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    no just wanting a casual fling maybe. just kept your head and stuff. good luck with life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buzzcock View Post
    no just wanting a casual fling maybe. just kept your head and stuff. good luck with life.
    maybe that's all i want too,though. the tarot readings i've been getting seem to indicate otherwise though that he's changed his perspective and also he did probably the sweetest thing so far today since we started talking. so,we'll see.

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    -water and drinking lots of it to raise my vibration
    -talking to my business partner and how fun it is and how excited she seems for things
    -how amazingly fast my body is responding to toning. my butt looks rounder,my thighs look super tight. my body is responding very well. i must be genetically blessed to get such quick and great results. it's transforming my body into more playboy model/dancer body results which is amazing,i always worried too much toning would make me look like a fitness model but in fact,it's just making me look sexier and curvier.i am so happy looking in the mirror at all this transformation with stomach,thighs,and butt and get so excited to work out!
    -mason jars! for how efficient they make things
    -coffee today.
    -night skies which help me sleep at night when i go on the porch for some amount of time to sit at night
    -doing my affirmations in my notebook while on the porch for an hour. really raised my vibe by the end and D responded quick to ones having to do with him. he ended up texting me before i went inside with the sweetest thing ever.
    -the sweetest gesture possibly thus far from D came today. i had texted him yesterday as it came up about multi dating and said my opinions on it. he kinda seemed to blow me off and i figured it's because he doesn't want to repeat himself and i wrote a lot. so waking up,i felt kinda blah,admittedly even though i got a very positive tarot on if he would contact me or not today. well,tarot was right. out of nowwhere,i get a text from D. it's just a pic of his work schedule.i kinda had a feeling what he was texting but wasn't sure so sent back a question mark. he said it's his work schedule so i can see when i can hang out with him. to me,i thought this was super sweet because for one,it showed he is making me a priority and two it's an implication. maybe i'm wrong but it's an intuition i got that he was implying something with that,trying to saying he is not multi dating now showing me his schedule.especially after what we talked about last night,and then he disappears and then the first text he sends me after all that is that pic and nothing else,no words or anything. so,that was pretty meaningful to me. the tarot i got last night also said he was having a change in perspective on things which to me was saying what we talked about he was taking into consideration. so,that made me swoon.
    -best friend got a new car! he had affirmed for this exact car a little over a year ago and got it. so,he's super happy and i'm happy for him. moving up in life! the previous car was already nice and stylish but this car looks even more money! luxe definitely! already the nicest car in the building but now even nicer
    -going shopping today. went to a different store to try and get some different things but food-wise ended up a bit disappointing as my food diet has evolved so much this year that i like pretty high end foods but it was nice to get some things from the first store then go to the usual store and get things
    -new things to try
    -expanding abundance
    -how enjoyable exercise is
    -taking some attractive looking selfies of me
    -how gorgeous my hair looks
    -my face
    -my desires and goals. even had strange dream of noodles which symbolizes enormous desires which is accurate!
    -being in my 20's
    -finding a way to honor what i've lost in a way that is empowering and allows me to move forward and excel without feeling guilty
    -cute knee high socks
    -my style
    -focusing on better time management even if that means some workaholic days
    -how good i feel
    -vegan good and how much my options for food are expanding
    -utilizing the law of attraction to empower my life
    -seeing little things like how happy booking this one person made them which makes me 2nd career looks very prestigious that she felt so cool and prestigious doing the job
    -other people's ideas like my business partner even suggesting all these things to help me for when i move to her side of the country. it's so sweet how thoughtful others can be.
    -dimmer lighting. so much more relaxing!
    -how good my heart chakra feels
    -tibetan singing bowls music to slow my mind down
    -finding these vitamins,it's a little thing but i needed to buy more calcium and have wanted to find a zinc supplement and then found a calcium that happens to have zinc. so random but what a money saver and way to save on buying extra vitamins and looking for a different zinc.
    -realizing how high end my life is.i forget sometimes the amazing things i've done and have available to me because,like we all do,i take it for granted but i appreciate
    -writing. such a great way to organize my mind
    -all the transformation to come

