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    -Cathrine Ponder affirmations on YouTube
    -Loads of love inside
    -Amazing book I will send you (I already mentioned it, but it's really good).
    -Feeling better.
    -Getting a hold of my feelings.
    -Reaching for a better feeling thought.
    My twitter inspirational quotes account
    "By your own effort waken yourself, watch yourself. And live joyfully. You are the master." —Buddha
    I am another you. You are another me.

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    -the air conditioner
    -feeling less sick today
    -meeting all my goals for the month of may and how amazing that feels
    -taking an uber for the first time on my own,and from here,and seeing how that went and how great it was. it was only 4 something with the credit i had and i got two offers for a ride back after of not needing to do uber so i took one of them up from my dad and got brought home so all in all very success. i had also been offered a ride there by M's husband but wanted to go there on my own.
    -my dad being happy i came by
    -seeing my brother's cat and how great that was and him sitting by me a lot
    -my job at the yoga studio and how much i love it
    -my beauty
    -getting some abs
    -the dots finally connecting more of how i'll do things i want to do now while i'm here
    -that we are going shopping again Monday since it's a holiday and M loves going to the mall on holidays
    -giving my brother some candy and snacks from my event when i came by
    -my phone
    -S liking a lot of my pics on ig lately for some reason
    -feeling free in a lot of ways
    -feeling very abundant,moreso then i've felt in awhile
    -buying myself a pedicure certificate which just happens to be by my yoga studio job so i can easily go to it and some new legwarmers
    -that i ended up doing 2 of 4 solo challenges proposed by therapist so far,which i'm actually happy with even if i don't get to 4 since that can be a gauging point for next time
    -getting a good sleep last night
    -things coming together
    -how well things have been flowing
    -seeing how it's actually perfect that job today i rescheduled for next week and another thing last week how it was actually perfect i opted out of last day of it
    -all the jobs i have booked. june is already pretty full.
    -a sense of satisfaction with how the month has gone
    -doing the stairmaster for a few minutes last night and how great that felt. my new favorite cardio machine.
    -my green tea face scrub
    -deep,cleansing breaths
    -seeing life as an adventure
    -my confidence growing
    -healthy digestion
    -that time of the month so no more pms which is nice but instead a feeling of taking it easy
    -great ideas coming to me
    -the italian croissants i tried and love

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    Quote Originally Posted by dontco View Post
    -Cathrine Ponder affirmations on YouTube
    -Loads of love inside
    -Amazing book I will send you (I already mentioned it, but it's really good).
    -Feeling better.
    -Getting a hold of my feelings.
    -Reaching for a better feeling thought.

    looove that pic. such cool colors.

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    -getting some lavender herbal oil/extract
    -nice weather
    -croissant and tea from starbucks this morning
    -umcka product helping me heal quicker from cold
    -M's friend E helping us when her car battery died today
    -feeling relaxed and cozy today
    -getting over my fear of elevators quite a bit and being on it alone for 3 stops and going on it alone before someone came on for a few stops the other day at work and just feeling intuively i was ready to be over the elevator fear. it was a short fear anyways that had only come about months ago so that may have played a part in being easier to overcome
    -feeling my feelings
    -being smart
    -protein drink M made me today
    -meeting my goals
    -not having to work today and how nice it feels to take it easy,especially after having reached all my goals
    -room being a little cooler today
    -getting things more organized today and room being a lot more settled
    -the stairmaster machine
    -donating some money to an animal charity i like last night
    -comedy and laughing
    -online shopping wishlists to keep track of things i like

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    -good music
    -nice weather today
    -bhakti coffee tea
    -my laptop
    -my phone
    -an EFT session this morning to ease my anxiety
    -being able to get in a decent meditation session
    -doing some mirror affirmations for a minute
    -that i get to go shopping tomorrow
    -great ideas
    -being smart

