thing but it was bizarre..seen an article on strange incident about energy worker imposter from back in december that i had panicked about. and then an article on burglars getting caught in neighborhood next to mine. was positive in that it showed i wasn't crazy back then in december,and also that burglars got caught. i didnt feel fear seeing article,and actually felt safe,and trusted all is well
    -being safe and trusting im safe
    -accomplishing my big goal of the month. i now can drive side streets! on top of that,i was driving busy streets too. this feels amazing. it makes me feel confident,and normal in a good way,and capable.
    -getting out of the house for a bit to do driving lesson and how great the air felt and being able to do lesson at night which made me feel much calmer and more relaxed. and how great it felt to actually be driving in the neigborhood next to mine,where a lot of people i know live! so cool.
    -essential oils
    -feeling more beautiful lately
    -getting more social media comfortable
    -feeling more and more calm lately
    -my beauty
    -yoga pants
    -being given chocolate candy
    -nighttime and how soothing it is
    -my phone
    -sleep and naps
    -my eyeglasses
    -speaking affirmations
    -subliminal audios which i feel may have helped me too
    -getting more comfortable being myself and not caring what others think
    -vegan burritos
    -getting an email sent that i had put off
    -sexy guys
    -chivalrous guys
    -my visualization sessions just because they have helped me retrain my imagination and have an inner knowing about some desires and helped me feel calmer
    -deciding it's definitely time to go to let stage with one desire since it feels impregnated and now entered stage of frustration and doubt even though the inner knowing is there,i feel obsessive like it's time to let go now
    -doing nothing and laying down at times. feels good
    -best friend coming by
    -old computer seeming to be working when i tried it out today for 5 minutes and cleaning out some old affirmations on mydesktop therapist i had
    -great quotes
    -getting a like on a photo on a social media today that felt like a mini manfestation of a desire of mine
    -eye massage
    -the deep conditioner i've been using

  2. #412


    -getting a pizza different then the usual frozen pizzas bought for me
    -getting more social media confident
    -best friend saying he wants to leave his laptop here which surprised me and was good news
    -mountain dew
    -having a glass of wine and trying it in the new wine glasses i got
    -new job day being decided
    -knowing how to drive side streets now! so cool.
    -confidence building subliminal audio i've been listening to
    -photo likes on a site
    -getting a text from C
    -getting kitchen floor cleaned
    -cool little loa thing..i have been loving a random song i came across. and seen it on a video on ig today. things like that show me reality is created with my awareness
    -green tea face scrub i love
    -my beauty
    -being feminine
    -lower body being nice and toned especially in comparison to last fall
    -that best friend is alive
    -finding out it's illegal to record a conversation
    -becoming a more relaxed person and that being a main aim of who i want to become more of
    -being able to just lay down
    -feeling burst of energy coming to me that makes me wonder if its from someone else and who. like sexual energy
    -my body feeling more sensations of feeling good and relaxed
    -another loa thing of seeing more and more body flaws on others ever since noticing it
    -my determination
    -more confidence in myself lately
    -deciding to focus more on becoming more relaxed,and how can i induce more relaxation and openness since that also will correlate with letting go
    -eye massage
    -knowing i can be,do,or have anything
    -getting through this month

  3. #413


    -mountain dew
    -manifested l contacting me today.
    -realizing negative energy from my mom that i've been holding onto and how wondering if she made things worse. i create my reality and cannot blame but it gave me some EFT inspiration on things to tap on and let go of and new perspective on several life situations in my life recently. it even inspired me to take some inspired actions.
    -going outside in backyard alone for 5 minutes after feeling inspired from a sort of release of negative feelings i've had for a few years from things with my mother
    -yoga and stretches
    -cardio dance workouts
    -feeling more confident in myself then i have in some time
    -getting positive attention from others and feeling good enough
    -an email from an old work contact which was very cool. she is very high end and offered to send me some clients.
    -tank tops
    -getting through february
    -talking to best friend about new perspective on things
    -the internet
    -getting at least a little bit of done
    -my beauty
    -my work accomplishments
    -getting bedroom cleaned
    -essential oils
    -yoga pants
    -getting more social media confident
    -meeting landlord's mom
    -my conviction
    -my determination
    -my kind-heartedness
    -crystal singing bowl audios
    -best friend saying he is going to leave laptop at home when i start using mine
    -all the positive changes in my energy since this time last year,including feeling and embracing sex energy more and it's connection to will,being relaxed,and embracing non-judgement as the key to surrender
    -having great,healthy teeth
    -life feeling more light and the possibility for fun again

