1. #601


    -neck stretches
    -that D's trip is over in a day or so and all is well
    -getting a lot done today
    -mom cat having her kittens tonight and being able to be there for her. it was a new experience for me to see,and it was beautiful.
    -feeling like a '-----" (job from primary career) again
    -making another appt with therapist
    -getting doctor appt made
    -getting new agency signed and confirming a job already with them
    -healthy digestion
    -getting an email that a check is on it's way from a recent job
    -that I have a ride to my interview tomorrow
    -positive possibilities
    -the internet
    -doing some mirror affirmations this afternoon
    -getting article completed
    -catching up on emails today
    -getting more things organized and how good that always feels
    -face yoga
    -how amazing my new hair color looks
    -being in a good mood

  2. #602


    -vanilla oil and how amazing it smells in the diffuser. it may be the best one yet.
    -not getting too hurt over awful interviewer's rudeness and words today
    -jelly donuts
    -that their trip is over
    -having a really good few days and nice blessings
    -M's husband putting $50 in my account
    -beauty role models
    -great makeup
    -doing a little reading today and how good the book is getting
    -immersing myself in things i enjoy and want to become more part of
    -drinking more water
    -getting beauty product drawer cleaned and organized
    -getting a lot done today
    -having a job cancel and it then working out i ended up getting a job that pays more for the weekend which is even better
    -style and fashion
    -getting some canned food for the outdoor cats
    -getting my purses cleaned out and organized last night
    -heart chakra music
    -my eyepillow
    -feeling inspired to get a gift for M's brother who has been an inspiration to me before in the past and finding gift ideas
    -M's friend D asking about a bike ride this week

  3. #603


    -bike riding 12 miles today
    -beautiful weather today. the breeze that says fall is near.
    -good therapy session today
    -the diffuser in my room
    -cute clothes,fashion,and style
    -makeup and making my makeup look really good today
    -getting some more organizing and cleaning done
    -new ideas
    -strong positive inner knowings
    -accomplishing another anxiety challenge today. getting myself to and back from something in a neighborhood where there was fear.
    -my eyeglasses

  4. #604


    -my eyeglasses
    -having the house to myself for a bit
    -getting new charger for my laptop bought for me
    -getting $50 put in my account yesterday
    -meeting attractive people
    -being attractive
    -buying makeup today
    -working the last two days and getting off very early
    -being flirted with
    -meeting people who inspire me
    -neck stretches
    -doing some reading today
    -a good meditation last night helping me realize why i'm here
    -all the goals i've been accomplishing
    -taking uber alone to and from a ghetto neighborhood
    -getting over my fear of bad neighborhoods more and more which is huge since that big subconscious fear for the last few years
    -finding out M may want to go shopping tomorrow
    -getting to spend some extra time with my brother'scat by bringing him over since M is out of town and cat sitting. That was so nice.
    -finding out my mom will take my brothers cat is she has to when it comes to time my dad moves which was so stress relieving to hear and is the perfect place really so he can be with his brother
    -rose oil and how much i love it in my diffuser
    -getting more money in my setaside account
    -my amazing clinique mascara
    -yoga pants
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -excitement for the autumn season
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  5. #605


    -healthy digestion
    -M taking me shopping yesterday and to dinner
    -the super adorable white dress i bought that's perfect for fall

  6. #606


    -M saying she will take me to california in december
    -getting my favorite perfume yesterday which was an awesome manifestation
    -avoiding D and R yesterday
    -M getting me a whole foods which i wanted
    -new conditioner with argan oil in it

  7. #607


    -M offering me to possibly go with her to a fitness seminar
    -nightskies and how beautiful it was last night
    -the outdoor cat family

  8. #608


    -essential oils
    -having house to myself for a little while
    -getting a free perfume with the other perfume i got

  9. #609


    -the highlights in my hair
    -feeling my feelings and trying to see life as an adventure
    -positive change

  10. #610


    -my mood being uplifted the last few days
    -getting a good sleep the other night
    -M getting me presents from her trip to california
    -the internet
    -my neck tension being gone(now time to work on shoulders)

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