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    -going to the gym and doing the stairmaster and some toning machines
    -my attractiveness
    -going to the movies
    -popcorn,cotton candy and soda at the movies
    -nice weather today
    -giving one of the cats i seen today a can of tuna in addition to the kibbles
    -that i get to go shopping tomorrow
    -M and her husband helping me out
    -M putting her husband's fan in my room for sleep
    -having a nice body
    -bhakti tea
    -reassurances. got two of them at different times one by M's husband in the morning and then another at night by M that were nice
    -dreaming and having things i want and the possibilities
    -moving forward
    -rest and laying down
    -how nice it feels for room to be more settled and throwing more things away
    -my green gym shoes

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    -how relaxed i feel and accomplished
    -that i have no work tomorrow
    -going shopping today and getting new shorts,swimswear,lingerie,backpack,emoji keychain,shorts,and socks and a black going out dress and how cute it all is
    -going to the movies tonight and the movie being kind of good
    -my strength
    -the fan in my room
    -protein drink M made for me
    -nice weather today
    -that business partner for second business project is now ready to be back on board with doing things again
    -getting myself a certificate for a spa facial
    -having a good amount of money in the bank still
    -feeling abundant
    -M saying she can take me to an outdoor pool soon so i can get some sun because she works there which is great since i love being in pools
    -M saying giving me a ride on the days of my yoga studio job is no problem because she has a lot of time on the day that it is which is perfect actually
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    -getting in a good workout today
    -getting drawer with beauty products organized and cleaned out
    -my beauty
    -when i look tall
    -doing good with money
    -feeling ready to examine my goals i've accomplished so far,and make some new ones
    -healthy digestion
    -being mostly over being sick
    -getting a little bit done
    -the white chocolate apricot bread
    -the shopping i did yesterday and the cute new things i got
    -feeling like my third eye chakra wants to open/activate or is opening/activating

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    woke up from a dream that felt so real with ex best friend that started off normal then he said something to me after seeming like it'd be a different answer and so quickly and my heart broke and i jumped up from bed and was in tears. ever since my breathing has felt a bit more constricted and my heart a little tight again. I've been questioning the meaning of life. I feel both heart broken yet free at the same time,both so lost,yet found,too.
    -throat chakra solfeggios i'm listening to right now
    -a nice 5 mile bike ride in the sun
    -pilates class today
    -my thighs getting nice and tight
    -protein drink M made me
    -getting some more coffee and candy and sweets bought
    -being safe
    -getting some more things organized and cleaned
    -that job on friday was changed to a less far location then i originally thought
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -relaxation and moving slowly
    -feeling more confident with the bike and doing quite well with it. M's husband even joked I get A+ because of all the cars and handling it at the end. There was barely any nervousness with it
    -all that i have going for me
    -getting dentist appointment finally made
    -getting some writing done last night on my goals
    -having beautiful hands
    -becoming more confident in myself in general
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    -having a nice thigh gap,and and curvy hips
    -yoga pants i wore today
    -the hot guy who came to the yoga studio today and chatted with me and the other girl
    -my job at the yoga studio
    -getting my manicure and pedicure appointment
    -deciding to write it in my book to go to the rooftop yoga then slow yoga next week before my shift next week
    -the sun shining and nice weather today
    -girl who works with me adding me to facebook and seeming to being friendly and really inviting me to things,and the community feel of the place and how laidback she is
    -deciding to get a little active on social media today
    -getting started on first draft of something i'm writing
    -M finding my orange lipbalm
    -my leg warmers coming in the mail today
    -no longer being afraid of elevators
    -deciding to go to a pilates class tonight
    -M's husband not working tomorrow
    -M giving me a ride to work today
    -my new socks i got from shopping and how cute they looked with my pink and gray and black gym shoes i wore today
    -having my little califia coffee and justin's peanut butter cups i brought to work
    -feeling relaxed
    -awesome memories and experiences
    -my style
    -healthy digestion
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -meeting new people

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