  4. #414


    -getting a new alarm clock
    -getting groceries and bill being very cheap,it was strange
    -best friend not putting anything in cart for him and R this week,which is interesting as that had been a concern in the past of why he was suddenly putting so much in cart for while with her
    -being drawn towards an awesome spring green nail polish to buy this week
    -best friend plugging in alarm clock for me. little things like that is how he shows he cares. he's always been that way
    -doing a major goal today for my anxiety. walked all the way to the coffee shop by myself. so amazing! this is one of my biggest accomplishments in relation to that. now i know i can go and get my own breakfast if i want! i felt this inspired action after things coming to the surface relating to my mom came up the other day and feeling a sense of freedom that i can do certain things. the order was cheaper then i thought,too which was also amazing! and the barista was attractive. idk why the male baristas always seem to be attractive at this coffee shop! so cool i manifested this.
    -manifesting l to contact me. maintaining my confidence despite wanting to give into him and being nice about him.i do hope he'll try to work things out with me,and feel he will and it's huge to me i manifested him to contact me. it's an easy manifestation but also huge for proving certain things for me i've been working on and clearing.
    -my beauty.i swear,i have been looking so beautiful lately
    -feeling more noticed by others lately and connected
    -my accomplishments
    -getting more social media confident
    -the amazing,beautiful weather that makes me feel so alive. the air feels so fresh
    -the beautiful night skies
    -the sun
    -deciding march will be inspired actions. february was visualization and was a little bit to start seeing the effects of but so worth it,but now i've been feeling called that march should be inspired actions to take my life even further
    -confidence building subliminal i've been doing
    -my eyeglasses
    -yoga pants
    -stretches and yoga
    -the intense,strange feelings i had during visualization last night. it was bizarre.maybe because i'm visualizing more often and getting better at it,in combination with using a hypnotic induction while doing it or maybe that i'm trying to visualize as i'm there vs as if i'm watching a movie,but last night was odd how intense i felt suddenly
    -feeling feelings more often since doing visualization. i'm so convinced this is the way to go with loa in comparison to trying really hard and trying to get in the vortex. this feels so much more natural,and consistent,and better
    -feelings of aliveness
    -excitement for life and life feeling fun and future possibilities
    -great music
    -my hair color
    -tank tops
    -how sculpted my arms look
    -having a nice curvy lower back side
    -essential oils
    -getting through february and things aren't worse and are at least a little better
    -being a woman
    -EFT I did this morning and affirmations to clear some limiting junk i've been holding onto
    -feeling renewed and all this wonderful new energy in my life
    -great quotes
    -asking best friend to show me that sound on his phone to prove to me something i was paranoid about and finding out he isnt lying
    -friendly people

  5. #415


    -trying out edmr for the first time self administered today and feeling so extremely chilled out and secure afterwards. wow! i think it even made my heart feel good,like rejuvenated
    -vegan food
    -l contacting me today and making me swoon. he knows just how to make me feel special. i had been trying to let go of him and be detached and then tonight he texted me a screenshot of a picture of me he seen in his feed online saying just saw this and that i look put me in the best mood!
    -doing some EFT on safety things today
    -my personality
    -deciding to keep working on more and more being a relaxed person and letting go of anger and worries
    -my beauty
    -getting a ride for going to the salon tomorrow
    -ex A liking my post online though i deleted it because i made a slightly different version after
    -feeling more connected lately. makes me feel so good!
    -getting through february,and all is well
    -getting caught up on emails
    -knowing all the amazing,high end talented people i do and how good that makes me feel
    -my eyes and how beautiful they are
    -my confidence increasing
    -sound therapies and how helpful they've been
    -physical exercise and how good it feels
    -beauty products

