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Thread: Can you hear that frequency?

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    Re: Can you hear that frequency?

    ¡Hi, CFT..!

    Taking into account (see root [first post] concepts) and the other phenomenon (subject of present thread) not explained at by quoted link, ¿how do you discriminates one set of sounds from the another being both as similar as they seems to be? ¿may be through energy control actions?

    Main stream science interpretation explains such auditory phenomenon as "blood flux normal murmur"

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    Re: Can you hear that frequency?

    If you listen, just listen, you can hear the two pitches. Kind of like a left and right stereo.

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    Re: Can you hear that frequency?

    Not in my case, Angel. You could only hear it in the pool, and I swim in the pool all the time, and it's not there. Whatever it was, it was lower than the blood rush sound you hear from your own circulation, and it only lasted that day.
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