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    I understand that my advice probably doesn't resonate with you at this point in your life or spiritual journey, but I do believe there will come a time when you realize that these superficial or mentally/emotionally fabricated pleasures that you have been appreciating do not provide you a lasting or satisfying happiness, as although you have compiled such a large list of things to be happy about, each one of these things is impermanent and you may find in a relatively short amount of time that many of these things no longer exist or no longer apply. You may find yourself endlessly making these lists, looking for more and more reasons to be happy in all the wrong places. Appreciation is great if it is used skillfully, otherwise it may lead to further attachment and delusion, and thus further stress and suffering of various degrees.

    I believe that the key to discovering one's true spiritual nature and finding the source of a true unconditioned happiness is not to focus on the temporary pleasures of the material world, but rather to release one's attachment to them and see their true nature as impermanent and unsatisfactory. The more focus and importance is given to these temporary phenomena, the more one becomes reliant on them to provide happiness, a happiness which is unsatisfactory by nature, as it is superficial and/or temporary.

    I would recommend contemplating the impermanent nature of these items on your list, and the fact that they are incapable of providing a lasting happiness. Also, contemplate the nature of your desires and the stress and craving they cause, even if it is subtle or superficially unrecognizable. Perhaps this will lead to a realization that deeper spiritual teachings and practices are needed to become liberated. Take care.
    Escaping Velocity. Not just infinity, but eternity.

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    -indie music
    -hitting up my first local bar which may be my new local bar. so cheap!
    -being young
    -red wine
    -getting back at D for the awful things he said to me last night and the clarity i finally got
    -the perfect getting back at D and all the laughter that ensued and the responses i got back from him after my work on that epic text i sent him and thinking i may just mess around with him him for a month now to get back at him for how he strung me along for all of october and then said what he said last night and deciding defintiely not responding to his last texts
    -my creative director laughing with me at d's ridiculousness
    -deciding maybe i do need to be less sexually frigid
    -being crazy
    -learning about life
    -project 19 finally getting released!
    -all the affirmation i got about A really digging me last night. three times a charm,and not just that,but that he may love me
    -feeling in an overall positive mood today
    -throwing rebounder out
    -wintery things
    -living life
    -social apps
    -feeling in an overall good mood today
    -all the positive attention i draw when i'm out and about in public,even when i'm dressed down. strangers look at me so much and do strange things even. it can get awkward but it's good to be attractive. and knowing if i was out with D it'd be same thing.
    -being beautiful
    -booking a job today!
    -all the ideas that come to me
    -black maryjanes shoes
    -my neighborhood
    -warm showers
    -feeling well
    -getting asked out on another date. not interested in the person but it's nice to be asked out
    -feeling good

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    -my phone
    -my computer
    -my eyebrows and how great they look
    -unique and interesting beauty
    -women who have a really unique look and are very attractive and how inspiring it is
    -self acceptance
    -tanning beds
    -how uplifted my mood has been overall lately
    -realizing how fake people are and lie about things which has been a positive as i see some things now to not worry about as they are pointless since they are lies
    -my intuition
    -new ideas on what to post on my instagram
    -being a woman and feeling very feminine
    -A,i love him and know he loves me even if it's only on a soul level he cant comprehend consciously.i appreciate him having a crush on me.
    -my child-like appearance and projection
    -being me and being unique
    -being sexy
    -realizing everybody has "flaws" and still is super successful despite it
    -mobile photo apps
    -my ideas
    -my desires
    -a flattering thank you from an artist
    -the wonderful abundance in my life
    -being easy on myself
    -winning this D thing
    -music that speaks exactly what's going on with you at the time
    -how great i've felt all month
    -deciding to start relaxing since everyone is so fake anyways and that it's just even more of a reminder to follow what feels right for me and what i want to do and my path and timing
    -things that attract my eye
    -talking with friends

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    -comfortable clothing
    -feeling in a mostly pleasant mood
    -being mostly over D
    -signs something is coming
    -how amazing A is and how much it inspires me to be better
    -inexpensive clothing
    -all my accomplishments
    -my vision
    -how uniquely striking and attractive i am
    -my ways of seeing the world
    -recognizing when my patterns of thinking are going ocd and that it's no longer real and being able to observe that and learn
    -that i got project 15 in the mail today and i was nervous about one thing printing well but it printed so fabulous and made my day
    -scalp massage
    -holistic healing
    -knowing what i want
    -how much more balanced my moods have been since going to the tanning beds for the first time
    -lip balm
    -deciding what i really need to do is stop one job i feel i've outgrown and carve out a new path for myself financially
    -mixing things up
    -my desires
    -that i have plenty of time to meditate and get organized tonight
    -how fantastic my eyebrows look
    -confidence in myself
    -my kind heart
    -continually working on forgiving myself
    -metaphysics and my understanding of reality
    -being me,my interests,and unique personality

