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    Quote Originally Posted by MondEgo View Post
    I know. My last post here has been deleted. Thanks. I thought this is a serious forum.
    With "buttercups" and this sort of is NOT.
    Delete me again, please.
    If this forum is about "nails", "imaginary boyfriends", "make-up"...etc....I choose to be BANNED forever.

    It was about OBE, mister Bruce, not about some...ohhh...some "stupid gratidute".
    This thread explains why so few people (worldwide) sign posts here.

    If you keep on allowing these stupidities...I will just...walk away.

    What happened? This is a gratitude list. I'm a human being and allowed to post all that my heart feels grateful for whether it's the little petty things or the deeper things. You come off quite superficial. I'm single right now and dealing with a court case with a difficult abusive ex. I also have a lot of trauma in my life. Nothing in my life imaginary though. I have ptsd and panic disorder. I wonder how old you are or how shallow/dull your life is if you feel so moved to comment on this post being so aggravated. Perhaps, try filling your life with more and growing as a person and you won't feel moved by something that seems quite petty and unevolved of you. Your probably a teen i'm guessing from how you come off in your post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MondEgo View Post
    You are right, lord of the now. It's not a big deal, I indeed have a big ego...but this "list" is really becoming annoying.

    That it is so annoying to you and that you focus so much on it suggests to me that you fill your life with some more exciting activities and focus less on some member on a forum who you have no idea who they even are. You are focused on an imaginary person yourself and getting aggravated. Go play some videogames.

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    Quote Originally Posted by susan View Post
    MondEgo, This forum is for everyone.

    You, who is searching for answers and skills ( I think) and Buttercup who started this thread to help herself. If I remember correctly at the time she started this she was struggling and this helped her to lift her spirits and highlight just why she should be grateful.

    I never visit the Neg Forum section. I have no experience there and would not be able to help anyone. Maybe you should just concentrate on the forum headings you are interested in . Although the site can go quiet if you look at old posts from a few years ago you may find much to help you.
    Members come and go, and come back again often after a while. I wouldnt advise asking to be banned as only last year two metaphysical sites that I visited closed.
    Buttercup is as welcome to continue her Gratitude list just as you are welcome to post as long as it does not deliberately offend another member.
    I have no idea what happened. I do have a lot of trauma in my life. This is the loa section and the gratitude forum. I don't see how someone can care so much about what someone else is grateful for. It's weird to me. This forum does help me. It's helped me heal health issues, problematic patterns in my life and lifted my spirits and so on. My lists seem comparable to lists i've seen on other loa forums with gratitude lists. I know this is an out of body experiences website but the section is law of attraction that i'm on. I did join because of out of body experiences and find it interesting but i was too scared at the time to try harder to have one myself. Also, I got very sick in 2015 and had to cut back on certain metaphysical topics for my own well-being.

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    I don't even pay that much attention to my gratitude lists. I never re-read them.

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    -getting a surprise prescription of one week of lorazapam after thinking i would be out for about a week or two and thinking maybe i do prefer a smaller dose
    -healthy digestion
    -m's dad being there for me
    -baby aspirin
    -my eyeglasses
    -being considered beautiful and cute by others
    -my antidepressant
    -being a loving person
    -having a nice chest
    -having a brain
    -deciding to let go of my anger and fear and to surrender and work on forgiveness. i could literally sense i could give myself a heart attack with my emotional pain and anger yesterday.
    -having beautiful eyes
    -D responding to me yesterday and apologizing
    -inspiring videos from spiritual "gurus"
    -my new gucci purse
    -my overdraft protection/line of loan credit kicking in today
    -life seeming to have my back a lot of times
    -people being nice
    -my feral cats
    -hair ties
    -good skincare products
    -getting another bill minimal payment paid off for the month
    -having a nice landlord
    -cute animals
    -getting a free pizza deal in my email
    -submitting to some jobs last night
    -my phone
    -laughing at myself
    -a mild winter
    -seeming to have a lot going for me
    -making efforts to connect
    -feeling creative and goal driven
    -warm showers
    -taking care of myself
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -my innocent and accepting energy
    -having nice hair
    -grounding myself to the present moment
    -attractive guys
    -all my dreams i've had come true
    -having desires
    -looking on the bright side
    -my adidas mint green striped shoes
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    thank you for deciding to stay mondego
    If your my soulmate please contact me immediate-ly asap

