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    -eye massage
    -getting 100% on some of the practice written driving tests now. so close to being able to go and get the liscense!
    -coffee and vegan chocolate for breakfast
    -the laptop im using
    -M saying we are going shopping this sunday at this nice mall she likes
    -the cycling class and then yoga class last night
    -M telling me her friend D( i've seen a few times lately who is nice) works in advertising and is his own boss and when i seemed intrigued,she offered to have me talk to him if i want
    -getting a lot of job offers lately and booking exceeding my goals.
    -seeing how to get more into things again simply by focus. by focusing a lot on getting back into one type of work i've done,i'm now getting a lot of offers for that,and then the same started happening with acting,and now have things opening up with that. it's very cool. the things that are most similar and what i have experience in are what i get the most offers for so i get less offers for "normal" jobs
    -inspired ideas to make my resume look more classic and that the work experience i have would look really good if i altered to make my resume format look more classic with instead of going with the format i was taught before for that kind of work
    -getting my eye appointment made. and,had a dream i found my eyeglasses the morning of that so maybe that was because i'd have my appt made that morning so it represented that
    -having house to myself again
    -that so far the adjustment made hasn't been as hard as i thought
    -that my dad's house where my brother's cat is at i miss isn't as far as i thought so i can find some way to come visit even easier then i thought soon
    -that i can do lotus pose and the symbolism behind being shown that back when i first was shown i could do it. she kept encouraging me saying she knows i can and i was the only one who could,and i snapped into it really easily once i seen what it was. and it really does seem more and more like all of life can be a metaphor.i've also been noticing dandelions like crazy the othe day which have a symbolism of rebirth.
    -the nice walk home from the gym last night. love getting some time outside at night.
    -being able to see the positives of my situation and that maybe it will help me to reach new goals and get to places i want to go much quicker and overcome blocks i wasn't overcoming before
    -realizing/remembering i've done a lot of cool things in life
    -that the girl who booked me for the job i work tomorrow has actually worked with me before,she remembered me and we seemed to vibe a little bit with each other

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    -getting refill figured out. pharmacy had it on file and called me and it's ready today.
    -having eye appointment tomorrow
    -that i get to work today
    -that MH has seemed to now let me do more of my own thing and there seems to be less projection
    -feeling pretty calm while driving last night,and having minimal anxiety
    -a lot of job offers lately
    -bike being brought up yesterday that it will be getting bought anyday now
    -buying an acupuncture certificate for myself yesterday
    -meditation and getting the chance to do so again this morning

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    -manifesting flowers. i had been thinking how much i want flowers for my room and how much i love flowers in general. i'll often eye them in appreciation while in nature,and at grocery stores and was just thinking on and off in general how much i want flowers for my room. i came out of the shower this morning and was in awe at this big beautiful bouquet with a balloon M had got. I asked if ex best friend got it for her and she said no one of her students did,and she asked if i wanted the flowers. I said no,and insisted i can't take her flowers,that's her gift,but she said she will throw them out if i don't and that she always just gives them away to one of the other girls when she gets gifts like that because she doesn't like flowers and she only brought them home because she thought i might like them,and her husband confirmed later that it was true,she would've just thrown them away so i put them in my room. this just made me really happy. it was such a simple thing,but they are just so beautiful and made me feel so spoiled,to be honest.
    -doing my job today and how good it felt to be out and about and in the scene again. finishing my job very early and even being told i did a good job by team lead and finishing quicker then really does seem as if universe is really on my side lately,and trying to tell me to keep going,and don't give up.
    -M asking how my job went and how nice that felt
    -the coffee shop i went to today,and the trendy feel of the place. one of the male baristas looked like a was an interesting coffee shop. different then other ones i usually go to.
    -getting my yoga pants i ordered online about a week and half ago or so in the mail today
    -the sunshine today
    -cake pops
    -getting better at talking to people in some ways,and caring less what people think
    -being able to meditate again this morning and ending it with a prayer,and 5 things i'm grateful for and having house to myself for a bit
    -feeling love for ex best friend despite how much he's betrayed me
    -getting my sertraline today.idk how but things are flowing with so much ease in some ways,that it's almost miraculous. at today's job,i did better with that stuff then i ever have possibly,and it was the first time i had done it in about 2 years. the prescription i thought for sure i would have to wait on refill after talking to receptionist and still not finding form
    -being given more money today
    -laughing at life
    -being ok with new situation now and accepting of it,and no longer seeing it as that bad. it's really weird how ok i feel with it all now,and there's some kinks still to figure out,but overall,i don't feel so bad about it.
    -how nice M and her husband have been being to me