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    felt a little down before bed but brought that vibration and motivation right back up!
    -mason jars
    -drinking lots of water
    -going with friend for a drive and to drop laundry off
    -stopping at a bathroom and after,looking in the mirror and seeing how thin i look when i looked in the mirror even with my coat on and full winter clothes my body just looked smaller and trimmer and it made me feel very happy,and beautiful looking. amazing how just a small amount of weight loss has made me look so much better.i knew all i needed was a small weight loss to feel much more happier with my body
    -how rounder and sexier my backside is looking
    -how sore different parts of my body are from exercise
    -really pushing it with workouts last night,i even was grunting which is so unlike me and i usually laugh at people who do that,but i was pushing it so hard
    -how much i look forward to exercise
    -how great it feels to work out my abs
    -that today is yoga. what a great way to heal my muscles and let them rest while still getting fitness benefit
    -this new vegan meat i tried that is sooo amazing and tastes so good and i love the company's mission,vision and way of creating change and how high in protein and low in calories this product is. wow. best fake meat i've ever tried,too
    -making decisons and slowing down and organizing so i can get more done. today is devoted to getting my house in order with being clean so my mind will feel more organized to get more done
    -D was kind of rude to me last night randomly and was surprised by it. he had never been that way before.i got really upset as it seems people have been upset by me lately so got mad at him then he claimed he wasnt mad and was at work,etc,etc. i tried wondering why he seemed that way and did a tarot and i think he is getting fed up with me and agressive about getting what he wants from me.i had told him after that sweet thing of yesterday that i'd know my schedule better tomorrow and he probably got annoyed and has been short with me since then. the tarot is saying he's feeling possessive and certain of his wants and a lot of sexual energy,sexual conquest feelings. today,i texted him saying so and so day and he said it'd work but he works early the next day and we decided an early time and i suggested coffee and he took a long time to reply and he said and dinner. i had thought maybe he just wanted a short meeting but then he also said something about making out so maybe he does want to try and have sex with me.i have no idea about him anymore.i thought he'd try and bring me home the first date,and he never did or even im grateful he wants to go to dinner.i usually prefer more casual dates because i get nervous about things with eating and i don't eat much because of my primary career so some may think i have an eating disorder but guys know what i do for a living and just assume that's why and never think it just taking it casual with D.i had thought i'd maybe make him wait a month before seeing him again,but he's been persistent enough to not have it be that long.
    -my eyeglasses. they help me when i didn't sleep as well
    -talking with best friend about big plans we have and negotiating more about it which is exciting as it's one of the things im determined about and gives me life again
    -how small and feminine and dainty and sculpted my arms looked in the reflection earlier today
    -having dreams of my wonderful cat family. ah,so nice ever since she left me every time she is in my dreams,i feel connected to her like she is still here. i super appreciate any dreams with her,and my mom and brother's cat,were in the dream as well as if they were all still together. i realize the three of them together is a vital part of her life story and i need to accept that.
    -that best friend is trying out the crazy things he wants to try,even if he is doing things i don't like. i'm glad he is living and trying his curiousities
    -appreciation for the good times
    -how long my hair is
    -getting decisive about things. it creates such a calm and organization and flow
    -being me. my imperfections and all.
    -not needing to have it all figured out
    -being beautiful and sexy and allowing that to come out more again like a flower blooming
    -my goals
    -utilizing sex energy to my benefit and appreciating what the sacral chakra energy can do for all areas of life

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    I am grateful I am alive and relatively healthy. I am grateful I have food to eat and a roof over my head.

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    not my best day,lots of emotions of various things such as sad news things online and another fight with D and mind wandering but determined to raise that vibe up!
    -all the fruit smoothies i've been making lately. today is blackberry. it's fun to try new things and to live life like it's a spa
    -the amazing ab definition i am getting and seeing when i look in the mirror
    -meeting my goal of cleaning all the rooms i wanted to get to yesterday night of my place
    -meeting my goal of doing all the yoga i wanted to do last night. and that i love exercise so much that i think how can i get more in and do more
    -how flexible my body is becoming and that i'm already pretty flexible
    -how amazing my side legs,thighs.and hips are looking. so smooth,and toned,and sculpted and body flaws disappearing! it's amazing. i was sitting in yoga and looked in phone as a mirror at that parts of my body and felt very confident and sexy at the appearance. it is true a stringent toning regimen strong routine is what my body needed to turn it into my ideal body. again,if only i didn't repress this years ago!
    -my dreams and desires becoming bigger. thinking of exotic travels i want to go to
    -my desire to connect and share closeness
    -my kind and sensitive heart
    -being a woman
    -being feminine
    -being sexy
    -another fight with D. not grateful for that. he has been weird these last few days. after giving me attitude then claiming he was just at work saturday evening then sunday all seemed well enough and he said he wanted to go to dinner too when we go out again then said something about making out and i just replied with lol and asked how he was doing today and then sent a flirty text and he ignored me all night! he never does this. then i had a nightmare with signs and in it and he was in it,and he texted me in the morning saying he was busy and responding to the flirty part of the message to which i told him we won't go out saturday and we had a big fight and he was the meanest he's ever been to me! i don't know what's gotten into him. he was saying personal things making me feel stupid and crazy and saying i treat him like an a--hole and saying we will talk about it in person and when i said i won't be talking to him anymore,him saying yes i will because i'm seeing him this saturday. by the end he said i am really mean sometimes.i then told him i like him,i can't help it but i don't trust him and he even had the nerve to say i went to bed upset because he didn't reply. he said the dream i had was just a dream and was telling me it's not a sign and it doesn't mean anything. by the end,he said he is sorry and will never intentionally ignore me and then said to not worry he is not going to lie to me,or ignore me or abandon me. the tarot cards i pulled on him last night and today show he is dangerous,controlling,possibly abusive. but,i dont know if i even believe in tarot.i think it's just something to play with. i am still getting weird signs.i dont know why we fight so much. but he's definitely been acting weird these last few days like he's irritable and i feel like he was testing me by not responding all this time especially since two days ago or so,i told him i'm not a clingy person and why people should embrace being alone and that i like being detached. he sure knows how to say stringing things at times,that's for sure accusing me of going to bed upset at him.i appreciate that the fight is over with. sometimes i worry that he could be abusive and know abuse starts with manipulation and breaking someone down in the beginning little by little. but,then i wonder,could i even be the one who is abusive?
    -food and nourishment
    -warm showers
    -my floor
    -style and fashion
    -my hair
    -house music
    -wellness and healing
    -the color purple. in a very purple mood.
    -my tastes in things
    -moisturizers for face and body
    -that i can go tanning tomorrow to get my happiness boost
    -things coming together with future goals
    -my career
    -notebook for to do lists and utilizing that to get more done and manage time better
    -positive psychology
    -being smart