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    -soothing uplifting music
    -best friend getting a little more ambitious
    -how my moods seem much more uplifted since starting to go to tanning beds
    -healing your past meditations
    -weather being slightly warmer today
    -getting groceries today. nice to pick up more things i need including iron vitamins and mixing up the thing i get slightly
    -trying out the other grocery store as well today down the block which was funny and didn't work out so well. but at least i tried it and my curiosity is now satiated.
    -the delicious high protein and high in vitamin a dinner i will have tonight
    -the one somewhat decent grocery store my neighborhood has,which happens to be one of the very few things my neighborhood has going for it
    -being inspired
    -allowing A and even J as well to inspire me and make me become better
    -afformations and positive questions to ask myself
    -mysterious people
    -people in general who just inspire me by living unique lives and lives that are just cool,and themselves
    -reminding myself and learning to be myself more and more
    -good stylish music
    -me,myself,my tastes,my personality
    -being amazing
    -throwing out more things
    -mobile phone apps
    -the internet
    -getting an seo boost for one of my business's pages
    -feeling my feelings
    -embracing the seasons
    -physical exercise
    -the mysterious
    -positive thinking

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    Quote Originally Posted by buttercup View Post
    I should. I think i fear how life changing it might be to have one..isn't that crazy? Since,i know it would be a good change. Also,i know i have fear in my vibration and worry i'd manifest my fears in an OBE like snakes. I had a weird experience in june when i was trying to have one and reading a lot about it and kept affirming i would. What happened was I was burning incense one night,lotus incense,and i was listening to tibetan singing bowls music,and i kept feeling weird,like i felt a prescence and may actually have an OBE very soon. Then..all of a sudden,my roommate walked in,and there was a snake right by me. I'm very phobic of them. It was a baby snake but still i had a panic attack and moved out of my apartment shortly after that. It's unusual circumstance because i live in a city,and on a 2nd floor apartment so how it got in is beyond me. Since then,i had kinda stopped reading about OBE's as much. I do believe as phobic as i am of snakes that they're a good omen but it really freaked me out. Not to mention,I had been grieving from a loss so the whole experience was very odd. I still get made fun of playfully by friends about the whole thing,being accused of "conjuring up snakes." lol. I have been having more lucid dreams lately. I should try and master that, I heard it's an excellent way to get closer to OBE. I don't have Robert's book but i heard it's excellent. It's on my list of books I want to check out.
    I don't think OBEs were very life changing for me... They can sometimes be very fun- when your vibration is high, as you would say. I found that when I got scary OBEs it was always during times- you could say my vibration was low. I got them when I was scared, ironically, from getting a scary OBE :p I think it could be what happened with your snake right there. I think you manifested the snake because of the LOA, not because of OBEs. From what I know- when your vibration is high for a long time, you start to attract things more easily- and that includes the negative things, too. Remember that when you fear something- you feel it very strongly and that's energy. Emotion contributes to faster manifestation- no matter if it's negative or positive emotion .
    My twitter inspirational quotes account
    "By your own effort waken yourself, watch yourself. And live joyfully. You are the master." —Buddha
    I am another you. You are another me.

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    -making my 5 bananas smoothie. trying to implement a smidge of raw veganism in my diet again to combat any urges to get lazy and end up eating dairy
    -feeling so good again today
    -getting work done
    -getting a possible offer for a side job thing of only working a few hours a week,which is exactly what i want
    --my best friend and how amazing he is
    -being able to express myself
    -being me
    -my hair and how lovely it is
    -feeling determined and even mischievous and feisty
    -tecnho music
    -how amazingly well i feel
    -starting the first step towards new business idea last night
    -feeling ambitious yet soft and feminine
    -having more energy yesterday and getting a little more done
    -when starting to get overwhelmed by one thing,remembering it's only taking place of something else and how do-able it is,and easy and beneficial
    -my creative director
    -my visualization meditations last night and how great they made me feel
    -my job,my first job and how glamourous it is and validating for my looks and my dream job
    -my motivational life coach attitude
    -physical exercise
    -how open my chakras feel
    -vegan food
    -my confidence
    -allowing myself to dream and dream bigger again
    -keeping myself focused
    -my apartment feeling warm

