1. #501


    -my white chocolate apricot bread i'm having as a snack
    -that M wants to transfer $400 to my account so i can pay off my bill! she wants to get it paid off is why
    -going for a bike ride today. ending up being stressful because i had anxiety,but i think i need to just get the hang of it
    -weather being a little warmer today
    -M giving me a pair or new gym shoes in green so now i can trade off from the pink ones i have to mix it up on different days. i guess she bought several pairs for herself and then those ones didn't fit and asked if they fit me and when they did asked if i wanted them otherwise she'd return them.
    -that job i had for primary career got rescheduled to end of month instead of this weekend since i prefer that
    -my snack of potato chips and pepsi that i had been having a craving for
    -sitting on the porch today for about twenty minutes and how nice that felt
    -manifesting a free aerial class.i had been wanting to take one for awhile but not gotten around to it,plus they're pricy and had been thinking about it more again the last few weeks about how i'd like to take one soon and then randomly today found in my email an offer from the place i wanted to go for it that I can purchase a class this week for free. super cool!
    -signs of of people from the past i think are cool still doing things and how affirming that is,and all the little signs of reconnection i've been seeing
    -the hair dryer and how much i now enjoy blowdrying my hair
    -the nightlight in my room because ive now been sleeping with light off and that feels so much more relaxing
    -adapting well to things,though there's still some kinks not quite worked out yet that i know will be soon
    -getting a call from another new company to interview for work offers
    -all the work offers pouring in my emails lately
    -meditating today
    -deep cleansing breaths

  2. #502


    -M getting her husband to take me to put me $600 in my account,500 for my bill to get it paid off and the rest to keep on my card
    -eye massage
    -cutting back on cheese
    -becoming more financially abundant
    -my sense of style
    -laughing at life and funny life moments
    -managing to fit in
    -great ideas
    -the hair dryer
    -going with to run an errand
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -heart chakra musics i'm listening to right now
    -meditating this morning
    -meeting P,a girl who was a friend of ex best friend and how nice she seemed to me. It's weird all that's gone on lately,how nice people have been and meeting and reconnecting with all these people from his life
    -the nightlight in my room
    -my hip bones seeming to show more today which looked nice
    -my motivation
    -protein drink M made me
    -getting a little more organized and brought in room
    -getting phone interview for more work done

  3. #503


    -protein drink M made me
    -getting acupuncture today and getting placements in my stomach,ear,and third eye chakra which were all new for me
    -the acupuncturist being so nice and saying right away i'm a cute girl when i walked in and telling me later i'm a beautiful girl when telling me i shouldn't have to deal with anxiety since i have so much going for me still
    -feeling like i'm getting a lot of attention when i'm out and about for my looks and so i should be much more attractive then i think
    -M's friend D calling me ms flexible even though i have no idea what he is talking about since i don't think i'm very flexible
    -nice pictures i took with my phone today
    -a beautiful flower abstract painting in the lobby of acupuncture clinic an nice art there in general and very friendly staff and very friendly lady who started conversation with me when i got there
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -my phone
    -getting space cleared to put uber back on my phone again
    -feeling like things will be ok
    -feeling relaxed and in a good mood
    -deciding to start putting money aside to save up for passport book
    -the great idea M's husband had about the big calender outside my room
    -getting more of my stuff organized and settled
    -getting booked for another job today and this one i didn't even apply for but decided to accept it anyways since it's not until next month
    -the cats that come to the yard and how friendly the white and gray one is
    -the air filter in my room and nightlight and how much they help me sleep

  4. #504


    -doing my job at the studio today and how great it went. afterwards,i felt the feeling of happiness for the first time in awhile.
    -my eos lipbalm and the cute container it comes in
    -the warm sunny weather today
    -getting a lot of positive attention lately
    -the attractive business guy who kept eyeing me today at work
    -my beauty
    -the deep dish pizza slice after work i had. so good.
    -ordering some cute activewear socks last night
    -deciding to start saving up for something i've been wanting for a bit and also seeing it's less money then i thought,too
    -all the work offers coming in
    -how quick my eye cleared up today when i got out of the shower and noticed one of my eye's was very very red. perhaps it was the acupuncture doing something healing since afterwards it seemed my eye looked even whiter then before.
    -how helpful people are
    -all the abundance lately
    -sleeping better lately
    -finding all sorts of cool chocolate products on a site that i want to try
    -seeing my monthly bill balance i have for an account has been cut practically in half now!
    -my phone

  5. #505


    -getting some things off my chest today
    -feeling very spoiled
    -drinking more water today
    -the yoga pants i wore today
    -getting some cleaning done
    -having a dream ex best friend still wanted to keep in touch with me and seemed to miss me. in the dream,i told him no,i can't after what he's done,but the dream made me wonder if i was picking up on something he actually does want and i have wondered if he wishes i kept in touch or is surprised i haven't tried contacting even once
    -having protein made for me
    -feeling so pleased with myself for new job at the yoga studio and how right it feels
    -being told by M's husband that someone who seen me thought i was an age younger then i actually am
    -feeling much better since acupuncture and like it healed some things
    -project one of career 2's second thing we started actually being just about done now. That will be nice to see that despite all the setbacks in life lately,and my life having gone to shambles that life is going on,and things are working out
    -the nightlight and airfilter in my room
    -deep cleansing breaths