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    -water and drinking lots of it to raise my vibration
    -mason jars
    -techno music that keeps me focused and productive and makes everything more stylish
    -tarot readings because they amuse me lately
    -french toast sticks and coffee
    -going tanning today and closing the bed almost all the way
    -D messaging me on facebook last night in the middle of the night. it was the first time we chatted on facebook since we first started texting back in october so that was nice. i think he was worried though because of our fight and wanted to make sure i felt responded to because he messaged to say his phone was saying fail when he tried texting me.i actually felt kind of bad if that's how i'm making him feel so im going to try and relax. we chatted for a few minutes him being sweet on me and it was as if he we were a couple and he called me babe and said he hopes i have sweeter dreams tonight and that he'd talk to me tomorrow and then he texted me at 8 in the morning.
    -my body looking better and better everyday. i actually am enjoying looking at my body in lingerie now as i feel prettier and sexier. i still have a little more work i want done but the art of body sculpting is progress then some progress seeming slightly less then forward and going thinner,to curvier to thinner as it is getting rid of fat and toning things up creating curvature and sculpting it into your perfection. it is interesting.
    -how much sense toning work makes to me now to get my ideal body and get rid of flaws. it is like a lightbulb has went off and everything is like oh,yeah that does make sense now
    -protein water
    -making to do lists and writing things down
    -my front room being clean
    -nice meditation sessions last night that made me feel good
    -sweaters and hoodies
    -the spring time feeling i feel inside of me of possibility and motivation
    -feeling faithful in my goals
    -positive stories in animal advocacy
    -the theta music intention setting exercise i did before bed
    -my computer
    -my personality
    -all that i've done in my life
    -non linear time
    -becoming more physically attractive
    -reflecting back on this past year
    -reflecting on the future and planting seeds for the next year
    -my strength
    -friend showing me a workout song he likes and it was cheesy but then it made me want to workout listening to it
    -my accomplishments
    -my ideas
    -my ambition and drive
    -working in a young and trendy industry
    -that D possibly sees me as a status symbol. the tarot readings seem to indicate that and it makes sense logically
    -feeling good and hedonism
    -starting to see D as more masculine and older for some reason lately. idk why,i just feel younger then him lately when i talk to him. which i am,but i haven't been feeling that way until recently. im guessing it's an energy thing going on
    -creating my reality and turning things around
    -paper and pen. can do so much with just a paper and pen!
    -my ideas
    -pacing myself and allowing breaks
    -affirmations and intentions
    -how things expand and open up when you raise your vibration!

