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Thread: Copy: :) I think my Kundalini is may rising?

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    Copy: :) I think my Kundalini is may rising?

    Hello everyone,

    I came here because of a suggestion from Jana from the page Biology of Kundalini and I had some strange experiences beginning of December the 3rd! Something happened to me. I am not quite sure where I should begin. Because since
    that day it never stops and gets stronger each day that passes!

    Let me start from the beginning. On December 3 I was just doing what I always do. I helped my husband with promotion, I ate good and did nothing out of the ordinary.

    But coming to the point, in the evening of December 3 I was standing in the bathroom, as I suddenly felt a strange buzzing and vibrating sensation in my lower back area. Like it was coming from the base of the spine! It was feeling weird but I didn't think anything about it. So I went to bed. But then it got even stranger. The buzzing and vibration moved up my spine and I felt weird electric kind of liquid energy feelings inside my body moving around and resting in different areas. Like the heart, the forehead etc. This was a rather mild experience of it. But the days since then got stronger and stronger.

    The 3rd day after this experience I started seeing vision changes. I sometimes see colorful sparkles hanging in the air like little light beings, sometimes even moving around. But that's not all. Again in the night I started feeling the buzzing coming from the spine again and this time it felt like prickles and tingles and electric kind of waves hit me continuously throughout the days especially when I read something that contained truth. Spiritual things especially!

    Then one night I was relaxing as I suddenly saw with closed eyes purple whirls in front of me. Whirls that seemed to move into vision and out again and then it happened, that I suddenly got startled by a very bright flash of white light, all with closed eyes! It does definitely do something with my body.

    It seems to open blockages, as certain body parts sometimes release tension in the form of a blowing up sensation. I also started hearing inside my head a whistle kind of noise and a feeling of something pulsating and vibrating in my left ear that sometimes brings another noise that sounds like a deep tuned flute! Sometimes it even feels like a caressing cool wind is surrounding me. Especially while lying in bed. It seems with 3 thick blankets on top of me I shouldn't feel wind right?

    there is definitely wind leaving my scalp and surrounding my body even though it's covered!
    You know it feels like my body is being transformed, by something that is intelligent. I mean people do sometimes imagine things, but this is not an imagination. I feel the movements of energy inside my body, I feel most of the times wind around my head and my body, even though there is no wind in the house. I have a sparkling dot in front of me all the times. It's there with open eyes and closed eyes. It's like it's burned into my vision or something. This dot does move. It looks like it's rotating with glowing and sparkling particles inside. When I close my eyes I see the dot in a haze of purple that looks some kind of like the eye of Nebula... Not exactly, but that what it resembles!

    But even more though, whenever I hear or read something that contains truth I get this sensation of an electric current like goosebumps from toes to crown of the head and when it reaches the head, my scalp starts sparkling like champagne and I feel like air is leaving my head. And of course the constant vibration and buzzing inside my body on different areas or in a total.

    What happened yesterday night was also spectacular. I was lying in bed trying to listen inside of me, as I suddenly felt like a tube of energy was pushed inside my left ear (It felt like something was literally entering my ear). It was buzzing and I could hear a river inside of me. I did not hear this river with my ears, it was more like I heard it from inside of my head. Then something happened. It felt like an electric jolt was passing from left ear through the brain towards the right ear, in that moment I felt a huge shock inside my brain, with a bright white flash behind closed eyes. The same moment that happened, I heard a very loud ping sound right beside my bed. It sounded like the lamp's bulb (which was off) short circuited! Very strange phenomenon.

    Thank you so much for the time reading my story and I wish you a great day!

    Best wishes,

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    Re: Copy: :) I think my Kundalini is may rising?

    To add to this, thank yoy CFTraveler for the copy of my post!

    Yesterday I experienced something very strange, that I never felt this way before:

    I felt like taking a nice warm bath. I extra checked the temperature with my hands, which I always did in the past. And I found the perfect temperature while doing so. I filled the bathtub with water and added some nice epson salt. When the bathtub was filled I stepped inside with the left foot first and I thought my foot just entered a container filled with fire! It was so burning hot... I thought "what the hell?!!!" The second foot was the same. As I slowly sat down in the water I realized very fast that my whole body reacted to the warm water like it was burning hot! Ouchi...
    After some time I got accustomed to the heat, but a minute later I started feeling pulsations from inside my body that overwhelmed my head... I literally felt my forehead pulsating like crazy... I could not take it much longer I was feeling like sitting in a room full of flames... I stayed 2 minutes inside the water and then I needed to get the hell out of there. The moment I got up I had the strongest dizziness attack ever! I just grabbed the top of the shower the thing were the shower door was installed in and needed to let go of the dizzyness...

    The moment I was out of the water and dressed accordingly I felt right away that my cooling air currents are surrounding me again. And the vibrations inside my toes got strongly activated and the left side of my head, including ear was vibrating strongly.

    - Tanja

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