  6. #506


    -drinking more water today
    -going to the gym today
    -vegan pizza
    -getting my eyebrows threaded
    -getting cakepops bought for me
    -the beautiful warm sunny weather today
    -the yoga pants i tried on today that look great on me
    -my pink gym shoes i wore today with the yoga pants
    -getting the last images selected for debut launch of new project for business exciting.
    -getting new eyeliner today
    -getting coconut oil today
    -my eos lipbalm
    -getting a lot of positive attention and flirtations lately
    -the stairmaster machine
    -my stomach looking like it had quite a lot of definition this morning and feeling very toned
    -that M can give me a ride to my job on Thursday and possibly have someone give me a ride on Wednesday
    -feeling like bike riding can be easier then i thought since last time i tried,and that i just need to give it more of a chance
    -that i took a week off from practicing driving and how nice that felt
    -that M's husband will give me cab money to get to my job if needed
    -front porch being almost cleared of my stuff
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  7. #507


    -coconut oil
    -bhakti tea
    -doing a nice meditation just now. so needed. mind was overactive today and felt moody.
    -having a nice body
    -yoga pants i'm wearing
    -going for a nice 4 mile bike ride and seeing route to preferred train station and that it's an easy route and that this bike ride was much nicer and and easier.
    -warm sunny weather today and how nice it felt to get some sun today. so healing.
    -getting this tangerine lipbalm from whole foods i love today
    -deciding to go ahead and reschedule a job i have for this saturday
    -M saying we are going shopping next weekend
    -cat coming to porch to hangout and feeding it and giving the cat water
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -getting vitamin A vitamins bought for me today
    -seeing an old crush of mine is single on facebook last night
    -getting the book today that psychiatrist wanted me to read
    -makeup and trying out my new eyeliner today
    -coca cola
    -the blowdryer and how nice it makes my hair look and how good it feels
    -the new push up bra i wore today
    -my style
    -my stomach getting smaller and nice and defined
    -lavender tea
    -finding out today i do not like cayenne in chocolate after trying it which was something i had wanted to try
    -thinking of life as an adventure
    -laughing at how much i am then R
    -cutting back on cheese and having had it only once last week

  8. #508


    -coconut oil
    -getting vitamin K2today which i've been wanting to try and more copper
    -going for another 4+mile bike ride today and how good it felt.
    -how good the warm sunny,summery weather felt today
    -yoga pants
    -looking as if i lost weight today
    -getting a lot of positive attention wherever i go
    -coca cola
    -that i get to work tomorrow
    -my inner guidance telling me i need to just do it,in terms of taking little risks with things i want and writing something down in my calender to do this week
    -project being done for business 2
    -getting resume updated more last night
    -my sense of style
    -getting job rescheduled for the week after original date
    -the tangerine lipbalm from whole foods i got yesterday. love it.
    -my job at the yoga studio
    -my phone
    -being more active nowdays which was someething i had wanted for awhile
    -doing a minute of mirror technique affirmations last night before bed
    -the hair mask i was sent in march or april i've been using

  9. #509


    -my style
    -my beauty
    -healthy digestion
    -all going well
    -what i do for a living
    -being able to be at an expo that i wanted to go to before that is like heaven for me in ways and all the things going on there,and getting a bunch of samples to bring homeand trying lots of candy. it was like trick or treating
    -coffee. and getting it for free.
    -having the confidence to do what i had to do despite being anxious,late,and pms-ing
    -seeing the cats today in the yard
    -vegan burritos
    -coca cola
    -the new primer i got recently and how great it makes my skin look
    -updating my resume and how great it looked
    -getting project released today and how good it felt
    -someone tagging me in social media to show gratitude
    -how much i have going for me
    -great weather again today
    -meeting cool people and doing interesting things
    -my vitamins
    -being able to sit down for part of my job
    -having a laidback boss for this event
    -stories of kindness
    -my room almost being settled and coming together little by little
    -the abundance in my life
    -getting more cakepops bought for me

  10. #510


    -that my job is done
    -that i overcame my slight fear of working at that location that sort of hindered me from taking on more jobs from there in the past so now i have that
    -that i did a challenge i can tell my therapist about now of going somewhere on my own since i took a cab to my job today which was good for me
    -how awesome it was to work with candy and all the different types from european,asian,mexican,vegan.natural,etc,etc and all the snacks i brought back and cool pics i took and having a laidback boss and getting paid and one of the girls seeming to get along with me
    -a guy i know from online who has chatted me up before and asked me out and i seen him and he seen me and we had this little awkward moment because i was like oh,no is that him,does he see me in my head and sure enough we both recognized each other and he came up and chatted with me for a minute. he was working there,too and was more attractive in person actually. we have mutual friends on a social media and work in same field so it was good to meet in personi find it crazy how many people actually even remember me based on such minor encounters,time passing,etc,etc
    -seeing people i recognized throughout the years of working jobs like this in the past which was kind of cool and being back in the scene of things again
    -booking two jobs today and getting a call for another one
    -healthy digestion
    -laughing at life
    -the pizza i got today
    -feeling more attractive lately and in picture from job thinking i was most attractive girl in the picture
    -positive attention and flirtation
    -that i can wear yoga pants again tommorow since that event is now over
    -all the attractive people at the event
    -M's husband giving me cab money
    -my bank account being bigger then it's been in awhile and how amazing that feels
    -getting more confident in some ways from all i'm doing
    -positive signs

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