    -- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- --- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- -
    Shamanic Substances is my spiritual bible. Which makes a unique shaman profile in every student

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    -face wash
    -self care
    -an angel of a lady at the bank who worked to fix the bank issue and was told it was an error on their part and they will fix it for me and she said she keep me updated.
    -having an organization i think i will go through for my court case
    -D being nice to me
    -a really great journaling session last night
    -kind people
    -that i get to have my surgery to accomplish a dream of mine this friday
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -being productive
    -job opportunities
    -light blue skies
    -my eyeglasses
    -self reflection
    -being small
    -having nice hair
    -staying motivated
    -being an animal advocate
    -having nice curves
    -my sense of style
    -my antidepressant
    -ordering a frame that broke recently that i originally bought last spring and this time it has an easel/stand in the back. Last time it didnt. I could've sworn i bought the exact same frame. I feel like little things like that are the universe telling me it's on my side and winking at me saying it has my back since i prefer when my frames have a an easel/back but that one did not.
    -hyaluronic acid
    -embracing the quiet
    -my lip products
    -things to look forward to
    -m's husband being there for me
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    -my eyeglasses
    -self care
    -being productive
    -being motivated
    -touching up my hair color
    -the mango juice i had this morning
    -putting my laundry away and deciding taking better care of my apartment is a good thing to do also because its a chance to show off my pretty things
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -great skincare products
    -my surgery tomorrow
    -m's husband handling an errand for me
    -my lower body getting tighter from the thermi sessions i've done
    -having faith
    -doing some affirmation writing last night
    -doing some self marketing for the new year
    -my new gucci purse
    -my pink discover card
    -embracing my looks
    -posting a work photo onto ig for the first time in awhile
    -my lips
    -having nice eyes
    -having nice hair
    -having nice curves
    -updating things
    -paying the retoucher for the first image
    -keeping things moving despite the upcoming court case
    -reflection and processing
    -finishing cleaning the kitchen
    -feeling calmer
    -going for a walk today
    -seeing my feral cats
    -getting my new t-shirt and backpack in the mail
    -feeling stronger
    -getting my laptop to go faster again
    -paying off my internet bill for the month
    -empathetic people
    -laughing at life
    -my phone
    -observing life and just finding it interesting
    -my new forest green adidas hoodie
    -looking very young
    -being smart
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    -getting my much anticipated dream come true procedure done today
    -getting a free treatment as well scheduled from the doctor as a gift from him
    -being called princess
    -getting extra prescription refill on the pain med from the procedure
    -fashion shows
    -watching fashion shows from my favorite fashion labels on youtube
    -my leopard print coat
    -diet dr.pepper
    -my breakfast this morning
    -new work/creative opportunies
    -updating some online work things and doing some self marketing
    -m's husband picking me up from my procedure
    -calming down more about the court case and other things giving me anxiety and overwhelment lately
    -being considered attractive
    -having a pretty face
    -my beautiful hair color and texture and length
    -feeling more self confident
    -my beautiful pink comforter growing on me. at first, i wasn't sure it was the right pink but now i feel it is,and adore it.
    -clearing my bed off
    -being smart
    -feeling blessed at times when i see little random things happen, or that i find out
    -my feral cats and playing with H cat and petting him and holding him a little bit
    -my phone
    -my eyeglasses
    -my creativity
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -my talents
    -my accomplishments
    -beautiful views
    -finding out good things
    -changing my perceptions to more positive ones
    -being a nice person
    -my dreams coming true
    -that work is about to start picking up again
    Last edited by buttercup; 12th January 2019 at 01:24 AM.

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    -the pain meds i'm on
    -starting to see a little bit of results already from procedure
    -feeling peaceful
    -being offered a job that will be a creative outlet for me and a great fit and chance to grow myself some more
    -my phone
    -my eyeglasses
    -my overdraft protection line of credit kicking in
    -being smart
    -apple cider vinegar
    -the internet
    -being unique
    -my pretty pink comforter
    -banana syrup
    -leg warmers
    -watching fashion show videos
    -being an interesting person
    -not being considered a boring person
    -feeling goal and career focused
    -new ideas
    -feeling spirituality focused
    -my englightenment crown chakra spray
    -my escentrics molecule perfume
    -cleaning the house
    -doing laundry
    -hyaluronic acid
    -having a brain and being able to think
    -communication with others
    -being sexy
    -letting go
    -being more positive
    -black leggings
    -being productive
    -my pink discover card
    -my dreams coming true

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