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    • Xmas & New year celebrations being done with
    • living in 'my' Home
    • my 2 new bracelets - blk with 1 turquiose bead [L. Hand] & colours of the chakras bead bracelet [R. Hand]
    • weather being dry & mild
    • other humans
    • that my face looks different , tone of skin , focus of eyes
    • having physical body strength
    • my lavender roll-on stick
    • having clarity
    • have 'speech' loud, clar, focused, powerful,articulate
    • my hairdryer & the comfort it brings
    • the fan
    • foot massager
    • computer
    • 2 wht.dove lamp
    • my new innoo aromatiser with led lights
    • esential oils to use with it.
    • my branch'staff'
    • my branch wand
    • the song 'different corner' - by George Michael
    " the core of spirituality is to optimize your personal evolution" ~ Robert Bruce

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    -throat chakra and third eye solfeggios musics
    -an amazing class last night that taught me some new moves to incorporate
    -being able to get dressed up
    -my comfortable bed
    -delicious coffee and pink frosted sprinkle donuts upon waking. the little things brighten my day
    -my outdoor cats
    -scheduling another class from the package i bought
    -buying the tinted moisturizer i've been saving up for
    -doing a nice yin yoga session tonight
    -my goals
    -that my vibration has been rising a little bit and i've been remembering happiness and "allowing" again
    -my beauty
    -having a young look
    -going to work tomorrow. i've been on break and i think it'll be good for me to be back
    -getting more done today
    -coca cola
    -being easy on myself
    -the book i've been reading
    -meditating today. i love the clarity meditating brings me
    -finding a gorgeous boutique of flowes with great reviews and pics that are much less expensive then most flower boutiques online
    -M speaking to me today
    -kindness in others
    -the dryer machine being fixed
    -my desires. lately i've been thinking how nice going to the beach would be and about a vacation
    -my venus dimples
    -doing affirmations today in the mirror
    -my arms and shoulders starting to look more toned
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    Dedicated to Buttercup, with love! x
    My twitter inspirational quotes account
    "By your own effort waken yourself, watch yourself. And live joyfully. You are the master." —Buddha
    I am another you. You are another me.

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    -healthy digestion
    -accomplishing new anxiety challenge of taking train to work today
    -my job at the yoga studio
    -my boss at the yoga studio
    -a good journaling session today
    -bringing the cats that like indoors,indoor for awhile on this frigid day
    -opening up crawlspace for outdoor cats and adding a cushion in there and some cat food
    -having a kind heart
    -M speaking to me
    -crown and root chakra musics and theta beats playlist
    -doing some reading today
    -the holidays being over

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    Quote Originally Posted by dontco View Post
    Dedicated to Buttercup, with love! x
    Thank you. Will check this out.

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    -deciding to quit soda. after now being up to two bottles a day,and noticing a stomach that just won't go away since around then,i just feel it's time. it's the best grown up diet change i can make.
    -meditating. after feeling cranky and bummed,it boosted my mood quite a bit
    -my peacock print eyepillow
    -lemon bars
    -my medications
    -waking up earlier lately
    -2nd chakra solfeggio frequencies
    -chatting with someone from my past who mysteriously added me on facebook last night
    -sleeping with the kittens all night and morning and deciding to start leaving them in more
    -deciding to donate to R from my past's family's gofundme page. it just felt right to do. i felt so bad about the tragedy he is currently going through.i have never donated to a gofundme before as i tend to not believe in that for the most part.
    -the little heater in my room
    -my bed
    -\being a kind person
    -finding out product i was waiting for will be here next week. it wasn't on the list like they thought,so they resent it and sent me the tracking number
    -friend inviting me out for lunch
    -my career status
    -people believing in me being able to do big things
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    -my meds i'm on
    -poetry in my heart
    -s kitten looking better today
    -the internet
    -good food
    -orange juice
    -mood being better today
    -keeping the kittens in the house longer
    -essential oils
    -getting package from pr today and how nice it was
    -weather being warmer today
    -going back to my roots a bit in some ways and how exciting it is
    -shoulder stretches
    -physical exercise
    -doing some positive focusing
    -remembering happy moments and accomplishments
    -doing more organizing and cleaning
    -dental floss
    -sitting on the porch for a minute or two just enjoying the nighttime
    -laughing and laughing at life
    -feeling excitement,gratitude,and presence even if just for one moment

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    -being in a better mood the last few days
    -S kitten looking more better today
    -having the kittens in my room and how easy it's been.
    -a guy who was a bit of a person to me that as an "idol" or inspiration messaging me randomly and sending me a message saying he has interest in me. like,this s--- is crazy and proves to me the universe is strange and loa is real. i had felt like i wished there was a guy in my city like him and found him very inspiring and connected with his materials and now he sends me this message two years later.
    -having a protein shake today. banana flavored and adding a dash of cayenne pepper.
    -having friend A from my past to talk to online the last days
    -bringing a humidifier in the room
    -my perfumes i got in the mail
    -the little heater in my room
    -weight going down and stomach looking nice and flat
    -doing a little reading
    -eating a lot less lately
    -having therapy tommorow
    -signs work is about to start picking up again
    -my phone
    -the internet
    -physical exercise
    -my ivory colored sweater i've been wearing lately
    -my hair
    -my beauty
    -my creativity
    -my kind heart
    -my bed
    -surrender and letting go
    -my vibe having raised a little bit
    -finding a really good uber deal package i bought
    -feeling like the universe is on my side sometimes,and the loa at work
    -dental floss
    -cat hugs and cuddles

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    ah,how has this happened. literally a guy two years ago,i thought would be great to date if only he was in my city,and now here we are randomly having conversations,all iniated by him,and finding actual connection in the messages. this is crazy.
    -the conversations ive been having with L. he is actually i think semi-famous. him contacting me and seeming to really like me for some reason. this is insane.
    -my medications
    -feeling so upbeat the last few days
    -going to therapy today
    -all the activity on my social media the last day or so.
    -the kittens in my room and all the adorable awesome things they do
    -orange juice
    -having a skinny stomach
    -my curves
    -following an inspiration for one of jobs i do and iniating a new project for it
    -the lock on my door
    -a job offer today
    -someone wanting to interview me for work tomorrow
    -my beauty
    -my hair
    -how great my skin's been looking
    -doing some mirror affirmations today
    -dental floss
    -the dimmer light in my room for when it gets later in the day
    -the weather being nice today
    -feeling optimistic about the future and having a little direction
    -the universe seeming to be on my side

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    -feeling my feelings
    -getting my laptop charger in the mail today
    -getting my yoga blocks today
    -my medications
    -the conversations with L and that he contacted me even at all,he really made me feel something i'm not sure i've ever felt before. i can't quite put my finger on it.
    -weather being warmer
    -s kitten's health looking better
    -my bed
    -feeling mostly pretty upbeat this last week or so
    -my beauty
    -my potential
    -how joyful it's been to reflect on my past lately
    -the powerful journaling sessions i've been having
    -feeling more moved on from tragedy of last year
    -meditating today
    -doing some reading
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -getting more things organized
    -great ideas
    -cleaning more,getting walls cleaned up
    -my phone
    -having a loving heart
    -how much L and the surreal experience of him having contacting me and also all the reconnecting with my past has really inspired me
    -my nightcreams

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