1. #611


    -ice cubes
    -chemical peels
    -my new clothes i got
    -my new perfumes i got
    -my new skincare set i bought on a whim and how good it felt to be able to buy a little bit of an expensive purchase on a whim
    -getting my checks yesterday
    -finding out today my other checks for jobs i just did are on their way
    -dental floss
    -getting a lot done in the last few days
    -having a travel that looks to be in the works
    -putting some more money in my setaside account
    -buying chocolate covered strawberries with a nice note for a friend
    -donating some money to a charity i like
    -protein drinks M makes me
    -buying cinnamon oil since fall is near and am in the mood for fall things
    -getting in touch with some people to see how they're doing and securing an interview from it
    -feeling much more fearless these days. it's literally like what's anxiety?
    -my hair
    -the internet
    -feeling abundant
    -confirming a job for december
    -emailing R and texting with him. i suddenly, after hearing some things about a certain someone thought what the hell,life's a mess and is so filled with drama,it's like a movie if you really think about it and somehow we ended up texting for the first time in years which was weird. it felt like maybe an energy thing,like maybe it's sensed i'm "freer" in a certain sense.
    -the visual beauty of the moon
    -drinking more water again lately
    -my moods seeming to be more uplifted lately
    -roasted red pepper hummus
    -more job possibilities
    -my eyeglasses
    -my bed

  2. #612


    -birthday cake mini muffins
    -getting a little bit of sleep last night
    -the house computer i'm able to use

  3. #613


    -chemical peels
    -booking 3 more jobs yesterday
    -that hours changed my dad is leaving for the better for my schedule

  4. #614


    -the outdoor cat family
    -that i get to go to my favorite travel place in winter
    -water and drinking more of it

  5. #615


    -getting a lot done lately
    -getting my charger in the mail today and being able to use my computer
    -good beauty products
    -seeing my brother's cat again and getting all the knots out of his fur
    -buying a toy for my brother's cat and waterless shampoo for one of the outdoor cats online
    -having a great chest
    -push up bras
    -dental floss
    -my inner knowing and inner confidence becoming stronger
    -spiritual insights
    -confirming a lot of jobs today and september now being my most lucrative month since started living where i'm at now
    -positive transformation
    -positive possibilities
    -T calling me today

  6. #616


    -water and drinking more of it
    -seeing my brother's cat again.i love him.
    -not being penalized for canceling my job today
    -M's husband giving me money today
    -having almost enough in my set aside account to get what i've been saving up for
    -my beauty
    -how much smoother and a little younger my skin looks since getting my chemical peel. so impressed
    -the skincare kit from the medical spa i got
    -my style
    -yoga pants
    -knee high socks
    -my hair
    -getting my cinnamon oil in the mail today
    -my eyeglasss
    -lip plumping lipgloss
    -how much more confident and competant i've become
    -yin yoga

  7. #617


    -going on a 16 mile bike ride today
    -getting some sun and good exercise in
    -chemical peels and how amazing my skin has been looking
    -water and drinking more of it
    -M making me a protein drink
    -buying some cool gray nail polish online today
    -coca cola
    -the 3 lb dumbbells and doing toning/strengthening work with them
    -my beauty
    -the outdoor cats
    -doing some mirror affirmations today
    -getting a lot of work done today
    -how great my internet and charger is working

  8. #618


    -my confidence increasing emojis
    -getting coffee and donuts this morning
    -getting a lot of calls for jobs today
    -how smooth my skin has been looking
    -feeling good
    -chemical peels
    -buying some socks i fell in love with last night online
    -being straight up to R last night
    -my beauty
    -helping out mom cat when she had trouble this morning when she wanted to transport her babies to a higher spot
    -tangerine whole foods lip balm
    -my strength
    -yoga pants
    -that i get to see psychiatrist today
    -how bright white my teeth are
    -silence and healing
    -healthy digestion
    -aloe vera gel
    -my yoga mat
    -how young my face is looking
    -protein drinks

  9. #619


    -embracing change
    -the diffuser in my room
    -booking a lot of jobs today that will bring me a lot of money the next 2 months,and surpass any income i've made before
    -water and drinking more of it

  10. #620


    -3 lb dumbells for increasing strength and tone
    -feeling fine so far on new meds
    -great beauty products

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