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    -going tanning today
    -being fearless enough to ask questions to get the experience i desire
    -realizing A loves me and how much it touched me to think of that last big sign i got from him and finding an article to get more info about what it meant,that thing he had said.and how it made me feel and how profound it just changed me
    -a new pic for my personal tumblr blog.i love how i always keep my profile pic somewhat anonymous and mysterious looking to fit the feel of the blog
    -being sexy
    -being around and knowing other sexy people
    -living a sexy life
    -getting the dishes done
    -quantum physics
    -seeing how i changed for A and keep doing so and he keeps changing for me and how it makes my heart sing this dance of entanglement
    -my sensitivity
    -hot tea
    -french toast sticks and coffee for breakfast. delicious
    -finding a vegan cafe i want to go to this week. it's a little further,the next neighbhorhood over,but i really want to try some vegan pastries
    -the mystery of life and how we all change and grow and the interconnectedness of it.i just feel such a oneness lately
    -not needing to rush
    -D texting me today a short text basically a shy way of saying what's going on with me. lol. which gave me more courage to go through with my plan that i executed about an hour ago of sending my next wacky vengeance text that was very hilarious.i cracked up laughing thinking of it last night and sending it an hour ago
    -feeling and knowing there's someone out there who has a crush on you. it's very validating
    -fashion and style
    -thinking i may even contact A for a work reason since i would love to do that,too anyways and have wanted to
    -just feeling more fearless lately
    -calming myself down when getting fearful again earlier about things
    -inspiration around me
    -feeling young
    -my coat
    -happy animal stories that make me feel good
    -reading about interesting people online that gives me new ways of looking at things and affirmation
    -the universe
    -all the cool talent all around me
    -the internet
    -all the amazing things i come to realize about A
    -getting a little work done today and making some decisons
    -amazing possibilities for work project that will look amazing and high end
    -my best friend
    -how great my feet feel since taking a break from the cardio workout i had been doing since august. change and breaks are good.
    -being a woman
    -the joy of femininity
    -understanding people

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    "-realizing A loves me and how much it touched me to think of that last big sign i got from him and finding an article to get more info about what it meant,that thing he had said.and how it made me feel and how profound it just changed me

    -D texting me today a short text basically a shy way of saying what's going on with me. lol. which gave me more courage to go through with my plan that i executed about an hour ago of sending my next wacky vengeance text that was very hilarious.i cracked up laughing thinking of it last night and sending it an hour ago"

    This is setting off warning bells for me. Talking about the new man as if he is a fantasy lover to solve all problems while talking about revenge on the last man. I have seen women speak in this way before and set themselves up for big falls. Try to look at things detached and realistic. I mean no offence and I'm not saying the new man is not good or the right one, but I've seen lots of female friends in the same situations talk in these exact terms and phrases (and seen them in the state of mind I am getting from the post) setting themselves up for big falls.

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    -the responses i got from D that made me feel like he was seeing me as cute again and treating me like a child so i texted with him a smidge and deciding to go further with plan instead of waiting until saturday coming up with really creative texts to which he was responding before i was even done with all of them being really sweet on me,and even with the last one the one to disturb he still remained sweet and only affected positively saying he would not do that one thing and instead would cuddle with me. my biggest plan to creep him out completely only made him like me more. he then kept saying im awesome and i'm such an enigma and i really peaked his interest and why would i creep him out i'm a great fantasy writer and all these things so it was hard he responded like a winner. earlier before that he was texting me so much more then usual really clingy too and trying to get me to respond.
    -texting with D all day. we actually texted alot today,it seemed to be on and off all day. and then after he didn't get creeped out,i asked him why not and finally confessed the texts were to get back at him he waited a bit to respond and did ask if i was b-s ing him and i finally laid it all out on the table for him. i didn't go into details but told him the truth. he didn't seem to care and has seemed to be avoiding me.i told him the interest lost was mutual. it seemed he was going to the movies around the exact time i started to tell him what was up. i'm glad i got it out.i had planned on
    keeping up with my plan for about a month,but a week is fine. at least i got what i wanted out of it.
    -trying out the vegan cheese. i didn't like it,but at least now i know
    -ginger ale
    -coffee and french toast sticks
    -physical exercise. it makes me feel good.
    -seeing i get attached and need to work on that
    -my interview i have tomorrow
    -laundry being done and having clean clothes.
    -best friend commenting i look darker,if even he can tell,it must be somewhat noticeable
    -being easy on myself
    -tibetan singing bowls music to quiet my mind
    -meditation and how good it makes me feel
    -feeling more action-taking oriented lately.i know i need to step out more
    -asking myself what do i want a little more lately
    -knowing my heart and what i know to be true
    -inspiration that inspires me to do more,be more,evolve more,and further my potential
    -the quiet
    -having a home
    -when guys are sweet,it's great.
    -people turning things in today,may not be perfect but at least things are getting turned in
    -the mysterious and the interesting
    -being career focused
    -mixing things up slightly
    -the universe
    -changing things up from the plan or formula a bit from time to time.i think this is great to do from time to time,helps you to go with the flow and induces spontaneity. hmm. inspired now.

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