  6. #416


    -mountain dew
    -being safe
    -calming myself down after a setback today
    -getting my eyebrows done today
    -daylight starting to be longer and how nice that was
    -my hair and how beautiful it is,how great the length and texture and cut is. i am really loving my hair lately
    -deciding i will go and see the cat no matter what for even just 5 minutes this next coming week
    -getting more decisive about my wants
    -deciding will walk to coffeeshop again sometime this week to get myself breakfast,and aim to do that at least once a week for all of march..and see how that one little action will change my life
    -being able to blog again
    -getting a little bit of work done last night
    -my beauty
    -that roommate said he will pay rent tomorrow
    -my heart feeling healthier then it did a few months ago
    -that l texted me yesterday and how good it made me feel,and even just how meaningful that whole manifestation of him contacting me again and then that yesterday is for me
    -visualization sessions i did in the morning and how good they made me feel. visualization seems to even do something to my body,like relax it.

  7. #417


    -self forgiveness
    -being awake
    -getting towels in the wash,and that i can do laundry today
    -feeling calmer about some things
    -being safe
    -that i can go and see the cat this week
    -sound therapies which make me feel good
    -remembering how easy the law of attraction is even if it doesn't always feel like it
    -my eyeglasses
    -law of attraction forums to get out where i'm at with certain issues,which also helps point out certain limiting beliefs for me
    -being able to help others on an loa chat
    -call from best friend this morning
    -being able to see how R seems created out of my own awareness
    -visualization sessions which always seem to make me feel so good. though,i'd like to see more external manifestations from them,but perhaps i just need to be more patient
    -getting more info on a postponed job,though now it seems it won't be until april
    -being able to understand why i feel anxious and also seeing maybe i just need to get through this month,and then i'll feel much more calm
    -being easy on myself
    -staying determined to change who i am,despite feeling down today

  8. #418


    -mountain dew
    -oatmeal. actually starting to be convinced this is a high vibe food.
    -getting through the day and all being fine
    -giving landlord the rent today
    -my style
    -my beauty
    -how much healthier my heart feels compared to a few months ago and seeing i'm alive still and fine.
    -feeling calmer
    -having resistance come to the surface last night before bed while journaling and after imagining it gone,how amazing and free i felt.i started to realize this psychic energy may have been a drain,and may have been the true "psychic attack" last year after looking at things again in reflection
    -l and how much he was there for me ever since last year when things were tough.
    -feeling very loving. i'd say that was the number one benefit i noticed since doing my confidence building subliminal for the month is that it made me feel more loving towards all
    -being able to blog
    -all the amazing good changes and transformation i've made and feeling newness and moved forward which i had needed for some time
    -being over certain guys that i took a long time to get over,that i can do so much better then really. even l is such an upgrade from e. A and L are both major upgrades from guys like B and E.
    -an amazing journaling session last night that gave me clarity and lots of ideas.i felt drawn to journal but resistant just because i don't like writing as much lately,but once i did it,it was very helpful. seems everytime i feel drawn to journal,i get something amazing out of it.
    -manifesting an interesting text today after having released that resistance before bed about topic. it was interesting since the text had to do with that resistance even coming to the surface.
    -EFT and how cleansed it makes me feel. it's amazing how we could have these little things we don't think are big deal in our mind,but once we clear them,we feel so much happier,and like a weight has been lifted. i cleaned up some more stuff before bed and realized that had played a big part in me being down.
    -leaves,emojis,and the color green.i think i'm in a green color phase
    -seeing cool things that interest me
    -how much it's been feeling like i'm going back to 2010 when i first learned of loa in ways. certain themes and things,and feelings.
    -my cat slippers i love and still have
    -feeling more confident
    -feeling more free
    -changing my reality in the moment,and in way for the better.i had fear thing i wanted to check on someone's social media online and couln't resist not checking it,but told myself something in a calm feeling to reassure myself it going my way,and sure enough,it did. this is great for me as i'm also currently overcoming a big problem of assuming the worst and assuming wrongly. i've done things before like this,too seeing reality can change at any moment by doing similar
    Last edited by buttercup; 4th March 2016 at 07:31 AM.