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    what a day. slept so awful and felt detached and ambitious today but sleepy and overwhelmed. was the first day in some time i didn't feel an attachment to D and of wanting him to text or to text him
    -coffee and vodka together
    -getting more things picked up from the store
    -getting new toilet lid and seat that had been needed for awhile since i had made a mess of getting beauty product all over it when doing a diy beauty project
    -being young
    -being crazy
    -being high status
    -my hair
    -posting a new selfie today even though i felt nervous as part of my project to overcome insecurities and be more open and trusting of my beauty
    -my sort of beat up,broken,vulnerable beauty look i seem to have
    -my goals
    -my desires
    -my confidence boosting more and more
    -getting jealous then deciding to feel inspired and determined from it and moving on quickly
    -being ok with life craziness
    -looking good with out makeup
    -having model beauty
    -getting my cardio in for the day and being ok with challenging myself
    -the feeling of hope being alive and the feeling of who knows what could happen
    -feeling very feminine and sexy and desired and having desires
    -my feminine desires
    -how defined my abs are looking and how quickly they are getting defined
    -becoming more body confident
    -feeling so detached from D today. It felt wonderful
    -techno music and how focused it makes me for getting things done and how stylish it makes life feel
    -pretty things
    -yoga pants
    -acknowledging the fears but not letting them win
    -information coming available to excel and become better at careers
    -business partner researching and planning on buying domain for our new second top secret business together
    -things coming together
    -talking with business partner today and telling her i miss her and i've been such a grouch today and us chatting about things
    -things done well
    -my talents
    -knowing talented people and working with talented people
    -protein rich foods
    -having plans two weekends in a row i'm looking forward to
    -sports bras

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    -forgiving myself for sleeping all day. a part of me just wanted to and sometimes it's ok to be wrong.
    -D texting me early in the morning and all being normal with us
    -deciding to back away from the tarot readings. it's addictive and takes willpower to back off but i'm starting slow with just one day at a time,no reading. It's fun to indulge in the drama of tarot and interesting to get perspectives but it's very disempowering. sure,some things seemed accurate,but for the most part,how can i really know? and,if i get upset about something in a tarot,what am i going to do ask D about it and say the tarot said this or that? he already thinks i'm crazy. i'd rather feel empowered that I create my reality. Sometimes,i got upset simply because tarot suggested awful things such as rape and abuse and massive betrayal and heartbreak.i don't need that stress in my life,life has enough external stressors and tarot also said i was pregnant a few weeks ago so tarot is often not even right but if you see a card,you just give it all this power subconsciously and something stressful then becomes created from that and resistances to the flow of things,no backing away from the tarot. tarot said last night D wouldn't text me today and i got the darkest possible cards and well he did text and all was well.
    -mason jars
    -a nice cardio session today that kills me that's how intense it is
    -being considered someone to go to for advice on things. one new thing being nutrition,people seem to think i know about that
    -a nice vegan breakfast and coffee
    -feeling so positive this morning and alive and feelings of something amazing is coming. it felt like a high
    -mobile photo editing apps
    -my industry
    -feeling very interconnected with life and one with non linear time
    -getting a little bit done
    -feeling overall relaxed
    -business partner getting work done today
    -confirming in my head business partner definitely doesn't like D which is unusual for her,she usually likes everyone i do so i do think it's a possible sign.
    -being feminine
    -feeling inspired
    -beautiful visions
    -my accomplishments
    -how great my backside is looking. it's so close to perfect now,and all it took was about 2 and a half weeks of stringent toning focused regimen and maintaining an adequate amount of protein in my diet. i feel so much more confident now in little shorts
    -feeling overall detached from D today. well,i slept all day but even when i awoke,i didn't feel antsy for a text from him or wondering when he would text or tempted to text him
    -feeling all these desires and dreams and allowing myself to fantasize about things that feel good like joyful activities. just allowing myself to dream and think good feeling thoughts
    -being an overall dreamy person
    -feeling motivated and focused
    -how much life opens up and expands for you when you raise your vibration
    -stylish music
    -feeling more confident about reaching my goals and the feeling of anything can happen
    -stylish people
    -attractive people
    -that things i've wanted for awhile now are indeed happening now
    -how beautiful life can be
    -how transformative and healing happiness is
    -having the most amazing jobs in the world
    -that I do have things to offer,even if i don't often feel like it
    -my mantra i'm working on of no assuming. it's my big becoming better and evolving focus at the moment and a great way to surrender since it naturally puts you in a no expectations mindset and allows magic to then happen within that gap

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    -d's attractiveness
    -letting go
    -getting my eyebrows threaded today. everytime i go,it's rejuvenating and i look younger
    -fashion and style
    -being patient
    -techno music
    -being an artist and knowing artists and dating artists
    -knowing cool people
    -stomach ache and tiredness going away
    -the feeling of life and possibility
    -being in touch with my emotions
    -night skies
    -my porch
    -wanting D. appreciating D. yet,somehow it seems everytime i'm certain i want him,he is more detached,distant. im sure this is an energy dance,the law of detachment at work. i let go,he is on me,and aggressively so and then when he becomes distant,i feel more warm and loving towards him. what's next? idk,but i'm being patient and reflecting on things today,giving myself a break
    -positive responses to the things i put out there with contacting people
    -new toilet lid and seat so my bathroom no longer looks awful now. happy about that.
    -pictures and visual artistry
    -my empathetic heart
    -pretty things,pretty art,and romance
    -interesting things to read
    -mason jars
    -doing nothing,at times

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