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    -seeing all these signs of things reconnecting in the sense of things i like,like past things,and things still being connected. it's really interesting and affirming.
    -that somehow things are actually going quite well,and feeling pretty spoiled.people seem to really be having a lot of empathy for me,too. I've been given flowers,i'm being bought candies all the time and snacks ,and things i like,i'm being taken to the movies,the gym and dance classes,and shopping for clothes,and am getting a bike bought for me. it all actually feels kind of nice,plus there's so much less drama in my life so my mind tends to feel more clear,which is perhaps why there is more flow,too. i've also been feeling like i'm very much living day to day,which i actually like. it makes me feel more present,and also in the flow.
    -that i get to go to a ballet class tomorrow
    -everything working out with my eye appointment and optometrist being very nice and picking out new glasses that have a sort of funky look which look like they make my face features/eyes really stand out
    -the sun and warmth today
    -things adjusting pretty well and feeling more comfortable
    -M helping me when the vase broke with the cut on my finger,and helping me clean it
    -T being so nice and saying hi to me on the phone and how nice it feels to feel like they're family,and they are
    -seeing the good sides of my situation

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    -taking ballet class and how nice the instructor was. she said i have beautiful feet and great accessibility in my hips and was encouraging towards me and helpful.
    -going shopping at whole foods
    -vegan pizza from whole foods
    -being genuine
    -being kind hearted
    -that the pants M gave me actually fit perfectly and are an extra small
    -rest and laying down
    -having protein made for me earlier
    -having house to myself for a short bit and doing a meditation
    -being beautiful
    -being in tune and getting in tune with my desires
    -adjusting/adapting well to things
    -writing notes to myself
    -the positive changes coming about and feeling of newness
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    Quote Originally Posted by buttercup View Post
    -taking ballet class and how nice the instructor was. she said i have beautiful feet and great accessibility in my hips and was encouraging towards me and helpful.
    (Hope I'm not intruding , if so , I beg your pardon) - Have you had training in ballet before? - I ask because teacher's compliment are very hard to come by

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkChylde View Post
    (Hope I'm not intruding , if so , I beg your pardon) - Have you had training in ballet before? - I ask because teacher's compliment are very hard to come by
    When I was a little kid I did but that's it.

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    -feeling very spoiled. M took me shopping today and I got a new wardrobe. I got fitted and found out my size in chest is a little different then i thought and is actually a 32dd . Ended up getting new lingerie,workout outfit,perfume that came free,and a new dress.
    -M buying me chocolates today before we went shopping
    -M buying me my favorite cakepops after shopping
    -going to the movies tonight with M and her husband
    -looking slim in dressing room and my abs looking like they had definition
    -appreciating my haircut today
    -latte i had this morning
    -my style
    -M making me protein drink before we left
    -catching up on sleep and waking up feeling well rested
    -seeing A on chat on a social media site which seemed like a sign since i haven't seen him on there in so long
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -blowdrying my hair last night and how nice it looked(i don't usually blow dry my hair)
    -thinking of life as an adventure and looking forward and enjoying the new changes coming about

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    Quote Originally Posted by buttercup View Post
    When I was a little kid I did but that's it.
    then you ought add that to your gratitude list - "being told something good for my ballet skill ,while just being a kid"

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    -the chocolates M got me yesterday
    -getting out of my gloomy mood i was in for a bit earlier
    -that i'll have my bike soon
    -being given more money
    -getting money put on my card to pay a bill
    -M saying she wants to start paying more each month on my bill so it gets paid off quicker and so we are going to start doing that and to remind her Wed because she is going to send money to my card to pay it
    -confiding my feelings a bit to M's husband about things like my paranoias and feeling like i don't deserve all they're doing,etc
    -getting pizza lunch from my favorite pizza shop in old first neighborhood i lived in on my own today
    -the way the air felt today,very fresh,as if it was about to rain
    -taking a nap in the early evening
    -my stomach getting flatter
    -how beautiful my flowers are blooming
    -M making me protein drink again
    -getting my room cleaned a little more,and organized a little more tonight
    -getting some of the things done on my to-do list today
    -meditating and adding more items to my intentions to send out to the universe list
    -having a young look
    -all going well and confirmed with things i had set with jobs so far
    -applying to more jobs tonight
    -from the contrast of no longer having the volunteer position because of the drama,realizing that volunteering at a gym front desk is something i'd like to do,and something that excites me as a resume builder or being front desk as a job and since that,thinking that maybe i can find more opportunities like that,and since then seeing more and more things pop up that say looking for volunteer help in exchange for free classes which is perfect for me so i can get experience working front desk
    -comedy and laughter
    -the very friendly,skinny white and gray cat who greeted me today. she was so nice!
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