  9. #419


    -being easy on myself
    -calming down from rage i had earlier
    -realizing all the things coming up lately in EFT and limiting beliefs from my issues with others is probably me manifesting sloughing off my angers and worries that i've set the intention for. my intention was to become a more relaxed person and to not be angry or worrier
    -ex A contacting me just now
    -manifesting another follow up random text after that resistance cleared from the day before in regards to something i had wanted but had felt blocked because of other issues. so weird how after clearing and having things come to surface on one issue this happened.
    -confidence building subliminal
    -getting more money put on my card
    -self forgiveness
    -the internet
    -EFT. it's been such a major help for me
    -my mom telling me she got some kind of settlement of $6,000 and is now moving finally on so and so certain date. very good news! i've been wanting her to move for awhile. it made me mad she kept saying she was but still hadn't. also,impressed seeing look she manifests quite well,just doesn't even realize it!
    -my hair and how beautiful it is
    -that i'm getting through month of march and so far there has been two setbacks but they resolved fairly quickly and also have done less affirmations and my sleep has been very messed up which i feel is messing up with my feeling good so those are two fixes
    -that i can go see cat tomorrow
    -being able to blog for the month
    -a great visualization session in the morning. well,really i do multiple mini sessions for about an hour
    -realizing how freaking amazing i'm going to feel come by the time this month is over and around mid april or so. wow. i'm going to feel such a release and sense of freedom seeing i got through all this and wow,see everything is fine and how silly i had been
    -all the stuff that came to the surface about my brother,and realizing it looks like he was the source of psychic attack from aug-dec and how much sense it makes

  10. #420


    -the strong burst of positive energy i just felt
    -mountain dew
    -getting the cat here
    -laughing at how easy and random that once i released resistance i get two random texts two days in a row saying cat needs a vacation if i want to take him for awhile and saying i can take cat if i want
    -that at least by seeing my brother while getting the cat,i broke the tension,though later i got drama texts from him and my mom but have been able to detach fairly well
    -great ideas for saving money
    -giving spare vitamins i had extra of to house when i went to take cat
    -my confidence building subliminal i've been doing and being on the last day of it
    -finding old messages from when l very first contacted me for work way back in 2013 and seeing he seemed nervous back then and like he thought i'd say no to working with him and seeing my pic is still on the online page with his other pics after all this time which made me feel good.i even took a pic of the screen.
    -that best friend didnt rush as much when going to get cat i dont think
    -that best friend said R buys him pants and bought him vegan protein powder
    -getting reassurances about car when i got mad saying the car looks like she took over and him saying it's his stuff
    -seeing signs that best friend is not over me.i used to say certain things but didn't think much of it for years now and it'd make best friend mad. today,though I asked out of genuine curiosity saying i think it's weird how everytime we are around each for more then 5 minutes it seems like he needs to have a new pic of her on his phone,or she texts him,that kind of thing. And,he told me it's him that does that. As soon as I said that,I said thank you. That just proved a lot to me. They may be subtle psychology things,but I find it weird he needs to force himself to see pics of her or have her more in his mind when i'm around. Add that to the constant ring fidgeting. There is just something extremely bizarre about the fact that as much time as he is with her,he is getting i love you pics from her right when he is with me. Somebody is very insecure.
    -seeing more that all this is issues between me and best friend. it's almost like he is creating that i am something for him and R to get through,thus increasing the drama and connection for them.
    -deciding now to start focusing back on my driving lessons starting this next week.i felt i needed a mini break from that to process life and now am ready to finish my next goal with that
    -essential oils
    -things coming to the surface of how i'm misconnecting things and that's why i'm making myself miserable
    -how beautiful my hair is
    -my goals
    -getting offered an internship today
    -feeling less anger towards others ever since doing clearing work and how it makes me feel more likable too
    -being a different person now and how good that feels. so many things i was interested in before,i am now interested in new things and have changed. forward movement feels great.
    -getting kitchen mostly cleaned last night
    -having the brilliant idea to get rid of some dishes,since i want to be more minimal and that'd probably be very freeing since i dread doing dishes with how time consuming it is
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